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  1. Sounds like fun! Happy birthday Gary! Hope you have a good one bud
  2. Is that you saying some members of the party chat are louder than others? 😁
  3. Hey man welcome back, I'm an old timer and came back a couple of years ago. I played on XBOX 360 in MW2 days here and was aka MDMA RAMPAGE UK. Your name seems familiar, good that your here again. Still a few OG's kicking about and some great people in general that have joined over the years!
  4. We were on freeserve, 1p a minute. As soon as the house phone went. Instant D/C. Absolutely sucked, it's all we knew back then. The sound that shitty modem made when connecting was iconic as well. My brother still plays AOE now and again. He holds a 2k+ rating and is probably in the top 3% of about 60k that still play it.
  5. The nostalgia is epic. Aoe2 in particular brings me back. I used to play it with my younger brother, hundreds of hours. We played it online back on the dialup days on the old eso servers with elo ratings. We both invested a lot of time in the Age of Mythology series that came after it as well, especially online. RTS Clan tournaments as well. Those games were Masterpieces, fucking Masterpieces I tell ya!
  6. Funny, but sad. I mean if it leads to invisibility it's a horrible experience. I mean even if Warzone was running smoothly with no glitches and perfect balancing throughout, I still wouldn't play it. It's just not for me, I feel sorry for the folks that Warzone is their primary experience or outlet of gaming in COD. There is just so much wrong with the franchise. I get terrible times playing MP Cold War with heavy SBMM and lag sometimes, but it's nothing compared to the shit that goes on in Warzone. Atrorious really with the amount of money and income the game churns. It's a
  7. Sounds like a good idea for Warzone definitely. If it's a major problem just get rid of it. In multiplayer it's a bit of a crutch for me for sure.
  8. IRaMPaGe

    Ahoy :)

    Welcome aboad matey. I love that you used Ahoy, it's so underutilized these days. There are a few folk here on PC. Slowly over time as people get older and have more money or space available, it becomes a thing to build or buy a decent PC for gaming. I have neither money or space, so I'm on PS4 which is all good. Nice that you found it to "The Forum" The place to discuss many different topics with some interesting people. I'm sure you will enjoy it here and fit in perfectly fine!
  9. Ping should always be the most important thing regardless of SBMM and other implementations. Nobody enjoys lag, and if you do your a straight up Psycho lol! I think SBMM definitely needs toned down a little bit for sure. Everyone is punished by it on all skill levels. From my experience I have good games, bad games, average games sure that's fine. It's how some of the matchmaking and team balancing equates that makes it tough. It's hard to level guns up and do challenges for some of the guns when everyone is sweating with Diamond 74u's. If your not usi
  10. There is a few lads at work that play Warzone, they all swear by the Kar and the FFAR. The FFAR in particular surprises me as it's underwhelming since they butchered it after launch in MP retrospectively.
  11. WaW was my very first COD, it will always be dear to my heart. Started off a noob with a .70 KD and getting smashed for a few months. By the end of its year I had doubled my KD to 1.40 and was a 10 prestige. Was able to get dogs consistently and was a competent player. I played COD 4 a few months before MW2 to prepare for MW2. MW3 was awesome because it's the COD I spent the most time with the FG forum folk. Destruction INC [DI] Chris, Tommy (Both Barrels) and many other fabulous people on XBOX 360 at the time. But yeah that Pacific era is what I crave. Modern, Futuristic
  12. I agree with a lot of what others have mentioned already. I might be in the minority here, but I would fancy the next COD more in the World At War style. I want a Pacific/Gulf Pearl Harbor style with mostly Japanese and American guns. A few German, Russian and British weapons sprinkled in. No AK-47,74u or MP5'S. I want a simple 3 perk loadout and I want weapon attachments to feel specific and I DON'T want the guns to be generic with mono surpressors and agent field grips and no stock on everything. Launchers and specials get attachments. It's ri
  13. I've played a little bit of the "new" content. I like the apocalypse map eventho it looks similar to Madagascar from BO4 in terms of styling. Typical 3 lane, decent flanks and not too large. The new AR and SMG look pretty Strong from the killcams. The Deathmachine is good, but not too OP. Unless your preaimed spawn trapping with a harp up it would be disgusting. It's nothing like the BO4 Scythe for comparison, there is a bit of delay on firing intiallly and you could easily be killed before you get a kill with it. It feels LMG like when your wielding it.
  14. Sounds utterly ridiculous, as Phil said Metallica are notorious of copyright infringements. I remember that Napster incident. Probably was Lars Ulrich himself that notified Twitch. 😂
  15. Welcome aboard mate, great introduction. Love your gaming/streamer name it's awesome. You will love it here.

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