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  1. Yeah looks good mate, your hard work doesn't go unnoticed. 👍
  2. It's definitely worth trying, I'm from Scotland so GMT time. Who knows maybe we will catch each other if you ever play morning or afternoon. Or if I'm on early morning anytime. Sounds good man, I don't tend to usually play crossplay. But I will play it to party up with people. Just if I play solo which is a lot of the time, I usually have it off. Is there not usually an Activision ID number followed by the gamer tag? I will post my details here next time I'm online so people can add me. My name is the same, IRampage.
  3. I don't play Warzone, I only play Multiplayer on Black Ops Cold War. Kill Confirmed and Domination, but would play other modes if you wanted. I'm on PS4, what console are you playing on Ant? Write your gamertag and Activision ID. I don't play Modern Warfare anymore. Already Damascus all the guns and I tend to stick to the newest COD. But I'm down for some games. Check my Personal Progress Report for video clips mate see if your interested 😜
  4. I think what he meant is he tried a bit of CW multiplayer the other night, and his experience was that dissatisfied that he concluded Warzone is carrying the franchise. I could be wrong, but that's how I read that.
  5. I'm just not a Warzone fan, I've stated my reasons many times. It's a huge FFA on a giant map with extreme camping, extra health so people run away in long distance fights. Teams have early loadouts and quick buy backs. I find the whole experience extremely boring, slow and long winded. I'm literally yawning atm just writing about it. If there was no Warzone? Great, then people would have to play MP. And the game would get better support and attention. Now I'm a fair guy, just because it's not my kinda thing doesn't mean others wouldn't enjoy it. I still think the warzone should be
  6. It is a sad state the YouTubers, Twitch Streamers and big content creators have to hide or on the other side of it prove they are legit. Activision will always protect the big names, those guys draw in views and hype etc. I'm all for mixed lobbies of varying skill with decent sensible matchmaking/team balancing and priority on as stable a connection as possible. I would rather a fair fight, I've held my own in some of the sweatiest lobbies if the connection is alright and I play good. I've been smoked by beasts and clans and I'm fine with that some of the time.
  7. Welcome and you will be happy you joined here. It really is an awesome place. I'm sure plenty will want to get you in on the online experience. Is definitely more fun gaming with others.
  8. I just don't have a coffee machine, it's just a basic coffee. Hot water from the kettle into a mug with instant. I do agree some of the more gourmet instant coffee is decent. But if you buy a cheap one it's regrets. Being Scottish I would probably just drink it until it's gone before buying a better one.
  9. That is the Train Station map? It was actually pretty good. Good sightlines for longshots and flanking. Again another superb map I enjoyed for Capture the flag in BO2. I never played Advanced Warfare or the other ones like BO3 and the advanced movements. For me it still stands Ghosts is the worst COD ever. Although I heard it's DLC was good, I never made it far enough into its cycle to play it. Had abandoned the series into January 😂. I probably would of liked WW2, I loved WAW so that style would of suckered me in.
  10. That's funny, whatever next? You have to play hot cross buns to perform an execution kill on someone.
  11. I totally agree with everything you said, however MW last year wasn't any better it terms of quantity. There was even less base 6v6 maps at launch. Some of those maps were Picadilly and Azhir Cave which make Miami and Cartel seem like good maps in comparison. In MW fair enough they created Shoothouse, but the other 3 Season 1 maps included. COD4 Crash, Vacant and Shipment. Season 2 Rust and 2 new maps of Khandoor Hideout ok and Atlas Superstore which was pretty dogshit and no doubt part of the already in progress Warzone map soon to be released. Season 3 was a smalle
  12. It's all good, yeah a bit further north of me but aye it looks like something familiar I've passed. I still think Glen Urquhart Castle is the pinnacle. It's more or less ruins compared to its former glory. But the setting is glorious and always blows me away.
  13. Haha your Yorkshire? It's still closer than most. What I was meaning from Mcnastys post. The castle you posted, was it near to me? Scottish Highlands I'm from. I know Wales, Ireland, England have castles also. But Scotland has a lot of castles as does the French.
  14. Great Pics Gary! I agree with Mcnasty the castle looks stunning. Is it anywhere near me? (Scotland)
  15. Yeah I heard that also. I mean I love Summit and Firing Range, but not this many times. I swear if they add another Jungle. Would happily play any of your suggestions. Grid is cool and would fit in well with CW. Overflow was my favourite Capture the flag map on BO2. Like James OX4D said a map like Array would be nice, it's not anyone's fave, but it adds extra variety. I can think of so many maps ahead of Firing Range + Summit. Radiation, Launch, Hanoi, Plaza and Standoff from BO2. I could name another dozen more at least. 😛

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