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  1. I've played a lot of both MW19 and Cold War. MW19 looks better and more polished. Animations and movement feels smoother. Maps were dogshit, loud footsteps. It says something when I played Shipment most of the time, the most broken version of it we have ever seen. Better than most of the other offerings. MW used a lot of recycled maps also and the ones they made were horrible for the most part. Coldwar, rough launch and clunky movements and not as smooth as MW overall. Less appealing on the eye. Lack of content at launch. Heavier SBMM imo that MW began with. Both have many flaws, I think CW was forced too quickly and needed more time. MW19 should of had a longer cycle and CW could of started better. MW19 campers are no joke tho. I like the gun battles and playstyle of CW. People actually rush etc.
  2. It sounds ridiculous, I played old FIFA as a lad it was a different game back then before money was spend. I had FIFA 94, 95 was the first one to have indoor football. I stopped playing in the early 2000's. But a free to play FIFA tickles me. The last game I ever expected for that format. Your are right they will milk ze cow dry. I wonder if they will drip feed the best players slowly over time and hold back content.
  3. When you clear your browsing history, cookies and cache it logs you out of most sites as well. Usually it causes you to reset your password as well. My question to @J4MES OX4D is what other filth have you been looking at? ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. I personally think that they will wait till we are in another major lockdown before there will be a trailer or footage. Also I don't think they have anything worth showing because the game will be so incomplete or barely built.
  5. Yeah is hardly encouraging. Obviously not wearing a mask or socially distancing in appropriate manner. People are already being complacent long before now. Another case of double jab invincibility. Wonder if he went to Wimbledon? Probably. Another 50k+ new cases on the daily. Is it actually going to be freedom on Monday? Or it going to be like when as a kid your friend had chickenpox and you were "forced" to stay over and get it. I just feel sorry for the people who haven't had jabs or both. And even more so the people who can't handle it due to underlying medical conditions that work with the virus to cause fatalities. Either way it doesn't sound good. I myself am needing a 2nd jab, no word yet so far. Only been about 4 weeks since I got my first.
  6. What level is "Prestige"? Joking, but really cool ideas and things getting implemented here. Most people enjoy a grind or leveling up process. It's exciting to have new things added and for people to achieve.
  7. IRaMPaGe

    Euro 2020

    Italy have looked pretty good all tournament. England deserved to be in the final. It was always going to be a tight game. England started well, but I think Italy were better on the night overall. England looked really defensive and the energy and creativity going forward wasn't as good as the Italian counterparts. I feel sorry for the lads that missed the pens, Gareth is a helluva nice guy too! What he has built for England is tremendous and deserves credit. Being Scottish I don't have any hate against the England team and manager. They are all professionals, however the small minority of English hooligans always spoils it for me. If you haven't seen this, it's disgusting. Footage before the game of English fans who didn't have a ticket. They had sneaked in and ambushed Italians as they made their way to their stand. This is why I can't fully support England, this behaviour sickens me and no doubt many others. This was before kickoff as well. Facebook WWW.FACEBOOK.COM Sieh dir auf Facebook Beitrรคge, Fotos und vieles mehr an.
  8. @Diddums A very well written and true post. I work in retail on a shop floor. I lost faith last year in March on the original lockdown. Simple rules like distancing and following a one way system between aisles so people aren't making face to face contact. Folk be strolling in the aisle the wrong way, "Oh Sorry Mate Didn't know, As They Grab Their Shit" There was fucking markings on the floor and tape everywhere. Even individual boxes for distancing. Some people queuing patiently at the top of the aisles to get supplies for their families. Some arsewipe cutting in. Jumping queues and playing dumb at the checkouts. Don't get me started on restrictions. People would grab their quota and comeback later for more, and or send in their spouse and double up on limits. Hearing customers boosting to someone that they have been to 4 or 5 shops already and have an online order coming later. I even heard 2 woman chatting about using baby formula for having with their tea and coffee in the caravan holiday during travel bans. Because the marvel had run out. The country up and down is fucked up because of the unreasonable people that reproduced and taught them to be cunts. I missed out on all 3 scans for my baby last year. Yet 6 different households were able to meet at the pubs. Some people haven't even had jabs, others still waiting on a 2nd. People have given up and sick of it all. Can't blame some of them, look at the people making the rules like Matt Hancock, Boris, Dominic Cummings. That bint of a Scottish healthy secretary. It starts from the top. Idiots and terrible role models. I want to believe the world would be a better place. It's just not!
  9. IRaMPaGe

    Euro 2020

    Your right Phil, the original meaning was because it was Euro 96 and the tournament was being hosted in England. It's more like you say a hopeful ode and nod to football coming back to the land it was made famous and created. I'm sure you as many others are more than aware of this. The arrogance from the media and fans in general is the thing that bothers me. Not anyone from this forum, just want to clarify. ๐Ÿ˜
  10. A thing I'm very familiar with, not something I've had in many years. I wouldn't say I've had hundreds of them, probably a good few thousand. That's only pill form, the MDMA "off the rock" Crystal form is even better. Pills can be cut with more shite before pressed. Anyone can buy a pill press and make them It can happen through social circles, availablity, peer pressure. I've never been forced to take anything, everything I've had was my own choice. Thanks Phil ๐Ÿคญ Now I'm not going to derail the thread anymore or go into details about the extensive and vast assortment of chemicals I've enjoyed(Abused) in the past, unless asked to. But I've never been totally addicted to something apart from Marijuana. Again it's something I could take or leave, but always wanted it. If you moderate and cut down intake it's something you can still enjoy, but not be consumed by. So I'm pretty much in the same boat as most about gaming addiction. I've played many different games and enjoyed large periods of obbsessing about games. Gaming has always been free time. Wether it's an hour or 3 hours I have spare, it's never got in the way of work or I've never turned down social opportunities with friends to stay in and play a game. Plenty of occasions gaming back in the day would be social in person. Playing Goldeneye 4 player on N64. Playing Tony hawk's with a friend, racing games, Halo. Sometimes just passing a pad around trying to beat a nails boss.
  11. @RenFenggeOut of curiosity what drug was it you tried twice as a teenager and never touched again? If you don't want to say it's perfectly understandable La. I would like to say I have "dabbled" with various drugs over the years, but dabbled is such a weak term. Gorged and binged and overindulgence would be more the appropriate term. I'm not proud of the things I've taken so frequently in the past, but I'm not ashamed of it either. It's safe to say I've had plenty of good times. Not many bad times either which is lucky I guess. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  12. IRaMPaGe

    Euro 2020

    Holland beat by Czech Republic, that's a bit of an upset. Good for Czech, definitely a bit unexpected. The Dutch got a man sent off and never got much going. Excellent result for Czech.
  13. "Normal" I found out many moons ago on the original Wipeout on PS1 that I was way better without inverted. It's just easier up is up and down is down. I'm not a pilot, inverted is freakish to me. ๐Ÿ˜œ
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