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    It's member of the month, not tool of the month. Though I understand the confusion 🤣 Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    J4MES OX4D

    Moderation of Speakers Corner

    We got rid of tits and arses and replaced with with politics which is basically just a load of dicks and c**ts😎
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    FG Fantasy Football 2018/19 Season

    Right, following the success of the World Cup Fantasy Football, i'm suggesting we do one for the upcoming season but give it a real good push. In previous years about 3 or 4 of us have done it but the football fans out there in FG land would love this so you just need to show your support! We had 11 people for the World Cup, it would be brilliant to get way more than that this time round. If we get large numbers, i'll look to do the same as before and see if we can offer a couple of prizes along with it. No guarantees but people who know me, will know that i'll do my best to do this. I think we'll end up using a free 3rd party Fantasy Football app so it can be easier to manage on the go. I know I could do the spreadsheet again, similar to the World Cup but that would be a ballache for me and I think you guys would prefer something more flashy and interactive. So, let's get a roll call going! Also, any specific things you want to do with this then just let me know! Thanks all! GGFG Edit: Put registration details into ok Head over to here and register your team. Once done, register yourself into our league by using code 972477-216585 Current FGers on board with a team: @Stretch616 @Plumbers Crack @tronic44 @Findmartin @GazzaGarratt
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    B04 mystery box ...wtf

    Yup people are quick to blame Activision but you have to blame the consumer, loot boxes and all.
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    Prep for Forsaken

    Does anyone remember D1 ‘edging’. I was a pro edger I have to say, really miss having all factions ready to level up and carrying bounties to push them over on day 1
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    As a suggestion- you could make the Speakers Corner a private section only view-able to members of Forever Gaming. It keeps it out of the public eye, and FG members get to continue watching McNasty bicker with everyone. (Sarcasm)
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    phil bottle

    BO4 Beta Info

    Not a chance I'll get this unless there is some kind of massive change in the industry. I've reached a point where I'm pretty much going to stop spending my hard earned money on triple bullshit games companies. I have plenty of games to keep me occupied for years. Other than Fallout 76 and maybe Red Dead I don't see myself supporting the madness any more. I need to save money for a new GPU and not buying games seems the bestxeay to save. Plus, I need to catch up on games I bought in sales. On console I still have Last of us and Horizon to play.on PC there's a queue and I just started Warframe...so yeah...fuck em all...for the time being....end of ramble[emoji6] Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    J4MES OX4D

    Hot Woman Dumped For COD

    Dude wanted Duty instead of booty!?
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    FG GTA Racing

    Great races tonight guys. @ChaosGladiator making his debut, being immediately smashed into wall 🤣, I ended up crying with laughter again flipping Dave's car over. Rich and I did the Waltz through it all with the amount of spins we had! Stretch played a blinder by losing every race my roulette bet was on him - alternatively Martin did the unthinkable and won 3 races in a row, you jammy barsteward! I didn't win a race again but it doesn't matter - laughing with you guys and getting shouted at for being too loud whilst I can't see through the tears was all worth it GGFG @Diddums @phil bottle @Stretch616 @tronic44 @ChaosGladiator @LordBaguette @Downsy2000 @Findmartin
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    Forever Gaming's 'Feel Good' Fund

    Much obliged Lee! I hope you realized you have created a monster though who WILL spend every race just fucking you lot over in any way possible
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    B04 mystery box ...wtf

    A bloody jigsaw 😂
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    I'll set up the Premier league one again mate. Nice and easy app which we can use for updates. Will post back later with the league registration number
  13. 4 points

    WANTED | A Video Guru

    I like videos too. Maybe one day I'll actually come out of retirement and make a new one. I miss watching my PC render for billions of hours.
  14. 4 points

    Charity Partner ideas for FG

    I've wanted to do this for a long time so whilst we're doing some and changes it seems right to do it now. I want to have a dedicated charity partner, possibly a yearly thing that we can do some charity activity to link it to. I'd like suggestions on the idea and who you think we should start with. We'll then put a vote out. This doesn't mean we have a target or can't raise money for other charities either. It just gives some focus to doing some charity fun. Please get some ideas kicking below. Cheers.
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    New PS4 model

    https://www.pcmag.com/news/362488/sony-quietly-rolls-out-new-ps4-model If you go out and buy a PS4$381.95 at Amazon today, chances are the model number written on it will be some variation of CUH-2100. But in the coming weeks and months, that will change as Sony just rolled out a CUH-2200 model. PlayStation model number changes are made for different reasons, and the digit that changes signals the importance of the change. Major hardware revisions result in the first digit changing, which is why when the PS4 SlimBest Price at Amazon was rolled out Sony moved from model CUH-1XXX to CUH-2XXX. The last two digits vary based on which region of the world a console is intended for. As DualShockers reports, when the second digit in the model number changes it signals minor hardware tweaks, which is what this looks to be. CUH-2200 models have appeared listed on the Japanese online store with a 1TB Jet Black and 500GB Jet Black version both carrying the new model number. Eventually all markets will offer the CUH-2200 as Sony ships out new stock and stops making the CUH-2100 (this may have already happened). These new consoles are unchanged in terms of power use, weight, and dimensions, which suggests that Sony has tweaked the hardware inside for some reason. Typically this is done when they figure out a way to save money and reduce manufacturing costs. Any saving, however small, can make a huge difference when you're producing tens of millions of consoles every year. Don't expect Sony to mention the move to model CUH-2200 as there's no reason for it to be talked about publicly. It's also not worth waiting for the new model to be widespread before opting to purchase a PS4. The bigger question to ask is if you should be spending a bit more for a PS4 Pro
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    GGs all. Also shout out to my Russian player who played in one game and got sent off.🤣
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    J4MES OX4D

    BO4 Beta Info

  18. 4 points
    J4MES OX4D

    Football Transfers Completed 2018

    Must be a language problem - he's probably including the League Cup as a 'title'😀
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    We have a new feature which is FGer of the Month! And the great thing is all of you guys get to suggest one each month so we can take into account what everybody thinks! You'll find the nomination button on the right hand side of the FG website or scroll down on mobile browser. I've decided for at least one year too, each FGer of the month will receive a £5 game voucher. Obviously if we keep getting you generous guys giving towards the FGFG Fund then we'll continue to do these features as its another way of giving back to you guys a little something which is what we're all about. I really hope you all can get behind this new feature - keep giving feedback as much as you can so we know these are things you'd like to see around the place. We'll review it and name July's FGer in the first week in August. Enjoy and GGFG y'all!
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    Whisper of the Worm

    Xol's back baby! A few people noticed something strange happening on Io when starting a Taken Blight public event. A secondary boss can spawn away from the public event area, and upon killing it, a taken portal will appear in the area. Through there, things get weird. Take your jumping puzzle hats and best add clearing weapons, because you'll need them to complete the mission in 20 minutes. Your reward? Whisper of the Worm - a sniper rifle that is, to all intents and purposes, pre-nerf Black Hammer from D1. Polygonal rifling, ammo generated from thin air on precision shots, it's all there, and with a hefty lore tab too. And that's not to mention the catalyst that'll grant the Box Breathing trait too (as found on the IKELOS sniper). I'll be spending tomorrow (Saturday) having a crack at this. Full fireteam and patience is definitely needed.
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    I think we should use the Duty Calls ranking system instead😎
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    Moderation of Speakers Corner

    Here’s my opinion not that it matters but the easiest was to piss someone off is to talk politics and religion. I say get rid of it. If you want to talk politics go to Facebook like the rest of the thousands of twats that complain about it on a daily basis. I don’t nor do I ever go to that sub. It’s probably been years and mostly to read Spectras foil hat theories,sorry I found them interesting,didn’t agree with them but enjoyed reading them. I agree with Bart that I feel like it doesn’t have a place here. It’s always started more arguments than done good . To respond on what Phil said,that is the only sub that needs moderation as none of the others have issues with people getting their feeling hurt Oh and to agree with Bart TA>Politics
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    World Cup 2018 | Fantasy Football

    Final Standings! Dan takes the win with an impressive flourish of points in the final 2 games. Phil came a valiant 2nd with Chris holding off Didds to take 3rd spot. Tom's late resurgence wasn't enough to push higher. I'll reach out to the top 3 over the next few days to sort prizes 😆 Hope this was enjoyable for all? Want to find a better way of doing it next time with a 3rd party app as the spreadsheet way was time consuming for me and not ideal to review for you guys but at least we did it and had a good laugh with alot of entries. Final Standing @Dan94 @Diddums @GazzaGarratt @Amnotright @Plumbers Crack @Findmartin @phil bottle @tronic44 @Stretch616 @ChaosGladiator @LordBaguette Thanks All! GGFG
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    No, that'll be butt plugs in that case🤣 Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Scorn - the new Faction

    https://www.vg247.com/2018/07/16/destiny-2-forsaken-the-scorn-enemy-faction/ One of the most interesting additions coming to Destiny 2 with the Forsaken expansion is the new enemy faction: The Scorn. In the Destiny 2 lore, The Scorn are Fallen who have been reanimated. The Scorn don’t just look different from traditional Fallen, they also have completely new move sets. In a new video from Game Informer, Bungie explains that the intent was to make all the different Scorn types more aggressive than anything else in the game. One of the more interesting new enemy types is the Chieftain, who each spawn a different totem that comes with a different effect. The Solar totem spits out fire all around it, blocking your path, whereas the Void totem grants shields to nearby enemies. Similar to the Chieftain, the Barons – the game’s main villains whom you’ll be hunting down in the Forsaken campaign – each bring a particular gimmick to the fight. In case you missed it, the Game Informer cover story also provided some great new details, such as this look at all the nine new supers. For more on Forsaken, check out this story for everything we know so far. Destiny 2: Forsaken is out September 4 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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