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    I thought it would be a good time to do a quick update as we are heading into one of the biggest weeks of gaming next with E3. It's been a funny old year so far this year. Some real positives seen early in the year however, games have took a serious dive into Spring which has been felt around the community. We continue to say hi to new people coming in and old veterans coming back and saying hi. Great to see a few stick around of late too. We should be proud that we've still managed to do quite a lot and have a lot of fun along the way. Over recent weeks we have: - Loads of video montages, thanks to @tronic44 and @Greboth - The born of GTA FG Friday - how epic have they been?!? - The creation of the Forever Gaming Feel Good Fund with a bunch of people wthat now feel good - New quizzes made for the community - A bunch of new members and a few old regulars have come back That being said, I feel like we've lost a bit of drive of late. It does happen as it is Summer and for once, the UK is having decent weather, but with the hope of what comes next week, let's get back on track. I can't do this on my own and we all know how this is the best place to be when its buzzing. Share what news you can from E3, get involved and support the new FGers feel at home. I want to push this place and all of us to have way more fun and get more complete a shed loads of activities together - from messing about in quickplay games, completing hard raids and joining up to do some charity streaming and real life meeting. We can do this people! GGFG
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    Honestly I hate Chelsea and City more. But above being an Arsenal fan, I’m a football fan. As long as they play good football I don’t give a fuck if someone supports a rival team Just look at the football City, Liverpool and Spurs have played the last few seasons. While Chelsea and United play like they’ve been ordered to build Trump’s wall on a fucking football pitch.
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    Battlefield V Trailer

    Bart wins 😄
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    BO4 Maps List Leak

    The ironic thing is that it’s called boundary, which is probably something they’ve overstepped.
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    Wow! Opening the package yesterday and finding out that it was a gift from FG was an awesome surprise! Definitely an upgrade from my taped together “wireless” headset I was using 😅 I appreciate it a lot! I never would of thought a community I joined ~8 years ago when I was 13 would still be with me today! I’m super glad to have met so many awesome people through here. I’m extremely slack when it comes to posting but I’ve never forgotten this great community and love gaming with you all when our timezones match up - and now everyone should be able to understand the jibberish I speak a lot more clearly now 😁
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    Rage 2

    Looks like a whole lotta fun
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    Battlefield 5 battle royal

    Battle Royale is the Fidget Spinner of gaming
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    J4MES OX4D

    Fortnite v PUBG Lawsuit

    Can you sue on the grounds of 'sour grapes' I wonder? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-44287860
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    Football (Played with Feet)

    I grew up in Worcester and now live in London, so I support Man Utd. It all makes sense when you don’t think about it 😄
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    BO4 Maps List Leak

    I wish they would go back to BO1 -2-3 and bring back all the maps, even the non-DLC ones would be amazing. Lack of a campaign makes me think there is plenty of room / time, and some of those maps were amazing.
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    phil bottle

    Survival / Crafting

    Rust wasn't mentioned but I wouldn't bother with that. If you can wait for a sale, get Ark Survival, so long as your rig can handle it. Plus We have our own 7 Days to Die server, which will be very busy when the next patch hits (end of July). Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Plumbers Crack

    What happened to...

    Absolutely spot on Gary and yes he was bloody good...I think he was semi-pro at one point and you’re right as well Dan, his name was Kyle. He dropped in a good few months ago to say hi and vanished again. Really top guy, had time for everyone
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    Black Ops 4 Reveal

    The trailer doesn’t do it justice at all. Watched several videos on it and all people say the same thing. It’s really good but the health regen system sucks. Hopefully they will change that. That said it’s 3arc so yeah they won’t
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    Battlefield V Trailer

    My history teachers really lied to me about WW2. Anyhow... Some key notes from the reveal stream No More Premium Pass, all 'expansion packs' are free No pay2win, unlock gameplay affecting things through playing the game, though suspiciously quiet on other microtransactions Now get a toolkit so you can build fortifications on the battlefield, such as foxholes, sandbags Co-Op is back Operations are backed, called Grand Operations and take place over four 'days'. Stated the game will at first focus on the 'Fall of Europe', but then only mentioned the ability to play as the British or Germans. Higher calibre bullets, such as those from an MG42, will pass through walls. This was from Reddit, and funny:
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    World Cup Sweepstake

    Hello all The World Cup will be starting on the 14th of June. I will be running a sweepstake just as a bit of a laugh and to add a bit more interest to the tournament. As there won't be enough entrants for 1 team each, 16 people will be given 2 teams each Cost would be £5 each - first place will win the majority of the money, £10 will go into the FG fund as a donation so your money will go towards that and as well as an entry. To enter, please donate £5 to the FG feel good fund via the donate button I will live stream the choosing on Friday the 8th of June in the evening sometime. I will use the below website to pick the teams http://www.sweepstakegenerator.com/free-russia-world-cup-2018-sweepstake The final list: 1. Tom: Germany, Panama @LordBaguette - PAID 2. Lee: Egypt, Russia @GazzaGarratt - PAID 3. Diddums: Mexico, Uruguay @Diddums - PAID 4. Rich: Brazil, Serbia @tronic44 - PAID 5. Phil: Spain, Korea-Republic - @phil bottle 6. Chris: Argentina, Senegal @Amnotright 7. Crispy: Tunisia, Saudi-Arabia @crispymorgan - PAID 8. Stretch: Iceland, Croatia @Stretch616 9. Matt: France, Iran @Misneach_ - PAID 10. Mike: Nigeria, Peru - PAID 11. Gary: Denmark, Switzerland @techno - PAID 12. Bart: Colombia, Australia @Sennex - PAID 13. Alex: Morocco, Poland @Sennex - PAID 14. Dan: Sweden, Costa-Rica @Dan94 - PAID 15. Greeboth: England, Belgium @Greboth - PAID 16. Hamza: Portugal, Japan Live stream link:
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    J4MES OX4D

    Football (Played with Feet)

    After watching England against Nigeria and Costa Coffee; I am supremely confident beyond any doubts that we will absolutely get at least a draw against Tunisia.
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    phil bottle

    Football (Played with Feet)

    At work, I've backed England to win the World Cup. There, I said it. [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    J4MES OX4D

    BO4 New Features

    That's been the problem in this franchise for so many years now. They thought competitive was the way forward (along with wallrunning and outer space) when 99% of users are casual and not even a nosedive in sales and player counts couldn't hit home that this isn't what people wanted. The brand has failed miserably with the competitive focus so instead of writing it off; they've copied every other game in the last few years in one last ditch attempt but it will be the same old story I think; only this time, the competitive-heavy format will put people off entirely from purchasing. The series cannot get a foothold in the eSport arena and it makes very limited revenue from streams which is why nobody plays it. How hard is it to make a military-themed 6v6 FPS with boots on the ground with real weapons, equipment and vehicles FFS without having to add farcical features such as superhero abilities, knee sliding, OP weapons and cartoony gadgets. This picture springs to mind again:
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    J4MES OX4D

    Mission Impossible Franchise

    Badass! Great to see a production company not having to rely on green screens and doing it properly.
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    J4MES OX4D

    Football (Played with Feet)

    They are also doing VR from the stands which should be good. Get your mate on the sofa to repeatedly punch you in the face for that additional Russian immersion!
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    Fortnite v PUBG Lawsuit

    I find this very funny as PUBG uses unreal engine for their game 🙈😂
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    Corey the Kiwi

    "streaming" ideas

    I reckon having a set time that you can stream X times per week consistently would be best if you’re wanting to be serious with streaming. Having a routine set will help you get some return viewers. Choosing the game you play will come down to what you want to; could stream one game to show off your sick skills or be a variety streamer and be more of a personality driven streamer. It’s a very slow grind to garner viewers so the most important thing is to just have fun with it - don’t feel the need be restricted by having to stream the most popular game or X number of hours per week.
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    phil bottle


    Heart breaking. I've been following his progress since he was diagnosed. As someone who was caught with bowel cancer in stage 2, whereas John was stage 3, his experience hit home a lot. He was a very fine human being, I wish there were more like him.
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    FG Throwback Thursday!

    Thursday FG Throwback time! Our Richyboi AKA @tronic44 AKA Rachel on a Thursday, as this nice little Black Ops montage back in the day! Let's see some more golden oldies people!
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    Xbox Adaptive Controller

    Not sure how I missed this thread?! GG Microsoft, great work! It had to happen some time 😄

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