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    Plumbers Crack

    Time To Try PC Gaming

    Thanks to a lot sweat from Alan, my youngest, we managed to get a 1500mm desk I had into a 1505mm gap. I painted over the marks we left on the walls this morning and it all looks pretty good. Just having a quick go at this keyboard and mouse malarky... Via the FG App
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    phil bottle

    Time To Try PC Gaming

    GGFGPC [emoji846] Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Plumbers Crack

    Time To Try PC Gaming

    Ok, so still feeling crap I haul my sorry arse around Sainsburys to get back in time to accept a “hand made” present one of my sons has had made for his girlfriend, he doesn’t want her to find it and also to have a prearranged FaceTime with my other two sons Halfway through the chat, door bell goes...”hang on guys, I’ll just get Alan’s parcel” ”Mr Dowman?” says the guy in pink sunglasses...which match the big pink van, I know someone with a pink van....and who are all these people with phone cameras? That’s Rich and Stretch and DaveyDave...delivery guy takes of sunglasses “Hi Dave”...it’s Diddums....”oh, fuck off, no!” That was my total ungracious response to eight of FG’s finest turning up on my doorstep today to show me how easy it was to build a gaming rig from the parts that you really generous people had sourced. Due to my not being too well, I didn’t think to take any pictures but there must plenty about which will probably go up later Give the lads their due, the build only took about two hours and the results are fantastic. As with every PC, there are a couple of leads to sort out but that will be done by the time my son and I get the desk out of loft and rebuilt. We meet up in town later for a meal which was a blast and a chance for a face to face catch up including Rodd and Nicky who couldn’t get there earlier...and yes, all three of my sons were in on it as well! So thank you again to Dave, DaveyDave, Stretch, Rich, Phil, Lee, Greboth and Gary, all you other wonderful people in whichever way you helped, and thank you Kyla for the hamper! God bless you all.....Dave
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    As a member I have the option to go but I might wait until all the fuss has died down. It'll be tourist and fairweather fandom hell for a while. Plus, I'm struggling to justify the spend these days. With all the TV revenue, not a penny has trickled down to the fans and and I'm tired of being rinsed. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Plumbers Crack

    Time To Try PC Gaming

    Aaaannndd Discord successfully joined! Via the FG App
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    @Diddums joined me in the vast tranquillity of space, last night. We spawned together at Port Olisar, a base in the Stanton system. I took Didds to the gun shop and he bought himself a nice assault rifle. As my ship, the awesome Drake Cutlass can take a crew, we decided to take it out and put Diddums into the turret. First mistake here in that I didn’t show him how to use work the turret guns properly. So when we hyper spaced into a mission objective, I was busy trying to explain that, and didn’t heed the pirates who went on to attack and destroy my ship. Schoolboy error So, we respawned back at Port Olisar and this time I took my Drake, while Diddums called up his Mustang Alpha ship. Hilarity here. Didds had a little trouble controlling his ship and had to eject after it became a little damaged. Fortunately, he was able to space walk to my ship and enter via the rear cargo hold. Back in my Drake, with Diddums now familiar with the turret gun. We did a couple of fetch and carry missions and ended up at a planet called Daymar. There appeared to be some other players here involved in some grief. Obviously, with Diddums on board, we couldn’t sit idly by while action was happening that we weren’t part of, so we got involved. Some of the other players had left their ships and were traversing the planet on space bikes. Well, that was short lived, as it turns out Diddums is an excellent turret shot. They tried shooting my ship with their rifles but my shields were more than a match. We left behind two dead players, their bikes and their destroyed ship. We also visited the pirate base on Grim Hex asteroid field and somehow managed to get a crime stat against us, for poor parking I think, before flying back to Port Olisar to store the ship and log out. Until next time…
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    Plumbers Crack

    Time To Try PC Gaming

    Tommy, made me laugh that I’d bought a copy of ‘Custom PC’ magazine in the morning while they were all travelling and posted it on one of our chat threads calling it PC Porn! 😂😂
  8. 4 points

    Time To Try PC Gaming

    Couldn’t have happened to a better person. I will see you online and in Discord my friend!
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    @Diddums @GazzaGarratt @Plumbers Crack @tronic44 @crispymorgan @BO7H B4RRELS and anyone else interested, let me have your thoughts. We need: a name, and need to decide what our primary and secondary activities are going to be (freelancers, bounty hunters, piracy, smuggling, exploration, mining, etc etc) organisation archetype whether the system should consider our organization as a roleplaying organization a short phrase or slogan for our organization (this will be used as our organization tagline) Check the link below and select 'create' to view the options. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/orgs
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    RIP PS4?

    This could've gone in my PPR but I suspect there will be a few others with the same thoughts so fuck it: thread. It'll come as no surprise to most that I'm just meh on console lately. It all started with Dave's PC when I was given some ridiculous last-gen hardware and had to make it all talk to each other, I thoroughly enjoyed it and these 980s in SLI absolutely shred anything I throw at them. On Medium on DayZ for example, at 1440p, I'm getting 90fps. I think the lowest it's been was 84 or so, so smoother as butter. Playing at 1440p is a game changer, I forgot how much I loved it. Anyway. I started a new character on WoW which started off just being a time killer for when folks aren't on or whatever but I'm really enjoying it again, granted it doesn't have the addiction it did years ago but if you're looking for a game for chilling and just roaming around, exploring, soaking in the lore and just enjoying the vast, (and I mean vast, one continent is more than both Destinys combined, and there are 4 of them) colourful, rich environments Blizzard has created. It's not everyone's cup of tea but I thoroughly enjoy it and it's well worth the fifteen bones a month. Then there's Star Citizen, which I was gifted about a year ago, but it just destroyed my PC to the point of having to do hard resets. 8gb just wasn't even close to being enough. Now I can play it, and play it at decent settings too, and it just highlights the limitations of consoles, both on the hardware front and controls front. I haven't signed on the playstation in ages. Destiny 2 is dead, the only game I could see myself playing is Broforce but even then it's a short-burst game for an hour or so and then it's enough. I was honestly bored shitless on the playstation. I was fed up of Density, CoD was decent for a bit but ultimately meh, Warframe is on PC and probably a million times better (haven't tried it, have it installed), played a bit of Division 1 but started a new dude and just wasn't feeling it. Apex legends, like CoD and all the other pointless games has no end game, no objectives, just spawn in, die, repeat. It's boring as fuck. Anthem? Well, we all know where that ended up. Ark has potential but like most survival games, they split the community. The lack of common goals means everyone's running around like headless chickens, then someone comes in and drops a freakin' shark with lazer beams and suddenly any goals you had to work towards were gone because now you just walk around the map zapping everything. The PC has really rejuvenated gaming for me and I haven't been able to get off it for ages, whether it's repeatedly committing suicide in DayZ to meet up with @crispymorgan and @phil bottle or just cruising around in WoW doing fuck all or exploring space with Phil, it's awesome and feels so much better than consoles. It's probably just me, but I'm enjoying it so whatevs mang.
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    RIP PS4?

    @GazzaGarratt get your PC sorted dammit, it's time.
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    lol yeah I was watching it live on YT, when he started singing "spurs are the greatest team the world has ever seen" it was a little surreal.... but totally true [emoji28] Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    This guy was performing😂
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  15. 3 points
    J4MES OX4D

    Elder Scrolls VI

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    Leftover Game Keys

    You chose.... wisely. Love that game! On its way...
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    That ship you gave me is a dud, you still got the warranty? All it did was spin around in circles until it eventually spat me out and just sat there, upside down, looking all sad and useless. It's a good job you can fly! I've gotta admit, there's a ton of potential here. Some things are needlessly faffy but I'm sure this will be addressed at some point. The whole experience is ridiculous, the sheer scale and vastness of it all is on a whole new level. It needs some optimizing, getting 60fps on medium at 1080p with 2x 980s is a bit meh but it didn't ruin the experience at all. The hubs are terribly optimized, they need rebooting now and then to keep things fresh. The attention to detail on the ships and stuff is great, the planet we visited was dull as fuck but these are all things that will probably be added and updated over time. The framework is there for an extremely epic game. The servers need more players, it needs music, more atmosphere and more chaos. I'm not talking CoD, but a bit more than there is would go down well. It's a fantastic game for sure and being able to finally play it is amazeballs. I'm probably going to install DayZ tonight as well. I can't see my PS4 getting much use any more tbh. The games on PC are just so much better it's unreal, and the money you can save with things like Humble Bundle renders the PS4s pricing structure and the shit titles on it obsolete. It's safe to say that the only reason I'll be on the PS4 is because of the company, not the games.
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    One final update on this is that a certain Mr @Diddums managed to find me a monitor from his workplace, and then delivered to my house, in a feck off big pink van, none other than a 27 inch ASUS ROG Swift, full of 1440p 144hz goodness. Thank you so much you absolute beauty
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    Seems strange u18 having all those mascots...looks like their parents have said they were going shopping and “..take your brother/sister wherever you go and hold their hand all the time” 😂😂 Seriously though, it looks very good and the highlights seem to show it was a very good choice to open with
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    *FG'ers Screenshots Thread*

    Yes I know the watermark is there, ever since I changed my motherboard Windows is being a fanny. Still, epic shot 😎
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    The big FG Photography thread

    Took this while rained in the other day. Good aul Ireland what?
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    Time To Try PC Gaming

    Im currently obsessed with TD2. But perhaps lore wise it’s best he finish TD1. Nothing a YT video can’t catch you up to speed on. But yeah Dave, whatever you want brother.
  23. 3 points
    "Audi Drivers" "Get outta my way n00b" I like mining, and piracy. I'm assuming this just gives you a perk or something and you can still do the rest anyway? Role playing? No. I have had sex before.
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    Division 2 Interactive Map

    Pretty cool map I stumbled across. Very handy for the mask wearing cunts and various art and shit. https://division2map.com
  25. 3 points

    Time To Try PC Gaming

    I saw the video yesterday. You definitely seemed surprised. :) I'm super happy for you, Dave. Hope you enjoy!

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