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    This is a pretty big deal. It's not all that long ago that they were saying the opposite [emoji846] Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Only 1 thing and 1 thing only will stop loot boxes and that’s change the gambling laws
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    Modern Warfare Beta 2

    Just a little, was playing Domination on Hackney - 22 deaths! And every single one of them was from someone sitting in a corner or you could see 3 pixels of their head above a box or window. It’s a shame really as, apart from a few matches, I had enjoyed this CoD but a match like that does sour it. I must have ended up one of @MrBiron lobbies by mistake
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    Activision have confirmed there will be no loot boxes however there will be a Battle Pass for each season. The pass is divided into two - free and premium streams and both have their own cosmetic rewards. Weapons and unlocks are earned by playing the game leveling the usual way. The questions are now how much is each pass and how long is a season. This should be positive news but there's always a catch after everyone has bought the game and the reviews are in...
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    The Return

    The other Irish? So basically we can refer to you simply as “Not Cal”? Welcome back though, You’re before my time but it is always nice to see old faces returning.
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    Crossplay is purely input-based so when you opt in, you and whoever is in your party will only face like-for-like inputs. If you're using a pad either on PS4 or Xbox, you will only face those players OR a PC player who is using a controller. If pad players don't mind facing KBM users, they can further opt in to unrestricted crossplay meaning they face anyone with any control scheme. Console KBM players have to play against PC users or fellow players with this scheme on console. Crossplay has to be enabled for cross-platform play too. If someone doesn't have this enabled, they will not be able to join a party on another platform. I don't think you can sneak any crossplay changes whilst in a lobby or party as that can only be done in the menu so loopholes like this are covered. Console pad users who may want to play with a PC user with a KBM may have to have unrestricted crossplay enabled to do this. A KBM user on PC can join a (pad) console party host but they will only be matched with unrestricted crossplay users. I'm probably gonna get it on PC which means I can use KBM against PC users and also join console users when I plug my controller in instead. When I do this, I will have restricted crossplay on meaning I will only be able to join Xbox Live, PSN and PC users who also have a bad.
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    FG Plays TekTopia Server Details

    So as torch spam and glowstone textures are ugly the (plus who wants to spend ages wandering the nether) I've built a guardian farm so we can make sea lanterns. It's a really basic one and it probably isn't the most efficient but it works so meh. It currently isn't set up as an XP farm as there isn't such a use for XP in this modpack. Guardian Farm AFK spot: X: 2344 Z: 1303 y: 132 Guardian Farm Storage room: X: 2343 Z: 1297 Y: 7 Currently all items are just going in to the same chests though I do plan on adding item filters to sort the items and maybe some more chests if we need them. If you go up the ladder from the storage room, there's also 2 chests that ink sacks go in to as it turns out this simple guardian farm works sorta well as an squid farm too. @Plumbers Crack tagging you in to make sure you see this in case you want to use it.
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    The FG Awards 2019

    Awwh, thanks
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    J4MES OX4D

    *FG'ers Screenshots Thread*

    Destiny 2
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    I'm off work between 18th and 27th of October so I'll be getting it day one. Hoping the campaign is top notch as I'll be all over it. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    GoldenEye 25

    Don't hate me...but I never played it as a kid. Only when I was older and now own a N64. I'm glad it was loved so much though - just couldn't get a hang of the weird ass controller! Would be a good game to remake for a current gen console though.
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    I'm all in <pushes chips to middle of the table> but am starting off on PC only since I was able to save about $10 bucks on it. Figured there's a ton of solo play I'll need to do anyway. Will get Shadowkeep on PS4 in a week or so. I've been spending money left, right and centre since I moved back to Canada and figured I'd give the old credit card - and the wife - a bit of a break.
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    And honestly I’m fine with that. Sell it directly not chance mechanics. Hell I may even buy one then but I’m doing doing loot boxes for weapons
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    Survival Mode

    Good job I have a PS4 then Just can't see that changing anytime soon I'm afraid. A small amount of time e.g. 7-14 days before everyone gets the content is more reasonable to stomach.
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    phil bottle

    Modern Warfare Beta 2

    Next time you're in Hackney, pay the tax[emoji41] Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    STE M

    The Return

    They are bread rolls sir [emoji23] Via the FG App
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    STE M

    The Return

    Give it time. And he will be known as not Ste [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Via the FG App
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    The Return

    Hey Ste! Welcome back! Double the trouble with @fg_cal from over the seas now...god help us all! Hopefully you'll see some recognisable faces as well some new awesome ones What you playing of late? Hopefully some CoD big group ups at the end of the month are in order too Hope you enjoy your stay at FG bud. Lee
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    For me if it's only cosmetic it doesn't cause any problems when they start to incorporate weapons it'll be an issue. Like Blops 4 some guns are battle pass like requirements Via the FG App
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    Modern Warfare Beta Impressions

    Quality cheers James [emoji1376] Sent from my Samsung S9+ using Tapatalk
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    Well it is the end game pinnacle activity so I dont blame you! However, there has been a ton of variety in it now which means people end up spread put a little more. That's okay cos we all got stuff to do, it's more about getting every person in the clan together and sorting our life out. I want us to actively help each other where possible and if we get a few regulars willing to raid then we will do more FG raids as we need confident and capable players supporting newer experienced ones. Let's get a focus on it next week for a few nights. Build momentum and start talking to others to make themselves available when they can.
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    Honestly, it's the best thing that could happen. A season pass is clear, guaranteed stuff for a price. You know what you have to do get said stuff, and providing it stays all cosmetic and not game changing then there isnt a problem with it. Dont like it? Dont buy it. Fortnite has done amazingly well on it and Destiny's pass just shows that it removes any bullshit RNG loot boxes that could be bought (maybe with exception of Exotic engrams in Destiny's BP). Btw, not saying Activision need any pats on the back as this was obvious they needed to do it because of lootbox backlash. Just be good to focus on how good/bad the game is for once rather than surrounding bullshit that puts people off.
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    Local Area Connection No Valid IP

    I had this the other day too, with our Devolo homeplug system. I ended up doing a complete factory reset on the whole system which resolved it. Fuck, I should've sent you some networking goodies too, didn't even think of it!
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    Extinction Rebellion

    Well it's quite simple really, and all boils down to one thing: It's a shame that people put wealth before the wellbeing of others. Make mo mistake I am driven by money, and will never stop earning it, but I also like to think I'm a fairly generous person at times, and what's mine, is also everyone else's. You gotta pay for my chocolate starfish though, nobody gets that for free.
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    J4MES OX4D

    Disco Elysium PC

    IGN video review just went up
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    I heard Nintendo landed them in the shit by having to make a statement clearly saying its Blizzards fault. Nice little watch from Laymen to explain the latest info.
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    I'm not a huge fan of digital gaming despite 'owning' well over 500 of them. PC gaming has largely become digital only and with Microsoft releasing the Xbox One SAD edition, it may be a taster of things to come. I'm still hoping Sony will remain traditional but if it's not viable to have physical titles then they will move on. They'll probably want the drive space in the unit to either shrink the system or add more room for cooling and noise reduction elements. Next up the industry will probably go exclusively streaming. If this happens then i'll probably give up with new games altogether. I still miss the days of popping into my local GAME store and having a good chat and browse of a wall of quality games. Midnight launches too. New game releases have lost their spark and only a small amount get me hyped these days. Google Stadia can fuck right off.
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    J4MES OX4D

    Blizzard vs Democracy/Blitzchung

    People will be mad for a week then everyone will still pre-order MW on Battlenet, play WOW and OW and get their Blizzcon tickets to see Diablo Immortal in action. The damage will likely be minimal for Blizzard.
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    Shadowkeep First Impressions

    I quite enjoyed dismantle simulator, a little different to the usual linear story mission and in happy I only have to go through it once not once per character. Loved the last mission. One possible issue is I've not found anything I really want to use weapon wise other than what I used before. Maybe there maybe something as there are loads but nothing better. The other thing I have issue with so far is inside PvP 3v3 survival with so much heavy spawning is a major issue imo. I really don't think it should be in that gamemode at all, especially with wardcliffe coil and colony. Comp PvP should be gun and abilities only.
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    So who's in for Modern Warfare then?

    *raises hand
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    Ghost Recon Breakpoint

    Laymen Gaming / SkillUp absolutely hammered this game. They've backtracked today on the 'Time Savers' as there'll be out much later in the game but lots of microtransactions still to be everywhere across the game.
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    CoO is widely known as the worst story campaign parts, including the planet and infinite forest - good concept, poorly executed. Warming is something they realised had to better and was. Story has always been shortish compared to overall content they offer. They brought alot in that one though, some really good exotics to chase and secrets to find. Whilst CoO story was poor, dont forget the grind for Osiris weapons. A few are really decent and Saint-14 quest was pretty special and cool to run through which drops around 5 weapons into the CoO weapon grind (Saint-14, one of the most known Titans in Destiny Lore, you know the one with the Helm of Saint-14 helmet that blinds enemies in a Titan Bubble super? that one). His Shotgun as the reward is a good one to own and use in PvP.
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    Only had time to visit the tower but I did like revamp on the character screen showing ghost and sparrow and the new persuits thing is way better. Private party playlist for PvP too No more countdown
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    I had a 25 minute wait to get in but it was pretty plain sailing minus a few connection issues which only resulted in one respawn. The servers did begin to worse so I quit for the night. Took a bit of time to get into the swing of things but I believe I've started on the Warmind content on Mars 2 quests and 2 adventures done with 2 more of the latter and a couple of strikes available next I think.
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    Weekly Reset

    Shadowkeep is finally here! Flashpoint on the Moon and the D.F.A. is up for grabs in the Nightfall. What's not to love?
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    I'm in [emoji106] Via the FG App
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    Complete Destiny Lore Video

    Amazing video and story. I enjoy the lore of Destiny. Hold on though it’s almost four hours
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    I actually agree with you, these days nearly every game has issues at launch and will always need a patch or two to stabilise the game. However, I don't think it'll have major issues, just a bunch of tweaks to happen. This beta showed that it's in a pretty decent state considering the pap we've seen in other game betas.
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    Yeah it’s the new ome. Pony up you cheap bastard
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    J4MES OX4D

    YouTube Embedding Errors

    Good stuff Lee! I put up a TLOU2 gameplay video last night which is now showing so all is good.
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    I know if only I don’t buy the game it won’t make a dent. I’m not going to go out and try to start a movement either. However judging by comments on other forums/reddit I’m not the only one to have got to the end their rope regarding loot box practices.
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    phil bottle


    England managed a good run out against the USA. Didnt catch it but the score was fairly convincing.
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    Name: The shot of dreams Category: Call of Duty Date Added: 09/26/2019 Submitter: ChaosGladiator The shot of dreams
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    State of Play - 24/09/19

    Anybody gonna be tuning in? I think it starts at 9-9:30pm. Other than TLOU2, what do you think they'll show us? Via the FG App
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    Community plays beta: Activision have made a good CoD, one that brings back the ‘old’ CoD feeling but with new ideas and maps too. This could be the rebirth of CoD if Activision don’t fuck it up. Activision: Hold my beer. I had pre ordered to get the extra days on the beta. We all knew something like this was coming but I was tempted to leave my pre order in place as I did overall enjoy the beta and I though (hoped) they had learned from the mistakes of previous CoD’s. It seems their decision wasn’t to back off on the loot boxes but to push them even further. So nope, I’m done, pre order has been cancelled.
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    phil bottle

    Modern Warfare Beta 2

    As it's a beta, I hope they get plenty of data, so they can get a better balance on launch. The killstreaks, weapon balance, spawns etc all need looking at. Its COD, what's new. Ground War is not comparable to Battlefield in any shape or form, so I hope they have another look at it. Maybe turn the killstreaks off. I also hope they have a good anti cheat, because the attempts to hack this will be legendary. And hackers ruin COD. For me, theres no shooter anywhere as good as a game like Tarkov for a slow paced, thoughtful and realistic experience but for the other side of the coin, more fast paced fun, less sim, COD will be my go-to.... until they fix the Battlefield series. As a game, I'm looking forward to it. There are far more positives than negatives for me. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Guns don't kill, games do

    Blame Dave Grossman, retired colonel, author, and fraudulent academic. "Killology" was his invention and he gained fame through the books "on combat" and "on killing". The problem is he went way outside his lane and made claims he has no research to back up. He's usually the poster child for "researcher" who's linked video games with violence, though. If the fucking media and politicians would stop making the shooters famous and giving big blocks of time to airing their agendas, we'd see a decline. Girls who need fame make sex tapes. Boys go kill some folks. You can be the biggest loser nobody with zero voice and zero fucks given about you, but you go mass murder and suddenly you are famous and everybody wants to know what you believed and why. You think other loser nobodies don't fucking notice that and crave the same attention? Of course they do. In the US you can use a gun, other nations you may have to use fire, a knife, or a vehicle, but it's a global problem because you become globally famous for 15 minutes. Quit making these assholes folk heroes, watch the decline.
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