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    Well, what an awesome day people. An amazing day, new people to meet, tons of games to play, banter to be had. The pictures below hopefully show some of the fun that went on - later in the night on the guys went to the lobby area where it was a little quieter and I was thinking it was a good time to get the couple of awards done so people could enjoy some more games...and then Rich led the way to explain that I would hate the next bit, which was you guys to say thanks to me. I was took back as you'd think, I want to make you guys feel special not myself! [emoji23] However, the kind words that you all said to me meant the world. They always do. The presents were far too overwhelming (I still gladly took them![emoji23]) but know as I look at my first ever Funko Pops and have a cuppa in my new awesome mug and pyjamas I'll always know I have the best friends I could ever wish for. So now that was out of the way I could give out the awards to the people that were in attendance. I created 8 awards for the first ever FG Awards. I'm hoping you can see why they were created and I'm hoping you all will give us lots of feedback of which really work and which ones that are missing - surely this is just the beginning [emoji6] First up is was Young FGer of the Year. I want to recognise the younger generation that where it all starts. A person that has actually helped some of us out on certain missions and I've seen first hand that he will certainly be MLG if his Dad sorts out the best gaming PC he can when he scores ridiculously amazing goals on Rocket League. Young FGer of the Year - ajay--1997 (Alex Morgan) Next was FG Noobie of the Year. I wanted an award to recognise new people are just as important as existing FGers. This guy whilst knowing that he isn't used to being the most extrovert person, joined this year after seeing what the fun was like on a FG GTA Friday. Since then he's really helped the site with recommendations, new interesting posts, offered PC games up for free and got involved in new events like Gran Turismo timetrials and I know that's even harder to do when you're new and suffer from anxiety moments quite a lot. I'm proud to call this guy a genuine mate and brilliant to meet him in the flesh. FG Noobie of the Year - @Spacedeck (Harold) The next one had to be in there. We call out Guardian Down a lot for people that do genuine funny moments and get stuck in a right mess when we're playing. Dying a lot is frustrating, especially playing with Diddums, and you'd think he'd always win this, but this guy has made jumping off a cliff into death a personal achievement to take the title off Didds - something I or you guys thought we'd never see. His 34 minute failure on Destiny's Raid Lair jumping puzzle wins it. FG Guardian Down Award - @Kemp210 (James) We have to have one for the joker of the pack. One that this year has been the most annoying person you'll ever meet, talk to, play with...I could go on. But the night is never dull when he jumps in the party. I don't think he could ever be not funny either (hard to say, I know). From my point of view when you hear a chat party change it's vibe immediately when he says "Hellooooooo", you can't buy that. FG Archbishop of Banterbury - @Diddums The next one is to recognise top skills that we are lucky enough to see here and able to play with the guy. There's some amazing players here, ones that I could only wish that I had the same reactions and button memory moments as them. This guy has without a doubt made Destiny his own and not only pushed his limits to Solo a few of the most difficult challenges within it, he has supported most people on Destiny at FG getting unique and hard rewards. Rewards that if he wasn't here then we may now have the chance to get them. I always know the raid will get beat if he's in the squad. FG Skills Award - @Horrible_Hector Next up is FGer of the Year. We should recognise great support and all round amazing things that an individual does around here this year, especially around their busy work life which he deserves after nearly losing his job last year. Whilst I'm a positive guy, I can have my down moments but this guy can keep the place rocking and help out where he can. He given an enormous amount of ideas to the community, supported with donations and ideas for the Feel Good Fund, he's spent countless hours on getting people's videos and putting them together to make fun moments for us all to look back on. You can't beat making memories - and he ain't a bad Junkrat either. If he wasn't here, we wouldn't have half the stuff going on. He really is top draw. FGer of the Year - @tronic44 The last 2 are going to be the first entries into the Hall of Fame. Something that it's right for us to acknowledge key people that have supported through thick and thin and are a real asset to FG. If these people weren't here, the place wouldn't be the same. The first is a true legend that has done countless acts of generosity and tried to find many ways to help people here, and also keep the place alive. Even though his work may get in the way a lot more than he likes, he's always around and sharing info where possible. The guy has a huge heart and is always there to talk to for any gaming or personal life advice. That's huge in a world where people need that person to listen sometimes. The next one is a gent and an absolute star. His kindness never ceases to amaze me, he has the patient of a saint and will always get involved where he can. I don't even realise he could be old enough to be most people's dad here but at the same time I know that if I or others had the chance he'd be a fine Father figure to all of us. I'm proud to call this guy an FGer and I know he would be there for anyone when they needed support. FG Hall of Fame - Chris @TigerBurge and Dave @Plumbers Crack I want to personally thank everyone for being around this year and I hope we can have a fantastic Xmas and an even better 2019. GGFG
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    The FG Awards 2018

    I know I said I might struggle to get some done....but here's a little taster for Saturday. For our first one it should be a little moment for us all to savour and be thankful for having awesome mates at FG. We'll do our best to stream the section where we have a small get together in the Arcade Club. We'll try and direct you all to FG Streams when are likely to go live. 2 MORE DAYS!!!
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    I'm New Here, I Suppose

    Well... I Suppose I'm New Here. Despite The Fact I'n Not Use To Forums I'll Try Introduce Myself Name: Echo Gender: Male Discord ID : Echo#3383 Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/id/killmejr I'll Play Most Games That You Can Think Of So Dm Me If You Want To Play, I Do Have A Mic.
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    The FG Awards 2018

    Superb, as always. Huge thanks to the @GazzaGarratt for organising it and the trophies are absolutely excellent. Pity someone broke theirs but we'll get this sorted in no time. Great to meet all the newer faces too, many mental images shattered in to a million pieces already.
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    3 second primevil kill

    Gamers are cunts. Any glitch / cheat / loophole / hack / bug / other exploit is always abused by the complete and utter wankstains who's mum probably should've swallowed. I'll grab my Synthoceps.
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    The FG Awards 2018

    That’s amazing Lee, hope that going to you ❤️
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    Sorry guys. I spilled my beer on the site control board again. Via the FG App
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    Your Filthy Elf Name

    Just in time for Christmas....from your beloved Hooker, The Motherfuckin Dumpster Slut 😘 Let's hear yours.
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    Blackjack Shop

    People moan about the fact this type of shit is in the game but you can't blame Activision you have to blame the fools that shell out for this type of crap. Until they stop it never will
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    America question

    Dude our cars suck. Many of them look great from the outside, but the inside is just shit. I've never owned an American car and really doubt I ever will. I've had Hondas, Nissans, and now drive an Infiniti and those cars are exceptional inside and out. I'm getting an X5 soon. This all holds true except for trucks. We kill it at trucks. Maybe that's a thing for this thread - what's the deal with Americans and their trucks? Well, trucks are badass. The end.
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    *FG'ers Screenshots Thread*

    So I guess we all play a wide variety of games, be it on console or PC, so do you have anything you fancy showing off? I don't know if using the attachments at the bottom hosts the images on the websites bandwidth, so it might be better to use Imgur for this thread. (If this already exists, feel free to post a link and close this) Train Simulator 2019: Little Nightmares:
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    Happy Thanksgiving 2018

    Just wanted to say a Happy Thanksgiving to all the American FGers (and all other Americans too!) Hope you have some festive fun and quality time with your loved ones ❤
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    The FG Awards 2018

    Thanks lads . What a top NIGHT.
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    At present, we're just trying to survive. It's a bit harder than previous incarnations. No rules needed as such, everyone depends on everyone else or death comes easily Important things to note: Zombies walk during the day.... but run at night time....and they are attracted to light, movement and noise. When you spawn in, press tab and select the option to send a friend invite so the other players show up on the map. Once friended, you can't be team killed. Though technically I have managed to kill @Greboth by accident. With TNT. Do the challenges the game starts you with, this gives skill points, and they're essential. I may be back on a bit later and I'll look out for you. You may need to install Discord if you don't have it...
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    Happy Thanksgiving 2018

    Thanks, Lee. We had a good time here at my house. Had about 20 people over. It was good to hangout with everyone and enjoy some good food. Via the FG App
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    $20 Gun

    So it’s their fault that people are stupid and will pay $20 for it.
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    J4MES OX4D

    $20 Gun

    Oh that's not my account - I got this image online. My COD points account balance stands at zero and will remain at zero😎
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    phil bottle


    Had a funny story with Bethesda over the weekend. A few weeks ago, on 26th October, Bethesda sent me an email telling me I had been given the Fallout Collection as a thank you for pre-ordering Fallout 76 on PC. The email said the games would appear in my Bethesda account, and on their shitty launcher, ready to install by 14 November. Well, I thought it was a nice touch, I wasn't expecting anything extra. But the 14th came and no sign of the games. So I emailed Bethesda Support. I was emailed back and told the offer was only available to people who pre-ordered directly from Bethesda. I had ordered from Amazon. Their email on the 26th hadn't set out any conditions. Their website does, but the email didn't. So I replied along the lines of, you made me a promise, so not please deliver. I ended sending over 10 emails backwards and forwards with them over a few days. The dumb replies made me start to think I was talking to AI. Anyway, I'm a stubborn bastard. I sent them the email they had sent me and asked them show me where the conditions were set out. They gave me the Collection and all games are now installed.
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    Patch is great so far. Hey Survivors, We just release Alpha 17 Experimental. Check our forums for more information on opting in and helping us find the biggest issues. Hard to believe but it’s been nearly a year and a half since our last major update. That said, this has been our longest and largest update so far. On top of that, it’s the biggest content drop we’ve ever done. In the future, you can expect shorter 3 month build cycles as we have done all the heavy framework changes we wanted to do in this build. Please remember that this is an experimental build, so it is not without issues. It still needs bug fixing, balancing and optimizations. More optimizations are coming, so if you are not getting the performance you did in previous builds, we highly recommend you lower your resolution and view distance as the first steps. Our team has commented how much better the game looks than previous builds even with a lower resolution and view distance as the HD textures, PBR and distance trees have really changed the game. If you’re still not seeing enough performance, lower reflection quality and tree quality. Problems aside, Alpha 17 is great and in the spirit of getting Alpha 17 it into the hands of our community, we opted to get it out sooner to help us in our goal of a stable version out before the end of the year. We are extremely excited and proud of this build which was a huge team effort and we believe it truly is a new game.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 and Star Citizen will be finished before White Hart Lane 2😎
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    As me dear old mum used to say when the old man embarked on another DIY project...”It’ll be nice when it’s finished” 😂😂
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    Blackjack Shop

    Let's be honest, we passed the point of no return over a decade ago. I still remember reading an article in PC Format about microtransactions and how it'd affect the gaming industry. If I remember rightly it was FIFA that started it, and back then it was a seriously hot topic with loads of devs saying they'd never succumb to it. 10 years later and it's in every mainstream game on the market. Granted you don't have to spunk any money on them and in the case of Fortnite when the game is free it's justified but when £60 games want another £60 for an annual pass and on top have all these shitty loot boxes for even more wedge on top I can't help but think how stupid people are. These companies are doing it 100% out of pure greed. The quality isn't improving, it's not going to the men on the ground, and none of it is going to a cause worthwhile, it's all going to fatcat publishers. It's bullshit and it needs to die but with all these dipshit gamers sucking it up like crack it'll only get worse.
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    Plumbers Crack

    Football (Played with Feet)

    Fulham have sacked manager Slavisa Jokanovic and replaced him with Claudio Ranieri, who guided Leicester to the Premier League title in 2016. Jokanovic makes way with the Cottagers sitting bottom of the Premier League table with five points from 12 matches. Italian Ranieri, 67, has been given a "multi-year" contract by the Londoners. "Making a change without having the right answer or succession plan was not an option," said Fulham chairman Shahid Khan. "So having someone of Claudio's calibre ready to accept our challenge was comforting but, most of all, essential. "Claudio is risk-free and ready-made for the Premier League, and particularly so for what we need at this moment at Fulham. "His recent body of work with Leicester City is literally legendary, and then you look at Claudio's experience with Chelsea and big clubs throughout Europe, and it's pretty evident we are welcoming an extraordinary football man to Fulham Football Club." More here.....https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46205801
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    Can't wait to play my favourite game of "back out of every single lobby when Nuketown is picked". Again. For the fucking fourth time! God I fucking HATE this piece of shit map.
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    Gran Turismo Sport Time trial

    @GazzaGarratt A little more practice and I'm sure you'll be giving us a run for our money too As I'm having an earlier night tonight, here is the next combo to run until 25 November. Round 3 Track: Brands Hatch GP Car: N400


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