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    Advice for everyone - Coronavirus (COVID-19)
    Stay at home to stop coronavirus spreading
    Everyone must stay at home to help stop the spread of coronavirus.
    You should only leave the house for 1 of 4 reasons:
    shopping for basic necessities, for example food and medicine, which must be as infrequent as possible one form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle – alone or with members of your household any medical need, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person travelling to and from work, but only where this absolutely cannot be done from home  
    These 4 reasons are exceptions – even when doing these activities, you should be minimising time spent outside of the home and ensuring you are 2 metres apart from anyone outside of your household.
    There is separate advice about:
    staying at home if you're at high risk of getting seriously ill from coronavirus staying at home if you or someone you live with has symptoms of coronavirus  
    How to stop infection spreading
    There are things you can do to help reduce the risk of you and anyone you live with getting ill with coronavirus.
    - wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds
    - use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available
    - wash your hands as soon as you get back home
    - cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
    - put used tissues in the bin immediately and wash your hands afterwards
    - do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean
    Looking after your health and wellbeing
    To help yourself stay well while you're at home:
    stay in touch with family and friends over the phone or on social media try to keep yourself busy – you could try activities like cooking, reading, online learning and watching films do light exercise at home, or outside once a day  
    For more advice, see:
    Every Mind Matters: 10 tips to help if you are worried about coronavirus Every Mind Matters: how to look after your mental wellbeing while staying at home strength and flex exercises you can do at home  
    What to do if you need medical help
    If you need medical help for any reason, do not go to places like a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.
    If you have symptoms of coronavirus (a high temperature or a new, continuous cough), use the 111 coronavirus service.
    If you need help or advice not related to coronavirus:
    for health information and advice, use the NHS website or your GP surgery website for urgent medical help, use the NHS 111 online service – only call 111 if you're unable to get help online for life-threatening emergencies, call 999 for an ambulance  
    Stay safe everyone!

    As many of us are currently working from home, i thought it would be benifical to go through some suggestions that might make your life a bit easier, more comfortable and better for your health in general.
    1. Get dressed
    For some people, the prospect of staying in their pyjamas all day is the most tantalising aspect of working from home. But washing and getting dressed will not only improve your state of mind, it will psychologically prepare you to start work.
    Whether you need to change into business attire depends on the type of person you are and the nature of the job you have. Some people find that dressing formally is helpful, and also useful if they need to dial into a video call.
    But for many others, the point of getting dressed is being forced to shower and change out of clothes they associate with sleep and rest, even if that means just changing into a T-shirt and jeans.
    Wearing respectable clothes also increases motivation to leave the house. Likewise, changing out of work clothes when you clock off for the day helps your brain to understand that the working day is over.
    2. Establish boundaries
    If you're employed by a company, you'll probably have set hours of work, and it's important to stick to these when you're working from home. Be ready to start your day at the same time as you would normally arrive in your office or workplace, and finish your day at the same time.
    Em Sheldon, a blogger and freelance writer, says she sticks to a routine while working from home. She advises "going to bed at a reasonable hour so that you get enough sleep and then wake up at your usual time.
    "I also find things like booking in a workout or getting my gym kit ready means I have to get up and go," she says. "Once you do something over and over, it becomes a habit, so the first week may be challenging but eventually it becomes part of your routine."
    At the end of a working day, it's best to switch off your computer and tidy away papers and other items. Space allowing, set aside a specific, separate area in your home where you can set yourself up - ideally with a properly adjusted desk and chair, similar to your workplace.
    The NHS advice is that you should adjust your chair so you can use the keyboard with your wrists and forearms straight and level with the floor.
    If there are other people in the house, finding a space where you're not likely to be disturbed is essential, as Prof Robert Kelly found out the hard way in 2017. He was being interviewed live by BBC News when his two children burst into the room, creating a now infamous video, which has been viewed more than 30 million times.
    It's also important to not "overcompensate" because you're anxious about working from home, says Ross Robinson, who manages a team of freelancers at his Ignata Consulting firm.
    "Many people tend to over communicate when working from home - either wanting to 'be seen', or overcompensating to ensure people know what they are up to. That's fine - but don't go over the top. You know if you're on task and being productive - keep yourself in check."
    3. Get out and about (if you're not self-isolating)
    Working from home shouldn't mean you stay cooped up indoors all day. While you might not miss your daily commute, it does guarantee that you leave the house at least once during the day.
    So get your shoes on, get outside and enjoy that fresh air. A different perspective will also help undo mental blocks and give you a fresh pair of eyes for any tasks you're struggling with.
    Matthew Knight, founder of Leapers, a group that supports self-employed people and freelancers, says getting outside first thing helps him feel like it's time to work.
    "There's a mental angle for each individual that makes you feel like you're working," he says. "I will leave the house and walk around the block and feel like right now I am at work. Find ways of putting in those boundaries otherwise it becomes difficult to switch off."
    If you can't go outside, you could even bring the atmosphere of the office to you.
    "I like bustle and being around people, so I use sound to help make a bit of an atmosphere," says Gillian Roche-Saunders, whose entire regulatory consultancy firm Adempi Associates work remotely.
    She uses an app that plays background sounds such as a train moving along tracks, or the chatter of a coffee shop.
    4. Pick up the phone
    If you're working from home, the chances are you'll be alone, so you won't get distracted by colleagues' conversations and other office noise.
    When you're at work, you're more likely to engage with colleagues but when you're working from home, you could spend the whole day without speaking to anyone which can be isolating.
    Make some time to pick up the phone and have a real conversation, rather than relying on email and instant messaging.
    "More and more people hide behind email rather than pick up the phone and talk to colleagues and contacts," says Hugo Mortimer-Harvey, who's worked remotely from Spain as a freelance PR consultant since 2018.
    "When you spend the day working on your own, actually calling people and having a conversation can be much more stimulating and indeed productive than a chain of emails."
    Jack Evans is lead business psychologist at workplace wellness consultancy Robertson Cooper, which is planning to have all its staff temporarily work from home. Their plan is to speak to each other for 30 minutes every day via video conferencing.
    "At about lunchtime we will just chat over video message about nothing in particular. It's to make sure people don't just turn into work monkeys. We will maintain conversation about work but it's also about not losing that social connection, which is much easier to get in person."
    5. Take regular breaks
    It's good to have a routine when you're working from home, but work shouldn't become monotonous.
    And you shouldn't stay glued to your screen all day. It's important to take regular screen breaks and get up from your desk and move around just as you would in an office.
    Research has also found that short breaks throughout the day are more beneficial than less frequent, longer breaks.
    Many home workers recommend the Pomodoro Technique, a method of time management which breaks your working day into 25 minute chunks. Each chunk is followed by a five minute break.
    Ellie Wilson is co-founder of virtual assistant service, Virtalent, and has a team of more than 50 remote workers.
    "It's important to stand up, stretch, move around and even go for a short walk to take a break from your work and your screen," she says.
    "Being cooped up without stopping for a break can mean your productivity levels drop, you become more tired and less motivated to complete what you're working on."
    6. Workstation adjustment and efficient working posture

    One of my favourite things on Call of Duty is the domination game mode. It’s fast paced and forces out all of the campers as you have to push on to flags etc to win.
    After watching many different videos and playing for a long time I have to admit - playing dom, getting the win and hitting some streaks requires a certain strategy.
    My argument for this is, it’s hard to go on long kill streaks if you don’t know where your enemies are coming from, this is why I’m not a fan of team death match as the spawns are a lot more difficult to predict and gun fights are often 50/50 rather than 90/10 when you know an enemy is coming. Also, you don’t want to be the loser camping in corners trying to get a streak going whilst the enemy has 2 flags capped and you’re losing the game.
    So, what is the strategy? Well it’s nothing ground breaking but it is often one that is overlooked - grab a home flag (A or C) and cap B. Then, use the power positions overlooking the enemy spawn to kill them as they come out. This only works if all members of the team don’t break the imaginary line that crosses between the last third of the map where the enemies will spawn at their home flag.
    The problem is, it never seems to go this way as we all go looking for kills or (what usually happens) the enemy pushes deep into our spawn and then we get flipped over to their side. In this circumstance you shouldn’t cap the enemy flag but instead retreat and catch the enemies on the flank.
    Communication is also key in this context as each member of the team is responsible for covering gaps in the map and maintaining map control. A word on this.
    Map control relates to having a member of the team in certain areas so that enemies do not spawn their (for the most part). A good strategy when capping B is for someone to push past the B flag and kill anyone coming to defend.
    So, if you want to hit some streaks and get a guaranteed win on Dom, give this strategy a try the next time you are in a sizeable team! Also, give this topic a little YouTube as well because there are people much better than me who can explain it better.

    Looking Back
    Don’t blink too fast or it’s gone. Oh, sorry. Already has. Well, that’s how I felt anyway. And from the sounds of it most of you all did too.
    - Robbie Coltrane.
    Due to our average age currently at 36 and the many personal IRL things that have happened to many of our family this year I’m not surprised to say that games this year didn’t bring the best out in us. More so reminded us of a time that we thought we were invincible playing MW2 or even early parts of Destiny 1 in the newer era smashing raids out of the park. So you have to keep moving. Let’s face it, I’m friends with every single one of you for your company, great banter and the odd occasion where golden MLGpro360noscopeskillz come out, so I can say ‘I was there’. That’s been difficult for even me this year. Motivation when things are quiet are always hard and even more so when you gather energy to go again, only to bumped back by a personal loss. But we all hold each other up, like the absolute Champions that you are. And amidst all the anguish and despair some encountered, we’ve still created lots of stuff to do, fun and ‘Feel Good’ moments for as many as we could last year. In facts we had:
    9,452 posts posted
    802 topics created
    30+ Videos made by you and uploaded
    5 Quizzes you’ve got involved in
    40 Events created and attended
    2 Crispy Controllers fixed
    External Hard Drives, Multiple PS4 Games, PC Game Codes, Annual DLC Passes and 1 very shiny state of the art PC from the Forever Gaming Feel Good Fund (FGFGF)
    1 very big FG Meet Up
    If I didn’t mention two things in more detail before we move on, that wouldn’t be quite right. The first was how everyone rallied around for our favourite part of the furniture, PlumberDave. Being able to chip in together, buy the parts we could and have an amazing trip to Ipswich to surprise our awesome friend was a moment to treasure (last time amazing and Ipswich go together though, sorry Dave). And finally for 2019, there was the first ever Huge FG Meet Up organised, in a remote location in Hereford. To have over 20 people come from all over the UK and even other countries too was truly incredible. We don’t take enough time to look back at these wonderful moments, so please do this more often. I don’t think anyone couldn’t get an amazing boost from the memories made on that weekend. If you didn’t make it…let’s hope and work out ways you can get on to the next one. Make it happen.

    Giving Something Back To Gamers
    As the last decade departs, I’m such a big believer and getting off your arse and doing better than last time. There’s some amazing facts shared above and you were incredible in 2018 too, actually even more so which can remind you that we are capable of so much more than what we do today.
    - Germany Kent
    We’ve had for a while an identity crisis, not dis-similar to some games out there ironically. This ‘thing’ that we/you do here is a pretty cool gig if you ask me. So if someone asked me to put ourselves out there even more, I say yes. Yes we should. We must. Forever Gaming is you. And all of you deserve to leave a Legacy. Something to be proud of.
    ‘Giving Something Back To Gamers’ is what we do best. We’ve helped so many people that we must continue to help as many more as we possibly can and spread what FG is all about. The Feel Good Fund couldn’t do as much as we wanted too last year and that’s okay. We have to find different ways to raise funds and ask people to help others. At the same token, I want to gain more support. This does mean more funding because I don't want us to be in a position to not things like Xmas Giveaway (because we didn't raise anything) but also there are many other ways to support. Creating events is helping as much as putting a fiver in to help someone out. Creating spaces for gamers to get together is something we should do more of and join in. We’re not scary, well not much anyway, and you guys can teach a whole load of people about some new skills to learn or hidden items to find. We need to create new videos to show this. Things that anyone can be a part of.
    The base of games out there on consoles and PC I feel is in a decent state right now. Some really solid titles since September and some long-standing ones mean we can do a whole lot more this year than before. So we have this place and I want to utilise more of it. I want you all to utilise more of it - but I need all your help. If theres something you think you can help out with, shout up. If you don't really know what but you are still really keen to get involved in any way SHOUT UP.
    Let's make:
    More Posts
    More Articles
    More Videos
    More Quizzes
    More Events
    More Giveaways
    More Feel Good Moments
    More Streaming
    More Helping
    Let's start Giving Something Back at FG.

    In the forums you may have noticed that a series of topics around health and wellness have begun to pop up. The reason? I’m a strength and conditioning coach – so health and wellness are the corner stone of my existence! 
    Today I want to address something that impacts all of us here at FG – Sleep. If you’ve played with me at all you know that I often log off first and go to bed at around 9.30pm, why?
    Well according to several studies there is a link between video games and the quality of sleep we can get. Sleep is one of, if not the, most important factors influencing our physical and mental health and wellbeing. Getting a solid 8 hours of sleep every night is truly the fountain of youth as it has links to lower blood pressure, weight loss, cancer…..you name it – sleep impacts on it.
    In a recent study it was found that even the smallest exposure to video games led to: 
    “The analysis indicated a reduction of Total Sleep Time (TST) and an increase of Sleep Onset Latency (SOL), modifications of the REM sleep and Slow Wave Sleep (SWS), and increased sleepiness and self-perceived fatigue.”
    That means when you play video games the amount of sleep you get is reduced, the time it takes you to fall asleep takes longer and you don’t get as good quality REM sleep (the important part of sleep). 
    To mitigate this, I have made the following recommendations on the forum:
    1.     Be in bed with enough time to fall asleep and get at least 8 hours sleep. For me that’s 10pm, so I log off at 9.30pm, make my lunch and bits for the next day and get in bed by 10pm. 
    2.     Stop drinking caffeine after midday. This one is a tricky one as people like their tea and coffee etc. However, the half-life of caffeine is actually 5 – 6 hours on average, that means if you had a black coffee at midday that’s 100mg of caffeine in your system, by 6pm that’s still 50mg in your system, by midnight 25mg. See the problem? If you drink coffee at 6pm with your dinner it’s still raving out in your system at midnight.
    Something to think about is that the issues with video games and sleep are acute. You play video games, you have poor sleep, you wake up and you’re tired. You don’t play video games that evening, you sleep well – all is good, right?
    Wrong. The acute effects of video games and sleep soon build up and the study suggests that long term exposure to video games can have long term chronic issues related to elevated heart rates and blood pressure, obesity and other various ailments. 
    Hopefully this information might help you to make some different choices about how often you play video games, how late you play them and if you can find ways to mitigate the impact.
    Here are the final conclusions from the study, which is linked below:
    In summary, exposure to VGs before falling asleep can have important effects on the subsequent sleep characteristics, in both children/adolescents and adults. The reduction of Total Sleep Time (TST) and an increase of Sleep Onset Latency (SOL) and the possible change of components of sleep (mainly SWS and REM) identified in the study investigated, are clear indicators of poor sleep quality, higher tiredness and fatigue that may have repercussion on cognitive and behavioural activities of the subsequent waking. In fact, some cognitive abilities as sustained attention and verbal memory, can result worsened as a consequence of VGs exposure. Since the relevance of sleep for health and life quality, a great effort is required to address additional research for clarifying the role of acute and chronic exposures to videogames.

    The new Season of Dawn is nearly upon us. And as we get closer to the ‘shortest day of the year’ (22nd December if you wondered) some gamers are struggling with the same lack of daylight we are used to, or content in the case of Destiny 2.
    A beautiful trailer as always by Bungie displayed less content than some Destiny lovers hoped for. Then the Bungie stream felt even more sparse with information as they attempted to go back to allowing players to find new things on the launch day rather than give every single bit of info out to the general public. Where the problems seem to lie now for Bungie is the capability of being able to meet the evolving expectations of some of the Destiny community to deliver what is seen as new enriched endgame content on a regular quarterly cycle – without the help and support from Activision and studios like Vicarious Visions (who made two very good seasons might I add). I think as soon as the words ‘Raid’, ‘Trials’ and ‘Dungeon’ didn’t feature in the latest information the whole season became a huge let-down for the masses. It's not even here until December 10th.
    I won’t try and explain Game Development and how hard it is as I haven’t been one. However, I do get system development and releases work which isn’t too far away to game development cycles. You can’t just magic up Raids, new gamemodes and Dungeons within 3 months. You need Requirements, Options, Solutions. Then it’s Build, Test, Build, Test, Build, Test, Fault Fix, Test, Get Ready to Release, etc. Maybe because someone thinks they know exactly what everyone wants they can just build and forget testing it because Benny over here knows best. Things take time and you can’t just turn the ship around if they think the next imminent content is not going to land well. Equally, getting more employees isn't an answer that solves problems overnight.
    However, going towards the Season model of dropping a portion of content each 3 months will automatically change mentality in how gamers will fundamentally play the game. FOMO can immediately kick in so they rush through content as quick as they can. I've felt this big style. No one is a fan of time-gating content, but hey, with ravenous gamers not taking in any of the time and effort spent on well-made content I can see why they do it. That’s not endorsing it though. They’ve set their own expectations by committing to 4 drops rather than 3 in a Season Pass all with less developers and less income streams. There’s no wonder why Eververse has so many thing on sale for Silver only. They have to continually make money somewhere.
    ‘Who gives a Rat’s-Ass Thursdays’
    Well, seemingly not many players. But that is the world we live in. No matter the fact that Bungie have explained very clearly early doors that content will be readjusted and spread across the season because they can’t build things as quick as they could. No matter the fact that Seasons cost generally less than previous ones and cost approx. £6-7 when you have the pass. No matter the fact we don’t know all the content for the next 3 months as they want people to discover it on their own. No matter the actual content that is being delivered is still considerable when you list it down. No matter…oh you get the point.
    Datto put it very well immediately after the stream. People don’t care how much effort goes into making good stuff. They just want to know when they’ll get it and is it good. Just like they don’t care how long it him to make a YouTube video or you not caring about me writing this essay. They just want the good shit. Well, if you have those expectations, unfortunately you need to ste; back into the real world.
    Just because what you want isn’t there doesn’t also mean that the content is bad. We have to be more realistic and start reminding ourselves of what skills we learned or experiences we've had and adapt. Like when you we’re at school and we actually listened to people so we could understand how the world works. Or even if you were a D1 Guardian and played hours and hours when there was dramatically less content AND no regular updates.
    Just strikes, crucible and a few raids. Good to take stock at these points.

    Sweat and skill are intrinsically linked. Like peas in a pod. Or Diddums and Kronenbourg.
    SBMM is a factor that seems to always spark huge controversy but in reality its always down to how the individual player’s mentality. True, we don’t want to always meet 'Mr. 360noscopeskillzproplus' but at the same time everyone is also very happy to meet 'Joe Noob' that has two thumbs but uses his nose to move around the map. The inner nature of 99% gamers is to win. Every game is a competition and its fun to win. But its when you get caught teetering over on the wrong side of the double-edged Sword needing to win - the next controller is going out the window quicker than the annoying cat stabbing your sofa and then becomes a real issue.
    I personally think the moaning and criticism of SBMM is a minor point - unless it is abundantly clear you are always coming against Pro MLG players. Playing against better players will make you a better player in longer terms. Fact. For this reason its why I’d rather have two playlists, similar to the Overwatch style that pools players of any skill together in a form of Quickplay and then another pool that SBMM rules. But lets be clear, I don’t care what these rules are in the minutia.
    "Something, something, rank near players, something" Whatever.
    They are all much of a muchness and to think a game developer will go out their way to match you in SBMM games against full teams of FPS Ultras if your skill level is lower is utter BS.
    This all resorts back to mentality though. Players need to be more mentality prepared to enjoy games for what they are. That doesn’t mean you can’t expect more but to be the ultimate sweatfest competitor in general won’t help your game, job and life tactics. Games are made for fun. What creates the sweat is people, not SBMM. Try to win, work as a team, get in the zone, but losing isn’t a bad thing. It helps you learn where you went wrong (yeah, you did) and what you can do to put it right next match.
    But who am I kidding with all this talk of enjoying the game? People want to win at all costs. And they will always want an excuse. I wouldn’t be surprised if gamers follows football trends and the number one driver turns into making money rather than for the love of the game.
    On that note we leave that story for another day.

    Have you been questioning the directions in which most studio's have taking recently?
    Maybe it's the content or even the possibility of only digital titles, in the rambling's of this controller warrior you may find some of your queries raised. The expectations of the modern gamer seem to have drastically changed due to the games in which we purchased being released broken or unfinished, we then purchase said product with the promise of it being hot-fixed or patched, this sadly has became the norm and more people are becoming numb thus letting it slide.
    I personally find this quite disheartening, as the sole users our say should be driving studios to make changes to the way games are released. Let's go back to the days of old, no internet, no CD's that act as product keys I'm talking about cartridges. Games were as intended and I think it's needs to return to that methodical style of producing in order to not stifle or erode the games industry. For many people games are collectors items, whether it be a limited edition, contain extras such as prints or figurines. In my eyes a code for in game currency or a downloadable soundtrack should never be put into this because they are not physical, this is going to be a huge issue for many fans of a particular studio/franchise.
    All in all I feel somewhat fobbed off when I buy a new title, after spending hours downloading and then copying only to finally get stuck in then find a game breaking bug. Don't worry though guys, it will get patched and this all depends on the size of the studio for time scale. Hopefully things will change with the next gens - not only graphically also with the games being done to a better standard.

    Alright, as this was requested, here goes. I want to be very clear that this is just what I do when I spawn in with nothing and other may do things differently or have additional tips.
    Alrighty then, as a fresh spawn in the land of Chernarus there's 2 things you want to find as quickly as possible.
    The number one thing is something to drink as you spawn with your thirst level at about half. So check every house you come across and any zombie you end up punching to death.
    The second thing you want to find is a melee weapon. It'll make it easier to kill zombies and should you run into a hostile player it might save your life. Bladed weapons seems like the better choice for zombies, doesn't matter if it's a Machete or a steak knife, they both do the same job. Knives also open canned food and gives you the most out of those cans besides actual can openers. (Any tool besides the can opener that you use will cause you to lose a bit of food.)
    Once you have those two things down. Start trying to get a backpack. Being able to carry supplies is important if you want to get away from the coast and backpacks are your best friends! The bigger they are the more shit you can carry, but that also cuts your stamina once you carry a lot of heavy stuff and you wont be able to sprint for as long.
    Once you have a backpack, start looking for food and medical items. Most of the medical items aren't much use if you are on your own, but Chlorine tablets and Tetracycline pills will save your ass as you can either purify even the filthiest ditch water with chlorine or cure the impending cholera you get for drinking said ditch water without purifying it by popping a Tetracycline pill.
    Once you've loaded up it's a good idea to start moving inland, I'd suggest having a map open on your phone or laptop next to you so you can navigate easier, look for signs just outside cities/towns and check the map on phone/computer to figure out where you are and where to go. There's always better gear inland than on the coast.
    I'd also suggest not sprinting, just jog around unless you HAVE to sprint to get away from a player, you can't sprint for an unlimited amount of time so be careful with it, it also burns drink and food levels much faster so again, don't do it unless you have to or you have plenty of supplies to get food and drink levels back up.
    Once you get inland I'd suggest going to places that have either hunting cabins or military areas or both. This is  the best way to get geared up with weapons to defend against other players, clothing with more storage space, ammo, night vision goggles and more. These are usually high risk areas, but if you go about it with some care you should be good. Don't go to these places at night without Night vision goggles (NVG's) as there are a lot of zombies around and if there are other people around with NVG's... Well you're fucked.
    Do not forget to check your indicators at the bottom right of your screen, always keep an eye on your food and drink levels, as well as anything that indicates an injury or illness will pop up there.
    Quick stop in terms of clothing items again, your shoes/boots will get worn down over time, make sure you check them regularly or keep an extra pair on you as once they get to their "ruined" state, you may suddenly start bleeding on your feet, same goes for running/walking without shoes/boots. Also try to avoid sliding down ladders without gloves, you might also cut your hands and start bleeding. Also, if caught in the rain, you may get a water symbol in the bottom right, if you do, get to shelter. Once in shelter take your jacket into your hands and wring it out, same with your pants. This will stop you from getting a cold and possibly dying.
     I'd also suggest playing this with a group. There's a fuckton of running in this game and it's not so bad if you have people to talk with/run with while doing so. It's also nice as you don't need to carry ALL the things, you can easily split it up between the group and share it as needed.
    Finally, do not trust anyone. If you see a player always asume they will kill you for your shit. Not everyone will, but the majority will even if you have nothing as they are just cunts. So if you see another player, either avoid them, shoot them first or prepare to get in a fight.
    Hopefully this will get you to survive the intial 30 mins of DayZ and even more, if anyone else has tips, feel free to pitch in!

    EDIT:Admins/Mods - if you see this please leave hidden. Not ready to publish yet.
    Yes, here we are again. Another CoD and another year of what the hell the next developer screwed up - or did they this year?
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare has certainly divided opinion after a strong and solid Beta that was released, coupled with early news that there will be no loot boxes to the sounds of joyous high fives in the community. The game has managed to retain a lot of positives from the beta into the launch unlike other CoDs and has been highly praised on the fact they've kept many underlying mechanics and gameplay to the level that everyone wants.
    So why the hell are people still hating on this game?
    Well, we all love opinions don't we? And when it comes to the Call of Duty franchise its unlike any other game that i see out there over the past 5, 6, 7 years that takes this level of criticism. You see, most criticism that is strong usually comes with emotion. And emotion for this game is strong. Possibly the highest I ever see on a game, because it is the basics of boys and their toys imagination of being Action Man: The Greatest Hero of Them All (don't lie, you sang that line in your head, didn't you).
    So my view of the world as I see it right now for this CoD is that people jump to the negatives straight away, forgetting the positives. I understand that to a degree - this one still has some glaringly obvious ones.
    Maps - The most open maps a CoD has ever had. Yet still manages to have a 762 snugs for camper based play to pick you off 4 seconds after you spawn Skillbased Matchmaking - Not a massive negative for me, but i've had the odd game whereby you get a Road Rash punch in the face at 150mph, and the same happens every 2 seconds until the round is up Challenges - Can be cumbersome in how they are implemented and only one at a time is frustrating at times Menus/UI - Overall, that is a shambles, like most CoDs because they do not care about it  
    Most importantly though, I find its the behaviours we're all used to that come out because we want CoD to do well so we can get that nostalgic feeling back when we played early CoDs and ransacked every team in town.
    Let me be clear - This game has the ability to give you that feeling. Open your mind to it.
    For all the weaknesses, the pros are clear as day and when they get things right, regardless if it is part of Activision, the developers deserve some credit for listening to the community. What am i talking about? Well:
    Gunplay - These has to be one of the best CoD games ever for overall gunplay. Guns feel solid. Nearly every gun does (apart from Pistols at the time of writing this but thats not fundamentally a bad thing). Gunsmith - The amount of customisation thats available at your disposal is huge. It gives the game a sense of depth to each and every gun. When the game is all about the guns, you want variety at your disposal and you have stacks of it here Changing Loadouts IN GAME - Why o why we have never had this is insanity. It looks like the smallest of Quality of Life changes but it makes a huge difference to the game. Loadouts can be really overwhelming to most people and usually once you've made it you'll stick with it but now theres more incentive to change an attachment mid-game and try more varied loadouts No Prestige - I see this as a massive plus which to some may be surprising. To Prestige in CoD literally helps nothing other than seeing how huge you wanted your forehead to be. I was with many others that used to level up to 55 and never Prestige as i wanted access to all the guns. This way you have that but can still unlock further items and attachments the more you go into the game. Having Season ranks after that level is a way they can keep a certain amount of grind to the game with access to vary the offering to the player base with specific seasonal content in the future. Its a great model to have to help players return more often Choice - In my opinion there's more than enough choice in gamemodes AND maps. Whilst maps require some fine tuning, they aren't all as bad as people say they are. Apart from Piccadilly. Piccadilly can die by being sucked up in large Black Hole with loot boxes. Some have some great verticality and decent sized lanes that have a twisted on how interlocking doors connect each lane. Just because its never been done before doesn't mean its a bad thing. Gameplay - Over the past week i've noticed it doesn't matter what style of game you play any longer. It all depends on what you mode you play in. You can run around all you like in Hardcore and dominate the scoreboard like a madman, or, take it safe and steady in Core. Score and Killstreaks - Not too hard and not too easy to obtain. Not many seem OP and the ones that do, usually can be shot out of the sky reasonably quickly. UAV spamming doesn't seem an issue any longer like it was in the beta. The Personal Radar is a great alternative and also gives away your position so with great reward comes with great risk.  
    Veteran CoD players really need to give this time and try all gamemodes. Clearly, in a party it will ALWAYS be better because people will react to how you're feeling and make you feel brighter. Even if you're team is getting spanked. Our mindsets have to change from this CoD forward. We can't just keep labelling it same old CoD anymore and also running around trying to find the first piece of info to royally fuck it over.
    Give yourself a fresh outlook on a game that has usual dusty name.

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