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    Monday Night Football Match Report - 30th January 2023 - FGFC

    What a Monday Night Football. A huge night of games - 15 in total, which included many laughs and near misses, epic fails and glorious winning moments across the whole night. Not sure i've ever had to over 9 minutes of highlights but it was well worth it.


    An incredible start with free flowing football gave FGFC 3 wins on the bounce, with big Dennis Rodman @James5497 hitting the 'Money shots' or headers to be precise from @Macca89 Maccaroon's corners. Matty @Luseth was chipping in too from the right hand side, blinding the defence with his ridiculous fluorescent blue curly hair...and moustache. In fact, the scores could've been higher if some incredible flair shot went the other side of the post but where's the fun if you can't play some 'Overkick ball' with some sitters flying way over the bar.


    A little blip from some crazy games, one game somehow losing from a winning position, 6-4, the FIFA script was feeling like it was just around the corner waiting to inject some losses into the rest of the night. The team stayed resolute, especially after we found Martin @Findmartin later on at the back with Maccaroon playing a blinder at the Any role. @Ally was whipping dangerous balls in from the left and was unlucky not to get some assists as FGFC went on to rack up another 4 wins in a row. The last 2 games, scoring 14 goals across them. Teryiaki Sauce @Antpool84 put a killer display in CAM and Midfield alongside playermaker Pat De Groyne @jordie1892 with some incredible double X passes splitting the defences - and some Kung Fu Goals to add to the incredible scenes.


    Getting promoted on a subsequent Monday meant that FGFC starting to feel the skill level jump whilst the FIFA 23 Pros were still accumulating skill points and punching way above our weight. 4 end-to-end high scoring draws brought a super long evening of football to a close, not without a hilarious moment from Kilma Self @LordBaguette having an Eric Dier moment rushing to the toilet mid-game and forgetting he has 2 hands that can work independently at the critical moments (the highlights say it all below 😅).


    It really felt like MNF was back this week. Even @jordie1892 was falling for the top shelf Dad jokes.





    MNF 30th Jan 2023 (1).jpg  2.jpg

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