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  • GazzaGarratt

    Monday Night Football Match Report - 20th February 2023 - FGFC

    A testing Monday last week as FGFC really struggled to get going and as we know in Division 1, there isn't much room for horrible results, so by the end of the night it was great to see us all pull through to save relegation in the final game of the Season (much to the modest joy of @Findmartin).


    The night started with a close 3-2 loss which isn't unusual as everyone started to get their Monday Night Football juices flowing, although it went from bad to worse as Public Enemies wiped the floor with FGFC 5-0 straight afterwards. We thought we stopped the rot with a quickfire 4-0 against SS Dux, Dennis Rodman @Neatstorm on form with his usual moneyshot headers. More drama unfolded as Micky Red smashed 6 past the lacklustre FG defence. It really felt like the FIFA Script was setting in full flow for the whole night as some comical errors and horrible AI mishaps kept ended up in goals against us. It was that bad at one stage, the pressure got too much for Maccaroon @Macca89 and he pulled a few CBAs that you'd usually expect from Gary Goals @LordBaguette.


    2 battling draws finally stopped the rot, the latter with a full end to end ding dong against FC Eckerngrade. Pat De Groyne @jordie1892 scoring a silky finish with 10 minutes to go from a lovely team passing move. Working so hard against 'The Script' 😅, it was still only 2 points so needing 3 wins from 3 the focus was fully on FGFC to try and turn it around - and indeed we did.


    10 goals over 3 games secured a fantastic end to Season 11, and an array of lovely finishes from @LordBaguette and @Luseth as the games went on. It should be pointed out that some well fought Gail Cleansheets were secured through the night @Antpool84, @GazzaGarratt and @Findmartin picking up 2 each at their respective full back positions.


    Season 12 has been set up intensely with a win and a loss coming at the closing stages of the evening....good job the end positioning doesn't take into account goal difference 😅




    MNF 20th Feb 2023 Page 1.jpg  MNF 20th Feb 2023 Page 2.jpg




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    Great recap again Lee! Always fun to see back all of the funny moments and great goals we scored.


    Was a difficult outing last week but I hope we can bring that same momentum we had during the final few games with us tonight!


    Up the FG!


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