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  • GazzaGarratt

    Monday Night Football Match Report - 6th February 2023 - FGFC

    Another solid evening last week where FGFC had reached the dizzy heights of Division 3 earlier than expected, we now faced tough battles against opponents that would be pushing our current ProClubs players to their limits given most of us are still in the early levels looking for more Skill points along the way.


    FGFC's first game was clearing out the cobwebs from the week before, coming close with a few chances from the 3 up top @Luseth, @Ally  and @LordBaguette but somehow finding ourselves 4-0 down without playing that badly. Clearly taking chances was going to be something we needed to do to have any chance staying up or even pushing for another surprise promotion. It also doesn't help if @Macca89 forgets which player he is on the pitch...😅


    Whilst losing the first game, our shooting boots were back on for most of the night as we nicked 2 goals back in a 4-2 loss. What then followed was an unbeaten run of 8 games, including 5 wins; an incredible achievement with most of our Pros still in the low 80s. Some clean sheets had too, and it always helps when a team bossing us unfortunately had a bad connection at half time and couldn't carry on 😅😎


    Great to see @Ally  getting on the score and assist sheets this week as she's been close to getting some on previous weeks. A pearler of a volley on one of her crosses from 'Hamez Rodriguez @James5497 in an emphatic 4-0 win against I Cusentini. A bit of game management from Pat De Groyne @jordie1892 in the 91st minute against Unsrs FC would've meant 6 wins out of 8...but it was well worth the giggle seeing another epic FG fail.


    King Assistmaker @Macca89 had yet another fruitful night with 16 assists; only thing stopping him from 17 was some late trickery from Wacky Hair Queen Matty @Luseth, dazzling us with some fine red highlights this week. Promotion was eventually secured with a final game remaining to try and win Division 3 title. Fatigue had finally sunk in though in a 5-3 loss to Invictus CF.


    Can't argue with a 50% win loss ratio by the end of the evening. Some great highlights below captured once again.




    FGFC Squad players across the evening: @James5497 @LordBaguette @Ally  @Luseth @GazzaGarratt @Macca89 @jordie1892 @Antpool84 @Findmartin


    **Strange 4-5 second delay at 14secs but everything else is fine. Thats what you get sometimes with Twitch Highlights it seems!



    MNF 6th Feb 2023 Page 1.jpg  MNF 6th Feb 2023 Page 2.jpg

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