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  1. I really don’t want to go horde as I don’t know it at all! However, I am too open to discussion. I think I’m gonna run a hybrid class so that I can sit in dungeons when I want healing or dpsing also, let’s join a guild - there are already loads made up
  2. That’s a great question Dave, I actually HAD a very promising pension through school, I paid in 11% of my salary each year and the government matched it etc. However, as with all things money it has since been changed and is now worth sod all. Lots of wasted money. I pulled out of that pension after 5 years and saved the 11% instead to buy a second house. The state pension is going to be a joke when I get to 70. As for private pensions - most pension companies are doing what I’m doing with the money people pay in, they are using it to buy land, property, stocks, shares, commodities etc. So, being the control freak I am, I would rather do all that myself and reap the full rewards. I think for the novice investor a private pension is a fantastic idea and everyone should consider one. However, my retirement fund is currently made up of houses and a stock portfolio getting a modest 9% return at the moment - no private pension can match that unfortunately. It’s such a shame because pensions used to be so valuable, my wife’s Nan is getting her husbands pension from the Docks and she gets LOADS of money each month. Alas, they aren’t like that much anymore. One thing I will say though for the young people in the forum, do not expect the government to look after you when you’re retired - you aren’t entitled to anything just because you lived in a country your whole life, make your own arrangements!
  3. Hey folks, in my PPR I said I wanted to put some ideas in here about money - so here they are! First, let me just state that these are MY rules and they are how I have accumulated my wealth - they might help you, they might not. I would gladly welcome any and all suggestions from people about how they have done things. So, money. It’s a fickle thing and by no means important at all. However, it does create opportunity and luxury. So let’s dive into Elliott’s three rules of money. 1. You will never be rich working a 9-5 I found this out early on in life and I’m glad I did. We as humans love homeostasis - we do this with money as well. We will always accommodate our lifestyle to our income, when I was 22 and earning £20k a year I though I was rich, I spent every penny. Now I’m older, earning a greater sum than that and I spend every penny lol. How is it that no matter how many pay rises I get I’m still rarely looking at money in my account at the end of the month? Homeostasis. However, with my extra income from my business I use this to invest, save and multiply my wealth. If you want to increase your wealth then you’re going to need to get a second job or become a bit entrepreneurial. That way you can dedicate all of your extra income to wealth driving behaviour without impacting your lifestyle. 2. If you can’t afford 5, you can’t afford it This rule I put in place to help me make large purchasing decisions, or luxury items. If I want to buy something and I can’t afford to buy 5 of them (or replace them several times), I can’t afford it - it’s above my pay grade. This has worked wonders because it makes me become a bit more of a penny pincher and only truly treat myself when I know I can actually afford it. the most obvious win here is that it takes away all credit from my purchasing decisions, the only thing I have on credit is my house and my car (that’s a story for another day - I appreciate that my 19 plate Merc may well contradict this rule but I will tell you more about this in time). so if you’re thinking about buying something luxurious or expensive, ask yourself ‘can I afford 5 of them?’. examples of things I haven’t bought because I can’t afford 5? The latest smart phones, a humidor (just got one on sale that was 1/5th the price it usually is!), a PlayStation pro, a new TV for my gym and an Apple TV for my gym to connect my iPad. I can afford 1 of all these things right now but I can’t afford 5, so I’m not having any of them. Do I need any of them? Nope. So I’m not suffering in anyway. Have a think about the things you’ve bought recently, can you afford 5 of them? 3. Never leave ice cream in the fridge I always frame this rule like this at school with the kids but actually it helps to make a lot of sense. Most people can’t leave nice food hanging around. If you put a tub of Ben and Jerries in my freezer - I’m gonna eat it. All. Rapidly. Because the temptation is too great. The same goes with money, if you can get access to it, you will spend it. That’s why at the start of each month I pay 10% of my wages into an investment app, 5% into an isa that’s fixed and in my wife’s name (so I can’t see it) and then make an over payment on my mortgage. I cannot get to any of that money to waste it or spend it on luxuries. It’s working hard for me earning interest and value through the stock exchange. I do of course have an emergency fund I can get hold of so I’m not completely blocking my access to money if the boiler dies for example. I used to use quite a sophisticated platform for my stock trading but now I just use Wealth Simple, a really easy app that assesses your risk and invests for you. Remember, all investments need at least 5 years to see a sizeable return. Those are Elliott’s 3 rules for money. By following them it stops me spending money on things I don’t really need too often and saving money that’s working hard for my future. I hope this has helped! Elliott
  4. Hi all! if you have been blessed with children or are expecting a child could you possibly answer 2 questions for me please? 1. Are you concerned with how your health and wellness will impact you as a parent? Yes/No If you answered Yes to question 1: 2. What are the obstacles you face that stop you reaching the level of health, fitness and wellness you want? thanks! Elliott
  5. I think a new Modern Warfare tournament will be good idea as I believe most people will be buy this? I also think we should pick a free game and implement that into the mix on fridays......what's the next PS4 network free game?
  6. I had a great time folks! Thanks for letting me in!
  7. What's everyone's character name? Is the guild ready?
  8. Haha, well I am a Strength and Condition coach...
  9. I use Mobinfo and deadly boss mods, that’s about it really!
  10. I will have to join you on Saturday as I don't know if I will get on tomorrow night. Will try my hardest though
  11. Well, all but 2 servers are full, so lets just pick one and we will have to persevere
  12. I think the queues are inevitable for the first couple of weeks.
  13. Hi folks, Elliott here! I found Forever Gaming via @ChaosGladiator and @LordBaguette via a rather unpleasant situation with a previous member..... I play a lot of COD and since the relaunch of classic WOW I will will be playing that exclusively for the foreseeable future. In real life I am a secondary school teacher by day, Strength & Conditioning coach + Deep Tissue Therapist by night. I own a little studio gym and work in a clinic. I am a huge nerd, I'm covered in tattoo's from Final Fantasy 7 (which is coming in March....as am I ) I'm a big steak lover and my instagram handle is MiddleClassCaveman should you want to follow. Peace
  14. Lets make a decision on this fast please? I don't mind re-rolling but lets do it soon?
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