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  1. World of Warcraft Classic is a 16 year old game that has grown over time to be completely something else, then stripped back to its original form. This is a game that has had almost zero changes made to it and has been released in the same way it was back in 2004. Same bugs and quirks....the whole lot. The beauty of this game? It's huge. It has so much going for it in that you have so many choices to make even before you get going. Horde or Alliance? What Race? What Class? PvP or PvE server? There are so many videos out there to watch and learn but I wanted to share one playlist with you today. If you've ever considered playing WoW but feel it's a massive undertaking then here is a link to a playlist that is a step by step guide into how to level an alliance character. The video is about levelling a warrior which are arguably the most difficult to level but the most desirable class (tank!) so any other class you pick will have a much easier time. IT's also the quickest levelling route i've ever seen, if you follow this guide to the Tee it will make you level faster than if you just bumbled around on your own. @Diddums and I play as alliance on sever Nethergard Keep. Here is the link: Alliance 1-60 leveling guide
  2. Just needed to play something else for a little while @Plumbers Crack , promise I will be back !
  3. I took an extended break from WoW when Maddison was born because it's a really labour intensive game. However, last week I made my return and last night I got my character to level 60 (the cap) with a time played of 6 days and 13 hours, this is just below average I would say but it depends on who you ask and wheat else you've done. My Human Rogue is a miner and engineer and has maximum level cooking and first aid. He has half of the best in slot pre-raid items so i just need to do a bit of dungeon grinding to get him raid ready. He is a picture of my triumphant moment!
  4. hey @AutisticGamer I bought a Noble Chair from Overclockers UK and it was the best decision I made, it's really comfortable and I can sit in it all day. It was pricey at £300 but I've been sitting in it everyday for the last 2 weeks and it's definitely a worth while investment.
  5. currently my twitch banner, will be my YouTube banner when I get back to my Laptop tonight. I U @Greboth
  6. Ironically the signatures on the drop box are too big for the site, 700 pixel max. Shall have to resize!
  7. I’m actually blown away by these @Greboth, I’ve stolen them from the drop box and will use them accordingly! Legend!
  8. My new router has just arrived you wang! No more packet loss for me!
  9. £75 for a set of dice? My wife would divorce me!
  10. @G_dub52 where did you find these please dude?
  11. Lots of new changes in this patch, new game modes in war zone, a new sniper and some gun nerfs!
  12. That’s amazing @Greboth, a stylish text would be great!
  13. It gets real crazy in D&D because you have to roll multiple dice at the same time then add weapon bonuses, proficiency bonuses and then it changes completely if you roll a 20 or have advantage or a special attack. For example, my rogue often attacks from stealth so has advantage meaning I get to make a special attack. So If my weapon hits I roll 1d8 then add 3 weapon damage, then add 2d6 for my sneak attack bonus. Mental. and if I rolled a 20 on my sword swipe that's all doubled.
  14. Thank god for that, I already feel guilty for supporting his legacy by using my audible credit on it!
  15. I've not read any in over a decade.....I just hope it's not too overtly racist as I don't want to be sat in the car at traffic lights with some middle aged white man dropping N bombs on my speakers.
  16. I've just bought the entire works of HP Lovecraft to help with my story writing for my Table Top RPG games, got it on audible because books are for peasants.....51 hours.....yikes!
  17. I saw this today, a shame really but if you want to disrupt a market you have to offer something unique, not just steal talent. As a business teacher, I love it when shit like this happens.
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