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FG Football Kit!


FG Football Kits  

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Right, I've had a quick play around and seen what I could work up with Owayo football kits as they can really customise kits further than the standard kits you can find at the most common places online. I've come up with a few designs and it would be cool to get all your thoughts on which ones you like...and maybe more ideas if you do think there is other things we can add!


Option 1


image.png image.png


Option 2


image.png image.png


Option 3


image.png image.png 


Option 4


image.png image.png


Option 5


image.png image.png



We can also change the colours but i'm mainly seeing the only real change to be the collar colour from white to black imo. Black and red are our main colours with a dash of white so it would be cool to keep those as primary colours for the 'Home' kit. Yes, you're now thinking we could do Home and Away?! Of course, its up to us what we do if we all want it.


If we get enough interest - and that doesn't have to be just the FIFA FG lot as this is a cool enough jersey for anyone to have, we can buy in a bulk load to significantly reduce the cost. It can go from £65 to around £30-35 per shirt if we def know what we want. Also, we may be able to add names and numbers with that too. Examples are below:


fg_shirt_back.jpeg fg_shirt_back_jordie1892.jpeg


Let us know what you think on your options and also thoughts below would be ace! I love Option 1 but also like 2 and 3 too. GGFGFC!

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Any more votes at all for these before we look at how much interest we have across all of them? Equally if there are different types you've seen online and want to share, please do!

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So at the moment, kit 3 has one more vote than kit 1 so looking to pick this up again. What do we all think about having a kit bought in bulk if we can create the one that wins?


Do we think that we want to change the kit into something different or even into different colours e.g. switch the main colours around so it looks like an Away kit perhaps, etc? Respond if you think you'd want to get one so its worthwhile me taking the next step and push it out for other FGers that may want a fun FGFC football styled top even they don't play FIFA.

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