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13 hours ago, McNasty said:

Apparently offside is offside McNasty.


I think it's fair to say right now that the beautiful game as we know it is becoming a dreary affair of stop/start american football styley.


Cant believe I'd ever agree with Greame Souness and no, it's not just a Liverpool thing either (although they have had their fair share of the decisions).


I called this along time ago, and it would be nice to see clarification in rules as well changes to VAR.


Imo, I think we have to accept that Football cant be perfect and that's what makes it so special. I would give each team 1 VAR appeal per game and give the control to the teams respectively. Just like Tennis. Just like Cricket. That coupled with clarity around what is offside - open to this, gotta be anything better than 2 pixels offside cos that ain't an advantage btw, this will clear up the utter mess we are in.


I watched this live @McNasty  with a Liverpool fan too. Feel for me bro.

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I think Danny Murphy on MOTD has it right (and he’s been banging on about it virtually since day one)...only use VAR to correct clear and obvious errors by the officials otherwise let the game flow 


It’s a game played by humans, officiated by humans and watched by humans....just avoid glaringly obvious mistakes 


Thanks to Capn_Underpants for the artwork

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The spirit of the off-side rule is to prevent goal hanging. Millimetre decisions are not goal hanging.

They need to review the law in light of VAR, it's not difficult. They've amended the off-side rule many times in the past. VAR should be a good thing but they are fucking it up.

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It should be a clear line of sight between attack and defender, as it is currently you get penalised for having your big toe being over.


I do like @GazzaGarratt idea of it running like tennis or cricket, you get your VAR lives and if you use them all tough but you shouldn’t loose them if you’re right



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4 hours ago, tronic44 said:

and if you use them all tough but you shouldn’t loose them if you’re right

Exactly that Rich. Then we'd forget about it all the imperfections. No one wants it to be a 100% computerised game.

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Theyre going to start doing this with balls and strikes in Major League baseball within the next few years.  The umpires behind the plate will have an ear piece that tells them the call.  Already being tested in minor leagues.  They’ll still be there to call pitches that bounce and after the hit plays, but the computer is taking over.  Its a boring slow ass sport anyway though and you cant slow down a snail that much

Soccer on the other hand needs to keep the pace.  There are no timeouts, and stopping play left and right messes with any game momentum too much.  Id agree with everyone on limited use.  1 per team, and maybe a guy in a booth who can over-rule blatant misses by the ref




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