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The Hunt FG Stories!

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Thought it would be good to have a thread with our finest and most memorable days on The Hunt on our FG adventures, win or lose!


I'll start it off with possibly the best night i've ever had on this on Sunday night just gone. 4 wins in a row. Yes, 4. And they weren't all just smash and grab, no one left on the server jobs either.


First one was with @MrBiron  as a 2 player squad where we managed to kill the boss (I believe it was the Assassin?) with an Axe and decided to take the long way around some Hunters to the furthest away extraction for the win. Next one was then with Marc @J&B  and Biron although he had to leave half way through because of his inabilities to close his Fridge door 🙈. We picked up all the clues for the Spider but then realised that a team were starting to banish the boss, so we looped around to get the 3 clues for the Butcher. It was the furthest away from the extraction but we carried on. Weirdly, when we got to the Butcher it was already dead! Sounds like the other team killed it and carried on to get the other bounty. Seeing that we got it, they fecked off leaving us to get a ton of XP and extract the bounty successfully!


@Nutcuttlit  then jumped on with Marc and me to complete what I can only describe as an awesome 2 rounds of Hunting. It may have felt even better for me because I took out a bunch of Hunters, muiltiple teams at once whilst we were all converging on the first boss. We ended up killing the remaining Hunter squad which bagged us the first Gauntlet of the night! Then came a much more defending round whereby we got the first Spider boss quickly and moved on to the second Assassin boss when teams started to pull in close to us. Once we downed it we were surrounded by at least 2 squads of players, trying to grab some loot. Nutty set the traps, Marc had pulled out to watch and cover us from a distance and whilst Nutty covered the larger entrance, I hung over the bounty with remaining Dark Sight. A quick squeeze of it and you could 3 Hunters imminently approaching. Then all hell broker loose.


2 Hunters entered right in front of me. The Nagant silenced pistol downed them after hitting some traps along the way. Then 3 Hunters came from multiple sources. Nutty chucked a bomb to down one but then got exploded by a Revelli shotgun or something like that which was pretty powerful. Whilst he was getting shot I took down a Hunter next to an adjacent door and then tried to come to Nutty's aide. The guy was trying to hide and shoot me so I managed to crouch around and take him out with a few shots to resurrect Nuttscratcher to end the massacre.


XP farmed the nearby towns blasting everything away to end with back to back Gauntlet runs and 4 successful extractions in a row. I don't think i've took that many Hunters out and grabbed that many bounties all in one night before. Everything just fell into place. Great callouts, great teamwork and such a rewarding night!


First Gauntlet run



Second Gauntlet run



Looking forward to hearing more about others escapades! GGFG!

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Author of the topic Posted

Two little stories this week.


Had such a random game with Adam @foxhoundmoses , which was our final game of the evening. We thought let's just go for the gauntlet (both bounties) and once we picked up one, we could hear some shooting at the next one, West of us. When we got close we were expecting to have a fiery contest considering we had the other bounties so completely visible to everyone else on the map. We rocked in close, not sure what to expect, maybe 1 or 2 full teams around. But it was weird; we used some Dark Sight and no one was around? The boss had already been banished so it was so odd that the Bounties weren't picked up. Maybe they were camping and waiting for us to pick them so they could grab everything off us? Nope. No one near, well no one alive. We walked up and Adam spotted some dead Hunters next to the entrance to the boss room. Then noticed a few more, and a few more! It was like the entire server had took each other out like how Van Damme and Lundgren go against each other in Universal Soldier. I caught the clip of it all when we rocked up near below. Mental way to end a game and get the Gauntlet to boot!





An hour or two before this, I think we witnessed the greatest gun show Aaron Nuttscratcher Mc@Nutcuttlit  when total Ham and Bone when we decided to aggressively go into Fort Cormack (correct me if i'm wrong Adam/Nutty) where the single bounty was on offer. 2 teams were already there across a wide open patch of land. I picked a stray Hunter up running away from the battle early doors whilst Adam and Nutty got in close with Shotguns and Borheim pistols. Adam baited someone out, Nutty blasted their face in one of the sheds in the Fort. I kept getting sniped a few times as i came into the main Fort area which meant they kept pushing up closer...and closer, until they were close enough for Nutty to pop them through the fences, whilst ANOTHER team rocked up and tried to burn a team from the outside. We got rid of a few teams which left us 3v2. They were great snipers, one took me down and started to burn me at an opening. They pushed with Adam only one health bar left, he then managed to injure one before Nutty the Hunter exterminator ran out of the secure shed and blasted both to kingdom come.


7 down, with Nutty nailing 6 and one assist. I think what was probably more hilarious was when all that was left was to get the Spider killed and then bounty extraction, Adam raced in and got killed by the Spider - and couldn't get revived as he only had one health chunk left! 🙈😂


Great night of Hunting!

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