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U.S senator introduces bill to ban shitty publisher practices.

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He wants loot boxes and P2W mechanics that pray on kids to be banned.

About fucking time something was done about the unregulated and unchecked greed by games publishers. Publishers will be pissed about this but fuck 'em. 

If anybody watches Jim Sterling's videos he said this would happen because the games industry wouldn't regulate itself.


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It's about time someone stood up to all this shite but it's not just minors, adults also become pray to this disease that's in the industry at the moment. They should ban all this shite and hopefully game developers can focus on making a good story/game/content and not forcing the player to fork out more money than they should. There's no way that someone should pay £50 for a game, then have a chance to pay for more stuff on top of that, unless it's a worth while DLC, new maps etc. I also don't think that DLC should contribute towards a story or force you to buy it if you want to continue playing. It's like giving a junkie a free fix, then charging for the next lot.....kind of.


Also loot boxes are a type of gambling, just because you don't win money doesn't make it so.

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