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More Studio Closures

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"Great teams are sunsetting before our eyes again, and it's a f*cking gut stab."


Gotta pump all that money into Call of Duty and Bethesda smh! Hi-Fi Rush was a great title but obviously that isn't enough for Microsoft or any greedy corporation now. More will fall especially with MS trying to offload all their gamepass studio acquisitions that haven't paid off in trying to close the gap on Playstation. Sad to see especially when they are happily spending tens of billions on other brands for EZ munay.

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A lot of articles catalogued and talked about in this video regarding this situation


Studio closures to cut costs, failing game pass and Phil Spencer going against everything he stood for. Sounds like an absolute shambles.  The fact Bobby Kotick got a near $400m payoff is absolutely nuts. I did predict that all this would happen in the Microsoft/Activision takeover thread and how it would be a catastrophe for gamers and developers. Funnily enough, not even the shareholders are seeing a benefit of it yet! 


Phil Spencer should probably stand down. 

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Microsoft are the new EA; buy loads of studios and when they don't make billions just close them down.

After they shut them down one of the MS execs came out and said they want to focus on smaller games. The type of game that Tango had just made with Hifi Rush 🤦‍♂️

Game Pass just isn't sustainable and MS seem unable to work out what to do to fix it, apart from putting the price up.


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More closures expected in the coming weeks but whether they get announced before or after the June showcase remains to be seen. This situation proves that a cull can happen whether you are working on an existing project, and regardless of how successful your previous games are. 


Everyone kinda knew that the Activision takeover would be the most pointless and damaging in gaming history especially after the Bethesda disaster but I don't think many foresaw how it would ruin so many smaller developers with MS obliterating all their ethics. 

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