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Hero 32 - Echo

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3 hours ago, tronic44 said:

I didn’t realise they’re still dropping new characters, she does look pretty insane.


Really need to find my bloody disc!

Yeah, this will probably be the last one before OW2 now. It was pretty much a given as she was in the OW2 cinematic as well.


She does look all sorts of crazy and I'm quite looking forward to playing her. Worth noting that big daddy Jeff has said that they may look to nerf her ultra very quickly depending on how it plays out. I was watching a vid and if you morph into Sombra and hit some decent shots you could potentially get 2 EMPs!! (650% increase to ultra charge whilst in morphed form) Time will tell but I'd much rather bat shit crazy stuff like this than safe characters that dont add much to the existing play styles or meta

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Wowser. Yeah @Stretch616  looking at this theres a good chance she could get nerfed super quick. Looks like most characters when copied will get you at least 2 ultimates AND you can't die (just morph back into Echo).


I don't think i'll work well with her because she feels very much like a Genji, combos clearly seem the way forward with her but at 200 health and no healing ability its a high risk high reward hero if you ask me.


Also agree it could be the last hero into Overwatch 1. They must see the data on how much people play the limited time modes still so I think it will be shifting all efforts to get OW2 out before the end of the year, fingers crossed.

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