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  1. I’ve just bought the 4C and the Citroen
  2. Can people recommend some good GR4 cars to try. I only have the TT and McLaren, I don’t just wanna randomly buy cars if they’re gonna be shit and slow.
  3. Ajay knows the rules. And he has the chest piece now
  4. There’s an update which I had no idea about. Mines at 6% copying.... Make sure everyone’s updating or it could be postponed
  5. To be fair @Mazzer66 said she wanted to run it too
  6. Davey Dave said last night he only had till 9pm to do it which isn’t it enough time so if there’s anyone else that can take his place when he has to go off then it’d be good
  7. Davey Dave wants to learn DSC so I’ve said we can teach him, even if it’s just the easy roles for him to start with, so it would be appreciated if the usual experienced people could help him too to make it a semi faultless experience.
  8. Coulda just done share play and I could’ve just finished it for him
  9. We have to remember that Ajay is young and therefor shouldn’t be still raiding at 10pm to be fair. The raids do end up taking a massive amount of time. When I was watching the stream there must’ve been like 30mins of messing around on the jumping bit 😂
  10. It’s all good @slamminbones it’s my own fault half the time for being too cautious into the first corner, people don’t expect it. I just feel bad for taking phil out. I’m just happy that when I watched my onboard replay I was braking and steering away from him the whole time rather than towards him and accelerating.... Ive got an old school mate that plays F1 and GT Sport so I’m trying to get him to join Tuesdays too.
  11. Wtf, I got proper benched 😂
  12. I just left as I realised it was set up for Dave Graves, I’m down for another one on a different day @Baabcat if you guys are about
  13. Teenwolf25

    DSC Raid

    Was a good run to be fair. I do think some people (no names ) should go in solo and learn the sparrow race bit legit to save let’s say 30+mins 😂😂🙈
  14. Race 3 was too late for me so had to bail out. Shame as it looked like fun
  15. Awesome write up. In my defence of hitting Lee though I saw he out braked himself so I braked early to give him some space but someone behind me wasn’t expecting it so rear ended me into Lee anyways 😂🙈 Sorry Lee 🙈

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