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  1. If you’re intending on just playing the casual stuff and not bothered about progression then to be fair Diddums is right keep what you like the feel of, all weapons have different perks etc so everything with have a pro and con even if it’s the same weapon as the perks will be different 90% of the time. For armour tho you want to keep high stat roles etc. Armour is the main reason thing in destiny, it’s the difference between staying alive and killing shit effectively and being dead every 2mins.
  2. It’s going to hard to explain over a long arse message without talking you through it. You’re correct with the symbol in the corner of the weapons. It shows the seasons they were or are available. If you hover over a weapon and hold L2 it will show the current power that the weapon is, the power limit the weapon can go to and the current season power cap (basically the max power you can reach without the artifact, currently 1330) Some weapons in previous seasons were sunset which means they’re longer viable to use in current activities, other than some crucible games. If you’re new to the game then don’t worry as you won’t have them anyways. If you go to the vault at the tower there’s a kiosk where you can buy old weapons like mountaintop etc, these have been sunset so you’ll see what I mean if you inspect them. In the destination page on the left hand side you’ll see some symbols. These are current quests etc you need to complete. You can also see them in the quest bar along the top. The gold star symbols above each planet are weekly things to do, this is how you power level. You’d do all your powerful stuff first and then do your pinnacles after for efficiency. Theres a lot more into power grinding with min-maxing but don’t worry about that.
  3. Damn, ya’ll need some D2 loving. And I’m here to give it to ya. What’s not to like?? you have normal run of the mill casual stuff like Gambit, strikes, planetary stuff to do. If you like getting your arse kicked in PvP then there’s some crucible. 3 class of characters all with their own subclasses and individual abilities depending on your play style. Some weapons are good, some are shit, it also depends on your play style, whether your an offensive player or defensive player. There’s some good hard stuff you can run that’s 3man ie the dungeons. These are like mini 3man raids with little mechanics to them. They’re only hard if you’re on your own otherwise they’re pretty enjoyable. Then there’s the creme de la creme content, the hardcore, the endgame pinnacle activities like Grand master and master VOG. Don’t be fooled tho, they’re not for the faint hearted. If you’re a player that likes to run into a room over populated with enemies and melt them with an smg then I think you’ve been watching too much Gladd etc. 😂 There’s plenty of quest lines you can do for certain weapons. I’m not sure what it’s like to buy the weapons now after the big sunsetting of y1 stuff. Others. Can answer that. Either way there’s something for everyone. Im just a casual player that does the easy stuff tho. 🤷‍♂️😎
  4. How do we find the seasonal challenge page to see what we have to farm?? 😂
  5. Hey @Baabcat in all seriousness tho are you actually trying to do a full 3man?? You’ll have so much fun. It’s awesome
  6. I can probably raid later. Has @MrSwainey101 done VOG already?
  7. 3man flawless what?? Strike? 😂
  8. Teenwolf25

    VoG Hard mode ?

    It’s a recommended power of 1360 😂
  9. I’ve put my name down but I won’t be on my account. If people can try and get on a little bit earlier too so it gives more time at the boss for people that’d be handy as I don’t wanna stay up too late.
  10. The centre platform is good if your good at staying alive. Probably best to not let Kempy read from there.... 😂
  11. Others aren’t using it as it’s fucking impossible to remember each pitch 😂 too many people speak over them etc
  12. I honestly don’t mind people making mistakes as long as they learn from them etc. Fucking something up is how we get better at something
  13. Personally I prefer the first two callouts and use left, mid, right and just call far and near if there’s 2 in the same side. I’ve only done the raid a number of times and @Riff Machine has the callouts down to perfection. As long as everyone shuts up and doesn’t tell the whole team that they’re being chased by supplicants mid call outs then you’ll be fine
  14. its not about what one person can do for dps on their own, it’s the combined dps of everyone which gets the boss killed. I can only tell you how I do it and what I use. Just remember though I have to be able to output big dps at times if you want to learn low man raids. Other than that it just helps other who can’t. Also I think helping others to improve their dps is probably more useful than bragging about the most and calling out the person with the least..... but that’s just my normal thoughts 🤷‍♂️ @RenFengge
  15. Best start getting Nick ready now..... 😂
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