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  1. I thought Lee was your therapist….. Or was it a masseuse?? 😂😂
  2. I stick by my original comments above. You both need mental help. Domestic abuse is a serious issue whichever way it’s being dealt either the male or female. I’m not sure where the homophobic stuff is coming from as that’s one thing I call people out in, Lee knows and can confirm this and I don’t see any above..
  3. I wonder whilst Johnny is in the UK if he’s gonna visit the Binley Mega Chippy
  4. To be fair he could technically go for her personally now and get her jail time. Lying on the stand and accusing someone of rape.
  5. I’ve watched all of the case from the start. It’s clear they both have demons and both have their issues they need to get professional help for. Johnny knows and acknowledges this and has been trying which I believe. Amber too obviously has issues that need sorting. They both were toxic within the relationship and the trial proved this. Did Johnny abuse Amber? Yes he did, but not physically and sexually as she claims, he abused her mentally with words. Did Amber abuse Johnny? Yes but she did it physically as well as mentally… I truly think Johnny isn’t even bothered by the money and probably won’t even chase her for it but will instead use this win as a chance to finally move on from her… And to be fair all she has to do is pledge to pay him right?? After all if she pledges it that means she’s paid it too! 😂🙈 Either way though I seriously hope she changes her therapists and gets some proper ones who can help her properly rather than seeing $$$
  6. I just completed this quiz. My Score 42/100 My Time 158 seconds  
  7. Isn’t that only a trial drug atm for covid and hasn’t actually been approved yet?? Do you not like this friend or something 😂
  8. Most of what you’ve said I agree with. It can be a right fucking grind. You can play for hours at times and at the end of it be no better off than when you started. I think this season tho has been the least grind of a season they’ve done so far. Usually when they bring GMs out and Master vog they made it such a grind to hit a reasonable power level that it wasn’t reachable for most of the player base. This season though master VOW will be doable power wise for nearly everyone which is good. Time is valuable I agree so doing specific thing to level can be a chore
  9. Fuck ye I’m interested. Never played a FIFA manager game so have no experience in any of it however I think F1 would be pretty cool. Chose a team, drivers etc will be awesome.
  10. I’ll aim to be there but will know on the day if I can. I’m limited on cars etc as only just playing 😂🙈
  11. Looks good dude. What’s the camera for though?? Does it face the screen to replicate the picture colours??
  12. In all honesty I haven’t really been crafting much. I don’t see the point to some extent. If I have a god roll weapon already why would I want to start a weapon off from scratch and it be shit for ages
  13. Awesome raid, awesome company. What more is there to say 🤷‍♂️ GGs all round. Now to do it all over again 🙈
  14. Update: Campaign was fucking awesome. Very long and hard (cue, that’s what she said, in a Sams voice) We obviously did Legendary which at times was mental. There were sections i solo’d but toward the end of the campaign I’d say get a full stack as it’s mental and ammo economy is terrible. Thankyou @Capn_Underpants for starting the campaign as my duo buddy and thank you @hector and @Forty6_N_two for the help from quest step 13 onwards. ❤️❤️❤️
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