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The FG Awards 2019

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As every year now comes along I hope this becomes a welcome addition as it's a moment where we can say thanks and well done to some of our awesome family FGers out there. We've had a quieter year this year as opposed to 2018, so I didn't feel it was right to have as many awards as last year. This is something I hope that will change for next year but for now I am still thankful to be able to give these following 4 awards out this year! Lets not keep you waiting any longer:


FG Archbishop of Banterbury - @Nutcuttlit


This award was made to shout out to the funniest and jovial member of the year. Nutty without a doubt keeps everyone smiling and laughing online and has been there many times to help people out when they need support, even if its to jump off a different game. 'Scottash' has just one of those voices that lifts the mood, even if hes calling someone a ?!£$&% after he's been smashed off the track on a FG GTA Friday race. He shows his heart on his sleeve, very rarely down and has a heart of gold so I was super delighted to give him this award this year face to face. The world needs more Nutty's thats for sure.



FG Hall of Fame - @Stretch616


The first of two Hall of Famers this year. One of the oldest original members to be a part of our family, even before we became FG. His support through difficiult periods has always been gratefully received and even when he couldn't be around he would always be letting me know he was around and trying his best to get online here or on his Playstation to support the FG nights. He's continually supported every event and challenge we've tried to set ourselves and we wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for this guy, like most of the original crew, getting FG out there and making people realise this is a family. I know this first hand because if it wasn't for Stretch, I would have never been a part of FG. Its been a long time since our chat about Destiny and for him to explain what FG was to me. He wasn't wrong.


FG Hall of Fame - @BO7H B4RRELS


This mighty american legend is from the 'Alliance' days of old when the two groups formed to be a big family. Tommy has always put FG in a special place and has supported Feel Good ideas and events, regardless of which side of the ocean it may be needed. Hes stayed with us through all of those difficult days. I don't think for one second that if I asked Tommy to give support to something I know he'd do it in a heartbeat. His life advice is always gratefully received and he should always be seen as a veteran FGer that can help anyone here if they are struggling. I appreciate the support hes given me over the years and it was only a matter of time until he made it into the Hall of Fame.


FGer of the Year - @Greboth


Well, this beauty of an individual has surprised so many people with the amount of effort and commitment to FG like no other this year. He took over being the resident Minecraft expert with not a huge background in mods, etc, to sorting out a server and modifications for a small amount of people. He's created helpful FTB mod guides, he's given generously to pretty much every Feel Good Fund presents, he's baked and created a 50th Birthday Cake for one of our very own FGers, he's built a bespoke racing car setup just for our big FG weekend, hes setup the regular time trial runs that we have on Gran Turismo, he's...you get the picture. There was times about 2 years ago that we would chat and he would literally go out of his way just to be around for myself, helping with posts and whatnot which even got myself through difficult times so this year isn't a one off. He typifies FG and is a perfect role model for our family of gamers, new and old.



Congratulations to all. It was nice that I was able to give out 3 of the 4 awards this weekend just gone because I was with them. Clearly would've done the same with Tommy but, you know, flights and stuff 😉


Lets have a great end to the year and do even more awesome stuff into 2020 so these awards can keep coming like a Steam Train!






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Thanks from the bottom of my heart for the award guys, you lot make it really easy to be jovial and up lifting because you all feel like family rather than friends. If I have helped people out I am truly humbled by being able have the chance to make an impact on someones life which I will happily do for anyone of you marvelous cunts IMG-20191014-WA0000.jpeg

Via the FG App

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Fucking hell Lee, I have a cunt reputation to maintain!


I’d honestly not considered the stuff I’ve done as anything special, it’s just what family does.  So it was a shock to get the award but what better place to get it than surrounded by you horrible lot.

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