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  1. It's pretty awesome, man. Definitely check it out. 👍
  2. "Operation Odessa" on Netflix. Check it out, I really enjoyed it.
  3. I've never played 2. I played Inquisition for a bit but it didn't feel right. Not sure what it was.
  4. That's got the be the most unimaginative game ever. I'm so glad I gave up that shit game a long time ago.
  5. I watched a few videos last night and I can see how it would be fun, but I just don't think it's my thing. I may hang onto it and see what becomes of it since it's still early access. I heard the developers had 3-5 players in mind when creating it, so I doubt I'll really get into it much. I haven't really been a social gamer in quite some time, probably since CoD / Destiny 1 days. I'm around people all day at work and then at home with my family. As an introvert, games are my time to have some me time. I appreciate the feedback fellas.
  6. Alright, so I might get some hate for this... but I don't like this game. I thought it looked cool a while back. Then, everyone started playing it on here, so I thought I'd go ahead and pick it up. I played it for about 30 minutes tonight before I had to leave for work. The controls suck, the graphics suck, and I didn't really have any fun at all. I don't get the hype. What am I missing? Seriously considering returning the game on Steam.
  7. Welcome to the forum, Tom. 👍
  8. I almost got this today but didn't do it. If it's early access, I'll let you all test it out for a while then I'll pick it up later on.
  9. Hey, Kimmi, welcome to the forum. I've enjoyed reading your Dragon Age thread. Hope you stick around. Take care.
  10. I looooved Origins back in the day on 360. I just recently started playing it again on PC. I used to play as a mage on 360, so I'm giving an Elf a try this time around.
  11. I got it free on PC a while back too but have never played it. All of this talk is making me want to play it.
  12. I can't get into XCOM. I tried it a while back but it's just not my cup of tea.

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