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Guess I'm New...

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4 hours ago, yelropS said:

 from a Norfolk family originally so I back the canaries in that one I'm afraid ;)

Ooh dear, and it was going so well......

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Author of the topic Posted
6 hours ago, Plumbers Crack said:

Ooh dear, and it was going so well......

Hahaha, well I escaped without the accent and any obvious physical deformities so I'm gonna claim it did go quite well eventually 

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On 10/16/2018 at 2:32 PM, yelropS said:

Just signed up so guess I should probably introduce myself... 


I'm 24, from the UK (Essex originally but now an adopted Northerner) and have gamed for as long as I can remember. For various reasons (mostly revolving around the unwanted responsibilities that you acquire as you age) my gaming time is nowhere near what it once was, but I still jump on the xbox for a few hours a week, normally playing Fortnite or Fifa but will likely (definitely) be adding Black ops 4 and RDR2 to that list.


I've typically been a CoD player over the years but the recent releases haven't really caught my attention (I played competitively from WaW to Ghosts so played to a decent standard). 


Outside of gaming my life pretty much revolves around socialising and sport. I religiously follow boxing, F1 and football and also play cricket, ski, and boxed up until recently. I'm between jobs at the moment so have a bit of extra time, which is ultimately why I'm writing this as I used to have a lot of fun "back in the day" as part of a community. 


So yeah, that's me, any questions feel free to ask 👍

Welcome @yelropS .  Well for someone who doesn't game as much lately, you still play all the right games.  You'll never be at a shortage of fellow players or relatable discussions here.  Welcome aboard! 😎

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