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  1. oh man, i need to search somewhere which tells me if its on in both countries next time. Sorry. I think its difficult and abit gut-wrenching at certain points, if you get emotional at films that is.
  2. No, its not a comedy, i'd say its a little more raw and rough around the edges as opposed to something like Saving Private Ryan. I think when you see Brad Pitt in a war outfit it usually gives that comedy impression but its a damn good powerful film. This one feels right. Its like @Middle Class Caveman says though, it really is an intense/hard watch at certain points.
    Great start to this series @phil bottle. I actually think you can talk more. More explanations in this game are fine by me! 😎
  3. £500 seems abit steep for something that is only needed for work type things and not gaming. I'd expect someone should be able to find something around £250/300 imo.
  4. Hadn't noticed the full map rotation yet, is Oregon not in it now? Is this technically a full replacement for it? It's getting some really good responses so far. I'm looking forward to trying the recently released Operators so I can work out what my renown will be going on. Any suggestions?
  5. I really do think being from the US, you'll be more weathered to travel around than UK folk. We arent used to travelling long distances, we begrudge driving 30 minutes to work, let alone 3-4 hours to see family! Like the idea of not wasting days, as long as you have enough downtime/rest time built in to your trip. Would be cool to see you come over to England next time Doc, if we time it right you never know as we could make many paths cross...
  6. Week 3 2020, Mon 20th Jan - Sun 26th Jan IMDb Score - 7.6/10 Trailer A gritty war film this week. Let's try and watch this and share your thoughts below! Remember, spoilers are fine in this thread so beware if you dont want to know! Try and watch between now and Sunday folks
  7. The Corridors of Time (CoT) is available from Osiris in the Sundial Spire. It is/has been a huge community challenge that everyone could've helped out by obtaining pictures of a changing code within the CoT and some of the Obelisks shown the same pictures. The fact it has been going on for an entire week shows that it was a huge mathematical puzzle wrapped up in a bunch of 'Corridors' which you pass through to find the right way. Theres 19 pieces of lore and an emblem available. Twitter man Brandee created this awesome infographic to help you go and get each piece: Now that the code has been cracked, the infographic below by the awesome Mr Niris shows just how convuluted and the amount of crazy codes you had to obtain. It's truly incredible that this was all hidden and never known like most things are ahead of the activity. The code you need is on the right side and the top of the picture: High Res option on Imgur Imgur IMGUR.COM Post with 0 votes and 6854 views. It's been an amazing week to watch some streams and see the infor slowly pour out over the week. The reward is the opening to Bastion, an Exotic Fusion Rifle which initially seems like a decent DPS weapon from the small gameplay available. What did everyone think about it? Did you know it was going on? Some initial thoughts are that the reward is disappointing as we knew that Exotic was coming - I think it is more because weknew of Bastion as it was on the Roadmap to be chased after. If we never knew about Bastion it would've been pretty cool to see a new exotic shown with no one knowing it. Also, its not confirmed yet that this is the final reward, most expect it is but we also don't know if it has set off something else because of some dialogue which I won't spoil here that you can listen to as part of the Corridors of Time codes.
  8. What would be good to know is ideal clip lengths for an FG montage? I think everyone should try, even if it's just one clip of great gameplay or an hilarious moment. I thought around the 20-60 second mark but it doesnt matter too much if it's slightly over it?
  9. I think @fg_cal and @ChaosGladiator might've listened to this?
  10. Happy Birthday Dustin @Shocketh ! Hope you're having a good one wherever you are!
  11. Hows everyone doing with this? Have you managed to do any crazy random combos with your Goat? Gonna try and get some crazy multiplier on the weekend and hopefully record a couple of 30-60 clips.
  12. Its #FGTBT Time! This week's Throwback comes from our old friend @MyM777 with some aces from his old Black Ops Farewell video! Absolute GOAT. If you are an old or new FGer please get in touch as we want to show as many as we can this year I'll stick to getting my Ace's from a pack of cards
  13. Trailer: Community Info Video: The new R6 S.I. Update is incoming and perfectly timed for many of us here as we will get access to all of the Operators (YES ALL OF THEM) for the next 5 weekends leading up to the SI eSports event. Battle Pass is looking good too with a lot of decent rewards on offer - as a great touch to say 30% of funds goes directly to the prize pot so it feels like your money is continually going into the game. They have always seemed to nail that on Rainbow 6. New map looks incredible too. What do you all think?
  14. That's a good read-across tbh. Funnily I prefer this to Oceans films as it was really polished for me - and I love puzzles with magic that you can see how it's worked out by the end. Maybe we could add the Ocean films to the list to watch this year too.
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