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  1. I've sent one multiple times to you check the regiment invites next time you're on. everyone's profile in this thread will likely have their PSN ID showing too Adam
  2. None now So 8 in total so far. I'll stick up an event in case people aren't seeing this.
  3. Looks pretty smart from that. Has the full game been released at all @crispymorgan ? Dax now probably has the room in his bedroom for one of these now and i'm desperate to get him off Fortnite.
  4. @LordBaguette there's 6 of us that's been accepted, how many are waiting to get in mate?
  5. Week 22 - Mon 1 June to Sun 7 June IMDb Score - 7.8 Metacritic Score - 79 The Fighter Trailer Available on Netflix. Enjoy all! GGFG
  6. That's pretty spot on for that trailer Looks like its been made for multiple platforms so are they hoping for a big sales day? What has it actually got? It just looked like a pretty lacklustre campaign from that amazing CGI no expense spared trailer.
  7. GazzaGarratt

    How big is Bungle?

    That big.
  8. It was a nice change up for an FG Friday and I'm glad we managed to get a ton of us on to it just showing not matter what the game is we can still have a laugh. However, being honest I didnt think it was as good as MW Remastered. Gun game and Prop Hunt missing from Custom games is ridiculous whilst it's in the main online mode. You cant restrict guns and the standard classes can be modified so it didnt help half way through. I'll keep it installed for now, in case we have a group that want to try prop Hunt one night, but I think MWR tops it for an FG Friday game currently. Cheers to everyone that turned up!
  9. Welcome to FG Jacob! Hope you enjoy your stay and get involved where you can
  10. The seven Dwarfs have been told from Monday they can meet in groups of six. One of them isn't Happy.
  11. I wanted to get it, but not for that price with that little content available. At least Friday the 13th was free on PSN Plus.
  12. I'm going to start my daily push ups and sit ups tomorrow too @Spacedeck . Need to finally break this lethargic spell.
  13. My wife really enjoys Planet of the Apes but I struggle to get into it - I think its because its very post-apocalyptic in a bad way for us humans. Probably why I dislike most disaster films too. I heard mix reviews about Ad Astra but you've twisted my arm to take a chance on it.
  14. Really looking forward to this one. I was looking at Amazon today at all the games on PS4 and it shows why they are the clear leader right now. I'm hoping 60FPS as standard for all games. And no copying for 2 weeks
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