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    Love it! That game was so bloody intense. Nice one @J&B
  1. Season 2 comes Thursday!! Thanks @phil bottle for letting me know it was coming, can't believe I didnt see anything about it! Loved the first series, hoping we get another decent bunch of episodes.
  2. Doubt it, however I do wonder because it will need to go through the courts whether or not it will be to late for them to enter it next year. I can see them winning their appeal but its touch and go between now and next years CL. The months will fly by, mark my words.
  3. Should be there around 8.30/9pm
  4. I don't have to read the article to get straight to the irony of Epic coming out and saying this - when the amount of purchasable in game cosmetics they have are borderline absurd. Its great having choice, don't get me wrong but when I see my lad play the game and the ratio of V-bucks you receive to what is available in the item shop isn't right imo. There are so many skins that work out to be equivalent to £10-15 quid, on top of the £20 bundles that give you matching backpack, etc I just find its taking microtransactions to a whole new level. But its a business at the end of the day. Just like football has turned out. *sad, resigned face*
  5. I'm not disputing it'll be incredible - i can already see that from the gameplay and screenshots released so far. Just hope we don't have to wait too long for the next installment because the best fans will blast through all the stuff in no time.
  6. Kinda not a cheat code but borderline (and its relevant with FF7 remake coming out) so i'll let it pass in here: In Final Fantasy 7 you can recruit Vincent Valentine. In the Shinra Mansion at Nibbhiem, there is a safe on the top floor. The combination is: Right to 36, Left to 10, Right to 59 then Right to 97. Make sure you don't go too far left or too far right when turning. When it opens kill the monster, then get the stuff in the safe. Descend the spiral staircase and enter the coffin room. Vincent is in one of the coffins. Talk to him and leave, then come back and talk to him again and he will join you. Also, I so needed to use the Full Health cheat for Tenchu on Playstation. Loved playing that game and blood from the stealth kills was awesome...just I was a bit shit at staying alive! To refill health, Pause the game and press Left, Left, Down, Down, Square, Square, Triangle, Square
  7. I'm down. Thursday's i'm usually on by 8.30 to 9 because my daughter has football training I help take. Fridays is always hard because usually we do something bigger but if we don't, then i'm up for it. I'd set an event for Thursday personally if others are around.
  8. Can. Not. Wait. for persistence to arrive. The idea we get to keep stuff and everything is remembered fills me with great happiness. Although, maybe they can remove the 20k bill I have over my head first for speeding.
  9. What a result! He didnt just win, he battered and outboxed Wilder all over. Wilder only had won one round on one judges card it was that dominant. Clearly, it looked like he burst an ear drum or something as he was done from Round 3 onwards, falling all over the place. Fury has done unthinkingable things and you have to admire the guy how he has come back after the troubles he has had in his mental health. I can't see anyone beating him, Anthony Joshua is gotta be careful what he wishes for!
  10. And thats how it goes. Next match you could die 108 times I think people would feel better about this map if they had a map vote. In parties I think we'd jump in it for a laugh but solo maybe not so much.
  11. Cheers Phil. I didn't go for it, cos I don't wanna get suckered for another subscription fee. Let me know if you find something of worthy taste thats easy to jump in to. EDIT: I don't have Gold btw. Not much use for Xbox live as I haven't really played on my xbox for a while now.
  12. Me too! Fury has 1 million percent grown on me over the past 2 years. Being able to see how he is behind the scenes and what he's tried to do to help other people out, I feel bad for initially judging the guy. I worry for him still if Wilder throws a random punch out there cos he has ridiculous power but the way he actually boxes overall it a surprise to me how hes got this far. A few have clearly beat him on points until he somehow finds a finishing KO blow to his opponent...or somehow gets a tie from the like of Fury (still don't believe that was a draw even after the knockdown to Fury in the 12th). My bet is for Fury on points...unless a quick solid hammer to his brain from Wilder in Round 2 doesn't keep him on the floor!
  13. Found Rust to be pretty alright for something new to play. People like @Middle Class Caveman have noticed that the FPS seems to drop at the top of the map for no reason at all. I kinda hold the middle of the map so you can pick people off around the edge. Its a high kill map which is always more fun in my eyes (unless i'm getting killed the most obvs).
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