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  1. PUBG iOS/Android Version

    I wouldn't say it's that bad but unless you the ultimate gaming setup with the ultimate broadband you're gonna get issues on this game. And Phil, just try Fortnite on PS4 for abit. By no means its not a main game for me but due to its ease, you can have a quick couple of games when you're waiting for the group to come online or finish the night on it. I personally think these days to get a graphically aesthetically pleasing game with 100 players across the world online in the same world will never be complete. I think that is why Fortnite will excel in the long run because of it's ease of accessibility whilst it trades the visual looks to support the actual game requirements of 100 players kicking around the map. Via the FG App
  2. New World!

    What does silk touch do? Via the FG App
  3. 7 Days - Steam sale (£7.71)

    As soon as I'm better next week, I'll be on sweetcheeks [emoji8] (btw, i have the best fwends [emoji5]) [mention=211]Capn_Underpants[/mention] will have her copy by middle of the week. Great price and I'd urge all other FGers to do it, even if it's just to experience the server together. Via the FG App
  4. Streaming 8pm UK time

    If the wifi holds up where i am, I'll have it on in the background. Looking forward to it! Via the FG App
  5. Sea of Thieves

    Is it just for the weekend or is there any chance it will be extended? If it can go into next week at the very least I'm willing to give the beta a bash. Via the FG App
  6. Six Invitational 2018

    Who's looking likely to win this time round Rob? Via the FG App
  7. Quizzes!

    Sebba has fixed it. Whenever anyone does a quiz, at the end you have to click on 'Allows Plays'. Then everyone can do it. Thanks for doing one Seb! Hopefully encourages others to do it if someone like you can [emoji12] [emoji8] (srsly though, nice one [emoji173] ) Via the FG App
  8. Agreed. Most underage or at least under 21 game accounts, aren't set up as age restricted. Via the FG App
  9. Monster Hunter squad

    Not played too much still but I know Stretch has made a Forever Gaming Squad so I'll get him to add you. Still not sure how the partying up system works yet though. Via the FG App
  10. Skool daze

    I just don't get it. Schools should be one of the safest places you can be. Via the FG App
  11. New World!

    If I wasn't bedridden all day I'd go and get my mates and 'sort' these pikeys out. Via the FG App
  12. Football (Played with Feet)

    I was ecstatic mate. Fantastic result far awsy from home at Portsmouth. Won 2-1 whilst Wigan lost so whilst we've played 1 or 2 more games than the top 2, the top 3 are separated by a point. Fingers crossed for Promotion! Via the FG App
  13. Sea of Thieves

    Here's the PC Specs. They're aiming to give everyone a go on this which is great news that you don't need the most powerful PC to play.
  14. Sea of Thieves

    I relooked at this again after a mate at work mentioned it. I do think it has lots of fun in store, similar to a GTA style fun where looting everything and doing silly stuff like throwing up in a bucket then chucking it over your mate. Also seen Rare have said they won't do microtransactions of any kind on this game. Could be a winner on the cards.

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