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  1. I'm sure he's still cod-eyed from the whole weekend of becoming 21 again!
  2. Yes, we're on holiday. So what do you watch with the family at night? Kindergarten Cop of course! Don't hate me, its an awesome family film, even if it was badged as a 15!?!
  3. Yeah, I'm with you on that. Its why I've never been drawn to it alongside seeing an enemy grow up into something im supposed to not like. Sometimes making things a little too real in superhero land just doesn't quite work out. Sorry for liking the stereotypical too much
  4. Ffs, @J4MES OX4D has already got my answers! I can't see the base version with no games being near 500 as it'll put too many off it. PS4 - £419 Xbox - £409 But we all know its the bundles that cos 779 that everyone will have to go for
  5. The PS4 era for me personally was the moment I finally got back into games after having far too much time off of the hobby I love probably the most. Mine aren't in any order. They all have their spots for their own reasons, rather not spend time comparing them. 1. Destiny (1&2) - The game that brought me here, the game that, like Tommy says above has just the most smooth FPS experience I've ever had on a PS4. I grew up loving Halo and that space exploration, super hero feeling with proper guns. Having a solid and large PvE game to play with friends but also PvP mixed in to it gave me everything I ever wanted but didn't know yet. An easily accessible live service game on a console with a world full of activities to do with your friends. I'm super glad it's still around and hope it stays for a few more years yet 2. Overwatch - a simplistic cartoon FPS game playing control or deathmatch pretty much cant be up there surely? After not loving the initial quickplay learning curve to rank 25 so I could play Competitive mode the game absolute was the best PvP experience for a number of years. The balance of each player has unique weapons and how we all could join up to make different teams to take on the next point was refreshing to play. Frustrating at times, the best games make you want to keep playing even if we'd lost 7 in a row. One more loss wouldn't hurt, right? 3. Rainbow 6 - Tactical teamplay is something I really enjoy and ever since SnD is my favourite gamemode of the CoD era, to have a game mostly centered around that was just down my street. Steep learning curve but as we persisted the game turned into an elite Overwatch you could say. It wasn't for everyone, but trying put unique characters abilities and clutching some seriously tense games meant it had to be up there. 4. CoD Black Ops 3 - Until the most recent CoD, this was the one CoD that I played with FGers the most and we played it to death. The extra backpack jumps and wall running I think worked perfectly in this game, after all all CoDs shouldnt be the same. The 'Ultimates' gave an extra flow to a game but not game breaking, and I seriously enjoyed levelling up weapons which is something I've never really got my head around in any CoD. I'm sure we also built up a ridiculous streak in SnD too! 5. Rocket League - The first PS Plus free game that really made the offering any good imo. It was that successful the traffic broke the servers initially, something we've seen recently with Fall Guys. Again, a simple concept of cars and football mixed together yet the balance and smooth gameplay was what made it. A game anyone can pick up and play but a hard one to fully master. 6. CoD Modern Warfare / Warzone - For me, its the best CoD we've had for years and specifically Warzone has created a brand new take on the Battle Royale mode which makes it way more fun than any other BR I've ever played. This is mainly down to it feeling not like a BR game in how we play it. Plus, with it being free and crossplay its opened it up to way more people. I would've loved it to mark the change away from yearly releases for CoD but you can't have everything I suppose. 7. Horizon Zero Dawn - Out of all the exclusives, this one won out for me. Whilst I didnt get too far because I'm always drawn to MP games that doesn't mean it was still a great game. Maybe because it was one of the first exclusives to come out on the PS4 that helped it do so well but the story and the graphics were amazingly good alongside some fantastic gameplay that felt unique but relevant to today's open world mechanics. 8. GT Sport - hey, I was close putting DriveClub at one stage even after bumming hard at launch. J/k, I looked at this pretty late in the year so picked it up pretty cheap. How wrong I was to wait so long for another GT game. This one absolutely hits the spot. Driving in this game is a very good experience and its in the list too for its continued free updates it keeps getting. 9. GTA V - I've not played the campaign on this much but for the amount of lolz we've had on an FG Friday with GTA Races alone it has to be in there. Over the years the amount of different activities they've added to this in GTA Online is crazy and its still going strong. The online co-op heists were also legendary not to miss out on. 10. Fortnite - had a quick look on what I played and its hard to ignore this game even if I didnt play it much. Like Didds said before me, they've set a benchmark for live serviced games on how they update the game so quickly and really put Battle Royale on the map, far more than PUBG did. Its also worth saying that whether you disagree or not, the fact the PS4 has had so many exclusives and deals in their favour adds to the dominance its really had over the last 5-7 years. Phew, glad i'm on holiday cos this took me far too long to do!
  6. There is still a following online, I didnt think it was but I follow a few game devs and community managers when it comes to games to try and hear whats the latest with all games. Its surprisingly has more than you realise. Many loved the game basics based around flying mechs. How I see it, is that if they do spend ages on it, make it available for free or next to nothing then what have we all lost? A pint? I can live with that, maybe not a full crate though mind Destiny kind of has a huge market in gaming all to themselves and even people like me who really enjoy Destiny for what it is, would love to see more of these games out there. More competition pushes other game devs to out do each other. And for a fiver, I won't lose sleep over it if its utter shite still.
  7. Watched The Mask for the first time in ages. Whatever you think of Jim Carrey, you have to admit he can do so many random faces and actions its mental. Also, it reminded me of where the hell did Cameron Diaz go?
  8. Glad you could make it mate, lets hope you guys can kick on build that mofo of a base high to the sky without me this week Did you manage to get to base after I got cut off or you still not made it yet?
  9. Lol, we had to go faster cos @crispymorgan was getting the nod as it was nearly 1am and you could sense his anxiety as he didn't want to go fast but had no choice @ChaosGladiator I think its cos they're so rare that you feel under pressure not to fuck up. @poisnouspancake Caleb advised me that I hadn't fucked the other car up at all, it was cos they have invisible branches in some roads. Believe what you want to believe but im going with that!
  10. Bad news - Aida 4x4 needs another wheel now. Good news - We've found a Sarko! I've put it near the base so anyone can use it. People might wanna get on and build a garage where it is as its probably a better spot next to the road. Unfortnately, I can't help you with that this week but i'm sure between the bunch of you, it can move on at a pace
  11. Any back story/recent info @J4MES OX4D ? I genuinely haven't seen any of it, maybe cos i don't get drawn to her programmes in the first place! I don't normally check trending threads either, however i'm finding myself do it more and more to my own annoyance so perhaps she'll pop up soon?
  12. Poor game. Neither team wanted to lose. We sold Raya to them and he was always vulnerable to a throwaway goal and the first was just that. However, it took some great know-how to give it a go and it worked, fair play. Very strange that a team as good as Brentford can't get past this last hurdle. Props to Scott Parker though, I dont think anyone felt he'd last long or/and steady the Fulham ship back straight away. Football is a funny old game. I don't think they'll get rid of anyone. Stones, Ake and Laporte are the 3 main centre backs with Otamendi a full back. Although, for me he's too much of a liability right at the top.
  13. The free PSN game this month is also out on Steam too - and its the best party game out in ages! With all the praise I could give it after a few go's, the only one huge MAJOR disappointment from this game is that the party system is 4 players MAX, including no Private game mode. I couldn't quite believe it. The game is literally hilarious and it would one of the most easy accessible games for things like FG Fridays or for people struggling for a game to find to just kick back and have a great night. There's many modes to get past in this Total Wipeout/Takeshi's Castle type game to be the last one standing and its always the simpliest of games that make the most impact. I really truly hope max players can be extended in the coming months as you can absolute then count it will be an FG Friday game for sure. Anyone that has a Playstation Plus though MUST pick this up this month, do not miss out on a free bargain! Probably the best free game offering since Rocket League.
  14. Great to hear a few more thoughts on this too, thanks @RenFengge and @Leaner72 . Sorry haven't been around for some this week as life got the better of me. Once i'm back from hols hopefully we can get some in the event planner and see how we can get on. Might try and organise some if I have a nice evening to myself on hols next week Charlie! Nice to hear from you mate. Absolutely will help for sure, I know you've pretty much done the rounds on them all! Hope life is treating you well buddy.
  15. Ace to hear so far everyone! So thats @Dan94 , @ChaosGladiator , @LordBaguette , @phil bottle and @jordie1892 already in! I've reinstalled so when i'm back from hols in a week's time i can get some games in maybe we can find a night to all get on and give it a bash? Seriously though, i'm hoping this'll be a great laugh together, if we win, awesome. If we get smashed, well remember if you're having fun you've already won Thats whats good about you bunch of reprobates Make sure if you see or speak to a few more that has played footy games in the past let them know, if we could ideally play at least once a week on Pro Clubs it'll definitely help get used to the gamemode again. P.S. I actually love the kit above that much that it even could be a merch spot in time....you never know
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