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  1. Had a great day with everyone on Destiny yesterday. A ton of power levelling through Iron Banner and Crucible bounties. Suros Regime catalyst nearly done too. Really glad we've managed to get a few dungeon runs in with people (cheers @AceBoogie239 and Forty) and then an FG raid at the end of the night topped it off. Scourge with 5 of us through each phase until the end was fun and challenging to say the least. The change to Inzanagi's makes it a little longer and you have to be more consistent in your shots with Whisper of the Worm sniper but definitely still a fun raid, if you can nail the CAP movement! Justin @FallenDark200 and Forty got the Anarchy on their first run for their rewards! Ryan @ImRyzxn didn't get the look unfortunately. Thanks for the runs @reaper-2201 @ImRyzxn @FallenDark200 @Teenwolf25 @Forty_N_Two Will look to get some more runs on the Calendar everyone.
  2. Happy birthday Tamathy, you big scottish fanny @burnfitbillyboy , have a good one
  3. I'm with you, very strange. I'd definietly resave a copy of the file in a separate location outside of One Drive and then delete the original from One Drive. That should solve it surely @Dr Diamond
  4. I can confirm that this weapon is annoying AF. Er, @Stretch616 you need to be getting yours this colour! Well done Froggie! Immense work on this game. Legend
  5. You finally did it Tad. A pandemic brings you out...and then you write 3 lines. But as Philly says better late than never! Whats your setup then mate if you play more Xbox? I thought you had easy access to your PS4 and PC? Be good to know what racing games you like too. I think if we had a ton of people grab Gran Turismo, we'd be on Private races some nights for sure.
  6. I use to love these types of games. Problem only for me is the timesink and the fact they're feel like they are nearer to The Sims games which annoy the fudge out of me. What are the objectives like in the game @The3rdWalker ? Is there stuff to aim for? I think I could get it if I seen my kids want to play it too but i'm not sure they'd get it straight away.
  7. How is the lighting in this game @J4MES OX4D , @Stretch616 ? One thing I loved back from Doom on the Xbox 360 was the lighting was spot on, added to the excitement and nerves. Tons of blackspots but also dimmed lighting to help you through where you should go. Does it play a factor in this game at all?
  8. Sorry Kenny, I think I got the words mixed up. Yeah, challenges and blueprints. I get some awesome drops running around in Warzone but I don't quite know how to unlock them or what a good balance is. I see so many people just get enough cash for a loadout drop and get their own guns so it would be ideal to have 1 or 2 loadouts ready for it. @ChaosGladiator helped a bit in his PPR about what he has but I know i'll have to work on some guns in MP to unlock attachments, etc so want to focus effort on those. Any help is appreciated, fanks very muchly.
  9. I go where FG goes. Its always down to where your friends are. I'm PS4 and PC now, even though I have an Xbox One I really can't remember the last time i turned it on. What gives Playstation the edge outside of those things will always then be the exclusives. They have been king in that category for sometime now and i don't see that changing. The question is now whether I'll get it at launch or not. This just depends on funds and ultimately what games are available at launch. I'm not hearing really any games as of yet that are focused on next gen launch so lets wait and see. I also expect the consoles could be launched next year if any delays are made due to the Coronavirus. I've not hyped by next gen and that ain't because i'm getting older.
  10. GazzaGarratt

    2020s Most Valuable Haircut

    Most blokes hair after 3 months quarantine with their wife and her favourite dessert bowl
  11. GazzaGarratt

    Holiday thoughts

    Clearly it's gonna be a hard choice this year
    Stretch the knitting machine! You're ridiculous mate, unbelievable clip 😎❤
  12. Top laughs last night everyone, very much needed whilst most of us are stuck in the same 4 walls everyday. It started with Elliott's noob skills to not know what acceleration was, being last for 5 laps and then ended up winning the first race of the night - sounds like hes another one of these Greebs 'I haven't done this race before' moments. Phil doing all he could to make sure took the saffa Didds down so he couldn't win, whilst I was trying to make the Norwegian Raging bull Sebba rage even more by smashing the fuck out of him. Silent but violent Crispy was his usual self hating every moment of being in the lead knowing full well we were going to ruin his party, much to Alex's delight. Trying Arena War for a little bit was a change up, although definitely not too much more than a few races before it gets out of control, hilarious to watch everyone smash each other up and forget we had to actually score goals with bombs. I couldn't hear any convos other than just laughter from all corners. Sumo was friggin hilarious, Tom was on fire the whole night ripping shreds into everyone...and then the bellend making the almightiest cock up when we were 3v1 up against Crispy and all wiping in one section. He even blamed Matty for that one. I cried with laughter multiple times but it was topped off by Biron googling Luna Lovegood's age in on Harry Potter Wikipedia rather than the actress herself and believing she was 39. Using interwebz is hard for Barmcake Boy It'd be great to see more of us on next time. Having 13 on was carnage and for a few hours a week, it gave everyone some light relief from what is going on in the world. Nice one Rich for organising the night GGFG peeps @tronic44 @Diddums @Middle Class Caveman @GazzaGarratt @ChaosGladiator @Greboth @Tadnothad @crispymorgan @LordBaguette @Misneach_ @phil bottle @Ajay-1997 @MrBiron
  13. I plugged in a 20 metre cable from the router, deleted all my videos and anything that took space and it seems to be downloading. Lets hope these throttling of download speeds wont hurt it too much.
  14. PS4 hard drive stopped working yesterday. It took me overnight and some of today to redownload CoD on the original HD. Let's face it, its not the worst thing in the world right now, just crap timing.
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