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  1. If we need a whole night then are you all around about Thursday evening? I guess I'm gonna have to update the game again too so I'll do that tonight.
  2. Lol. Ironically I never read reddit. Like ever. So at least I'll have no influencing voices on there. Re:Hopper. I'm not sure mate as I'll have to watch it again but I'm sure there's a electric spinning force field that pops up at that pivotal moment so he can't get back? My view is that if you buy into the 80s wacky vibe the program has had since the start, you know that dont try to explain everything that happens and I'm cool with that. I think if it was in any other era and had a more serious tone then it should explain some things further. I mean, I'd argue Eleven's powers haven't really been properly explained thoroughly for my liking but that's okay. I think some bits need to be a little open-ended.
  3. Is there any of that stuff that a person can earn through in game currency or loot boxes?
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole if series 3. Managed to watch it across 2 days. As we talked in my PPR, I think because you could binge watch it, I didnt get that slow build up feeling in the first 3 episodes - maybe the same could've happened to GoT because all you do is over analyse one episode until you can watch the next one. Overall, the soundtrack was unbelievable again, the surroundings and cliches they had as it was 1984 was just mindblowingly accurate. I was totally born in the wrong era to be able enjoy perms and colourful clothes. I did feel the Russian spin to it was quite far-fetched although it was around at the time. Ending was great, warmed to Hopper throughout the season whereas I didnt like him to start with as a raving alcoholic. As much as there may be a little cringe in tiny parts, they seem to balance heartpounding moments with great comedy. Didnt expect them to see Never Ending Story near the end. Cracked up to that. Nice twist with Hopper adding his own words to the letter to Elle too. Bonus points for that ending. Season 4 anybody? May be difficult to keep that up as the kids get older and we're already in 1984.
  5. You gotta go back and get some pics cant believe you're that close to it. Hopefully they'll have left some random souvenirs by accident.
  6. I'll check my emails again and see what's occurring tonight. I have to play my ass of in Iron Banner this week and Crucible to get 5 ranks up so if I can get on for an hour I will do
  7. I need Baryon Boughs and Etheric Spiral more than anything else, why cant there be a forge on Tangled Shore and Dreaming City?! I'll check my amounts of Datalattice and Dusklight Shards to see if i should do it. I know a number of you guys have been trying it which makes sense if you arent hurting anyone elses Forge run. It's only annoying when it says you're on and you're not!
  8. Rikers and Troi confirmed to come back too. Apparently, Sir Patrick Stewart has been assisting the writing of his character based on his own knowledge of Star Trek too which is really cool to hear. Got my Hope's up that they'll do this Star Trek era of characters some justice.
  9. Nostalgia is good as long as it's not too much. This isn't too much for me. Dont know about anyone else but I'm dying to hear if Iceman is in it!
  10. Exactly what Apex Legends are doing too. I think it's also why Overwatch is building a PvE game. The demands of having a game that can do both PvP and PvE are very much want people want these days.
  11. I'll sort the post above out later. Stupid formatting,
  12. So here's my initial thoughts: Dr. Strange new film. Cumberbatch really plays that character so well No Avengers movie. Like at all. What if..... is that Spiderman and Fantastic Four?! I really want a film with FF done properly Not sure what a Black Widow film can give you after Endgame? Not a fan of prequels. Eternals has to be the replacement for a big Avengers movie. Really hoping they'll nail this People are likely going to slate Falcon as he can't compare to Captain America. I do have high hopes for it though BLADE! Bring back Wesley Snipes!!!!! (I know he's not playing the main but surely as a cameo) Did I mention no Avengers movie? As much as I'm gutted for the last phase to be completed, there's some good ones in there to look forward. Even a Female Thor (Natalie Portman) should be a good twist to it as its still Taika Waititi as the director who made Thor Ragnorak into an amazing film.
  13. I'll have a think but for now I'll just say @J4MES OX4D, I hoped you put Blackburn as the Playoff winners Also, totally off topic but our old veteran, never say die attitude Right Back, Jason Lowe is apparently the only one of all the Bolton players to not hand his notice in. Always was and always will be a top bloke.
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