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  1. Power Level Changes - May

    That's because the current max power level is 335
  2. Quizzes!

    New Quiz is up in the Sports section. I think it's definitely down everyone's street this one Enjoy!
  3. FG Throwback Thursday!

    This week's throwback comes from @Capn_Underpants showing her skills off on how to use a Purifier on Black Ops 3 Hardpoint! On a separate note, can you send me your YouTube channel details via PM if I don't follow you already. I'll also look to add something to your profile that adds these things for all to see.
  4. FG Throwback Thursday!

    Lol, love it Biron. In slow-mo its painful and hilarious at the same time! Another one incoming later today!!
  5. I just cannae do it, captain!

    One question - did you party up with anyone? Not saying you're wrong as you're entitled to an opinion but I have found littl desire to play on my own due to the competency of randoms PTFO. However, in a team it's very close to the fun we had back on BO3. Tldr - you're only as good as your team.
  6. MW2 Remastered Rumours

    No worries Oh, big LOLZ. There are are a few filtered words that @Sennex stuck in the matrix....looks like you came across one!
  7. The Random Sports Quiz

    • Graded Mode
    • 5 minutes
    • 30 Questions
    • 2 Players
    All for a laugh.
  8. Happy Birthdays!

    Happy birthday Batman!! @SensaiNemesis
  9. MW2 Remastered Rumours

    I don't think it will be long for the MP to be available you know. The demand is there whether we like it or not. P.s. nice to see you pop back Dan
  10. RIP Dale Winton

    Couldn't agree more. Supermarket Sweep was underrated and a right laugh. Shame, seemed to be a decent bloke too.
  11. Power Level Changes - May

    Significant changes ahead in 2 ways. 1) How harder the enemies will be 2) How much your light level can increase when May update/DLC2 drops Enemies will now be going up to level 50, 10 levels higher than they do now. They are reintroducing harder enemies in certain sections which means we'll see the ?? Symbols if you are too level for them. The objective is to bring a higher challenge across the board. Exactly what it needs. The Power level you can go to will now be: 340 soft cap 380 hard cap Weekly milestones will be the way to go to bring up to 380. Also, moving from 370 to 380 will take just as long as 340 to 370 - trying to add the grind and achievement back into the game. Clan engrams will help (0-2 power level increase) but it will be more about your own efforts. The wider challenges you complete the greater the reward. All in all really good change. The top level (385 with mods) is a larger increase than expected. Higher rewards come from Raids and Trials but doing everything pays off too. The balance seems to be getting better with each update. How do you guys feel about this? We'll also have another raid lair available too.
  12. Exotic Weapon Changes - May Update

    Yep, and a large batch of exotics to be buffed. They need to. An Exotic should feel rare and powerful with unique defining abilities. They released 2 more. Skyburners Oath - firing from the hip, means quicker bullets but also every bullet becomes heat seeking. Buffed power too. Rat King - the fire rate is ridiculous as you can see below. This is starting to really excite me now. Guns finally look and feel powerful - and I still have to do the Rat King Quest.
  13. Let's talk Mercy!!

    @Diddums, I think you should stick to what you do best and more importantly what feels comfortable to you. I don't see many attacking Mercys about tbh. @tronic44 got an amazing POTG by killing 2 people with Mercy...yeah, it was funny but thinking about it we were steamrolling the team. Her gun is as powerful as D.Va's pistol, however the fire rate isn't as good so I find it tricky to switch when I have played Mercy previously. One main thing though. Mercy staying alive is key. That's way more of a focus than trying to shoot a gun.
  14. Exotic Weapon Changes - May Update

    At the start of season 3 (May 8th), exotic weapon changes are incoming. A little teaser from Bungie Twitter shows the Graviton Lance at work. It looks bloody impressive.
  15. Powerbank deals

    Hang on, you guys saying I've gotta think about the cables too?

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