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  1. I get that they use it as a tactic to build hype and stop burnout on existing content but arguably we've played them all so I really hope we're closer for all brawls to stay available permanently. They'd soon find out which ones are more fun to play to help inform them on building the next one. If these were all available, the PvE content would be cheered as a top result and get more players back.
  2. I've downloaded this and in the clan. Won't be as active on my phone but a quick game through the day is keeping me steadily going up. How much do you guys use top and back spin in the early tournaments?
  3. Nice Phil. I assume it scales with skill level over time? I really do miss the online races that were the days of Project Gotham Racing 2. Used to play that a shit ton online every day. Updated the game last night. I'll see if I can grab a few laps around the track again.
  4. Maybe, but the change to give double the points for wins means is more achieveable than you realise. Fabled is 2200 - I'm around 1300 without really playing many games. Get one little win streak like I've had with @Bluebear before and it rockets up. @techno, I want that Recluse badly. It seems the perfect alternative to a secondary shotgun.
  5. Winston, Brigitte and Roadhog all have awesome new skins that i'd like to get my hands on. That toxic one with the hook is crazy. Never really properly played Lucioball, maybe worth a Tuesday evening one week?
  6. Update is available and live now. 1.25 approximate download. Free Loot Box Available with Guaranteed Legendary Item Brawls All brawls across all seasons are back on a rotation basis. Week One: DATE BRAWL Tuesday, May 21 Lucioball Wednesday, May 22 Junkenstein's Revenge Thursday, May 23 Snowball Offensive Friday, May 24 Yeti Hunt Saturday, May 25 Uprising Sunday, May 26 Retribution Monday, May 27 Storm Rising Week Two: DATE BRAWL Tuesday, May 28 Lucioball Wednesday, May 29 Junkenstein's Revenge Endless Thursday, May 30 Snowball Offensive Friday, May 31 Yeti Hunt Saturday, June 1 Uprising (All Heroes) Sunday, June 2 Retribution (All Heroes) Monday, June 3 Storm Rising (All Heroes) Week Three: DATE BRAWL Tuesday, June 4 Lucioball Wednesday, June 5 Junkenstein's Revenge Thursday, June 6 Snowball Offensive Friday, June 7 Yeti Hunt Saturday, June 8 Uprising Sunday, June 9 Retribution Monday, June 10 Storm Rising Tuesday, June 11 Lucioball **This schedule may be adjusted throughout the event** Skins All skins and accessories from past seasons will be available to drop in loot boxes or buy directly with coins. New Skins include: D.Va - Academy Winston - Gargoyle Mai - Honeydew Pharah - Orbital Brigitte - Riot Police Roadhog - Toxic
  7. GazzaGarratt

    Rage 2

    Strange. That makes utterly no sense at all to have a tab with 'Friends' on it then??
  8. Thanks for the couple of games last night. I kinda feel like if we had a 4 stack we'd do quite well. I'll be trying to get on at some points this week.
  9. Random, I know. But it came on when Hayley had the music channel on earlier and its the best Bee Gees song I like. Thought i'd share.
  10. I've always enjoyed looking at these screenshots you guys have posted so far. Slight derailing thread here but would you guys and girls like to have a place to have a Monthly photo competition where people can vote on your photos? All for fun of course - you never know in the future as it could be more but must always start as a fun thing to do regardless. It could also not just be game screenshots. One for IRL photos too? Be good to hear your thoughts rather than start a different thread. Cheers.
  11. Well, I got up super early thinking it would be redeemed by a superb last episode. Whilst it had an ending that I would've been happy with the whole episode was just....nothing. Most have said it but its been clearly lacking episodes to put more backbone to the story. I think I still can't get over episode 3 being a brilliant episode and everything else afterwards just fell apart. I firmly believe the directors went too far with the Night King story in Season 7, so much so that it built massive hype away from the Iron Throne prize and then waiting 2 years for only 6 episodes to come out rather than nearer 10 meant we were always going to feel slightly underwhelmed. Well, I was anyway. Despite what I say, I enjoyed the series but I feel what killed a lot of the atmosphere in most episodes was the hype from Season 7 and 2 years of waiting. Still, not as bad as a finish as Lost though, right???
  12. Event Title: FG Fridays - FG GTA Races Event Author: GazzaGarratt Calendar: Community Calendar Event Date: 05/24/2019 08:00 PM Let's have an FG GTA Friday Partay! Sumo, Rockets, NASCAR and anything else you guys and girls want to try! Let's have some amazeballs crashes and laughs galore. Make sure you RSVP if you can or can't make it! FG Fridays - FG GTA Races N.B. If viewing this via the FG App, please visit the Calendar event via browser to RSVP. Thanks.
  13. Let's have an FG GTA Friday Partay! Sumo, Rockets, NASCAR and anything else you guys and girls want to try! Let's have some amazeballs crashes and laughs galore. Make sure you RSVP if you can or can't make it!
  14. @phil bottle will hate me but I got it from a mate dirt cheap last month. Its the only reason I have it this early as i wouldn't pay top dollar for it. Would be nice to try it sometime - I also know @ChaosGladiator and a number of others do too. However, I own the mighty PES also.
  15. until

    I'll do what I can mate - I need to look into getting the tournaments installed into the website first... didn't expect to use it this early!
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