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  1. Haven't experienced this much. I was doing a main quest with Tyler and we both had to do the interactions for the quest to continue so we were both on the same page, that's all. It's definitely a lot better. Obviously the reluctance was there, this crap should have been there at launch but you know what? I spent the $60 on it so I figured what the hell, I'll give it a go. Not really playing anything else anyways. Got my own private server and that cuts the lag down quite a bit especially when you're doing events. I guess the big 'draw' is just helping each other with our quests, trying out different legendary weapons/armor and base building. There are daily and weekly challenges. I've finished the main quests so now i'm looking into doing these more. I'm trying to discover the whole map and i'm also trying to get a good 'class' together. Leveling up after 50 is a bit like chess in you gotta be careful with what you're picking. I'm trying to get into crafting alcohol so I can sell it for caps to buy more plans. I know some of the guys are into trading with other players, visiting their bases and buying things from them. They got some cool mutagens from some of them. They also farm material a lot more then I do. The game is what you make it, I guess?
  2. That sounds freakin' awesome. I'm totally down to see that thing come to life!
  3. Love me a Captain Underpants intro and that FG intro is sick.
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 43/100 My Time 367 seconds  
  5. I always keep up with deleting notifications and old messages. Never thought about it taking actual space up on the PS though. Crazy.
  6. I just completed this quiz. My Score 58/100 My Time 161 seconds  
  7. You got a code for Prison Architect? If so, totally down. Also, Street Fighter if you have it still.
  8. They time hop around a bit. I can see how it can be potentially confusing to people who aren't very familiar with the series. Anything we can clarify here? What questions do you guys have? Via the FG App
  9. What are your thoughts on the series? It was no surprise to me that Henry Cavill would do such a amazing job at playing Geralt. The action scenes were superb. It was nice seeing some of the short stories from The Last Wish come to life. Obviously, a few things differ in the books, but that is expected. Can't wait to see the future of the series. Via the FG App
  10. Good times with @Corey the Kiwi 😄  
  11. Highlights of the past few days with the crew.   Rich and Dave need to turn on their voice sharing next time!   Rich let me know if you want any of these clips, i'll crop them for you.   @tronic44 @GazzaGarratt @Diddums @crispymorgan @PlasticGaming
  12. Some good moments in the BF1 Beta!
  13. Decided to try the tanks out today and this was my first game in one!
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