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  1. I'm enjoying the shit out of this game. Via the FG App
  2. Hello! Welcome :) Via the FG App
  3. So nice to play some duty with you :) Via the FG App
  4. ya'll need some motorcycles with some side cars on them for the people who don't wanna drive, but wanna experience the 'bike feel'.
  5. My smile is from ear to ear. I'm so excited! Thanks guys. Can't wait. Via the FG App
  6. Ohhh OK. I was told to do the bottom right tree first. Via the FG App
  7. I've only ever gotten purple runes. How do I get the other colored runes? Via the FG App
  8. The gameplay shown didn't impress me much. But I'll probably buy simply because it's a star wars game and then because of Cameron Monaghan.
  9. Someone called us noobs in text chat and I cried for several hours.
  10. My work space would make people cry. It's wire city and I need professional help.
  11. What is going on with the Eververse store? I think it's awesome that they are going free to play. And cross saves... nice.
  12. Whenever I take my week vacation, we need to organize a party to play this. I love this old school CoD
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