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  1. Forever Gaming's 'Feel Good' Fund

    I'm all aboard. Via the FG App
  2. Spyro Remastered

    Loved these games! Can't wait. Via the FG App
  3. Happy Birthdays!

    Thank you! Via the FG App
  4. Titled Towers being removed

    Wow. I agree with you, Lee. Via the FG App
  5. Fortnite: Twitch Prime Pack

    I pay monthly and get the twitch prime stuff and a subscription. Via the FG App
  6. Fortnite: Twitch Prime Pack

    You can also do a monthly subscription too. I think its around 10 to 12$.
  7. Beer Thread

    Guinness [emoji16] Via the FG App
  8. Do you have a spare mouse?

    Is it bad that I completely forgot about Amazon? @The3rdWalker ordered a mouse! Don't worry about finding anything. Thank you again.
  9. Quick Quiz!

    I've only ever made nether portals with 10 blocks.
  10. Do you have a spare mouse?

    Thanks Rob! I'd appreciate it very much. I'm not picky. Just would like something that works properly at this point. [emoji23] Via the FG App
  11. Do you have a spare mouse?

    Hey! I was wondering if anyone had a spare mouse laying around that I could have? My current mouse has seen better days...
  12. Streaming For Forever Gaming

    I still would like to stream Via the FG App
  13. World of Warcraft night

    I love World of Warcraft. I have quite a few characters. My laptop isn't really doing well on the games front. I've been thinking about building a PC. I'd like to stick it on my entertainment center and play it on the same TV I play my PS4 on. That would be ideal. [emoji4] Maybe I'll make a PC help thread at some point. Don't really know what I'm looking for. Via the FG App
  14. Best Fighting Game Right Now?

    Preordered Dragon Ball FighterZ. I'll let you know how I like it. I'm pumped. Via the FG App
  15. Prop Hunt coming to WW2!

    Tried it, lots of fun. Via the FG App

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