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  1. Currently have a GT86. Definitely my dumbest purchase, but that's what your mid 20's are for... right?
  2. Yo! Just wanted to leave a note to say I like the work you're doing here man. What programs are you using to create everything?
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 66/100 My Time 97 seconds  
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 58/100 My Time 214 seconds  
  5. Yeah man, I had a blast! I'll do my best
  6. I think the dates are in US format, still holding on to the 'closer to 20' for a couple of months I've been on a little bit today Will have to get some games in at some point!
  7. I'm honestly terrible at both Modern Warfare and GTA Saw some gameplay of Warzone which looked pretty sick, might need yourself and @tronic44 to hold my hand through a game or two... I'm still in the same job for the time being, though doing a little bit of looking around... I'm lucky enough that I can do my job from home, so I'm adjusting to that life right now! I felt a bit bad about the fantasy football, though lord knows what's happening with it this year. I'm definitely up for some games, when are you guys usually on?
  8. Hi All, I think I missed my yearly post in 2019, so here's for 2020... For those that don't know me I'm Jordie, I've been making sporadic appearances in this community since '09. I haven't been involved in gaming at all in the last couple of years, but figured with The Rona going on, it's the perfect time to catch up with some old friends and play some games! I played a huge total of 5 hours on Modern Warfare when it came out this year, but have just picked it back up. Safe to say I'll have my training wheels on for a little while. Also just picked up GTA again, so will be able to jump on that. How's everyone keeping?
  9. Are you guys still playing? I'mma just jump in 8 weeks late, hope y'all don't mind...
  10. Just thought I'd let you guys know, it's been a long time since I last took a proper look around the forum, and its definitely come a long way! It's looking clean and organised, you've done a real nice job!
  11. Im the UK Marketing Manager for a Book Publisher here in the UK. We publish books for Disney, Marvel and Lego (as well as some less exciting names), which is pretty cool. I started as an Assistant on £13k 4 years ago, so that explains where all my time/energy has gone!
  12. I've booked the 26th off work to play. It's been way too long since I've had a day-long gaming session, feel like this is the perfect game to treat myself to!
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