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  1. While waiting for CoD to update, I decided to update your signature @Middle Class Caveman P.S. @Misneach_ made me do it
  2. Thank you. For the 2D stuff, I’m using Photoshop and for 3D stuff I’m using Blender.
  3. @slamminbones How about something like this? You can see the rough sketch in the back - I'm thinking a zombie or 2 on the left in the same style as the arm with a director sat in his chair on the right. I'm debating about colouring the whole word zombie like the arm but might be too much. Edit: I've realised that's a twitch banner size so dimensions will change a little for youtube but will be the same design.
  4. So with some sore arms later as that Cobra is a beast! I got some times set on AC McLaren: 2:12.662 Cobra: 2:39.939 The McLaren I properly pushed though I didn't do too many laps so there's probably some time in it still. The Cobra, there's easily more time in it but I'm enjoying driving it in full h shifter mode so I'll take being slower for the more fun
  5. Thought I'd hop on last night and smash out a few laps and get a decent time but I struggled at this track. Usually I can get up to speed in about 5-7 laps before then refining my lap and knocking off a tenth here, a tenth there. I think by lap 10 I was still in the 1:20's round here but I think lap 15 or 16 I got it down to a 1;18.555 using the M4. I saved the lap so I can capture it if people want to see it to help them out I haven't managed to get on AC this week but hoping tonight or tomorrow to put a time on the board.
  6. Yup, I have an idea of what could look cool so I’ll add you on the list
  7. A new Monday, a new combo Round 3 GT Car: N400 Track: Willow Springs (Big Willow AC Car 1: McLaren 650 GT3 Car 2: Shelby Cobra 429 SC Track: Black Cat County @GazzaGarratt I'll get the pictures made later today
  8. Well I was joking about that but if that's what you want, I actualy have a cool idea about how do it.
  9. So an eagle flying an F22 raptor while dual wielding M16's with an American flag waving in the background is out of the question then?
  10. The game does look fun, I’m out at the moment but will pick it up later. It should be a good laugh if there’s a few of us.
  11. I've never heard of Jeta before today so I can't really offer any advice with respect to it. What are you trying to do that they aren't co-operating? I'm guessing, creating a logo in Jeta and you want to use it in GIMP for other stuff? With regards to the logo though, GIMP should be able to do most if not all of it on it's own without the need for Jeta. Though if you want a dedicated vector program, InkScape is free.
  12. @Misneach_ I wouldn't expect anything to change as you know I like my loving rough I've got Capn Underpants in progress and sketeched a few ideas for G-Dubs but let me know what sort of thing you're thinking and I'll add you on the list.
  13. A small price bump isn't a surprise but I expect things to continue much as they are. The RRP of XB1/PS4 games is £54.99 (or is it £49.99?) but even on day of release you pay more like £37-43. So I think we'll be looking at more like £49.99 at most places to keep them under the £50 mark.
  14. Not a bad night on AC, got my Merc SLS time down to 1:59.978 though my theoretical best is a 59.3 so some more time to be found if I can string my sectors together. I tried out the KTM too and got a 2:15.400 but I only did 4 laps so definitely more time to be found there.
  15. Yeah, I made them huge as it’s better to make them smaller when required than bigger. Plus potentially opens up them being used for other things like youtube/twitch banners (though not really sure what size they are off the top of my head) But glad you’re happy with them Now on to the next one
  16. I don’t know if it’s the quickest but the Vulcan aint slow as I just got a 1:31.903 with it. A few small mistakes so with some more laps I think I could get the Vulcan down to a 31.5. But time for food and I think some AC later.
  17. Sooooo I might have gone slightly over the top with the logos and sort of came up with a second logo for you. I've create round logo's which work as square too and signature shaped ones too but I can easily make logos any shape/size you need so just let me know @Middle Class Caveman Rather than spam the thread with all the pictures, I stuck them on my dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/czgjgnguf5uny0o/AAAUQldylP4lgusk3N_5UYNJa?dl=0 Logo's I made
  18. As a man once said, if you’re having fun you’ve already won.
  19. @GazzaGarratt Assuming that the menu system is the same on console as it is on PC, then when you go to practice there's 4 vertical panels at the bottom; Session, Realism, Opponents and Results. In Session I'd suggest setting wind to none and track surface to optimum. Then in realism, set mechanical damage off, tyre blankets on, fuel consumption off and tyre wear off. The rest is up to you but the above should give you the best hotlapping settings. @G_dub52 tagging you in too as I know you're new to this too.
  20. I can make them separate next time You can choose what settings you use for a practice session. So you can set the track to the fastest, tyre wear off, damage off etc. I don’t use the standard AC launcher so not sure where these options are but I can have a look after work.
  21. The funniest one that stands out for me was chatting to a friend at work about Escape to the Chateau and Dick Strawbridge. Now this is the type of person who gets louder and more animated if they're talking about something they like. I can't remember the exact conversation but it did end with them saying "I love Dick" rather loudly in the middle of an office. Then shortly afterwards adding "I'll be watching some Dick later".
  22. I'll have to give the Mach Forty a go I don't own it but I can easily buy it. Any car with good straight line speed will be good round here so I can see why the Vulcan could suffer. I've also got the Aston Martin One-77 which could be handy. I think I'll have to log on and mess around with all the cars and see which one seems to the best and give a fast lap another go. It is a challenge producing the reference laps, balancing the need to do some practice to drive a relatively fast lap with posting it early enough in the week to be useful. Still it show the lines to take and where time can be gained but if the Mach40 or other car is signifcantly faster, I can alwas record another lap
  23. How are the AI on console Phil? On PC, They’re not perfect but they’re some of my favourite AI’s. As they can really push, seem to take chances at making passes and don’t back out if you squeeze them. Which makes me wonder if/how the AI is different on console.
  24. Why is there no voting buttons? But whatevs, I’m in. It was a great laugh last time. Are we playing the same rules as before? £5 buy in wasn’t it? I’m also hoping I have a bit more luck this time around.
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