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  1. @Spacedeck Just came across these that I saved years ago. Might be helpful for you Human Scales IMGUR.COM Post with 1 views. Human Scales
  2. I’ve watched some Jazza videos though mostly ones where he is messing around rather than any tutorial stuff. If you want to do character design then most are humanoid-ish so I’d recommend looking in to how to draw people and proportions. The one book that always gets recommended for that is Andrew Loomis - Figure drawing for all it’s worth. Loomis has other books for specific things too but that one covers general drawing, proportions, size etc. The other thing that can help is draw every day. It doesn’t have to be for long, detailed or very good but getting in to sketching something every day is a great way to learn, practice and come up with new ideas. I’m a jack of all trades, there’s lots of things I can do alright but very few things I do well. I just like to learn new things all the time, keeps things interesting. So currently learning to 3d model in Blender then I’ll need to learn to make textures. I’m following a tutorial for it at the moment but it’s a massively long tutorial so will be some time before I can post any results.
  3. Rather than fully repost, here’s a link the ones I posted in my ppr the other week as Elliott asked. Do you have anything you want to draw @Spacedeck Maybe I can point you at some books/tutorials/vidoes on the subject. Sticking with it is the key to success, I hate that it is and I know it’s what everyone says but it is unfortunately true. The black Honda in my link is probably my best work but I’ve been drawing cars properly for over 10 years now. I look back at my early stuff and it’s terrible :lol: I’ll see if I have any early stuff so you can see how terrible I was.
  4. I know I’ve posted some of my photoshop stuff before but I’m currently on a bit of a binge of photoshop and 3D modelling again recently. So with @Impulse posting in his introduction about photoshop too, I thought I’d start this thread up to see who else FG has an artistic touch and somewhere for people to post ip their work too. I can re post some of my stuff but looking forward to seeing other people’s work too
  5. So dug out my FoS photos All in all, I took about 1,500 so whittled down quite a lot (though a good number were bursts so lots of repeats) In no particular order as Flickr put them in a random order
  6. You’re like a bloodhound Dave, someone says Minecraft and Boom! Dave outta nowhere :
  7. Highlights from last Friday's GTA Race night which was @Shucker first GTA Friday but plenty of action all over.
  8. Highlights from Friday nights race night.  It doesn't include all the races but the best bits from a few.
  9. I’ll keep an eye out for you then as I’m planning on going next year again. If you’re taking your camera a few pointers; - Get the stand pass with your ticket. If you’re going for the full 4 day, being able to sit down is nice and they’ve got covers so even better if it’s raining. They are also tiered so gives you some height to see over the barriers. - To that end, I’d recommend a long lens if you have one. I think all my actual hill climb photos were with my 55-300mm lens. Assuming it is the same as this year, the best places I found for photos was (starting at the bottom of the hill) - On the inside of the corner opposite Hill Pavillion. - In the Park Grandstands opposite the house or anywhere along the barrier up to the bridge. - Molecombe corner grandstands. - Anywhere after the flint wall as you walk up to the rally stage. - You can get some nice shots up by the top paddock too as the cars park up there. Plus all the rally car pits are up there to look around.
  10. A compilation cut together of you lot playing R6.  I only used about half the video clips for this video so keep an eye out for part 2
  11. Oooof! I’ll be in my bunk! Those are beautiful and rare cars too. I will have a read up of the more detailed links later. Thank you for posting
  12. Nice Yeah the VR is amazing. After trying Crispy's PSVR, I picked up one cheap and can use it on PC too. It isn't the best but then my PC wouldn't run the high end headsets anyway. GT3's you say, you'll fit it nicely certainly my favourite class and Phil likes it too. Have you tried AC:C? I'm tempted to buy it but hoping it goes on sale at some point. What cars do you build? restorations? restomods? etc. I'd be interested to read more, see pictures of the cars you've built.
  13. I’m not sure that I’d agree about the white supremacy part. Any content created by a culture for that culture is heavily focused on the same. American comics written primarily for Americans are going to sell best when featuring mostly Americans - who are mostly white. It’s like moaning that Chinese movies made for China star mostly Chinese actors - like duh! As for them being for adults not wanting to leave their childhood. Potentially accurate, I’ve seen it mentioned several times that comic book popularity correlates well to depressing and troubling times. The ‘golden age’ of comics was the great depression and WW2. It isn’t so surprising that with some of the shit going on in the world today people take solace and comfort in comic books. Though take out the ‘super’ part and the stories are basically action and thriller stories. With the Marvel movies adding a a hefty dose of comedy in there too. Or are all those genre’s also embarrassing? And finally, who TF cares? What you do in your free time is up to you. As long as it isn’t illegal....well some illegal is maybe ok but nothing too heinous... then that’s none of my or his business.
  14. Greboth

    93 Nissan 240sx

    Haha derp, completely missed that you’re stateside. Though I didn’t know Onevia’s were stock over there - learn something new every day Styling wise, it’s totally subjective and as long as you like it then that’s all that matters.
  15. Friend Welcome to the forum, there’s not enough racers on this forum so nice to gain another one. What set up do you have for your sim racing? Any particular class you like racing? We have a GT Sport time trial generally ticking over for a bit of fun. Though PC wise I know Phil and I have Project Cars 2 so maybe we get some racing done. I don’t know if Phil has any other pc sims though I’ve also got AC, LFS and R3. I’ve got an iRacing account too but no active subscription at the moment. We also do have a Minecraft server running. Currently we have it running the Sky Factory 3 mod pack. We have a section on it further down though know I’m remembering that our server IP address changed and I don’t think I’ve ever updated the thread - oops. If you want to join though, drop me your name and I can whitelist you.
  16. I'd love to go a track day or motorsport event as media as the access you have in so much better. The proble is I'd love to do it at a proper event (like Goodwood, 4hr or Silverstone, F1 etc.) which are all going to be really difficult ones to get media passes for. I've done both the Revivial and the Festival of Speed and I can't recommend them enough if you're in to your cars. If you're in to your newer cars then probably Festival of Speed but the whole experience of the Revival is unrivaled. I'll have to dig out my FoS photos as I don't seem to have them to hand but a selection from last years Revival.
  17. Saw it the weekend and loved it, they glossed over some bits like the car originally being a Lola though even that wasn’t completely ignored. The story was more accurately the Ken Miles story but how many people are going to know who he was. Bales accent wasn’t perfect but I guess most people feel that way about their accents on the big screen. Still both Bales and Damon’s were brilliant and they carried the film well.
  18. Greboth

    93 Nissan 240sx

    I do like Onevia’s and certainly not something you see every day. Out of interest why did you go KA24? I’d imagine there’s more parts available for CA18’s or SR20’s.
  19. Nice shot, do you do it just as a spectator or as pro / job? I’ll have to post my Goodwood photos for your critique.
  20. I’m down for this
  21. Damn that’s close, I might have to put a few more laps in to see if I can go faster. Though I know Sardegna is a bogey track for me, I can never seem to get close to the fast times.
  22. So a few more laps of Sardegna and I’ve managed a 1:19.035. With some more practice and stringing all my best sectors together I’d guess I could knock off another 0.5-1 second off that.
  23. There’s been several updates since this thread, most notably the addition of Spa. There was a leaked image of Laguna Seca which has now apparently been confirmed Laguna Seca is one of those iconic tracks so its brilliant that it is being added to GT Sport.
  24. The R8? I was using the Lambo on Sardegna and the Mustang on Mount Panorama. The mustang understeers massively though so want to try a car with a better front end.
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