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  1. phil bottle

    Battlefield 5 Is Out

    I'll probably still pick this up at some point, almost went for the 50% off deal on console but I'll just get the PC version this time round. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  2. phil bottle

    If you stream to Twitch TV...

    I'll only be streaming as FG but - on the off chance I use my own channel - cheers Rib username: philbottle
  3. phil bottle

    FG Twitch

    My webcam arrived yesterday and had a quick try out. All ready to go. I'll probably spend some time tomorrow during the day streaming and getting used to having a camera on my mug.
  4. phil bottle

    Gran Turismo Sport Time trial

    I think that 1:39.692 is maybe the best I'm going to do while driving automatic, I can shave a coupe of tenths off but i don't think I'll make the 1:38s. I'll spend the next week just driving in manual and see how I go.
  5. phil bottle

    Division 2 Beta

    I'm downloading it right now but had to sign a NDA
  6. phil bottle

    Leftover Humble Keys

    @Docwagon no-one has claimed Metal Gear or Resident Evil, still have both if you fancy? See above. Check this thread for other games. Also, please share laptop specs in the hardware section so we can drool👍
  7. phil bottle

    FG Twitch

    Also, I'm going to buy a HD web cam. My gorgeous looks are bound to attract the odd freak or two
  8. Server is currently undergoing maintenance and has a new address. We'll update when it's back up and running. I'll PM folks separately with the new details.
  9. phil bottle

    Insurgency: Sandstorm

    Dr Disrepect learning the game on launch day if anyone fancies a gander https://www.twitch.tv/drdisrespect
  10. phil bottle

    FG Twitch

    Going to resurrect this. Hopefully we can raise our profile a little more with regular Twitch streaming. There's plenty of us, and plenty of games between us to have an entertaining Twitch channel. I'm off work all next week so I'll be streaming some PC games during the day. DayZ goes live tomorrow so I'll be doing that, plus Star Citizen and whatever else takes my fancy. Maybe Fallout 76 for the lols. If anyone has any games they they would like to see, or would like to stream, let us know here. We can PM the log in details. If we have enough people we can make a rota/schedule. Any other thoughts or suggestions, again, stick them down below.
  11. phil bottle

    Posse Up?

    I'm sure I will at some point but not hearing great things about it right now.
  12. phil bottle

    Christmas / December holiday sessions

    Up for most of the above plus the following 7 Days to Die DayZ Star Citizen
  13. phil bottle

    Gran Turismo Sport Time trial

    I was getting in the 1:39s last night when I had a go with the VW. Still on Automatic. What I do now, is: 1. one decent lap without BOP enabled 2. use the ghost from the car above but switch back to BOP 3. follow the faster car and try and work out where I'm losing time 4. hey presto, better lapping
  14. phil bottle

    Football (Played with Feet)

    Good times at Tottenham and Liverpool, both through, Spurs had more possession in Barcelona than Barcelona, quality
  15. phil bottle

    Leftover Humble Keys

    I have a copy of Metal Gear Solid V for PC (Steam) if anyone fancies it. Just PM me and I'll pass you the key. Also have Resident Evil Revelations on Steam going too...


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