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  1. N64 I'd say because it had some games that were really ahead of their time back then - Mario 64 for one back in 96 which was a huge leap and then there was GoldenEye, Ocarina of Time and Perfect Dark. Games weren't cheap though at mostly £50-65 but you really got your money's worth out of each one. Biggest disappointment was the lack of a decent realistic racing game especially with the PS1 having Gran Turismo plus that console had an extensive library and cheaper games. I probably got about 75 on there in total and a massive variety of titles. I still think the PS1 offered much more but the 64 just had that additional top tier quality on some (not all) games.
  2. It's kinda clear that they were going to offload these major remaster projects to probably the same shitty mobile developer that made the GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy. Neither game really needs a remaster - just another shameful cash-grab and if they were to go down this route then it would need the main developer houses to produce them - not some garbage mobile team who generates their assets with AI and has no QA testing in place. Now they'll just focus on GTA 6 and how they can milk the living shit out of that for the rest of the century. Rockstar Shelves Red Dead Redemption, GTA 4 Remasters to Focus on GTA 6 - IGN WWW.IGN.COM After its GTA Trilogy remake performed poorly, Rockstar shelved Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4 remasters to focus on the upcoming GTA 6.
  3. Famous name and kit. Will be missed RIP!
  4. No one likes EA's joke about singleplayer games, even EA | PC Gamer WWW.PCGAMER.COM EA dissed singleplayer games on Twitter, rankling current and former developers, plus everyone else. EA's shameful jibe would have a bit more merit if they actually had some good multiplayer titles to back up their stance but most of them are actually gutter-ranked games by the community and are average at best by critics. Some of their single player aspects such as Jedi Fallen Order and Titanfall 2 were highly regarded and you then compare that to tripe like Anthem. Most of the top games of the last gen have been single player focused. If it wasn't for EA's loot box model, they'd be long out of business or struggling at best.
  5. Remake is getting a remake LOL! The XIII remake is getting a remake | PC Gamer WWW.PCGAMER.COM More than a year after the last update, Microids is trying again with a whole new developer.
  6. Yeah I'm pretty much focusing on indie and retro right now - so many important developers getting drawn in to wasting time on rehashes and publishers still commissioning old gen games which is holding things back. There's really no standout, original or titles that take risks on the horizon and I'm sure we'll get another Assassin's Creed live service soon too that's a reskin of the last🤣 I haven't even bought a game in the Steam sale yet and feel I've played all I want to play on PC so far. If I ain't got it already then I don't want it or have no desire to play it, is where I'm at with that. So many frustrating delays too.
  7. Not much on the horizon that interests me - there's been a few interesting tech demos and trailers but nothing really worth shouting about that I'll have any real confidence in. Will probably be another 3 years before anything truly next gen comes out either. I've cancelled my new PC order last month and will probably look to offload my PS5 in the coming weeks too.
  8. It gets worse Steam's most-wishlisted game admits to using some 'volunteer' workers | PC Gamer WWW.PCGAMER.COM Fntastic has come under fire for using unpaid labor to help develop The Day Before, one of the most anticipated games on Steam.
  9. Shareholders invest heavily in infrastructure especially in the rail network - those flashy new trains, fuel, track upkeep, maintenance and technical investments don't pay for themselves. People risking their own money want their dividends and some form of return. Any money left over is then wholly reinvested i.e new stations, staff and further development as well as ongoing salaries. If you invested £10,000 in your corner shop to buy new fridges, an advanced ePOS system sourcing new products from alternate suppliers, you wouldn't expect your money including any profit margin to suddenly be absorbed to pay staff a pay rise who are paid above the retail average. There's a generalised stereotypical negative view of shareholders in this country but people don't realise their impact from transport advancements, innovative technologies and more importantly job creation. They may make a lot of money each year from their dividend but that doesn't mean it's a profit or their money back entirely. Some HS2 investors wont see their money back they invested 10 years ago until the 2040's.
  10. Strikes are an outdated mechanism IMO which is why the UK is so backwards and hasn't evolved from the 1980's in this respect. Causing major inconvenience that harms many sectors including children and people in need of medical assistance is not the answer. When the strike is over, everything goes back to normal and in most cases, nothing is resolved or gained. Unions need to be more creative these days rather than making knee-jerk statements that last a few days. They have been pressed to broaden their negotiations including supporting a pay rise to inflation scaling model yet most have refused to do this because it will ultimately make them irrelevant in the long run. Rail profits do soar but so does investment and that doesn't mean employees are automatically entitled to raises. A lot of the growth seen has been down to a near £100bn investment in the infrastructure and in creating over 40,000 new jobs. People biting the hand that feeds them whilst already receiving way above average salaries and overtime prospects is a bit greedy and narrow-minded. HS2 alone has probably revitalised and secured the industry for the next 60 years. The government now may be the punching bag for everyone's issues but Labour really haven't shone in the spotlight now or in any of their terms especially during the recession of around 2008 and nor has the unions. There needs to be a grounded focus on reducing inflation first and foremost which would reduce the cost of living significantly. This was not an issue when inflation was stabled/leveled so a lot of frustrations are because of that ultimately but people are using other means to shift blame. Certainly it is appropriate in some cases where there are sectors that are ridiculously overpaid but as per usual, hypocrisy comes in to play - how many people who complain about such things go on to support Premier League football and how many shop at Amazon? Labour were the OG's to not want to cap high earners because of their taxing potential. So I reiterate that it's a very complex situation and it goes beyond what's happening right now. TikTok may want to blame the government for anything and everything but this is something that's always existed but it's just more apparent now with inflation. Outdated unions need replacing with proper industrial bodies with local points of contact because it's clear they have no scope or any original forwarding strategies. Right now there are just fat cats taking a lion share and piping up when the country is at its most vulnerable. They should be seen as a functioning supporting body every single day and not go into hibernation for 5 years when the money is rolling in and everything is hunky dory.
  11. It's a very delicate situation but at the end of the day, the UK rail employees are paid more on average than most countries in Europe yet we have a pretty below average rail service to offer despite heaps of investment and jobs created. Funny how the Olympics and HS2 seem to be disregarded. Not only that, this industry was heavily supported during Covid and most jobs were retained unlike some global Aircraft carriers. This strike caused a devastating impact on the environment, local businesses, other industry sectors, the emergency services and a huge inconvenience to other people. It's amazing how in over 30 years, Unions have never pressed for executive sector caps even with Labour were in power. Mick Lynch who pockets about £130,000 a year and £3,000 an hour for public appearances talks a good game but he's nothing more than a PR salesman who knows how to strike when the iron is hot. Most social media activity that are in favour of the strikes is typically from activist-oriented people and students that don't have a job or aren't inconvenienced by such things. Certainly platforms with a lower age demographic like TikTok and Insta peddle such opinions and many in society just agrees with social media because they can't think for themselves or are easily swayed by views or likes. Older or working people who may not have the time or even use such platforms may not have their voices heard but the figures don't lie on the impact these strikes had over a matter of just days. The cost of living in some Cities is just way too expensive and that's down to the market. Also the focus should be on reducing inflation (a global issue right now) and living costs. Spending more money will just have a negative impact down the line such as significant job cuts or prices rises. Stability is way more realistic. Barristers have gone on strike today because they don't like the fact their earning potential is less than plumbers - thus being a very arrogant stance but hardly surprising with such a knee-jerk move. Parts of the NHS probably are more deserving of a pay rise especially with Covid but even then, there's no magical money tree. Only way this can be rectified is if the Unions take a lead and make realistic strategic demands instead of taking the ransom and hide route. It may make them more obsolete in the long run but they'd forever be known as heroic but these sporadic strikes that are nothing more than a cash grab on blackmail do not demonstrate any forwarding logic or benefit and will harm their sectors down the line.
  12. Overwatch is a dead brand for me now. It was brilliant over 5 years ago but they relentlessly neglected it thinking it would remain popular just like TF2 for a decade and now this knee-jerk sequel seems like a desperate attempt to rejuvenate it on the backdrop of a very bad company. They have paid the price for not maintaining their live service and although this game will be free, it will never come close to making the same impact it once did. They also couldn't charge full price because it would've been deemed a cash grab and anything cheaper would've also looked like they wanted extra money for supporting something that most developers do for free over time. Really backed themselves into a corner with this one. I do think it will probably be a good game and many will revisit it but I'm not sure if it'll have the staying power no matter how hard they support it now.
  13. I'm looking forward to this but I hope they don't bring any of their horrible monetisation model from Immortal into this. Once Activision get a smell for dosh then they wont stop.
  14. I'm gonna hopefully give it a try in the week. Seems decent so far from what I've seen of the community feedback!
  15. J4MES OX4D

    Squad 3.0

    This game has come a very long way and has just received a new update
  16. Sadly it seems the new version isn't good at all - was always gonna be a tough job without the lost source code but it seems to be a bit of a dismal mess from Nightdive which is a real shame. Hopefully they'll be able to improve some aspects but definitely not worth getting right now it seems.
  17. How many of us remember this screen? Or this
  18. Didn't see this one coming and it arrives on Steam tomorrow courtesy of remake kings Nightdive Studios. Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition on Steam STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM Armed with your investigative skills and the tools of the Blade Runner trade, you'll be immersed in a world that lives and breathes around you with breakthrough lighting and visual effects. Your ability to survive...
  19. Shouldn't laugh really....but I did Bet there was some whiplash claims filed that day
  20. I think emulation is important for the preservation of such games rather than viewing it as a form of piracy window as some do. It's also such a pity that classic titles are bound to an horrendous amount of red tape or restrictions so people can't enjoy classic games in the future on newer systems like we were all expecting years ago and were told would happen. Most of the games I've emulated are ones I already own so my conscience is clear in that regard. There is also a lot of good PR on some of the emulators and even big YouTube channels like Digital Foundry cover these whilst playing emulated games so it's not quite such a sensitive topic as it once was especially with devices that can this concept portable with ease too.
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