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phil bottle

Diddums adventures in Star Citizen

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@Diddums joined me in the vast tranquillity of space, last night.


We spawned together at Port Olisar, a base in the Stanton system. I took Didds to the gun shop and he bought himself a nice assault rifle. As my ship, the awesome Drake Cutlass can take a crew, we decided to take it out and put Diddums into the turret.


First mistake here in that I didn’t show him how to use work the turret guns properly. So when we hyper spaced into a mission objective, I was busy trying to explain that, and didn’t heed the pirates who went on to attack and destroy my ship. Schoolboy error :lol:


So, we respawned back at Port Olisar and this time I took my Drake, while Diddums called up his Mustang Alpha ship. Hilarity here. Didds had a little trouble controlling his ship and had to eject after it became a little damaged. Fortunately, he was able to space walk to my ship and enter via the rear cargo hold.


Back in my Drake, with Diddums now familiar with the turret gun. We did a couple of fetch and carry missions and ended up at a planet called Daymar. There appeared to be some other players here involved in some grief. Obviously, with Diddums on board, we couldn’t sit idly by while action was happening that we weren’t part of, so we got involved.


Some of the other players had left their ships and were traversing the planet on space bikes. Well, that was short lived, as it turns out Diddums is an excellent turret shot. They tried shooting my ship with their rifles but my shields were more than a match. We left behind two dead players, their bikes and their destroyed ship.


We also visited the pirate base on Grim Hex asteroid field and somehow managed to get a crime stat against us, for poor parking I think, before flying back to Port Olisar to store the ship and log out.


Until next time…

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That ship you gave me is a dud, you still got the warranty? All it did was spin around in circles until it eventually spat me out and just sat there, upside down, looking all sad and useless. It's a good job you can fly!


I've gotta admit, there's a ton of potential here. Some things are needlessly faffy but I'm sure this will be addressed at some point. The whole experience is ridiculous, the sheer scale and vastness of it all is on a whole new level. It needs some optimizing, getting 60fps on medium at 1080p with 2x 980s is a bit meh but it didn't ruin the experience at all. The hubs are terribly optimized, they need rebooting now and then to keep things fresh. The attention to detail on the ships and stuff is great, the planet we visited was dull as fuck but these are all things that will probably be added and updated over time. The framework is there for an extremely epic game. The servers need more players, it needs music, more atmosphere and more chaos. I'm not talking CoD, but a bit more than there is would go down well. 


It's a fantastic game for sure and being able to finally play it is amazeballs. 


I'm probably going to install DayZ tonight as well. I can't see my PS4 getting much use any more tbh. The games on PC are just so much better it's unreal, and the money you can save with things like Humble Bundle renders the PS4s pricing structure and the shit titles on it obsolete. It's safe to say that the only reason I'll be on the PS4 is because of the company, not the games. 

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