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Summit, Firing Range and Morocco

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The complete list is finally assembled plus the upcoming Nuketown. 

  • Frequency: A covert listening station deep in the mountainous region of Hunan Province is being used to track strategic targets across the globe.
  • Contraband: Surveillance of an international arms smuggling operation has uncovered this shipping hub on a remote, uncharted island off the coast of Colombia.
  • Seaside: An anti-government protest in this quaint coastal Spanish town grew out of control and forced a military shutdown.
  • Payload: A defensive ICBM launch facility deep in an Icelandic mountain range has been infiltrated by hostile forces attempting to steal a nuclear warhead.
  • Hacienda: A lavish vineyard estate situated on a quiet lake in the Spanish countryside, home to a high-ranking crime syndicate boss.
  • Gridlock: A Japanese metropolis whose city center has been jammed up by a bank heist gone wrong.
  • ArsenalHostile covert ops on a manufacturing facility of a powerful North American military defense contractor means someone may have stolen the keys to the castle.
  • IcebreakerA long lost Nuclear submarine in the Arctic houses a uranium supply which a Russian unit has come to salvage.
  • MoroccoRebels in a small Moroccan village are using government military supply planes as target practice as they fly over the surrounding Sahara Desert.
  • MilitiaAnti-government extremists backed covertly by a Russian cell are stockpiling weaponry in a remote region of Alaskan wilderness near the Bearing Strait.
  • JungleBlack Ops Flashback – The heat is on as Cold War forces collide in the sweltering depths of the Vietnam jungle.
  • SlumsBlack Ops Flashback – Street battles rage in head to head heat through the center of a run down Panama neighborhood.
  • Firing RangeBlack Ops Flashback – US Forces gear up for red team/blue team combat exercises in this Guantanamo Bay military base.
  • SummitBlack Ops Flashback – Cold War surveillance is at its peak above the clouds in the mountaintop listening post in the Ural Mountains.

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5 hours ago, MrBiron said:

14 maps at launch is certainly better than the pathetic 9 maps that WW2 shipped with.

That was ridiculous. 3 we got in the beta, 3 that I hated and that only left 3 which were moderately acceptable.  Some of the DLC were remakes of old maps that were already remade in Infinite Warfare the year before too! 


It'll be 15 with Nuketown in BO4 and although there are classic maps,; they are really good ones that should work well in the game.  Wish there were a couple more but it's far better than the selection we got in WW2.  We also have a big fucking map in Blackout at least.

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6 hours ago, MrBiron said:

The 4 classic maps are great maps. Shame they're putting Puketown back in as I fucking hate that map with a passion.

I could tolerate it if it has BO1's aesthetic like the other remakes but if it's anything like BO3 then it'll be an horrific inclusion.  We already have Nuketown Island in Blackout for god sake so I wished they remade WMD, Grid or Radiation instead. Even Hijacked again would be welcome. 

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I quite liked Jungle in BO and was happy to see it return in BO4 but it has this weird brown/red/rusty aesthetic like Redwood from BO3 and I don't really like that plus it makes it trickier to spot players in certain places. I would've preferred the old style. 
Thought I recognised the colour scheme from somewhere!

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