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  1. Now from my understanding, season one will have 4 prestiges with 50 levels each totaling 200. It definitely will be easy to grasp once it comes out but the way it's been explained by the devs and then the media is painful. YouTubers making 18-24 minute videos about this and they still didn't seem to understand it either.
  2. Last night I went 55-19 on Miami with 27 DOM objectives and a 9 killstreak to boot and still finished 5th on my team😎
  3. Great match this one Been playing Nuketown constantly and at this rate I'm gonna look forward to playing on Miami🤣
  4. I've reached second prestige now but instead of going back to level one, you continue from level 50. So essentially there are 155 levels in the entire leveling like MW rather than having 55 military ranks then 50 levels plus 100 more as I initially thought. It now makes a bit more sense why so many users reached max level in the first week😂 The icon is definitely bugged though because in-game it shows the prestige one icon despite me being level 52 in the second prestige. The menus seem fine though. Double XP or not, there was no way I was sifting through 100 levels in the final pr
  5. Mudrunner FREE on The Epic Store. Really good and unique game this
  6. The thing that disappoints me the most is that Ubisoft are known for the stupidly sized worlds yet London in this game seems ludicrously scaled down and rather bland overall. San Francisco seemed way grander and had much more vibrancy about it whereas London seems as generic as it can get here. The water and general collision is as lackluster as it can get.
  7. The water and boat physics were so much better in Watch Dogs 2 plus every Ubisoft game since 2011. It beggars belief here
  8. I've seen some Prestige 2, level 60+ users which completely threw me. Either it's glitched or players can choose their prestige icon to display. This whole system needs clarification!
  9. Yeah I prefer this to any of the other Call of Duty titles released since 2013. Ironically if Treyarch had a full 3 years making Cold War, they probably would've fucked it up somehow - they seem to do their best work under immense pressure. Ironically, if they did have a full cycle with this one, they probably would've tried too hard, chased external trends during development and then pulled a load stuff. I'd say it's about as close as we'll get to the old COD's because it keeps things simple and fairly enjoyable. All eyes will be on the new content because it badly needs it but it
  10. Game is definitely coming out December 10th
  11. I still don't know how it works entirely - there are currently 3 prestiges in the game with levels 55, 50 and 100 but the seasonal ranking is apparently a completely different system on top like a big battle pass. I assume there will be more prestige levels added for each season but none of the explanations I have read explain it clearly. It will probably be a really simple system too but it's been made to sound so bloody convoluted! I think the current level cap is prestige 3 level 100.
  12. Me after a few games on Nuketown It's only taking a couple of games to level playing on this map with DXP enabled.
  13. I really don't know why Miami isn't included in the Combined Arms mode. it just as big as Cartel and ideal for 12v12 objective modes like Dom or Assault. I joined a Kill Confirmed game yesterday and my team won with just 35 tags and I've been in several TDM games that have gone to the time limit.
  14. I had no intention of getting the game until the day before release and that was only by virtue of having nothing else worth playing until Cyberpunk arrived. Wasn't feeling Beyond Light or the grind of Odyssey. I'm actually quite glad I did get Cold War and will definitely get my money's worth. It's the best COD game I've played of this gen although that's not saying much but it can be fun despite the lack of map content. Christmas will be key though because if season one sucks and people flock to Warzone, the game will likely start fading just like MW2019.

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