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  1. Crazy to see the potential in Chelsea's season falling apart. Their record under Tuchel was very impressive, up to 4th place, FA Cup Final and Champions League Final. Now they've lost the FA Cup, could blow the top 4, lose the Champions League Final and be playing in the Europa League next year. They have Leicester again Tuesday and LIverpool are beginning to hit form. The pressure in suddenly immense and will be a huge factor in the CL final plus the last couple of games has seen them really come unstuck particularly in attack.
  2. Well done to Leicester! I didn't even know the FA Cup Final was today until this afternood🤣 Wasn't a great game but there were some huge moments from the wonder goal, the wonder save and then the dramatic VAR decision towards the end. Great to see the fans back in numbers too!
  3. FOV looks a bit nasty so I hope you can change that plus I don't like how ME1 has the Andromeda UI. Hopefully the gameplay will stand the test of time but the story will definitely hold up. They probably could've done more with these remasters especially with what's been achieved on PC with mods but I guess they don't detract too much from the originals at least. I can't see myself paying £55 for this - maybe if they were £14.99 individually then I'd grab the first two but even with a game drought right now, I wont be getting this.
  4. £65/$75 for red £60/$70 for black They do look very nice to be fair but quite expensive. Peripherals is where the profits are though so Sony be cashing in
  5. Same with Nvidia - they don't give a toss that their graphics cards are being bought up by crypto minters - they are just happy that their cards are being sold either way. Retailers just want the cash regardless and if companies like Sony, MS and Nvidia don't want to create a system where things get into the right hands, the retailers aren't going to waste time either. Retailers will just say they are out of stock and the manufactures will shift the blame to scalpers or miners. Now there is a chip shortage so consoles, cards and other electronic devices are going to be in dramat
  6. I've just got deja vu - here's a thread of mine from 2013 when I was trying to get my hands on a PS4 from GAME Basically from what I remember, I deposited £20 for a pre-order but there was 'no stock' available for weeks so I went in to the store on the off-chance and found out they DID have plenty of stock but the available consoles were being craftily bundled and held to ransom with £650 being the cheapest one. It was their own curated bundle of crap and not any official one. I didn't want a Vita, t-shirt, collectors edition of Knack, 12 months Spotify, a plastic statue from Killzone o
  7. New charity Bundle available on Humble Humble Heal: Covid-19 Bundle WWW.HUMBLEBUNDLE.COM Pay $20 for awesome content and support charity!
  8. I watched Mission Impossible Fallout last night which was highly entertaining throughout. Some truly astonishing stunts which were done for real with very limited CGI. Tom Cruise also managed to learn how to fly a helicopter in just 6 weeks and performed some death-defying stunts with it that even veteran professionals wouldn't do making for an incredible action scene! Yet in the James Bond films, they're becoming so lazy they use CGI to build interiors of sets now and most stunts are staged. Fallout is definitely worth watching and its even better knowing the genuine work and ded
  9. Holy shit looks like PSG wont win the French League which would be humiliating - like Rangers and Celtic losing the title someone like Hamilton or St Mirren😂 That'll be Poch sacked for sure! A return to Spurs could be on the cards after all..
  10. Voice of Ghost in the Modern Warfare reboot Jeff Leach (not a patch on the OG Craig Fairbrass anyway) has been sacked by Activision for some pretty vile comments and I think his Twitch channel is up in smoke too. I've heard some good old fashioned trash talk in my time but this is way too personal and nasty, and you'd expect better from someone in that capacity.
  11. Done it again - this time by goal difference of just +7 goals Not bad considering we were 23rd in December! Big ups to Accrington for beating Portsmouth for us😎

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