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  1. I watched some beta gameplay videos over the weekend and it seems the majority of streamers and content creators aren't impressed at all. Even the paid Activision actors are having a tough time lying to their viewer base and trying to convince them. From the brief time I played and what I saw watching others, the amount of times you get shot in the back and the side is insane. The audio is exceptionally weak and the really simple animations are embarrassing. One of the videos I saw did a basic comparison with MW2019 and it just puts into perspective how much work went into that compared to this especially regarding gun and character animations along with general environmental effects and presentation. Vanguard feels like one of those cheap asset flip rip-off in comparison and it's crazy they are passing this off as a full price next gen COD experience. I can't see how anyone playing this would have fun with its lackluster quality and wayward meta.
  2. Yeah, it's pretty amazing really but it just goes to show their remarkable reputation and how big they are. Not having the online presence means they don't have to directly answer any criticisms and it hasn't hampered them from a marketing standpoint either. They can essentially do what they want, when they want and how. The community doesn't provide feedback, they don't listen to it and we just take what is given. People deep down know we'll get GTA 6 in three or so years so anything in between we have to like it or lump it. They wont care and Rockstar will always come away unscathed. Other AAA companies that take such a backseat wouldn't be so lucky but Rockstar just have this invincibility about them and if they can get away with lazy stuff like this next gen upgrade, they'd get away with anything.
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  4. I played a few matches earlier on PS5 and it's easily one of the worst Call of Duty games I've experienced. Woeful map design, shocking animations, terrible visibility with colours and every fucker just gliding round the map in the most sweatiest fashion possible like their lives depend on it. It's just so generic and a massive step backwards even from COD's of recent times let alone the golden age. Already removed it from my system and wouldn't even play it if I was being paid to.
  5. Massive disappointment but not an absolute disaster. They just need to use this extra time wisely unlike those at CDPR! I just hope there aren't any nasty surprises where it suddenly gets delayed again until March 2022!
  6. GamesMaster was brilliant back in the day but I'm not sure how it will translate now in any form especially with the likes of YouTube and its thousands of channels doing a variety of formats. Not sure how they could bring it up to date and make it viable and original. It was definitely a unique show when I watched it as a kid as it was fascinating to see all sorts of games in action and to see people face-off but the internet has made this possible with millions of easily accessible videos spanning nearly two decades so they'd have to have a very big hook else it'll be a dated rehash of old and tired ideas. Be interesting to see what they do with it though.
  7. Also just noticed that it'll be 2022 and they still haven't done any mirror rendering still Hardly improved graphics - more like higher resolution and that's it.
  8. I'm really enjoying the game so far - it's a really well-executed concept and a very smart one at that too. There's not many developers that have the brains or balls to do something like this! I've played about 4 hours so far and completed one full loop/day, so I've seen parts of each location and gathered some useful intel. The game flows really well and you're under no time constraints to explore - you can take some risks by delving deeper into the locations but if you don't have the gear or powers, it's best to just get the key intel to progress the story and try and gather any other useful things before moving on. Exiting the level advances time as you move on to the next with 4 locations and 4 times of day. Anything you miss you can always get on the next loop so there's no concerns about that. The journal system is also excellent for keeping tabs on stuff and reminding you of things i.e info you've picked up previous which you may need to use at that specific time. I was worried I'd need a notepad or have to remember tones of stuff but it's all laid out really well. The game also reminds you of key narrative points and guides you so you never get lost or overwhelmed. The characters seem really intriguing and fun although the AI is a bit simple and stupid at times. Shooting is great and I can't wait to get my hands on the powers - I managed to get the teleport one from Dishonored for a bit from Juliana before the loop ended and that was a lot of fun and could prove useful but I have to work out how I can retain such things which will no doubt be embedded into the story somewhere down the line. Performance was a bit iffy at first and some are having a hard time with it but it's not too bad for me thankfully. Could be better tho and screw Denuvo!
  9. Looks like next years COD will be a sequel to the MW2019 reboot. Vanguard isn't out and we're already talking about the next one🤣 Call of Duty 2022 reportedly Modern Warfare 2 and follows US special forces fighting drug cartels | GamesRadar+ WWW.GAMESRADAR.COM A new report claims knowledge of Infinity Ward's sequel
  10. 10/10 on both IGN and Gamespot and a clear front-runner for GOTY. Arkane are simply so ambitious and ingenious at what they do and I can't wait to start this tomorrow
  11. Seems people are really pissed - 54,000 dislikes nearly and patience is wearing thin. Nearly a decade ago I was buzzing for this, now I am absolutely sick of it
  12. Just seen the writer for the KOTR Remake and she's one of those toxic, woke, men-hating Twitter nutjobs who actually seems to despise actual Star Wars fans and doesn't appear to even like the franchise. I really don't know why companies hire people like this - I know they like to do the social media checkbox but surely it's better if they just hired an entirely appropriate writer who got on with their job and who was in-tune with the franchise? When people start bringing in their politics and personal problems into projects like this, everyone loses.
  13. The game is pretty much one take throughout - I can't even remember when there was a single cut. It's a rare example where the game looks exactly like how it appeared in the trailers too so this one will look just as good as it does now. Cannot wait!
  14. I'm certainly gonna keep my eye on this but it's not out until 2023 so I'm not sure why they announced it so prematurely. I know there's a lack of games on PS5 but filling it with titles that are miles away at the earliest isn't ideal. I didn't get Morales but I did enjoy the first game however they really need to do away with all the filler like towers and copy and paste activities because it stinks of a Ubisoft-inspired title. I was seriously taken aback at how cheap some of the gameplay was in the original outside of the spectacular swinging which was implemented really well. The busywork needs to be cut out and they need to strike a better balance with pacing and providing a consistently enjoyable experience rather than one that's all over the place. Stealth was also shite from what I remember. If they can capture the brilliance of the Batman games then they'll get it right but if they repeat the same mistakes, I don't think people will be as forgiving especially in a couple of years time.
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