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  1. Xbox Series S may be a good springboard for people wanting to access the gamepass early on with a view of getting a PS5 in the future. If you have a PC then there is no point in getting either the S or X in which a PS5 is more viable. The S is a weaker console but it's much cheaper and probably only has 3 years to run which can easily accommodate the short-term games before it beings to strain. Definitely not worth getting both the PS5 and X as that's just wasting money especially in the first gen. I will get a PS5 down the line but first I want to see what their plans are with f
  2. I'm gonna probably get this package over Black Ops Cold War. I am a bit disappointed with the amount of stuff being taken out of the game but hopefully the new content will feel like an entirely new one.
  3. This game looks decent in early access - it released without much fanfare but it seems very promising already. Imagine Kingdom Come Deliverance fused with a survival game
  4. I'd say unlikely - if anything, it could delay the game further for improvements. We still don't know how far along Bethesda are on this game or what Microsoft are looking to add in the short term regarding ongoing projects. Development may just continue as normal with Microsoft taking a backseat and collecting the cash or there could be internal changes to personnel and their hardware. There is already a huge disparity between the tech Microsoft have at their disposal and what the Bethesda staff have been using. Hopefully more information will be revealed about TES6 but I probably
  5. They've confirmed that all future releases from this deal with be on the game pass day one although I am more likely to buy their games individually rather than access them this way.
  6. Sony should just go and buy Xbox and then we can call it quits😎
  7. That's a huge move as they will now own the likes of Doom, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Dishonored and Wolfenstein. Hopefully that'll be the end of the shitty Bethesda platform and the dogshit microtransactions. Maybe they'll also have access to better technology instead of clapped-out crap from 15 years ago still. I can't see these brands suddenly becoming Xbox and Windows Exclusives though as they bring in the dosh on Playstation but it could lead to some shit going forward such as content and platform timed exclusives. Microsoft buys Skyrim and Fallout company
  8. We're top if you have the table upside down😎 Horrid luck so far - about 7 first team players injured and several unfit, two tough opening fixtures in an already cluttered schedule and were absolutely skint! This season will probably be a write-off for most teams and most will be happy just to survive financially.
  9. Man Utd 1-3 Crystal Palace ROFL! So much for United being title contenders...
  10. Played on the ship map which seemed ok but boats are very OP. Got spawn trapped on the Moscow 6v6 map which was a joke. Terrible map but that just made it worse. Also when you’re playing objective modes, the announcer won’t shut the fuck up and it’s really hard to keep track of your scorestreak progression. Frame rate is dogshit and the animations are a massive issue - I keep getting killed by players who are not facing me but shooting sideways from my POV and everything seems so basic compared to MW. I haven’t enjoyed a single minute so far so I removed the alpha alt

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