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  1. Weather effects in this game are beautiful
  2. Damn, Chelsea clawed it back to 3-3 - was inevitable and although the points were shared in a game of two halves; both will be fairly pissed off after all that. WBA threw it away amen Chelsea still dropped 2 points.
  3. Chelsea spent over £200m but are 3-0 down to West Brom in the first half hour😂
  4. Destiny 2 will also require a full re-download when the new content is released.
  5. Done a few chapters so far and loving it! The city is incredible, the driving feels perfect and the cars look remarkable. The script and acting performances are on another level too!
  6. It's a bit of a weird bundle as you have Mafia 2 Definitive edition which is a port of the PS3/360 game. You then have Mafia 3 Definitive Edition which is a GOTY-type/complete package of the PS4/XB1 version and then you have Mafia Definitive Edition that is a brand new game which is a remake of the 2002 PC original.
  7. The trilogy contains the new Definitive Edition released today rather than the original from 2002. It's worth it for that and Mafia 2 I'd say!
  8. It's a great deal and Mafia 2 is an amazing experience. Mafia 3 is dogshit but the first two games pay for themselves in this bundle so it's definitely worth getting.
  9. Xbox Series S may be a good springboard for people wanting to access the gamepass early on with a view of getting a PS5 in the future. If you have a PC then there is no point in getting either the S or X in which a PS5 is more viable. The S is a weaker console but it's much cheaper and probably only has 3 years to run which can easily accommodate the short-term games before it beings to strain. Definitely not worth getting both the PS5 and X as that's just wasting money especially in the first gen. I will get a PS5 down the line but first I want to see what their plans are with f
  10. I'm gonna probably get this package over Black Ops Cold War. I am a bit disappointed with the amount of stuff being taken out of the game but hopefully the new content will feel like an entirely new one.

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