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  1. I got given a PS5 for free last week as a belated Christmas present. Still haven’t taken it out the box - probably open it in 6 months to find its full of bricks and books😂
  2. Yeah I mentioned that in the third post.
  3. Looks good https://thumbs.gfycat.com/RipeThisAdouri-mobile.mp4
  4. Napster - now that's a name I haven't heard in about 20 years😂 I suppose Metallica are seen as the OG's of DMCA's as that was probably the first notable lawsuit filed of this nature - prior to that it was burning discs and copying tapes pretty much! The performance went fine on YouTube so I wonder if this was one of Twitch's automated triggers where any music that isn't in a recommended free playlist is detected and censored. Either that or someone pulled the plug deliberately or with some nostalgic irony. You would've thought Activision Blizzard, Twitch and Metallica themselves wo
  5. ..to avoid being copyright struck by Metallica!? Another absolute comedy shit show from Twitch🤣
  6. Resurrected will cost £34.99/$39.99 https://eu.shop.battle.net/en-us/product/diablo_ii_resurrected
  7. Codemasters aren't quite as prominent as they used to be in the industry so this move may help in that respect whilst also taking the sting out of the cost of licences. These official racing games aren't cheap to produce so if they fail to sell well like a few of their recent games then it's a big problem. Hopefully EA will keep their money-grabbing mitts out of the gameplay by trying to monetize aspects of it and let the games run themselves as designed by the developers.
  8. Liverpool's title defence is the worst ever and Klopp must be on thin ice. Cannot believe it really! They'll have to win the Champions League again else they may not even make the Europa League. Is that 4 defeats in a row at home too?
  9. In contrast, here's some Diablo 4. Not gonna lie, I am more interested in Diablo 2 Does look decent though. Hopefully Blizzard can start salvaging their reputation.
  10. They have made the obligation by allowing for all news media to be published unrestricted. Banning news rather than just not allowing monetisation would then put the onus on Australia to withdraw or continue as is. An outright ban the main issue here. Facebook could have left it until legislation hit and then Australia would've had to walk to comply with the laws they approved. To censor the whole country and put livelihoods at risk is an astonishing action motivated more by money and politics rather than ethics. It also contradicts the concept after they have been negotiating a
  11. Looks half decent to be fair which is impressive considering it’s built from the ground up as the original source code was unavailable. They’ve also got a good developer making it in Vicarious Visions as opposed to Blizzarrd doing it in-house. Bit more optimistic about it now
  12. Hopefully this wont get the Warcraft 3 Reforged treatment but then again Blizzard cannot be trusted at all these days
  13. The support for Gina is insane right now and the amount of pronouns having meltdowns on social media is pretty epic! Kathleen Kennedy got pooed on pretty bad yesterday too in this glorious dumpster fire Star Wars Fans Revolt: Oscars Remove Kathleen Kennedy YouTube Comments COSMICBOOK.NEWS There is a disturbance in The Force. Again.
  14. 😅The law being enforced must be from 1361

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