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  1. Sooo... Have any of you lot tried out the Holger in multiplayer or Warzone yet? I was running it yesterday in an overkill class paired up with an MP7 and this fucking thing packs a punch! I'm running the blueprint that essentially turns it into an AR for the moment as I haven't levelled it too much and haven't got too many attachments for it, but using this thing in warzone was an absolute blast. Bit more recoil than most AR's, but still less than the Scar or AK and the damage over range is rediculous. Also holds up quite well at close range. I can't wait to try this baby out more as the games I did use it in last night were very fun. Also been told it got buffed to hell with the last update (I only unlocked the damn thing on friday I think) so if you like LMG's give it a shot!
  2. Is that even doable?
  3. Well I’ve just had a couple games with Dark_uprising, his brother and a friend of his brother and they wanted to do the bunker. Just about pulled it off in a game of plunder where I think 3 other teams kept pushing us to get into the bunker after we opened it Also got the keycard that opens one of the other bunkers in regilar BR quads, popped one open, got the loot and then as we were about to crest the hill going away from it another team showed up. Managed to trap them in there and completely destroyed them as they tried pushing out. Dark actually managed a whopping 29 kills that game and we finished 2nd. The rest of us had 4-5 kills each
  4. Not bothered trying this yet, I know the longer easter egg that ends in bunker 11 gives you a special MP7 blueprint and to be honest, I'd rather run around and kill people than do this
  5. I fucking love you @Diddums Thank fuck I stay the hell away from twitch as much as possible as I'd probably fire on all cylinders and intentionally trigger the living hell out of someone like that.
  6. Have to admit I have no idea how the RPG’s are now as I’ve moved away from them quite some time ago to level some of the pistols. I’ve been told the nerf isn’t really noticable though
  7. I've been using the M4 as a DMR setting it to single fire, putting the marksman barrel and a variable zoom scope on it with the Socom rounds, in HC it's a 1 shot kill, warzone I believe it's 5 shots to kill and would not recommend taking on firefights with more than one person at a time and in core it's 2-3 shots depending on where you hit. Very fun gun to use, need to test the burst mod eventually too.
  8. I just completed this quiz. My Score 100/100 My Time 207 seconds  
  9. Morbo approves of the puny humans mug!
  10. He doesn't adress any of these things. He says it's trash, says the spawns are counter-intuitive and that the maps suck. Pretty much it.
  11. I'm quite happy with the logo @GazzaGarratt made me, but I wouldn't mind replacing this banner (marked with yellow arrow) with something different. Just not sure what
  12. Honestly his complaints can be said for any CoD game. Spawns are fucked? Been thay way since CoD4 lad, get over it. Map are bad? Sorry they aren't the 3 straight lines you are used to that they use in competitive play, this really comes down to preference in my opinion. There's nothing in there that are legit arguments, he could have brought up the cheaters in Warzone, but he doesn't. He's entitled to have his opinion though. Personally aside from the campers being more common in this cod than any other I quite enjoy it.
  13. Interesting, don't use smg's much, but would love more sniper rifles and the marksman rifle looks good too.
  14. I just completed this quiz. My Score 75/100 My Time 185 seconds  
  15. Don't think I've played any AC game since the one where you were a native american. This did catch my eye thought and depending on eventual reviews and general feedback I might pick this up. Used to love the old AC games.
  16. Still a couple of us old dogs about. Although there's sadly fewer of us than there used to be. Glad to see you back man, feel free to drop me an invite for Warzone if you see me on CoD. Just be warned, I take my Cod gaming as seriously as I did back in my MW2 days
  17. Don't think you can get them from anywhere except your loadout or from someone's dead body who had them. The only gun that you get off the ground or from crates that I use is the Kilo variants and the AX-50 and HDR variants. The others either lack in terms of attachments in my opinion, or they have attchments I don't like Like the damn 3x thermal scope that's on fucking everything!
  18. I just completed this quiz. My Score 37/100 My Time 293 seconds  
  19. From what I've been told and from what I've experienced myself, at full armour you need to hit the enemy right at their feet in order for it to be a one shot kill. If you hit a wall or a roof next to/above them it will not kill/down them. However if they are in or near a vehicle... Mayhem! Just aim it in the right direction and blast them away like good old Team Rocket
  20. Didn't actually see a topic for this, other then an old one about the old FG server we had so I figured I'd make a more genral one to talk about all things Ark. I recently got the Genesis Season pass and I'm trying to get back into Ark, but daaaamn did they make this new map difficult. Yes sure there's tons of new things and new creatures and I can't wait to jump into it and build, craft and tame everything while exploring, but this map is just brutal. If ayone has ever played the Scorched Earth DLC it feels like that, without the blistering heat. I first tried to get situated in the Volcanic biome, but after dying to t-rexes and basilisks over and over I admitted defeat and opted for the "easy" biome, the bog. "Easy"? Nope! Sarco's, Baryonyx, Raptors, swarms of insects and more. They are everywhere and you can't escape the damn things because as soon as you run past the next bush there's something else trying to kill you But I love every second of it because it's something new and shiny. I know @Nutcuttlit has also got the new map, but if there's more of you and you wanna tag along let us know, I'd love to get set up on a pvp server with a couple of us to take on everyone else!
  21. Figured I'd post my most used loadout on here as well as my thoughts on it. Cold-blooded, ghost and tune up as perks to be invisible to radar, thermal scopes and heartbeat censors and tune up for the faster revives. Semtex and gas grenades is just preference. Now the guns... I dunno how the Kilo compares to the Grau and M4 as I haven't been bothered to check, but this thing is accurate as hell and I seem to win 80% of my gunsfights with it. There's two things that makes it stand out above other AR's for me. It's accuracy over range which in my opinion can battle the FAL and the fact tht you can put a 100 round mag on it. Rather than running an LMG to get that kind of ammo capacity, run the Kilo, you will run faster with this than an LMG and the reload time? Hah! I barely notice any difference between the Kilo's 60 round mag and the 100 round mag. Now the crown jewel. The Renetti Akimbo. Close quarters this thing will win you ANY gunfight. Just spam those two triggers as fast as you can and try to keep your aim on them as there will be some recoil These things are just so much fun and so good they will probably get nerfed at some point to be honest. I'm still conflicted if I liked it better without akimbo or not as with the one gun I could take on fights at slightly longer ranges, but akimbo nothing will stop these bad boys except if you run into someone running a shotty.
  22. Noticed there was an issue with it yesterday, speaking of which, where's my invite to the FG regiment? I've had to make my own to get that sweet double xp
  23. I've been levelling up the Renetti like crazy the last couple of days and now with double xp and double weapon xp this thing is skyrocketing through the levels. I've now ulocked the burst mod and I'm not far away from having it akimbo. If you have a fast trigger finger, give this gun a go! I can outgun any AR user between 0-20 meters if I can land my shots with it, I've also got some very nasty 180 kills where I get shot in the back and manage to turn around and waste the guy just in time to survive. These things are so effing OP and just perfect as a secondary for an AR if you don't enjoy using launchers. After I unlocked the burst mod for it, it just got even better. I imagine this thing is a LOT easier to level up in multiplayer and playing hardcore, but if you don't have the full game, drop into some plunder matches and go for the different contracts. Each one you complete gives you 500 weapon xp, just don't forget to have you pistol out! That 500 weapon xp only counts towards the weapon currently in your hands! I've got some great clips with this thing as well that I need to upload that will definetly prove my point
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