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  1. I know I'm the resident OW fanboi but I think this looks amazing. The amount of times we've said that they need to do more PvE stuff and expand on the lore. It actually seems like they were building he sequel well before any of us were even thinking about it. Thankfully it looks like a standalone expansion rather than a DLC. This fits the original model they were going for and will make sure that the player base is as high as possible. Will wait to see what the score is more but this is an absolute must have for me. A most welcome sequel that can hopefully fill the boots of PvE and PvP players alike
  2. Really enjoyed the beta. This game went from a definite no, to a solid maybe. Really enjoyed the slowed down pace that came with it whilst keeping the fluidity of the movement. General audio was really good too and really gave a solid atmosphere to it. Gun mechanics is just standard COD but I dont think I expected anything else. Given the large party sizes for the games this could well be a winner as a communal game for us all. Looking forward to the beta again this weekend
  3. Yep!! Norwich thoroughly deserved it from what I saw too. 5 point gap at this point is going to be worrying for Man City fans
  4. Combos in execution aren't too bad I feel. The issue is being able to react to a hit landing and following through with the rest of the combo otherwise you leave yourself wide open for counter combos. My standard combo chain is (1=square, 2=triangle, 3=circle & 4=X) 1,1,1, bk-fw 4, fw2, 2, bk-away 3 + meter burn. So not a million button presses in there and gets around 25% damage when it lands
  5. Proper MK11 tourney when we meet up in October!!
  6. So here's a few vids to kick off with. As you'll have noticed, my main character is Kabal which is unlikely to change until the release of the Terminator. Although I am tempted to learn a couple of other characters to try and keep things fresh. This gameplay is taken from the Kombat League playlist which is MK11's competitive play mode which is much like something of Overwatch but it limits you on what variations and moves you can use with your character and therefore what strings are and aren't possible. Hope you dudes enjoy!
  7. So season 18 is properly live now with role queue and 5 placements needed in each category. Would be cool to have a session soon if we can rally some peeps
  8. Looks like there was a bug and placements will have to be done all over again. It seems that some pros were getting put into bronze and all sorts of weird shizzle. Watch this space..........
  9. No. I find the Injustice/MK games much easier on a pad as it's a block button rather than holding backwards. Muscle memory just takes a bit longer to set in though. Most combos are pretty forgiving to be honest. The difficulty lies in stringing 2 combos together through a Krushing blow or a 2 meter string. I'll try to explain more through vids as it's not easy to explain in just words
  10. @GazzaGarratt theres a place near us I'm dying to try. It's an Italian Tapas restaurant!! Pestos i think it's called and comes highly recommended. We'll be doing it for sure when we can sort out some kiddy sitters!!
  11. I had a few good weeks and then it's just tapered off (as usual!!). Thinking about a wildcard already to start closing the gap
  12. Gap at Plat/Gold is fine at 1k as I remember so wont be an issue. It's when it ticks over to diamond and then it shortens to 500.
  13. As a lot of you know this has been my game of choice recently and I was wondering if there was any interest of me uploading some online games or just generally shooting the shit on it? My interest has peaked even more now on the game with the full Kombat Pack 1 roster revealed: Shanghai Tsung Night wolf Sindel T-800 Terminator Joker Spawn Really looking forward to seeing the Terminator in action!
  14. It's exactly like that @GazzaGarratt, so if you're relevant SRs dont line up then you cant play together. Hopefully it'll still be ok though given there are a the different roles. I've done my placements for tank (2750ish) and healer (3000ish). But given the queue times on dps I've not even done 1 game!!
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