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  1. Stretch616

    Anyone for Ark!!!

    Was good to get on and see everyone last night. Still totally confused with this game but at least I've now learnt to stay the fuck out of the water!!
  2. Stretch616

    FG into 2019 - Updating Roles

    Congratulations guys. Fully deserved and looking forward to seeing what 2019 has in store now
  3. Stretch616

    Torb rework and other PTR changes

    So the long awaiting Torn rework is here and he looks pretty sweet. Highlights of the changes as follows Turret is now deployable and doesn't require building. Turret will now aim at whatever is being hit with your primary fire Overload ability is new and is a mini molten core (previous ult). Lasts for 5 secs and on a 12 sec cooldown, now makes you move faster too Molten core (new ult) is totally new and he basically throws 10 shots of hot magma onto the floor which do 150dps on normal health/shield and 190dps on armour. A fair bit of area denial Crit hitbox rediced by 10% Robot gun projectiles fire faster Spread on alternative fire is tighter There's a bit more in there but he really does look like a decent pick now and can really melt quickly with the turret, secondary fire change and overload as a nasty combo. I don't think he'll be a troll pick anymore! Mcree is getting a little buff with his combat roll changing from 8 to 6 sec cooldown. Orisa has a small buff with her gun spread being reduced from 1.5 to 1.2. Apparently this should make her more consistent with damage at mid to long ranges Solider is also getting a little buff with his spread not coming into effect until the 10th shot in full auto. This is quite a big buff imo as it'll make his damage output a lot more consistent Pharah has had what they are calling a skill update. Effectively making her more difficult to play but also more rewarding if you do. Concussion blast cooldown reduced from 12 to 9 secs Increased fire rate from 0.9 to 0.75 secs Increased rocket travel speed Reduced damage from non-impact hits from 65 to 45 (will double check numbers) Increased damage for direct hits from 55 to 75 Quite excited for the Paharah changes, as I think it makes her a bit more viable on more maps now. The rocket travel increase will really help smooth out the damage lost from the explosion area of effect.
  4. Stretch616

    Iron Banner - Season 4

    Was an awesome night. It really felt like we were in the groove with it and almost untouchable at times. Even though the rewards were pants (I got the damn rocket launcher 6 times!!), it was an absolute blast.
  5. Stretch616

    Gambit Mode

    Really was a good crack the other night but also a total eye opener into the intricacies of the game mode. As @GazzaGarratt said, it's more about keeping your cool and sticking to the plan rather than getting emotional about it 🤬🤬
  6. Stretch616

    Blackout Beta September 10th

    Thanks dude 👍👍
  7. Stretch616

    FG Fantasy Football 2018/19 Season

    Current roster is: @Stretch616 @Plumbers Crack @tronic44 @Findmartin @GazzaGarratt @Dan94 @phil bottle @ChaosGladiator Hopefully we can get a couple more in to make it a good crack
  8. Stretch616

    FG Fantasy Football 2018/19 Season

    Have you registered the team first? Seems odd as we've got a few people in already so the code should be fine
  9. Stretch616

    Congratulations London Spitfire

    I'll get a bit more past match analysis on here, but just thought I'd get the thread started. London Spitfire have won the very first OW championship this evening by beating Philidelphia Fusion 2-0 in the best of 3 series. Nice to see the "local" boys bring it home!!
  10. Stretch616

    Wrecking Ball - 28th Overwatch Character

    Had a few games with him and I kind of liken him to Doomfist. If you can master the movement portion and think a couple of moves ahead then he's pretty spectacular. If not then he's dead weight. He can't be played as a main tank as he doesn't have an active way of mitigating damage, however as an off tank he can really disrupt the enemy team. Going to take a long time to get used to him but could be really good in the long run. Maybe it's worthwhile having a couple of us universally pick him in QP with proper comp set ups to see if we can get him to work
  11. Stretch616

    Fallout 76

    Must say that I'm really looking forward to this. I've always struggled with Fallout games before as multiplayer games took my attention away from what was a very good single player game. So with the mix on offer here it seems spot on. I've watched a few vids and I really love the lore and effort that they're putting into this new world. This could well be the first bonafide MMORPGFPS/3PS. There's been a few attempts before but they've never quite got the RPG bit right. Plus recent problems on end game content with games like Destiny and The Division will only serve a good experience for the Bethesda team to learn from Time to see if there's a ps4 beta I can sign up for!!
  12. Stretch616

    Latest PTR patch notes - Big Healer Changes

    I like the patch for the healing changes. Should make it so that the healers are all doing a similar amount of HPS whether that be done in burst fashion on a single target or steady across multiple. Should make for interesting team comps I reckon, if nothing else it makes Lucio a lot more viable of a pick
  13. Stretch616

    Need Plug Adapter that can charge from a USB Bank

    Since we've had the camper van we've got a leisure battery so we can charge a fair bit of stuff. However when we were proper camping before (and a fair bit now) we went without. As Mr Crack said, sometimes it's really good to go without those creature comforts for a few days. It's surprising how nice it can feel. I get that you need stuff for Dax but might be worth a go for you and the mrs??
  14. Stretch616

    Division 2 Beta

    I've registered for it. The idea of the first game was great but just a bit lacking in execution. However I did hear that the later expansions fixed a lot of stuff and added more depth to the game. Just a shame hardly anyone was there to see it!! Really hoping that we can see this one learn from the previous lessons and a good game come from it
  15. Stretch616

    Latest PTR patch notes - Big Healer Changes

    The proposed changes between all the healers look good and it seems to level the playing field a bit more between them all now. Zen still out in the cold now for healing and given the big changes recently to Anna, I reckon we'll start to see a lot more of her played. Also, I kinda like the change to the Zarya ult. Having more uptime on the ultimate and contribute more to the team fight by having extra energy is a better option for me than a larger radius on the ult. I'm sure not everyone sees it that way but we have to remember the level of game that we play. The pro and master people who define what meta is are just so far above us in skill so the game dynamic is totally different


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