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  1. Day fucking whatever, don't care. Shit day!! So same shenanigans as usual but Debbie had what I can only describe as an episode around lunchtime. She was struggling to find the breath to talk, heart rate jumped up to around 130bpm and was just totally not with it. Called 111 and after a 2hr wait, they advised us that we needed further consultation. After another 2hr wait we were told that we needed to be at A&E within the hr. I was given special dispensation to break isolation protocol and drive us to the hospital on the proviso that we only dropped Debbie off and didnt leave the car. So this all sounded very slick, professional and by the books. But when Debbie arrived there it just wasnt the case and they weren't even expecting her and they thought she should have actually gone to A&E rather than the Coronavirus ward. After 5 mins of me dropping her off and going home she phoned me to say that it was all wrong and she needed to go home. Another 5 mins later they decided that they were going to swab her and another 5 mins later she was free to go. We won't know the results for another 3-5 days but all I care about is that she's home and not stuck away from me and the kids. If the past week is anything to go by, the next few days are still going to be hard but I feel like the hardest part is now over. It's now a question of getting used to what we've got in front of us for at least the next 3 weeks Keep safe all, and please dont be tempted to break the threshold on this. Seeing what it's done to my mrs and her not be at the harsh end of the spectrum is horrifying. This is a long term change of mentality and it's not something we have to like but it is something we have to do.
  2. In contrast to James' review, I've actually found this to be pretty spectacular so far. The ammo shortages add an element of jeopardy and means that you are constantly positioning yourself correctly in relation to the gun you're using and the enemy type you're facing. The melee options again add a tactical element to your current situation as to how you approach. Low on ammo, get that chainsaw out. Low on armour, use the flamethrower. Low on health, get that glory kill. For me it's a really high paced FPS chess match where one wrong turn can result in death, which I think is something to be commended. All too often FPS games are either far too easy or unfairly difficult. This feels placed in a good way where you'll always have an option to progress but can be brutal in how it punished you. The variety in the guns and mods also adds another layer to this. For instance, just 1 shot from the modded shotgun to grenade into a cacademon's mouth sets then up for a glory kill. Just using the shotgun alone or the rifle would take a while to get them down to this state. So you can almost then use the cacademon as a pseudo health pack in times of trouble. Agreed that the platforming changes the pace a little but it gives the secret searching some decent credence rather than just being found on the standard rails. Plus, the game cant be a balls to the wall shooter otherwise it would lose the impact when shit gets really heavy. I also like the development of the character, guns and mods in the RPGesque manner. It helps to develop your slayer into your play style. For instance the first mod I got for my slayer was to activate the glory kills at a longer range. This means when I'm really in the crap I can potentially move myself quickly out of danger and get myself some health pretty quickly. I'm sure this will change as i unlock more guns and slots but it's nice to get that feeling of developing power over the course game rather than just be the mutts nuts at lvl 1. Obviously my impression of this vastly differs from James' so it's probably important for you to watch a few vids on this to see if it floats your boat. IMO it's been an absolute blast to play and something so different to sink my teeth into that isn't a looter shooter or CoD. For me, totally deserving of the full price game tag and I cant wait to finish my first play through on ultra violence so I can hit it again on nightmare mode!!
  3. Can we just agree to disagree here and just accept we're all in this together A long road ahead of us..............
  4. Day 4 Today was fecking hard. First day of trying to homeschool the kids, looking after the mrs, looking after the puppy and trying to work. Not happy to say, but I got a bit snappy at the kids and puppy. It's just a lot living in a few metres of each other and trying to do everything. I may well have to face facts that something (work) will have to give. Had a great evening once we switched off from school/work. The local pub delivered me a few pints, @GazzaGarratt delivered me a few essentials as well and all was good. Debs unfortunately went downhill a bit more tonight though and resigned herself back to the bedroom and has been coughing up until I write this and her temperature seems to have increased. We're hoping it's nothing but you cant help but worry. Hearing the news today of petty much all service based establishments having to close has really hit me hard. This shit is very, very real now. It's very much a stark reality of how we're going to live our day to day lives for the next few months. I just hope people see sense and stop the panic buying. I'm seeing all too often posts on facebook of nurses who cant get food and new mothers who cant get nappies or formula. It's just wrong on all levels. Once i can get out of these 4 walls, I'm going to make it a personal mission to make sure these people doing a proper service to those who need it have access to what they need. I'm just worried that in 9 days time it just might be too late. Appreciate the games and laughs tonight on the PS4. Was thoroughly needed. And we'll all need a few more of those to get us through this period. Till tomorrow!!
  5. Yeah, this will probably be the last one before OW2 now. It was pretty much a given as she was in the OW2 cinematic as well. She does look all sorts of crazy and I'm quite looking forward to playing her. Worth noting that big daddy Jeff has said that they may look to nerf her ultra very quickly depending on how it plays out. I was watching a vid and if you morph into Sombra and hit some decent shots you could potentially get 2 EMPs!! (650% increase to ultra charge whilst in morphed form) Time will tell but I'd much rather bat shit crazy stuff like this than safe characters that dont add much to the existing play styles or meta
  6. She seems fecking crazy!! Looking forward fo giving her a go. But as shes DPS that's not likely to happen
  7. In order to keep me sane and also to just keep a log of things generally I thought I'd do a diary of how things are in the household. So for those that dont know, my entire family is now in self isolation for the next 2 weeks and Debbie developed symptoms on Monday that are similar to those associated with Coronavirus. So now we have the pleasure of 2 weeks in each other's pockets We're now on day 3 of the lockdown and I thought I'd put a bit of something on here. So we figured something like this would be on the cards at some point so we had a reasonable contingency plan for food worked out. However, that was for a 7 day period at the time and then the instructions changed to make it a 14 day period. So first thing to do was to get an online shop sorted and the soonest delivery we could get was for the Tuesday of the following week. But we didnt account for the amount of shit that would be out of stock from the panic buying cockwombles. So we've had to get a little creative with our meal plans, but it's still been a reasonable menu this far. Cheesy bacon pasta, ministrone soup and a chicken paella. With the kids normally at school and pre-school club we dont really think about how much they actually eat during the day. Let me tell you, it's a fuck tonne!!! All I've heard all day is how hungry they are and then when it comes to dinner they suddenly want to know how much they have to eat to get pudding!! Working from home has been a challenge. I started a new job the week before so now I'm trying to learn the ropes whilst trying to homeschool 2 kids, deal with a 10 week old puppy and also tend to the wife! Needless to say it's a little fraught at times!! Debbie has unfortunately gone downhill since Monday and we're not really sure whether it is or isn't the Corona given that they're not really testing anybody that's not in large distress. Although she has spent the last 3 days in bed coughing which is worrying enough for me even if she does seem to be coping at this point. You never really know how it's going to develop and it's hard not to let the mind wander a little. My friends have been awesome and air dropping in some essentials to keep us going (including beer) which has been great. It just feels really weird to acknowledge them at the window and wave goodbye. Apparently the shops are pretty threadbare at the moment which is making me worry slightly as I cant get out and get anything on my own steam. Although I am starting to look into supporting local retailers in this time who seem to have a reasonable stock if people are sensible. So, daily milkman delivery of some eggs, milk and bread sounds spot on. Plus some veg boxes from the local fruit and veg market. All I need now is my pasta making machine and I'll be golden!! Apologies for a lengthy update on the 1st one, should be shorter going forward. Stay safe people
  8. That's the trouble with the industries where it's not possible and in a confined space. I'm "ok", but there are so many people out there, where this just affects their whole livelihoods. It's a crazy, crazy situation and nobody really knows how we'll all come out of this
  9. No, mrs was told yesterday to self isolate and then the recent policy change means that the whole family is stuck in the house for the next 2 weeks
  10. I'm happy to do a day by day diary of how my quarantine period is going?!! May help the 14 days go by a little quicker!! Nice idea though Lee and I'm more than happy to help out in whatever way I can from the confines of my humble abode. Stay safe and strong peoples!!
  11. I'm with Tommy here. I love FPS games but I really struggle with BR versions. However plunder is a bit different as it's a respawn game based around collecting and depositing cash. I only had chance for 1 game yesterday really quickly but I enjoyed it for a total change of pace. I'd suggest it's worth a look if normal BR games aren't your bag
  12. Certainly a bit of a blow to the lore but not entirely sure what the gay thing has to do with anything?! As far as OW2 is concerned, I'll be picking it up for sure. For the amount of playtime I got for my original purchase price the game doesn't owe me anything and I'll quite happily pay for a new game with free updates as well. I get the game went stale with updates and the like quite some time ago but it's clear that this is directly because of them working on the sequel. I'd like to think they took on the feedback from the PvE events in OW1 and used that as a framework for building OW2. I still love watching the OWL and keeping up to speed with patch notes and the new experimental mode. Obviously I'm not online as much at the moment but I'd love to get back with a squad on this. I think it's fair to say that for the amount of frustrating losses we had, there were also some pretty epic wins. Plus the new 2/2/2 format really helps to make sure you dont keep getting a Genji and Widow pro on your team every.god.damn.time!!
  13. Nice start there Dids. Its certainly a steep learning curve. One of the main points is to recognise that this is not a battle royale game. Sometimes just getting in and out with monster kills and a hunter kill or 2 is perfectly fine to level up your character to a point where you feel more ready to take on a bounty extraction. Also, audio, audio, audio. If you're not playing this on a headset then you're at a massive disadvantage
  14. I'll sign up for that price too. Its worth a punt and not exactly a lot of money down the drain. Tbh I never actually read about what the issues were but I gather it was around loot boxes (shock!!)
  15. I just completed this quiz. My Score 66/100 My Time 103 seconds  
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