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  1. Stretch616

    World Cup 2018 | Fantasy Football

    Same error for me dude
  2. Stretch616

    Awwwww Yeah!!! It's Turtle Time

    It's down the gear you equip on the loadout you're running. Apparently you'll start off with a weapon to suit all 4 and that all 4 very slightly in their combos. Some strings will be safe with Leonardo but not Raphael, whereas Donatello may get an extra attack in the string. Very funky and going to be a pain in the ass to figure out 😂😂
  3. Stretch616

    Dev update

    Didn't expect anything less for this update if I'm honest. CTF was always something they wanted to push but not necessarily what a lot of the community wanted. I'm just happy to see even more skins in the game!! Pretty sure the next event is Uprising which should feature quite a bit of PvE content (which I'm super excited about!!)
  4. All over this when it comes out!! Looks like it could be a bit weird with the mechanics of switching characters though.
  5. Stretch616

    The Overwatch League

    Yeah, it's weird to support our "home" team and it be filled with foreigners. But how is that any different to any Premier League club. Just to reiterate from another thread, there's an awesome OW League app (thanks Rob 👍) that'll keep you up to date and even prompt when your supported teams are playing. I honestly can't wait till Stage 1 is now done and dusted. I want to see how the pros change up their play with the Fucking Hot Healing Chick! nerf being live
  6. Stretch616

    POTG Megathread

    Wicked stuff Crispy. I bet Widow is a fuck tonne easier with mouse & keyboard. Just don't go too much PC master race on us now!!
  7. Stretch616

    OW League Schedule- Week 4

    Didn't know they had it. Downloaded it now and fully agree mate. Today professional app which I've now come to expect from Blizzard! Nice one dude! 👍👍
  8. Stretch616

    POTG Megathread

    Had a quick mooch to see what I had. Will have a proper look through another time. @tronic44 feel free to use any of these for the main video dude
  9. Stretch616

    POTG Megathread

    Great idea for a thread dude. Let's get posting peoples!!
  10. Stretch616

    World of Warcraft night

    Sounds like a plan apart from one small thing.....I don't have a pc to play it on 😂😂
  11. Stretch616


    Hey dude. Welcome to FG! 👍
  12. Stretch616

    Overwatch Developer Update 26/1

    Some interesting bits in here about upcoming balance changes. Very nice to see the honesty from them regarding the Fucking Hot Healing Chick! change and I'm really looking forward to see what they're doing with Symmetra.
  13. Stretch616

    Overwatch Game battles - Info \ Updates \ Progress

  14. Stretch616

    Best Fighting Game Right Now?

    No worries Dude. Hope you get on ok with it. I'm no expert by any means by I do enjoy having a good dabble. Superman is the best starter character from what I remember. I'm just far too deep down the rabbit hole with Batman, Green Lantern and Joker at the moment. Will start to look at another character when they release the TMNT DLC

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