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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 66/100 My Time 103 seconds  
  2. Stretch616

    The beach in January

    One of many photos taken from our new year trip to the Isle of Wight
  3. MIND for me 100%. Mental health is something that's really important to me and whilst some of the stigma is being taken away i think theres some way to go. With that said, theres not a bad choice on there so I'm happy to see us support (and be affiliated with?) any of the choices
  4. Was a really good crack. I forgot how much Iiked the game to be honest, although my aim at times was absolute dog shite!! It's the amount of new operators that has me confused. No idea what half of them do and the counters for them. I guess time will be the main key to solving that part
  5. Totally missed this @Plumbers Crack so apologies!! Seems like you're sorted now which is good though. As the guys have already said, Virgin were the only ISP that has their own network. Everyone else uses the Openreach infrastructure and offers out packages to their tailoring. Theres one exception which is Vodaphone who are rolling out true fibre service which can get upto speeds of a GB!! It's worth noting that theres a massive drive now within Openreach to now start providing Fibre to the home rather than to the local cabinet which will more likely mirror or exceed the current Virgin offering. A bit late to the party but hopefully good info for all nonetheless!!
  6. I've also picked this up after the recommendations and it's a really solid shooter. As the others have said, the hordes are just that and there are hundreds of zombies on screen at times. Decent class and gun progression too which adds to the replayability on top of alternative difficulties. Well worth the £12
  7. Nice one mate. I've joined up for shits and giggles
  8. What happens when you being a knife (& shield) to a gun fight!!
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 83/100 My Time 105 seconds  
  10. Free shit = good Happy to see stuff added so quickly after launch and no matter what they add, so long as it stays free then I'm happy
  11. Name: How to S&D Category: Call of Duty Date Added: 11/27/2019 Submitter: Stretch616 What happens when you being a knife (& shield) to a gun fight!! How to S&D
  12. I know I'm the resident OW fanboi but I think this looks amazing. The amount of times we've said that they need to do more PvE stuff and expand on the lore. It actually seems like they were building he sequel well before any of us were even thinking about it. Thankfully it looks like a standalone expansion rather than a DLC. This fits the original model they were going for and will make sure that the player base is as high as possible. Will wait to see what the score is more but this is an absolute must have for me. A most welcome sequel that can hopefully fill the boots of PvE and PvP players alike
  13. Really enjoyed the beta. This game went from a definite no, to a solid maybe. Really enjoyed the slowed down pace that came with it whilst keeping the fluidity of the movement. General audio was really good too and really gave a solid atmosphere to it. Gun mechanics is just standard COD but I dont think I expected anything else. Given the large party sizes for the games this could well be a winner as a communal game for us all. Looking forward to the beta again this weekend
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