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  1. Thanks for the help fellas. Via the FG App
  2. I'd like for each person to be able to set a waypoint that they want. One for home base, one for a farm, one for someone else's base, etc. Then be able to teleport to them. I've never used command blocks or teleport commands. Is it complicated?
  3. I'm running a Minecraft server with a couple of friends. We are on Multicraft Bukkit 1.8.7. We are wanting to set up some waypoints, preferably though plugins; however, I'm open to using mods, just not as experienced installing them for a server. Can anyone help me out? Please. Thanks!!!
  4. Thanks, Dave. You've given me a lot to think about. Thank you. I'll update soon when I make a decision. You're the man! Via the FG App
  5. I'm only gaming on a 1080 right now. I'd like to upgrade eventually, but not a huge need for me right now. So, considering my current specs... if I've only got the money to update the GPU or CPU, should I go with the RX580 or the Ryzen? Which would make a bigger difference? I want to do both eventually, but I've only got about $200 USD to play with right now. I'm happy with my MOBO, RAM, and I've got 2 SSDs already installed. Via the FG App
  6. Thanks, Dave. I'm hoping to only update the GPU and/or the CPU. Not the whole system. I'll reply more when I have time. Via the FG App
  7. Welcome to the forum. Always good to see new members. Via the FG App
  8. Thanks, Phil. I appreciate you bumping this up so people see it. I don't care what everyone says about you, I think you're alright.
  9. I've been thinking about getting this. I've got the DayZ Mod w/ ARMA but not the stand alone. This would definitely be a good addition.
  10. We used to wreck shit so hard back in the day. I miss it.
  11. I'm down for a Modern Warfare night. Via the FG App
  12. Dude!!! What's up, man? We used to get some games for sure! How's it going? I don't know if my xbox name was B07H B4RRELS or Boggs72 back then.
  13. Beautiful. I've never been able to put my finger on the reason I haven't been into this game more. I've always enjoyed it. I've always thought it was cool. But, I could never really get that deep into it and I'm not sure why. Amazing trailer though!
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