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  1. The whole video is pretty cool. I've loved the blues since I was an early teen. But, this story that I start the video at... whoa...
  2. Are we doing this like The Price is Right? Closest without going over? Or just, closest in general?
  3. I really like the idea. It seems do-able but we'd all have to consistently chip in on it. You said you've run a DayZ server before, so you're familiar with that side of it? Are there certain mods you wish were on the Septic Falcon server that aren't being used, or are there some that you don't like? How would you like the overall feel/mods to change? Just curious?
  4. What would be the benefits of starting our own FG server?
  5. Thanks Phil. If I get a chance to get on today, I'll do some hunting.
  6. I played this for about an hour yesterday with my daughter. It was a good laugh for sure! I really enjoyed it and could see how it would be a fun party game. However, it was a bit frustrating at times. There were certain areas (the sea saw map) where I'd get stuck and glitch through the map. There was another time I qualified but the game timed out and I wasn't able to advance. If they can get some of the bugs worked out, it'll be good fun.
  7. Welcome aboard the crazy train.
  8. Great post, buddy. I hope that things settle down for me so I can get back in on the action. It's been a few days. Don't worry about the car. Shit happens. There are other cars. More adventures to come!
  9. Hey, Cat. How's it going? So you're on the Septic Falcon server? Welcome to FG.
  10. We've got a 32' Coachman Catalina. It's got a queen bed for me and the Mrs. It's got a bedroom at the other end for my kids, bunk beds and a third loft bed. It's got a bathroom with a shower/tub. It also has a couple of features that I didn't think we'd use but ended up being awesome. The outdoor kitchen and the outdoor shower. The outdoor kitchen it great for a quick hand wash or keeping beer in the fridge. The outdoor shower is perfect for having the kids rinse off after playing at the beach or in the sandbox, etc. Campers are pretty awesome. I really like having a seasonal campsite. We pay one fee for the year and keep it there year round. Electric and water included. We've got a nice spot with a lot of room around us, we aren't all packed close together. It's in the woods, on a hill next to a creek. I love it. We can see the lake from where we are. We go out there a lot during the summer. It's a nice escape from life. We fish and swim on the pontoon boat. 'Smores by the fire. Making memories with the family. This isn't the exact one, but it's very similar:
  11. Nice update, Lee. This weekend hasn't been very productive for me. This ass-hat that called off work has screwed things up for me. Nothing like working all week then covering for shitheads on the weekend too. Can't wait to get back on again.
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