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  1. Warmind DLC2

    I just watched that video on YouTube and came here to post it, but you beat me to it. Sounds plausible. It couldn't come at a better time. I've been wanting a reason to get back into Destiny. This would probably intrigue a lot of people enough to jump back on for a while. I sure hope so anyway...
  2. Bugs, issues and problems

    Seems to be working now.
  3. Bugs, issues and problems

    Thanks for looking into it, buddy. You're the best!
  4. Warmind DLC2

  5. Bugs, issues and problems

    I've been having issues with the app. It crashes when I try to open it. Sheezy and Barticus both said they're having issues as well.
  6. Clash of Clans - WAR THREAD

    I uninstalled it quite some time ago. But I've been looking for a phone game to play. I'll reinstall and check it out. Via the FG App
  7. The War Machine DLC - CoD WW2

    Cool looking map. Via the FG App
  8. FG Throwback Thursday!

    Hell yeah! Some memories came back watching that. DI for life! Via the FG App
  9. PC Build

    Thanks guys. I'll be talking with him this weekend to narrow some of this down. I appreciate the help. Via the FG App
  10. PC Build

    Operating system, yes. Everything else, no. Via the FG App
  11. PC Build

    My buddy wants a new PC. He's got a ceiling of $2,000. He wants a desktop. Would someone smarter than me be willing to put together a nice parts ticker for him? Thanks!!! Via the FG App
  12. PC gamers - thoughts please

    I'm down for some League of Legends, Minecraft, or DayZ. To be honest though, I've been extremely antisocial lately. Doubt I'll actually join up. Just being real. Via the FG App
  13. Go Faster Update - 1st Sandbox Change

    Even if they fix this game, it's too late. People have moved on and lost interest. I don't see it ever making a full return to what it was, not even close. Via the FG App
  14. Dying Light: Bad Blood

    Sounds pretty cool. I don't know how much replayability it would have, but would be cool for a while. Via the FG App

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