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  1. Beautiful. I've never been able to put my finger on the reason I haven't been into this game more. I've always enjoyed it. I've always thought it was cool. But, I could never really get that deep into it and I'm not sure why. Amazing trailer though!
  2. Nice post dude. Wish I could put the time and energy into FG as I used to but life has just gotten too busy now. I hope to be more involved again at some point.
  3. Your dedication to the forum is amazing, man. Wish I could have done the Modern Warfare game night. I signed up for some overtime at work this weekend.
  4. I can't help, sorry man. But here's s bump to the thread. Via the FG App
  5. I'd be interested if we were in a private server. Via the FG App
  6. Mario Kart, Tony Hawks Pro Skater, Ocarnia of Time, and Mario 64 were all classics. Couldn't go wrong with those. Via the FG App
  7. Diablo 2 (PC) CoD: 3 ( Xbox) CoD: 4 MW & then all the CoDs (360) - This is when I joined MW2Forum.com (origin of FG during the MW2 days.) Minecraft (PC) Destiny (PS4) League of Legends (PC) I don't play online that much these days. Not a whole lot of free time.
  8. I don't have this game. lol. I watch videos and think it's cool as shit, but I don't have it.
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