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  1. Added sims 4 to the sims 3 i had but never played. THANKS!
  2. until

    I'll stream and commentate, can we set up a quick ladder?
  3. If we get enough people we can do a live stream mini tournament
  4. £10 off uplay purchase with paypal.
  5. got my copy today. fully intended to mention on here but forgot. been ages since i read an actual magazine.
  6. Hooray! I leave the telly on in the morning for the dog, and I can hear that fucking clown prattling on. Just leave the slot blank and it will be an improvement.
  7. Good map, nice open battle at the start. What they were thinking with Paris map I'll never know.
  8. I used blutack for my NVMe screw
  9. I was so excited to see the trailer. The ring sounds! Awesome. And then I saw Sonic. Ugh. Very disappointing to see how badly they messed his looks up. Hopefully they can sort it and render the new character into the film without too much work.
  10. crispymorgan


    You are so polite to bots.
  11. Bit of an update. Working on one of @GazzaGarratts controllers. Replaced triggers, but there is still a dodgy analog controller that is jumping a bit. I've ordered a few and we'll see how they go. Should be ok, and hopefully another controller fit and well. My middle mouse button has been a bit temperamental of late. It's a Logitech G402. Lovely mouse but annoying when you try and use the button and nothing happens in overwatch. A quick bit of googling suggests it's an Omron B3F-1000. Ordered one off the 'bay for £1.21 but they sent 2, so 60p each. nice. First thing to do is find the screws, in this case they live under the mouse skates. I've got them off, but maybe I'll order some fresh ones as they have a few kinks in, they were well glued on there. Next phase is to locate the button. Easy peasy, it's the white one under roughly where the middle mouse button is. Tear down the mouse so I can get to the solder. Using my new super duper solder sucker to remove solder. It's a pain to do so no pics. I find the best way is to add more solder, melt it and then press the button on the sucker and it hoovers up the solder (it's a spring loaded widget). Now the button is removed. Clear the holes as necessary and insert new button. Now to solder it in place. The gloopy stuff is flux that helps the solder flow. Nice simple job, no new mouse needed and fixed for £1.21. I love to fix things and it's always nice to save having to buy something so you can put the money to other stuff.
  12. The 660p is great. QLC means it's a cheap NVMe. Not the best for an OS because of the nature of how the quad logic works (it needs greater amounts of voltage to use over time the more it is accessed) but great for games.
  13. Nah, it ran like a sack of shite with only 8gigglybytes. I'll no doubt be wrecking zombies or some shit. I did play CS:GO last night which was actually pretty fun.
  14. Counter strike 1.6 was my first PC game. Played that a LOT. Got pretty good too. Then onto battlefield 2. From there on in, it was consoles. Modern warfare and the usual suspects.
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