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  1. Overwatch Loot Box Ideas

    Spawn items. Like the beach ball. Squeeky toys and random items. Mcree could spawn tumbleweeds, bastion could spawn little marching robots. Via the FG App
  2. Rabbi Crispy's Bargain Basement.

    PC Bitches, get overwatch for grownups https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/overwatch-game-of-the-year-edition-rrp-5499-1999-ckeys-2925541
  3. How about a meetup in this place?

    Not sure yet, but whatever it is, it's going to be awesome. It's opening summer so I'll keep an eye out and we'll try get a big gathering, I might be able to sort out a comp or something.
  4. How about a meetup in this place?

    3rd floor opening soon.
  5. What D1 weapon would you bring to D2?

    Vision of confluence. Ice breaker. Hung jury. Jellyhorn. Via the FG App
  6. Sea of Thieves Quick Initial Tips

    I really like the concept of the game, but @ £50 it's going to be a while before I get around to playing it. Via the FG App
  7. Hello

    He's not the only one you know Via the FG App
  8. Athcheats

    New Hope For One-Armed Jugglers As Asthmatics Turn Out To Be Worlds Best Cyclists 2017-12-17 News that Tour De France winning cyclist, Chris Froome, inadvertently over-dosed on asthma medication during a race earlier this year, threw light on an interesting conundrum – why are so many of the worlds best cyclists asthma sufferers? Some genuine research for a change, reveals that Olympic level cyclists seem to be twice as likely as an average person to be using asthma medication, and those that do are 50% more likely to be medalists than their non-asthmatic competitors. So the best performers in a sport which depends on the efficient use of oxygen, are apparently competitors who have a medical condition which restricts their bodies ability to use oxygen efficiently. Why is this? Despite a great deal of cogitation, the Bugle team have been unable to come up with a plausible answer which wouldn’t get them sued, or at least abused by strange men in Lycra. But it must give hope to one armed jugglers, pot bellied jockeys and darts players with Parkinson’s disease everywhere. The Bugle understands that news of the link between asthma and cycling prowess has inspired David Blunkett to try out for the British clay pigeon shooting team.
  9. Athcheats

    This isn't news. Brailsford was always looking for an angle, not just on TUE's but on every single aspect of cycling. Everyone knew he did it. I guess Hamza would be the guy to ask if it's a dick move or not.......
  10. 2 PS4 controllers down to child abuse.  Best put my electronic qualifications into practice.  2 USB board on order.

    1. GazzaGarratt


      how much did that cost?

  11. Ready made or DIY?

    G-sync adds a pretty hefty amount to any monitor in terms of cost. I wouldn't get hung up on it to be honest.
  12. Rainbow 6 Outbreak

    why not just leave the mode active? Via the FG App
  13. 7 Days - Steam sale (£7.71)

    Owning an auger is the end of noobness. Via the FG App
  14. The Overwatch League

    I'm nearly ready for pro teams [emoji14] Via the FG App
  15. 7 Days - Steam sale (£7.71)

    bring on the noobs! Via the FG App

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