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  1. I may be up for driving it. Can run a support vehicle in the Skoda.
  2. Sounds like the battery is knackered, or possibly the charging circuit.
  3. I'll bring the retropie, So if anyone has any requests for ROMs I'll download them.
  4. It's likely Me and Alex are coming. I did it on purpose
  5. is there a benefit to completing the rounds quicker? better gear?
  6. Give me a shout, I'll go over the the wrong side of the pennines for a bit.......
  7. Added sims 4 to the sims 3 i had but never played. THANKS!
  8. until

    I'll stream and commentate, can we set up a quick ladder?
  9. If we get enough people we can do a live stream mini tournament
  10. £10 off uplay purchase with paypal.
  11. got my copy today. fully intended to mention on here but forgot. been ages since i read an actual magazine.
  12. Hooray! I leave the telly on in the morning for the dog, and I can hear that fucking clown prattling on. Just leave the slot blank and it will be an improvement.
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