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  1. crispymorgan

    BO4 Clips

    Never in all my life have I had an entire team queue up to die like that. Top job though.
  2. crispymorgan

    Who's Getting BO4?

    Alex has decided to spend his birthday money......... Looks like I'll be moaning in a game near you real soon.
  3. crispymorgan

    What Power Level are you and what do you want to do?

    Make no mistake, Unless you do your homework, this is every bit as complex. I'd prefer to do the way it was intended though.
  4. crispymorgan

    What Power Level are you and what do you want to do?

    Also, the Riven "cheese" is actually pretty hard to do, and requires pretty good timing. We were getting good, but ran out of time. Very enjoyable though.
  5. crispymorgan

    What Power Level are you and what do you want to do?

    @cyberninja2601 I know Lee always calls out poor behavior, so I hope it's just an isolated incident with a very small percentage of the group. We have a large clan, but I very rarely run with more than 10 or 12 of them, lord knows what the rest of the clan get up to..... If it's something you want addressing reach out we'll get it sorted, I hate people feeling bad over a game. I can't recommend @Plumbers Crack & Co. highly enough, they are hardcore casual gamers if that is such a thing. I'm pretty high light level if you want pulling through anything, hit me up. If you think you can't jump, try running with @technohamster. Nothing funnier than hearing him lose his shit trying to do an ascendant challenge.
  6. crispymorgan

    Minecraft User Name Thread

    Server on a per month basis. Via the FG App
  7. crispymorgan

    Who's Getting BO4?

    One of the things holding me back is that WW2 didn't really live up to its cost. Not enough game time to justify buying it. Perhaps Alaex will want to get it with his birthday money
  8. crispymorgan

    Minecraft User Name Thread

    Alex is getting into mods and stuff on minecraft. Might be nice to have a cheap server pin a power month basis. But we need an active player base or it may as well be single player. Via the FG App
  9. crispymorgan

    Minecraft User Name Thread

    Do we still have a minecraft server?
  10. crispymorgan

    Physical or digital?

    Forgot to add an option for @Amnotright, My drive is broken.
  11. crispymorgan

    Physical or digital?

    Cropped up on the BLOPS game thread, but I thought I'd split it out. Personally I favour digital because I have 2 PS4 systems that use the same license at the same time, effectively I can buy 2 copies for the price of one. Also I don't have to lean forward and remove a disc (very hard work). And there is no chance of loss/damage. What are your thoughts?
  12. crispymorgan

    Rainbow 6 Calendar: [PC] Rainbow 6 Night

    I will be on. May need a nudge to remind me to put destiny down Via the FG App
  13. crispymorgan

    Crispys Controller Hospital

    I'm going to order springs. I may try a bit of modding, button colours and stuff. I can certainly sort it out. The stupid ebay seller still hasn't sorted their fuck up out. IIrish should have sent 4 sticks, but i only got one. The dog had since eaten it because my wife moved the package and it looked tasty i presume. I've told them to issue a refund but nothing yet. It's only a few quid, but it's the principle. Via the FG App
  14. crispymorgan

    Crispys Controller Hospital

    became Thumbsticks changed, and full clean. I have a spare now so if you have a problem, and no-one else can help, maybe you can hire...... The Crispy. Seriously though, let me know if you need a swap out. I'll send you out the spare, let me know if you really want your original back though, otherwise I'll use it as the spare once fixed.
  15. crispymorgan

    Exotic drops Post Forsaken

    Just dropped Queenbreaker from Ikora! Ironically as I was grinding out the Sleeper Quest. Still, puts less pressure on getting it now.....

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