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  1. crispymorgan

    Overwatch Coaching

    Been playing PC again with@syntaxmonstr. Had a hoot. Via the FG App
  2. crispymorgan

    Battlefield 5 Is Out

    CoD should never be the gold standard of a game these days.
  3. 5 minutes in and I've died twice. Happy days........
  4. crispymorgan

    Overwatch Coaching

    I'm looking for a coach to try and turn our shower, into a slick killing machine. Anyone interested (in being coached)? It might mean making a certain evening a regular thing, as I don't want people wasting their time to help us out. Also, we'll start recording our gameplay and uploading it for video analysis and comments. Who's in!??!?!
  5. crispymorgan

    FG Twitch

    I can combine webcam feeds and do picture in picture on OBS.
  6. crispymorgan

    Playstation Plus Free games

    ooh, if you have a vita, don't forget to pick up "papers please" it's a great little game about eastern bloc border checks. I love it.
  7. crispymorgan

    Destiny 1 revival week.

    I'd like to have a week of Destiny 1 raids and other nonsense. It would be great if we could get a few of us together and relive the good old days. Stick your name down if you have it installed, or get it installed and let me know, we'll try and sort a date.
  8. crispymorgan

    The Outer Worlds

    Unlike 7 days, where even your bicycle tries to kill you. Via the FG App
  9. crispymorgan

    Destiny 2 - Year 2 and Season Pass

    but a heroic event you can complete on your own is neither herioc or an event. Scale 'em up, add more stuff, add a twist.
  10. crispymorgan

    Destiny 2 - Year 2 and Season Pass

    Not sure if I'm correct, but this seems very much about grinding for new weapons. A few more activities but once you have the weapons, it's back to the same old stuff. They need to find a way to modify story and come up with dynamic content that evolves over time. I'd be first in the queue for handing over money for a steady stream of fresh content, but this is a few crumbs that are hoovered up in a few days. Gaming as a whole for me has become very concerning. A worrying trend of withholding content behind dlc's and effectively making your version of the game null and void. I note they let you still let you increase your light level, but I shouldn't be grateful, it's a world I bought into and it would be a disgrace if they changed it so I couldn't play in it anymore because I didn't keep up with the latest version.
  11. crispymorgan

    Best Mobile Phone Networks

    It probably wasn't O2s fault, everyone has had issues:
  12. crispymorgan

    Weekly Reset

  13. crispymorgan

    Fixin' stuff

    I agree about emulators. There is a Gameboy zero, but its a raspberry pi in a Gameboy shaped box. At least this is still true to the original.
  14. crispymorgan

    Destiny 2 - Year 2 and Season Pass

    £30 gets me a new game with a whole different experience. Or more of the same...... I feel no connection to any of the story, I couldn't give a hoot what happens to any of them now that I've avenged cayde. In fact Vuvuzala and the clan woman are irritating as fuck and also need to die. Maybe its me, but the story went off in a million directions, tried to do too much and spread itself way too thin.
  15. crispymorgan

    Destiny 2 - Year 2 and Season Pass

    I think this might be where I get off the destiny train......


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