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  1. Welcome to FG Ignore Diddums when he appears
  2. At any weight you can run it's all about pace and distance. Even 1k at a slow pace of 10 minutes per KM is better than something. Before this covid i had applied to go on a run leaders course to which got cancelled but we get new runners to the club i run with some are over weight and they come with questions about their weight and running to which i always say it's about your pace and distance and always say start at 1 KM at a really slow pace and built it up little bit at a time when you are comfortable with the distance you start from. Mostly on my long runs i keep getting blisters on the inside of my foot and toes which could be either my running trainers or the way i run to which i need to see a doctor as the out side of my normal wearing shoes/trainers wear down but with my trainers i own 3 pairs 1 pair is solely for trail running then i have competition/event running then my old pair which do seem to have plenty of life left in them but it stats with them that after 500 km they need to be replaced and i'm on about 900 km with them so only way really to find out is use my event running pair see if i get and blisters.
  3. 3 times is bettejuice candyman is 5 times Have heard good things about vikings.
  4. Candyman This came out in 1992 and still holds up today. Haven't watched this in about 15 years to which i am not sure why i haven't watched it in so many years since i last watched it. Was planning on watching 2 and 3 but vaguely remember how bad they were but there is a remake of the first on its way. But it's one of them horror films everyone needs to watch at least once. Sunshine Mostly story related abuot a mission to create a star within our star but the mission doesn't quite go to plan. The music (adagio in D minor)really fits in with the film and the scene. I was close to rewatching battlestar galactica again for maybe the 10th time and only finished it about 3 months ago but as i haven't watched The big bang theory from start to finish settled for that and after that i might actually start game of thrones as i've never watched it and after that vikings another i've not watched.
  5. Welcome to the group.
  6. Haven't run in 2 months many reasons injuries bought a house which needed alot of work every room decorated the garden was in a right state then there's work and lastly lazyness. I use to run 3 maybe 4 times a week so need to get back to it. My normal 5k (3.1 miles) time was around 22 minutes to 24 minutes but this run I struggled and nearly killed me. Check out my activity on Strava: https://strava.app.link/KW43vn5Rk8
  7. Great night again and i actually one a game for once. one of these days @GazzaGarratt i think karma will be coming my way from you
  8. happy birthday @Middle Class Caveman & @G_dub52
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 41/100 My Time 118 seconds  
  10. The decent part 1 and 2. The first film is massively underrated for the budget they had for the film some jump scares and should of ended where a sequel could not happen as the second film just did not do it for me quite boring and was not needed. The cave This came out the same year as the decent and is almost just alike with minimal differences and with a few well know actors this should of been better than the decent as it didn't have known actors but the cave was just a B movie at best. I always go back to these 3 films once in a while to watch mainly due to the fact there's not many caving films out there but in all the first decent is one to watch part 2 i would not bother and the same with the cave.
  11. That's amazing mate. Possibly the wording with blood dripping down it but a zombie or two would really stand out.
  12. Get to use them new shiny vehicles I bought using the fame points.
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