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  1. @GazzaGarratt @Spacedeck you can download a free app called Rain Rain and it has a myriad of rain, waves, storms etc!
  2. Unfortunately it doesn’t mean exposure levels. What I mean is, if you play for an hour - you suffer the effects of not being able to fall asleep and poor REM. However, the more often you play the more chronic the problems become, loss of quality REM over a long period of time affects the brain etc
  3. In the forums you may have noticed that a series of topics around health and wellness have begun to pop up. The reason? I’m a strength and conditioning coach – so health and wellness are the corner stone of my existence! Today I want to address something that impacts all of us here at FG – Sleep. If you’ve played with me at all you know that I often log off first and go to bed at around 9.30pm, why? Well according to several studies there is a link between video games and the quality of sleep we can get. Sleep is one of, if not the, most important factors influencing our physical and mental health and wellbeing. Getting a solid 8 hours of sleep every night is truly the fountain of youth as it has links to lower blood pressure, weight loss, cancer…..you name it – sleep impacts on it. In a recent study it was found that even the smallest exposure to video games led to: “The analysis indicated a reduction of Total Sleep Time (TST) and an increase of Sleep Onset Latency (SOL), modifications of the REM sleep and Slow Wave Sleep (SWS), and increased sleepiness and self-perceived fatigue.” That means when you play video games the amount of sleep you get is reduced, the time it takes you to fall asleep takes longer and you don’t get as good quality REM sleep (the important part of sleep). To mitigate this, I have made the following recommendations on the forum: 1. Be in bed with enough time to fall asleep and get at least 8 hours sleep. For me that’s 10pm, so I log off at 9.30pm, make my lunch and bits for the next day and get in bed by 10pm. 2. Stop drinking caffeine after midday. This one is a tricky one as people like their tea and coffee etc. However, the half-life of caffeine is actually 5 – 6 hours on average, that means if you had a black coffee at midday that’s 100mg of caffeine in your system, by 6pm that’s still 50mg in your system, by midnight 25mg. See the problem? If you drink coffee at 6pm with your dinner it’s still raving out in your system at midnight. Something to think about is that the issues with video games and sleep are acute. You play video games, you have poor sleep, you wake up and you’re tired. You don’t play video games that evening, you sleep well – all is good, right? Wrong. The acute effects of video games and sleep soon build up and the study suggests that long term exposure to video games can have long term chronic issues related to elevated heart rates and blood pressure, obesity and other various ailments. Hopefully this information might help you to make some different choices about how often you play video games, how late you play them and if you can find ways to mitigate the impact. Here are the final conclusions from the study, which is linked below: In summary, exposure to VGs before falling asleep can have important effects on the subsequent sleep characteristics, in both children/adolescents and adults. The reduction of Total Sleep Time (TST) and an increase of Sleep Onset Latency (SOL) and the possible change of components of sleep (mainly SWS and REM) identified in the study investigated, are clear indicators of poor sleep quality, higher tiredness and fatigue that may have repercussion on cognitive and behavioural activities of the subsequent waking. In fact, some cognitive abilities as sustained attention and verbal memory, can result worsened as a consequence of VGs exposure. Since the relevance of sleep for health and life quality, a great effort is required to address additional research for clarifying the role of acute and chronic exposures to videogames. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6361300
  4. Here are some extracts from a prominent Study: B Vitamin Study Here are some Vitamin D extracts: Vitamin D Study @GazzaGarratt This is good reading for you too
  5. Lol no mate, you tubers only cover the sexy stuff they can sell. You’re better off reading some books and articles
  6. Yeh I train a bit, I’m good though thanks mate as I don’t have trouble sleeping!
  7. Folks if anyone is at home, log on to WOW and give these steps a go: Character Migration
  8. That was just a bot though, wasn't it? He said it was on the loading screens but that's bullshit because none of us saw it! The first I heard about it was on youtube AFTER it had closed. Absolute bullshit.
  9. I've looked everywhere for the information about it but can't find a fucking thing! I even CHECKED to see if Character Migration was available when we decided to move servers and couldn't find anything. It's not the end of the world but I am desperate to be doing the end game stuff because it's so much more rewarding than the 1-60 grind.
  10. Um I think it's the same guns all around mate. I didn't get killed by anything that I didn't already have? The grenades and stuff favour the aggressive play style though. So I actually thought it was ok.
  11. Yup, I have level 47 Mage on Flamelash with a mount and loads of gold etc. Having to start over foe the third time (I rolled a warrior to 30 first and got corpse camped so I re-rolled a mage to have more survivability) has been fucking painful!
  12. @LordBaguette and I played this week, it was a very different challenge to the original style and certainly changed the way I played. I actually quite liked it because it made me play more aggressively rather than hanging back and waiting on people. Not sure Tom was a fan though
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