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  1. The first instalment is everything unto the end of midgar - that's a good solid 8-10 hours of gameplay in the original (assuming you are maxing stats etc) and that doesn't include anything they have added (which they have!). It's going to be amazing!!!!!!
  2. They compared them to kinder surprise during one press conference, 'surprise mechanics' I think was the term used.....I guess when I play the lottery i'm just using my 'surprise mechanics'
  3. I am looking forward to this so much, for anyone that doesn't know i am literally covered in FF7 tattoos!
  4. One of my favourite things on Call of Duty is the domination game mode. It’s fast paced and forces out all of the campers as you have to push on to flags etc to win. After watching many different videos and playing for a long time I have to admit - playing dom, getting the win and hitting some streaks requires a certain strategy. My argument for this is, it’s hard to go on long kill streaks if you don’t know where your enemies are coming from, this is why I’m not a fan of team death match as the spawns are a lot more difficult to predict and gun fights are often 50/50 rather than 90/10 when you know an enemy is coming. Also, you don’t want to be the loser camping in corners trying to get a streak going whilst the enemy has 2 flags capped and you’re losing the game. So, what is the strategy? Well it’s nothing ground breaking but it is often one that is overlooked - grab a home flag (A or C) and cap B. Then, use the power positions overlooking the enemy spawn to kill them as they come out. This only works if all members of the team don’t break the imaginary line that crosses between the last third of the map where the enemies will spawn at their home flag. The problem is, it never seems to go this way as we all go looking for kills or (what usually happens) the enemy pushes deep into our spawn and then we get flipped over to their side. In this circumstance you shouldn’t cap the enemy flag but instead retreat and catch the enemies on the flank. Communication is also key in this context as each member of the team is responsible for covering gaps in the map and maintaining map control. A word on this. Map control relates to having a member of the team in certain areas so that enemies do not spawn their (for the most part). A good strategy when capping B is for someone to push past the B flag and kill anyone coming to defend. So, if you want to hit some streaks and get a guaranteed win on Dom, give this strategy a try the next time you are in a sizeable team! Also, give this topic a little YouTube as well because there are people much better than me who can explain it better. Thanks Elliot
  5. I couldn't ever imagine spending money on a game like that!
  6. @Diddums after several 'don't go that way!'......Diddums walks straight over my grenade
  7. @ChaosGladiator @Nutcuttlit i'm all ears!
  8. Here is a really simple one: walk up and down your stairs for 20 minutes. I promise you will get a serious sweat on
  9. Thoroughly enjoyed it, Brent Spiner looked old as shit, i'm convinced Patrick Stewart is an alien as he doesn't seem to age!
  10. Just so you all know folks, i've cancelled my WoW subscription for the time being. That change of server really fucked us and I didn't make it to level 50 let alone 60 on 3 different characters. Classic wow wasn't what I remembered from my days on death wing so it's time to put it to rest. My baby is going to occupy my life soon enough so I don't think i'm missing out on anything. Hopefully if they launch The Burning Crusade this year I can return to level up to 60 and into 70 as that was defo my favourite version of WoW. Much love, Elliott
  11. I watched Fury last night, it's a strange one for me as I actually love all of the actors in it, especially considering that most of them are miles away from what we know them as. The mexican guy playing a serious role/bully when we know him as the funny guy from ant man The dumb hick who we know as the punisher Shai labour who we know is completely out of his mind... and to be honest Brad Pitt, he is low key one of my favourite actors and doesn't get enough hype for his acting skills in my opinion. Yes he's pretty, yes he has amazing abs but he always suckers me in to what character he is playing. That being said, despite the star studded line up, I find this film difficult to watch in the sense that it is so intense! The bit with the girls at the dinner table is so hard to watch and just the general swing in emotions throughout the whole film makes for a very uncomfortable experience. I agree with people about the ending though, it's all very intense and uncomfortable throughout the whole film and then suddenly it turns into a typical american action film where the yank's save the day! All in all I would score this film 8/10, great acting, amazing scenery etc - the ending spoils it.
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