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  1. I loved COD ghosts! I actually skipped advanced warfare and played ghosts for another year, was awesome! This makes me sad @MrBiron but to each their own!
  2. the sandbox map is free and has a 25/7 playlist. was a lovely throwback on Friday!
  3. Meanwhile, @GazzaGarratt looking like this son’ bitch
  4. I don’t get all the hoohaa about scones. They’re so dry. Give me a Nutella and banana bagel all day long!
  5. Sat here watching Guardians 2 and Sean Gunn’s character keeps reminding me of @Stretch616
  6. I’m easy, I voted CoD WW2 as it’s available to everyone
  7. It’s been a sad day for the whites people of the world. What the actual fuck is wrong with people? ‘im going to call the police and tell them im being harassed by an African American man’ That phrase is almost like a death sentence in 2020. Unbelievable
  8. You are a man of great influence @phil bottle, make this happen!
  9. On the PS Plus store call of duty WWII is currently free. It’s a brilliant game and has been supported long after its cycle with great guns and maps etc. well worth grabbing!
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