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  1. I had a great time folks! Thanks for letting me in!
  2. What's everyone's character name? Is the guild ready?
  3. Haha, well I am a Strength and Condition coach...
  4. I use Mobinfo and deadly boss mods, that’s about it really!
  5. I will have to join you on Saturday as I don't know if I will get on tomorrow night. Will try my hardest though
  6. Well, all but 2 servers are full, so lets just pick one and we will have to persevere
  7. I think the queues are inevitable for the first couple of weeks.
  8. Hi folks, Elliott here! I found Forever Gaming via @ChaosGladiator and @LordBaguette via a rather unpleasant situation with a previous member..... I play a lot of COD and since the relaunch of classic WOW I will will be playing that exclusively for the foreseeable future. In real life I am a secondary school teacher by day, Strength & Conditioning coach + Deep Tissue Therapist by night. I own a little studio gym and work in a clinic. I am a huge nerd, I'm covered in tattoo's from Final Fantasy 7 (which is coming in March....as am I ) I'm a big steak lover and my instagram handle is MiddleClassCaveman should you want to follow. Peace
  9. Lets make a decision on this fast please? I don't mind re-rolling but lets do it soon?
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