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  1. Well, it looks like we are going to be getting the burning crusade this year at some point. This has me ecstatic because for me this is the pinnacle of WoW. I am probably going to spend my easter break and summer holidays getting up to 60 so that I can do TBC, the break away has actually been really nice but TBC for me is peak nostalgia! Your thoughts?
  2. If the schools close, I will have to ‘live stream’ lessons for the kids. This will present an interesting opportunity for us. A game if you will. You guys will give me words, phrases or movie quotes etc to slide into my lessons whilst you watch them live! just imagine it........WHATS UP GUYS, ITS YOUR BOY.....MR GILES!
  3. I have played and completed the demo, actual CHILLS. The graphics are unbelievable, the depth of character form people like Jesse, Biggs and Wedge is fantastic (this was one of my gripes about the original, I didn't really care when they died fighting under the plate). The battle system is different but certainly more exciting - it didn't take me long to work it out at all. I love how they've changed some of the dialog to start fleshing out Cloud from the start, not a massive fan of Barrett's 'Mr T' voice but he's a little less 'gangsta rapper' than he was in advent children. The camera situation was weird but after messing with the settings I fixed it so it would follow me rather than me having to readjust. My only criticism? I have to wait another 4 weeks for the full game.
  4. Give me a few days and I will sort out mine craft on my Mac or my switch
  5. Give the host to @Plumbers Crack because he is likely to be the most flexible with time?
  6. I’d be game for this as it’s low stress but huge teams etc?
  7. I love the COD franchise - I’d be happy to go back to Blackout in BO4 because you can do quads etc and private matches. I’m currently Waiting for the final fantasy 7 remake to come out so that’s my big game this year. I’m happy to play anything that others are, however - I don’t want to have to buy many games because people keep switching. I know you all think I’m rich but I love on a tight budget to facilitate that rouse so if we ALL commit to one game I will too
  8. The first instalment is everything unto the end of midgar - that's a good solid 8-10 hours of gameplay in the original (assuming you are maxing stats etc) and that doesn't include anything they have added (which they have!). It's going to be amazing!!!!!!
  9. They compared them to kinder surprise during one press conference, 'surprise mechanics' I think was the term used.....I guess when I play the lottery i'm just using my 'surprise mechanics'
  10. I am looking forward to this so much, for anyone that doesn't know i am literally covered in FF7 tattoos!
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