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  1. YouTube Shooting

    Glad you like it. i wasn't sure how that one would go over
  2. YouTube Shooting

    Thanks man Via the FG App
  3. YouTube Shooting

    Wasn't the shooter the Ex-GF of one of the guys that worked there? Thats what was on the news his morning anyway. EDIT: Maybe not? IDK anymore.
  4. Black Ops IIII

    Yea, the Campaign was a ton of fun. I really liked being able to jump around to different missions and not follow an order.
  5. Black Ops IIII

    Other than the jumping crap, I really enjoyed Infinite warfare. It actually had more interest to me than CoD WW2
  6. Random Rolls & Weapon Slots (& Content)

    No it wont. Not unless they absolutely destroy the few guns anyone uses right now. Or, god forbid, they decide to add random rolls to all the guns we already have.
  7. What dream car would you buy?

    1973 ford falcon XB GT
  8. Wasn't this settled years ago with Rockstar telling her that the inspiration was Kate Upton?
  9. PC gamers - thoughts please

    I have no thoughts really on this. My gaming rig is boxed up and I am not on a laptop until we move. I am able to play Minecraft, and a shit ton of older games. I don't enjoy dealing with WINE on linux or I would be gaming more.
  10. Go Faster Update - 1st Sandbox Change

    LOLZ I did as well. Servers are hard as hell to find though.
  11. Lag Billions!!!

    Wrong spot for this, post in Introductions for something like this.
  12. Man Convicted of Having Racist Dog

    Oh fuck it is! Lee did you set that one or did I? We have some classics set up. Time for a few more
  13. Man Convicted of Having Racist Dog

    Is that another word filter?
  14. Man Convicted of Having Racist Dog

    Yea, that one to mess with Dave is my absolute favorite edit job I have pulled here. And it didn't crop up for a while, so that I forgot I did it. I need to do a few more.
  15. Man Convicted of Having Racist Dog

    Cards against Humanity is hate speech? you have got to share a link to that one.

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