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  1. Sennex

    Cayde's.......Dead. Destiny 2 Story Reveal Trailer

    For me, I don't want to ever see any quest giver outside of the tower/farm/ planet hub. I don't need zavala for shit. I fought crota, where the fuck was he? I fought Atheon, where the fuck was he then? Skola's? Yep, done it without Zavala's help I fought Oryx... yea, keep your lame ass in the tower Zavala SIVA..... Not only did I kill it, I even killed the legendary guardians that it had taken over. Yea, Zavala can lick my ass. He isn't a badass, he shouldn't be considered one. He is just a dude that yells at people every now and again, and helps Holiday deal with her Daddy issues. EDIT: On second thought, Zavala, shake a leg and get me another tank or 3. I am tired of fighting gods for you fucks without some useful artillery
  2. Sennex

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Wait.... what? thats either hysterical or bad, I can't decide which.
  3. Sennex

    Division 2 - What do you want to see at launch?

    Division is the one game I really don't enjoy PVP. So for me I want to know more about the settlement system and the new factions in the game.
  4. Sennex

    Official FIFA World Cup 2018 Thread

    me, I am, I need a haircut something fierce. I look like that one dude from Croatia, Domagoj vida
  5. Sennex

    Official FIFA World Cup 2018 Thread

    So is Brazil going to win this one? I just turned it on my radio and am not sure what the deal is yet.
  6. Sennex

    Cayde's.......Dead. Destiny 2 Story Reveal Trailer

    The only attachment you need: your avatar (character) faction as a whole, not the NPC's quest givers The villian(s) You have to feel like your decisions matter, you have to feel like you are accomplishing things. You have to feel like you are defeating the bad guy World of Warcraft drove this point home pretty well as the largest video game . Every expansion there was at least 1 new continent, with at least 5 new zones, with at least 2 new towns in each zone. With at least 3-6 new quest givers in each town. None of us gave a flying fuck about why the walrus jackasses in northrend were fighting with the giants. We only cared that if we did their dailies, and regular quests we built up faction to where we could get that sweet purple gear. Why are pirates near the alliance capital city? IDGAF, Let me farm them so I can get more faction! etc.
  7. This is a bad move on Nintendo's part. Sadly I don't see any other move they can make considering the format of hardware they release games on. I guess they could go to a purely digital platform, but the limitation there is that the switch has such a minimal amount of storage on it. This is another example of Nintendo creating its own problems by trying to be unique. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/06/nintendo_is_banning_switch_game_cards_to_combat_piracy_potentially_killing_the_second-hand_market
  8. Sennex

    Official FIFA World Cup 2018 Thread

    I need to find some sort of guide to this damn game. My kid keeps asking me questions and I don't remember shit from when i played other than no matter how good of a goalie you are, if your team sucks, you will lose. Also, how the fuck does a midfielder break 2 ribs and puncture a lung? (Dave's answer of Denmark players not eating enough cheese, while oddly accurate, leaves me wanting to know more.)
  9. Sennex

    Sony Under Fortnite Cross-Platform Pressure

    i think they would. The reason why is because they already want people to link their PC and XBone accounts, so its not really hard to pass to Nintendo through another API service. Its actually more work on Epic Games to account for that linking than it is on MS or Nintendo's part.
  10. Sennex

    Modern Warfare 3 XB1

    hehehehehe man, I really need to dig out my copy of MW2, please let this franchise die already, and MW1, just for the campaigns
  11. Moving to the proper subforum
  12. Sennex

    Official FIFA World Cup 2018 Thread

    Your face is wank! (sorry man, my son has Poland in the one league, and he doesn't know how to talk shit yet)
  13. Sennex

    Cayde's.......Dead. Destiny 2 Story Reveal Trailer

    I can't argue with him being fun in certain missions. Mainly anything in D1 In D2, the first time I heard his dialogue i enjoyed it, the second time, not so much, now he is on par with Failsafe, Ashen Mir, Hawthorne, and Tess. Personally I really wanted all three vanguard to die, and then for new ones to take its place. Or at least for them to all head to the various shards of the traveler and get their abilities back, so as to explain why they didn't' die.

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