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  1. The first of many Rich out of FG memes
  2. Hello all. I am dedicating this thread to post any and all FG memes. We have a lot of stupid shit that’s regularly said in a daily basis that no one understands except us. I have created the below one to get us started I used the app MemeCreator Get creative lads and lasses
  3. Is fantastic. Not quite up to snatch standards in terms of cinematography / acting. But still great, and snatch wouldn’t have existed without this
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 100 seconds  
  5. Seriously start by doing classes if they’re available. More fun than working out alone and it teaches you all the basics. Plus other people there motivate you to do more. That’s how I got back Into it after I stopped going. Spin class is a good start. I do boxing, spin and circuit training. Perfect mix of cardio and strength training
  6. I mean you haven’t mentioned diet. That’s the other main thing you’ll have to change if you want to see any kind of result
  7. My first thoughts are (no particular order) - I wish it was the last 15 or 20 - Halo Reach (rather have Halo 3 but it’s older than 10 years) - Skyrim - Overwatch - Modern Warfare 2 - The Last of Us - The Witcher 3 - Marvels Spider-Man - GTA 5 More to come. It’s harder than you think when limited to 10 years. Also makes you realise how much of a lack of truly amazing memorable games there has been. Also, for me, it’s also more about the timing of when I played it, who I played it with and how much fun was had at the time, not necessarily the game itself
  8. Sweet. Will get on that tonight. Finally got to diamond too
  9. You can only select one type and it’s the new mode
  10. Also on the sleep topic, is it normal for people to have less than 6 hours sleep? I’m usually at least 7
  11. Do all of this except adding salt, I eat enough salt to maintain my fluids in the food I eat normally. I mean I add salt as seasoning etc but don’t make a note to add more than necessary
  12. Talking about fucking sandwiches and a sexy goal 
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