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  1. LordBaguette

    Overwatch Anniversary Update details

    I feel it’s good in some ways but also cheapens the items somewhat. Suddenly a skin I bought in 2017 Is now available to someone who just got the game if you get what I mean. I suppose it’s getting older now so people may but be around long enough to get the skins they want. Anymore
  2. LordBaguette

    Overwatch Anniversary Update details

    From May 22 through June 11, players can log on and check out a new deathmatch map called Petra. In addition, deathmatch will include a new competitive mode that has placement matches, skill rating tiers, and leaderboards. Blizzard said it’s also adding more than 50 new items to the game, including eight new legendary skins and three epic skins. Plus, Doomfist, Moira, and Brigitte all have new dance moves. Players who log in for the anniversary event will also get one bonus legendary loot box. Anyone who buys the 50 loot box bundle will also receive a bonus legendary loot box. Plus, Blizzard said all previous seasonal event cosmetics, including dance emotes, will be included in loot boxes during the anniversary event. Past seasonal brawls are also returning to Arcade mode and will be rotated daily, including the ones from “Overwatch: Archives.” If you don’t own Overwatch, Blizzard is offering a free weekend event from May 25 through May 28. PlayStation 4 owners won’t need a PS Plus account to take advantage of it. http://variety.com/2018/gaming/news/overwatch-second-anniversary-new-map-1202809628/
  3. LordBaguette

    New charity skin

    New paid skin but all proceeds go to breast cancer charity. Pretty good idea if you ask me https://www.heroesneverdie.com/2018/5/8/17332528/overwatch-Seriosly, her name is HOT HEALING CHICK, Not Seriosly, her name is HOT HEALING CHICK, Not Mercy!!-skin-breast-cancer-research-foundation
  4. LordBaguette

    New map is live

    New payload map from retribution is now live
  5. LordBaguette

    DriveClub FG Tournament

    Am in
  6. LordBaguette

    I come bearing gifts of maple syrup and moose meat

    You don’t know what you’ve got yourself into
  7. LordBaguette

    Soul Calibur 6

    Yea I will preorder. Geralt isnt a rumour he has a reveal video and hes actually part of the main story
  8. LordBaguette

    Overwatch Nerfs/Buffs April

    It won’t kill it but it will make it more difficult for sure. Good divers will just have to target her first
  9. LordBaguette

    Let's talk Mercy!!

    In the right hands Moira can heal much faster than Seriosly, her name is HOT HEALING CHICK, Not Mercy! especially if the team is grouped. I think she will get nerfed again at some point to be honest. Out of all the healers they are the only 2 that can be played solo at the moment
  10. LordBaguette

    Overwatch Nerfs/Buffs April

    Sup mofos Some big changes coming up to a few heros, including another Junkrat nerf (fuck) In summary: Genji - hitbox reduced for his deflect (closer to his normal hitbox) Junkrat - primary projectile size decreased, tire speed reduced. Its so easy to destroy anyway which is irritating Hanzo - storm arrow (we all know about) but also has a new lunge ability which makes him much more mobile. People saying he may break into the meta with these changes Lucio - wallride much smoother and can go round more areas of map including being able to jump back onto the same wall - watching the video, its insane how easy it is to wallride now it makes him even harder to hit. Also soundwave has no ammo cost Tracer - her ult max damage decreased from 400 to 300 Pretty big ass changes if you ask me, these and Brigitte coming into comp is going to have significant impact on the game
  11. LordBaguette

    Spyro Remastered

    By bad I meant hard
  12. LordBaguette

    Spyro Remastered

    I completed all 3! it wasnt that bad cmon
  13. LordBaguette

    Spyro Remastered

    I have crash disc if you want to borrow it. Completed it pretty quickly but was so fun. I’m gna preorder spyro also. I couldn’t choose between em
  14. LordBaguette

    Spyro Remastered

    Your life is meaningless
  15. LordBaguette

    Spyro Remastered

    Anyone else looking forward to this? Crash bandicoot was awesome and I loved them both as a kid too https://www.techradar.com/news/rumored-spyro-remaster-has-been-listed-on-amazon

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