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  1. Name: Rocket League Sandwiches Category: Catch All Videos Date Added: 2018-09-11 Submitter: LordBaguette Talking about fucking sandwiches and a sexy goal Rocket League Sandwiches
  2. LordBaguette

    Rocket League Sandwiches

    Talking about fucking sandwiches and a sexy goal
  3. LordBaguette

    Recommended by a friend

    Hello you sexy motherfucker
  4. LordBaguette

    The FG Awards 2018

    @GazzaGarrattLee it’s definitely more than 31 each 😆
  5. LordBaguette

    The FG Awards 2018

    I’m innnnnnnnnn !!! Can’t wait
  6. LordBaguette

    August FG Update - A Big Thank You

    No problem broooo. One of the most infuriating things I’ve ever organised but worth it
  7. LordBaguette

    Newbie Alert

    The baguette welcomes you
  8. LordBaguette

    SHAZAM! - Official Teaser Trailer - DC Universe

    Also meh
  9. LordBaguette

    Infinity War Out Now

    Infinity war is now available on digital download, with bluray coming in 2 weeks
  10. LordBaguette

    FG GTA Racing

    Sad face
  11. LordBaguette

    Hay Day

    The Lou hahaha. It’s loo Matt we aren’t French
  12. LordBaguette

    FG GTA Racing

    I’m sure I said a mum joke that everyone was in hysterics at but I can’t remember it
  13. LordBaguette

    Latest PTR patch notes - Big Healer Changes

    Stop nerfing Bridgette 😞 mercy is steadily being destroyed update by update
  14. LordBaguette

    World Cup Sweepstake

    So going into the quarter finals @GazzaGarratt @Greboth @Misneach_ @Stretch616 @tronic44 @Dan94and @Diddums are all still in the running. Good luck to all!

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