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  1. I’ve got jackbox games on my PS4 too that’s so good to play drunk. Quiplash and others
  2. If no one else objects / wants to bring their own I will bring my big soundbar for tunes etc
  3. I’ve got it. Literally the gameplay is the same as original. Just has the nitro kart maps and characters added and skins etc and updated graphics and online
  4. There’s like 50,000 gaming streaming channels that are all copy and paste 17 to 28 year olds screaming whilst playing a ‘relevant’ game
  5. Also not sure on the platform
  6. Looks super fun. Good for FG Fridays maybe https://www.facebook.com/1108649879165653/posts/2773809072649717?s=661010453&v=e&sfns=xmo
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