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  1. Found it https://blogs.microsoft.com/on-the-issues/2019/12/30/microsoft-court-action-against-nation-state-cybercrime/
  2. I'd like to think UEFA would make a stand on this, so to stop it happening again. Maybe even relegate city, i honestly wouldn't mind
  3. Saying that, competition would be good and might give EA a kick up the ass
  4. I believe Thallium Games is just a youtube channel rather than a games company, like Phil says, unless they're stealing PES from Konami i don't see this happening. Also if there is a company called Thallium, they may want to look into other groups named the same. I'm pretty sure they're a hacking group, think Microsoft had issues with them at some point last year.
  5. So it turns out that all the projects for this year are coming through which leaves me with zero time to eat, breath and edit. Pretty sure i fit 2 weeks into last week This means i'm relying on you guys to pick up the pieces, i will of course be creating some videos but i probably won't be able to do any series or if i do the amount will be limited. Apologies for this as i was really looking forward to making lots of videos this year. I will how ever still create a forum montage for the year/6 months, so do keep sending videos to the google drive. If anyone feels like making some videos then go onto the google drive and take what you need. The drive has been set up, not only for me but for all of us. Also i will be here on and off so if anyone has any editing questions, fire them my way. Apologies again.
  6. Really looking foward to playing this game, i've had a look at some ships and i want them all. We definitely need to get some big daddy ship, that we all have to an to fly. Will be well fun. Also i agree @Greboth should pick this game up.
  7. I’ll have a think today about stuff we could potentially do
  8. Will try and watch it later, you know you can set how long each saved clip is. You can save up to an hour, that’s what I do to make sure I don’t miss clips.
  9. You star Dave, this is why I love this forum!
  10. I Patrick Stewart. Also I haven’t seen this yet but plan to.
  11. Hahaha what you on about, Ighalo? Completelt agree with what @Diddums said, there shouldn’t have been any hype about this but people now a days see something new and think ‘ah this must be the bestest thing ever otherwise why would people make it’ If people have the cash to splash on this shit then fine go for it, it’s the people who can’t really afford it. That’s what annoys me about companies like this, they’ll take your money for fuck all. Fuck you Google, get better.
  12. This is a long shot but is your monitor set to hdmi or auto? Sometimes they get confused when it’s set to auto. Unfortunately, like Phil says, it can be a number of things. Hopefully it’s nothing serious
  13. tronic44

    Doom Eternal

    I must admit this does look like good fun, I doubt I’ll pick it up though. Maybe a second hand bargain will tickle my fancy.
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