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  1. 7 Days - Steam sale (£7.71)

    Mega hyped for us all getting onto the server!!
  2. Do you have a spare mouse?

    We've all been there
  3. 7 Days - Gyrocopter

    We really do, I don’t think realise how much fun they’re missing!
  4. Overwatch Game battles - Info \ Updates \ Progress

    I’ve signed up, apologies thought I was already in.
  5. 7 Days - Gyrocopter

    Holy crap, I’ve been searching for new info during the last week. Proper excited to get back on the server and start a new world. Only had a flick through if the video but it looks bloody brilliant. Love the fact he crushed himself with the jeep hahaha I hope they make it hard to build all these vehicles. I also hope they do a lot more than vehicles, I want more, harder zombies. I’d also like it if they remove the book store or make it less likely to find a schematic. It’s too easy once you’ve looted that building.
  6. Zombies: The Darkest Shore

    I love the new one but i need another 2 people to help me and Phil because it's too bloody hard with just the two of us haha I'm away from Wednesday until Sunday, so won't be on unfortunately. We'll definitely arrange something for when i'm back!
  7. Happy Birthdays!

    Happy belated birthday @JBR-Kiwi
  8. Zombies: The Darkest Shore

    Haha he really is, although I think I’ve got his number now. Was absolutely steaming through it yesterday but ended up getting killed by fire during a part of the Easter egg.
  9. Zombies: The Darkest Shore

    Hey all, this is where we can chat about the new zombie map, The Darkest Shore. Video coming soon of my first solo attempt.
  10. Calendar Events - Plan for managing.

    Sorry I forgot to say that I think this is a great idea, will really help with setting out the week. Things may change but it’s good to have a basic look on the week payed out.
  11. Event Title: Overwatch Time Yo! Event Author: tronic44 Calendar: Overwatch Calendar Event Date: 02/07/2018 08:00 PM to 02/07/2018 11:30 PM Fun times ahead gentlemen Overwatch Time Yo! N.B. If viewing this via the FG App, please visit the Calendar event via browser to RSVP. Thanks.
  12. Overwatch Time Yo!

    Fun times ahead gentlemen
  13. Calendar Events - Plan for managing.

    Group games for me would be... - Overwatch - Cod (multi or zombie) - GTA - 7 Days To Die (PC) - Drive Club - Killing Floor 2 - Pay Day 2 I fancy some OW tonight actually, will make an event.
  14. Happy Birthdays!

    Happy birthdays both!
  15. Zombies: The Final Reich

    I’d honestly watch a video on the level and what steps need to be done. You want to try and do as much as you can without killing the last zombie of a round. There’s quite a lot you can show and teach people whilst playing but when it’s frantic, it’s sometimes impossible. I don’t have a set time for using the box, I just see how I’m doing with the starting weapons. You definitely want decent weapon before going down to the salt mine.

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