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  1. tronic44

    Football (Played with Feet)

    There’s too much dead skin, we need players that truly want to play for the club. We’re slow off the ball, awful at creating chances and awful at finishing them. Fuck knows what we’re doing, it’s not fucking good enough that’s for sure!
  2. tronic44

    Happy Birthdays!

    Happy Bithday @Jason! Have a good one dude 🤙🍻
  3. tronic44

    learn to code

    Code Acadmemy isn’t the best, sometimes it accepts your code when it shouldn’t.
  4. tronic44

    FG play DayZ - the pilot episode

    Nice! Everyone should be recording their stuff, i’ll attempt to also make videos when I have the chance.
  5. tronic44

    Spurs new stadium will be the greatest ever built

    It does look pretty good, probably the second best stadium in the PL. 😁
  6. tronic44

    RIP PS4?

    I’m getting there, currently making a bootable usb for the comp. Fingers crossed that this works, hopefully should be finished with it all sometime this weekend. Then I just need a desk and a chair and I’m sorted. I’ll buy a monitor from work, it wont be a pretty one but will do me till I’m ready to fork out some cash on a nice one. In terms of the PS4, I completely understand where you’re coming from. I feel we’re waiting around for the game that’ll unite us all but in all honesty that’s not going to be for a while. The console community is getting screwed at the moment, there’s a lack and imagination and a lack of listening to people. Hopefully it’ll change at some point but it may take a while. I think we should give 7 Days and try again and see what they’ve done with it. I also think everyone should get Raft (only if it’s cheap) I was going to name more games but in all honesty I’d be here all day.
  7. tronic44

    learn to code

    Just go balls deep and learn C++ or python
  8. tronic44

    Forever Gaming DayZ server

    I'll try and jump on this weekend and get some games in with you guys. I'm also hoping to take Friday off but we'll see whether that happens.
  9. tronic44


    Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay around these parts. I was considering getting an xbone at one point but i hardly have time to jump on the ps4 or pc, so i'll be holding off for now.
  10. tronic44

    $30 For a Hammer

    Jeez that's fucking awful, what a joke.
  11. tronic44

    Happy Birthdays!

    Happy birthday @burnfitbillyboy!!!
  12. tronic44

    Budget laptops with 120Hz/144Hz Refresh Rate

    That is one hell of a laptop.
  13. tronic44

    Dave or Chris? Chris or Dave? FG decides!

    I voted Dave because it was at the top of the list and now the scores are level
  14. tronic44

    Toy Story 4

    I'm interested to see what it will be like, they'll have to stop eventually though haha

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