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  • How did the ornament get addicted to Christmas? He was hooked on trees his whole life


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  1. Na I feel like we’ve turned a corner now but who knows.
  2. tronic44


    Jeez guys Didnt realise it was EA and didn’t realise it was £30. Good chat all
  3. tronic44


    I think we should pick this up and some point and give it a go, any takers?
  4. tronic44

    Titanfall 2

    I need to download this then will hop on for some games with ya'll.
  5. Well that's not a good sign for them, maybe they should focus on making a different game that isn't called Call of Duty
  6. Man Utd’s performance against City was amazing, if we play like that for the rest of the season we’ll be unstoppable. Fingers crossed that was the turning point for us, we looked like the old utd
  7. This was in May, that's how long it's taken me hahahaha   Also my mic's way too loud.
  8. That was a fucking excellent video!
  9. Not sure if people are keeping up with this? @GazzaGarratt I hope you’re sake you’re not
  10. This sounds like a great idea, i'd participate but i already do all these things, except the rock salt.
  11. I forgot it was on and organised going out for a drink with a mate, was dreading it tbh. Thought you were going to whoop us. Allis goal was pretty slick, I’m sure they’ll bounce back. It might not be pretty but Mourinho seems to alwahs pull it out of the bag.
  12. Event Title: GTA Races & Modern Warfare Friday Event Author: tronic44 Calendar: Community Calendar Event Date: 12/06/2019 08:00 PM Go, make me proud. GTA Races & Modern Warfare Friday N.B. If viewing this via the FG App, please visit the Calendar event via browser to RSVP. Thanks.
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