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  1. RIP Dale Winton

    What an absolute legend! So sad to hear about the issues he was having once he left the spotlight, seemed like such a lovely bloke. Supermarket Sweep was one of the greatest shows ever made! RIP
  2. No campaign in BO4. Battle Royale instead.

    The problem they have is that the campaign takes a lot of work and everyone always complains about the online aspect. This way they can focus on the online part and if they choose to add the campaign later they can. The battle royal game mode doesn’t bother me, you either play it or you don’t. The online will always be more focused on the game modes that the pro plays, or at least I hope. This must make the game cheaper 😂 It won’t be but it really should.
  3. Let's talk Mercy!!

    I think you’ll find it was incredible and I’m the great mercy since sliced bread 😂 I tend to pick my fights when playing mercy, i’ll usually only pull my gun out if I’m one and one with a tracer or when I’ve popped my ult and I know my team mates don’t need the heals. If I’ve ult’d And another Mercy has also ult’d, then i’ll usually gain a height advantage and try and take her out....if the rest of the team is safe. There’s a very thin margin between getting it right and getting it completely wrong.
  4. Name: Smashing | The Remix Category: DriveClub Date Added: 2018-04-18 Submitter: tronic44 Hope everyone enjoys it! Smashing | The Remix
  5. Smashing | The Remix

    Hope everyone enjoys it!
  6. War!

    The Day Today is genius, love it!
  7. Bully Hunters - Worst Idea of All Time?

    What have I just watched? I agree, worst idea I’ve ever seen, I’m not even sure this even counts as an idea.
  8. Forever Gaming's 'Feel Good' Fund

    That was pretty much bang on what I had in mind, great idea if I do say so myself 😄
  9. Forever Gaming's 'Feel Good' Fund

    Btw I’m up for some of my donation going to the upkeep of the forum, as well as the FGFGF. Not sure what everyone else’s thoughts are?
  10. Bilingual jobs in gaming, Glasgow

    You might find that a hard sale tbh, most the folks in here can barely speak one language, let alone a few of them.
  11. FG Throwback Thursday!

    But highly factual 😄
  12. Forever Gaming's 'Feel Good' Fund

    Love it, I’m fully behind this. I’ll chat to you at some point and get something set up 👍
  13. FG Throwback Thursday!

    Euan! Hope you and the family are well! Hurry up with those webs gutter face! 🤪
  14. It really is, we’ll have to get everyone on at some point.
  15. Name: Wat_Tyler71 vs tronic44 Category: DriveClub Date Added: 2018-04-13 Submitter: tronic44 A quick compilation of me and Phil racing against each other. Wat_Tyler71 vs tronic44

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