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  1. tronic44

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forum dude, hope you enjoy your stay 🙂
  2. tronic44

    IGN Caught Stealing Reviews

    Tut tut tut 😂
  3. tronic44

    Clash of Clans - WAR THREAD

    Tried to get on last night and it opened up but shit down straight away, think I may need a new phone.
  4. tronic44

    Clash of Clans - WAR THREAD

    I’ll try and jump on but my phones been playing up recently and doesn’t like apps.
  5. tronic44

    Yo yo!

    Welcome dude, hope you enjoy your stay. Do you play any other games?
  6. tronic44

    Congratulations London Spitfire

    Massive congrats to them! After looking slightly weak at the end of the league, they absolutely destroyed everyone in the finals. Profit is next level, @The3rdWalker that Tracer play was insane! Everyone should definitely check out their final games.
  7. tronic44

    Forever Gaming's 'Feel Good' Fund

    I just wanted to say a massive thnks to everyone, I’ve never been a massive destiny fan but have always been a massive fan of gaming with you all. My game arrives on Wednesday but I’ve got a shoot on Thursday and then doing night shoots Friday - Sunday, so probably won’t be able to get on till next week. I’ve even bought a hard drive so I’ve got enough space to put the game on 😄 ❤️ To all of you! I honestly means a lot that you’d think of me, especially as it’s been over a month since I’ve been able to get any videos up 🙈 I love this place and I love you guys ❤️
  8. tronic44

    Saying whats up, alloy_1981

    Welcome dude!
  9. tronic44

    Escape from Tarkov - new patch and stats wipe

    I’ve got far too many videos I need to watch 🙈😄 I’ll add this to the list.
  10. tronic44

    Hi all

    Welcome to the forum dude, hope you enjoy your stay 🙂
  11. tronic44

    Forever Gaming's 'Feel Good' Fund

    You’ll fit in well 😂
  12. tronic44

    Wrecking Ball - 28th Overwatch Character

    His grappling hook goes through pillars, makes no sense. I actually refuse to play him when he’s like this.
  13. tronic44

    FG Member of the Month - New Feature

    Love the idea!
  14. tronic44

    WANTED | A Video Guru

    I've sent you a PM with a link to the intro and outro. In terms of software, what type of money do you want to spend? I use Sony Movie Platinum Suite 14 or 15, 14 is on sale on Amazon for $34.99. Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 14 Unfortunately it's not that cheap for us Brits, although you can pick up a simplified version for cheap. Vegas Movie Studio 15
  15. tronic44

    FG Fantasy Football 2018/19 Season

    Nice one!

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