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  1. Diddums

    PC build

  2. Diddums

    World of Warcraft night

    Whatcha doing this weekend?
  3. Diddums

    World of Warcraft night

    You can redo quests as often as you want. There are as of last count, over 15000 quests in the game. There are side quests and missions for every race, class, area, city, faction, skill, profession, etc. If questing is your thing, WoW is your game. Even then, if you are sad enough to complete all the quests available to you then you can start another character and do all his quests, it's ridiculous how much there is to do in that game. Maybe I should download it and see what happens.
  4. Diddums

    PC build

    You want an i5, 16gb of RAM and a 1070 or 1070ti graphics card. The rest is gravy. PC hardware far, far outstrips the demand in most games nowadays apart from the usual "hurrr we maked a game which is so intense it'll kill your pc" games which have three levels.
  5. Diddums

    Destiny Art

    Funny you should post this, just the other day I was thinking how cool it'd look to have some artwork depicting the places we go before all this war started. There are such nice areas in D2 but they're all messed up due to the war, imagine seeing some nice artwork from before the war, with kids walking around playing, people doing their thing, etc. That'd be awesome and could really be fleshed out in terms of lore.
  6. Diddums

    Destiny Calendar: Leviathan raid

    Signed up. I'm dragging @GazzaGarratt along too, even if it's kicking and screaming.
  7. Diddums

    FG Film Club wk 32 2018: Snatch

    You can land a fucking jumbo jet in there Tyrone! That's honestly one of the funniest scenes I have ever seen in a film. @Sennex get on it. Pronto.
  8. I think this is one most of us can enjoy, it's a classic full of one liners and absolutely hilarious moments. I've chosen this one because it's old and very famous so it's an easy one for us to try out the new film club format. IMDB Link Trailer: Get to it my lovelies!
  9. Diddums

    FG Film club!

    Something I've been pondering about and think it's time to put it in to action. We all love talking shit about films and stuff so why not watch a film a week and have a dedicated thread to discuss it. This is how it'll work: Someone suggests a film for the week. This same person starts a new thread and many others can watch the film. The film can then be discussed within the thread, and each week we make a new thread (but still keep the old ones in case anyone wants to catch up or whatevs). The thread will be full of spoilers so keep that in mind. The films must be at least a year old, this way it'll be on all the various sources for streaming / downloading / buying / whatever. This makes the film accessible to all. I'll start this week's thread and we'll take it from there. EDIT: HERE'S OUR FIRST FILM CLUB THREAD.
  10. Diddums

    Prep for Forsaken

    Whatcha complaining about then?
  11. Diddums

    Prep for Forsaken

    Don't stop there! Tell all 20 odd of us more ways to play the game you haven't touch in forever!
  12. Diddums

    My new crubicle toy

    Dropped this last night. I should probably buy shares in Sony, I predict their controller sales are about to go through the roof
  13. Diddums

    FG Member of the Month - New Feature

    Well those to fellas definitely deserve it, no doubt about it. Congrats dudes, your combined efforts over the last few weeks to help people with the raid and Whisper has been fantastic, thank you ❤️

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