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  1. Anyone using the word "invitational" as a promotional tool needs shooting. It's not invitational is it? It's also not invitational is it? I can play it tonight with no invitation. Cunts.
  2. Now you see me was actually a really good film. You'd need to be a man of cultured taste to appreciate it though.
  3. This is hands down one of the best SP games I've ever played. Absolutely superb, I'll probably get it on PC just to enjoy the sparkly goodness.
  4. Ladies and gentleman it is with a very heavy heart that I bring you this awfully sad and tragic news. Following a fairly extensive investigation, it has been decided that the unofficial FG Mascot will be put to sleep for all eternity. This was the trusty steed for a few FGers, most notable @phil bottle, @tronic44 and @fg_cal. You served us well FagWagon. may you RIP in Peace in the heaven for used up automotive treasures. PS: VW Crafter for sale. Pink wrap. Needs new turbo. Every panel is fucked, 60k miles. FSH. Make me a offer I can't refuse.
  5. And then just like all the cool kids he went all trendy and had to get a educayshin
  6. Early night last night, and Kyla was studying. Shame really as I could've used a night of slagging you cunts off
  7. Go DOS or go home. Srs. I'm not even joking. DOS was the best system in the world and it really separated the wheat from the chaff. If you didn't know DOS, get back to your abacus you scrub. //LOLNSA. That's all I have to say to that. Let's not forget their history of being very naughty people eh?
  8. I guess I can sit still for a bit of Dora the Explorer.
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 120 seconds  
  10. Ahhhh thanks buddy, we love some positive encouragement here
  11. I stopped wanking for this? Fuck sakes
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