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  1. Like fuck are Activision suddenly gonna become good guys. Where there's money, there's a way for Activision to extract it. Of course the blame doesn't entirely lie at Activision's feet, it's the dumb cunt gamers who spend all the money on this shit in the first place. Close the tap and they'll soon move on to other things. Unfortunately gamers are in general dumb fucks who keep spending money on stupid shit so the Megacorp Inc publishers will always be there to milk it. I wonder when they're releasing the Celestial Steed for WoW Classic.
  2. Well this is a complete and utter clusterfuck, isn't it? I kept quiet on it at first because this was obviously such an unprecedented action about such a complicated subject that has no place in video games that I didn't really blame Blizzard's PR team for battening down the hatches as quickly as possible, I imagine there was a lot of panic at Blizzard HQ when it happened and a lot of "omg wtf do we do????". I gave them the benefit of the doubt thinking they'd sort it out correctly but it seems all they've done is reduce the bans to 6 months, although they let the fella keep his money. What they should've done is gone "shit, sorry guys, we panicked for a bit and went in to full damage control mode until we figured out every angle on the situation, we've rescinded the bans, awarded the winnings and let things carry on as normal, but please be aware that our events are meant for entertainment purposes only, we've implemented a policy to prevent this from happening again and we'd appreciate it if all our players, commentators and viewers could respect this" Done. "Fair play" they'd say. "Well done Blizz, we respect your honesty" they'd say. But no, everyone's burning down the house because of Blizzard's inability to maintain a proper PR element. Idiots. Will it stop be playing WoW? Well, put it this wasy: If your crack dealer voted leave and you were remain, would you stop smoking his crack? No? Me neither.
  3. I had this the other day too, with our Devolo homeplug system. I ended up doing a complete factory reset on the whole system which resolved it. Fuck, I should've sent you some networking goodies too, didn't even think of it!
  4. Hello! Welcome to the board, please leave your brain at the door, it won't be needed. I am pleasantly surprised to see you're not a bot, it's not often we get normal people on here so I would like to extend you the warmest of welcomes and wish you a pleasant stay. Please read all the warning signs, we accept no responsibility for you accidentally shoving a demo disc up your chocolate starfish. Thanks for posting this game, I think it looks pretty decent to be honest, I'll certainly be giving it a look in when it hits!
  5. Well it's quite simple really, and all boils down to one thing: It's a shame that people put wealth before the wellbeing of others. Make mo mistake I am driven by money, and will never stop earning it, but I also like to think I'm a fairly generous person at times, and what's mine, is also everyone else's. You gotta pay for my chocolate starfish though, nobody gets that for free.
  6. This is who they selected as their spokesman for NATIONAL FUCKING TELEVISION! No. Sorry. They had a golden opportunity handed to them on a silver platter and only reinforced my opinions that they’re all wastes of space who don’t really give a fuck. Useless parasites, the lot of them.
  7. Let's be honest, all these extinction rebellion people are a bunch of attention seeking, time rich retards who have found a way to be the center of attention by fucking off every other person they can. None of them give a shit about the environment or extinction, they're all too lazy and stupid to find other ways to justify their pathetic existence so they mob up like racist football thugs and make as much of a cunt of themselves as they can. Meanwhile those who actually DO give a shit are running effective campaigns, getting the community involved, promoting recycling, cleaning up the oceans, etc. If someone were to come up with a profitable way to allow businesses to make money AND help our environment they'd be Oprah rich overnight, and I'm sure the hive mind of XR could probably rustle up a few braincells to at least stimulate and provoke thought in the field, but nah,vfuck all that, let's go and piss off the very people we're trying to convince to side with us. That's definitely gonna work, isn't it? There are TONS of little changes happening, but these idiots want it all done overnight. Paying for plastic bags helped, banning plastic straws helped, Sainsbury's now has reusable produce bags, changing emissions laws on vehicles has helped, I can go on and on. I wonder how many of these successful campaigns have gone "yeah, we did that because some dirty unemployed scum were camping in a street and pissing in the bushes". I'll certainly have a guess: none. There's no denying that shit needs to happen but there's also no denying that it's happening. There's also no denying that these idiots are having an adverse effect on any person I've spoken to about it (apart from one, who's hot AF, but anyway), so what they think they're achieving and what they're actually achieving are so far apart that the term delusional doesn't even cover it. I reckon we round them all up, stick them on proper oldschool environmentally friendly ships made of wood and oars, and let them row all the way to China and India where their oh-so-merry intentions can be put on display right in the middle of the world's most polluting industries. See how long they stick to their guns then. Just look at that dipshit who went on telly dressed as a broccoli. Zero fucking clue what he was talking about, zero scientific evidence for claims he couldn't even explain, refused to reveal his identity, just sat there thinking he was funny when he was literally just revealing his true self to the world, as someone who's just in it for a laugh m8, lol. And this is what 99% of these cunts are like. If we want to start making changes can we start by culling these dumb fucks so we reduce our carbon footprint?
  8. Diddums


    Fuckin all blacks. Didn’t help that I was sat in a barber’s chair on Saturday afternoon when a smug fuck in an All Black shirt came and sat in the seat next to me. The japs are a force to be reckoned with, make no mistake. We made a grave error of underestimating them last WC and learned from it. It’s gonna be a good cup, for sure.
  9. I think I need to admit to myself that private games aside, I'm done with CoD. It just revs me up too much.
  10. Spawn. Die. Spawn. Run a meter. Die. Spawn. Die. I had zero chance last night, it was so obvious, when people are in point blank shotgun range and manage to ads and kill me withvan assault rifle before I can even raise my shotgun, the game is fucked. Cod has always been a case of he-who-is-host-wins but it was just too much last night. I had literally zero chance. Fuck that.
  11. Stop whining. Reinstall it. Get online. Spank noobs. Laugh. Cry. Drink. LOLs. Whatever. See you online tonight.
  12. See you online tonight then. I'll bring a launcher to shoot down the UAVs, easy points.
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