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  1. This. PC players ruin everything, turn crossplay off.
  2. Diddums


    Welcome aboard fella
  3. I also thought WW2 was shit, I'm with you Birron. When they created the class creation stuff I think they literally wanted to get what gamers would've had during WW2. Can't select perks, only those stupid operator things. The social space with the loot boxes falling out the sky was the biggest waste of resources I've seen in ages, glad they binned it. The gameplay isn't bad per se, but it just feels clunky compared to MW. I too will be deleting it.
  4. If you have the option for wired, wifi instantly becomes irrelevant. Homeplugs are fucking ace.
  5. No, I'm not trying to sell you anything, I stand to gain fuck all from this, I'm just an amazing person sharing some love. With my matched betting thing I occasionally get full refund slot offers from them due to their affiliate stuff. I always use them myself, mostly with nothing but we've come out with a few decent wins, £600 being the highest. Anyway, you can only have one account per household so I can't use it, if anyone else wants it let me know. Here's the blurb: I repeat, this is not a scam, it is 100% legit, I have been doing this for years and have never been let down, so holler if you want the link.
  6. Throw the scone in the bin and grab a hamburger like a man you fucking nancy.
  7. I'm honestly at a loss as to where to begin with this, so I'll let the trailer do the talking: The number one comment across most videos is "Nice to see they're making PS2 games again", something I think I agree with
  8. Yanno Dave, we always shopped at Sainsbury's for years, however during this lockdown we were forced to try Aldi because their checkout staff are so quick that the queues are less than half the time of Sainsbury's. I've always loved Aldi, even back when I lived in Holland however when I moved here I always just accepted that Sainsbury's / Tescos were superior. Anyway, we're doing most of our shopping at Aldi now and their extra mature cheddar is glorious! That will definitely be going on but I wouldn't be surprised if Kyla makes a little blue cheese dip for herself (I can't stomach the stuff).
  9. My latest thing is steak. Not cheapo shit steak but nice cuts. Granted they cost a bit more but are fucking lovely. The problem is that the cuts we buy are always too big to have one each, and too small to share, so tonight we're cooking just the one and will have some nice steak & cheese rolls
    This is the best event in the world. It changed my life. I am a better person for participating in this event. Women wanna be inside me, men wanna be with me, and dogs stopped pissing on my leg. Would go again 10/10
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