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  1. Wait having watched that vid, it means that prior to this patch everything was a wipe? What if you bought a ship using in-game dolla? I understand that purchasing a ship with irl dolla means you probably get to keep it but do you keep earned stuff too? is it even worth me firing it up before this new patch? I misunderstood this before, I thought you kept your wedge at least. Kind of dampens the whole “imma buy a space superyacht and willy wave at the filthy poors” thing
  2. You telling us your head is worth 20k? Am I reading this right?
  3. Yeah it's nice and all, but...
  4. I will, of course, be buying the 890 Jump, so I can feel like I've achieved something in at least one aspect of my life.
  5. @Greboth buy Star Citizen.
  6. Ok let me just put this out there, when playing games like this, I often go in to "combat mode" which is when I go all quiet and put all my focus in to winning. I've never told you this before but it's the reason I occasionally go quiet on GTA V, it's because I've cranked the tunes up to max, voices muted, and full on attack mode. Nothing matters but the kill, and it's always accompanied by some badass music, so if I go quiet and start attacking shit, now you know why. It's not 'cos I don't love you, it's because in approx two minutes you'll be dragging my dead corpse from the remains of my ship whilst laughing at me.
  7. Ok so here's a size comparison chart for all the ships as of December 2019. It's a fucking huge image so I'm not embedding it, clickety click for zooms. https://i.imgur.com/kfrWUef.jpg My current ship is a Mustang, which in the image is right on the right hand side, just to the left of the biggest ship. I think we can all agree that we want that big-ass motherfucker on the left, the Javelin. Annoyingly, this ship is still in testing phases, but that gives us time to save up. Sadly there's no brochure for it either, like there is for the Mustang.
  8. Hello. Diddums here. I did some thinks. Think no. 1 is about what I own, which is a Mustang Alpha. I like this ship, it's my baby and it was gifted to me so it's staying in my fleet and will be upgraded to the max over time so I can shred noobs with it. That said, I want another ship. The Mustang can't hold packages which seems a bit meh, but it can fight, it can get out of shit and it can carry a few items of cargo (packages and cargo are two different things, one goes in your cargo bay and requires no interaction, the packages are little hand held items which you just fling anywhere in your ship. A bit like Death Stranding in space. I also understand that the Mustang can't carry any friends, and I happen to have a few of those, so I want the ability to carry them with me when I headbutt other spaceships. So I want a bigger ship. Can I only purchase ships with cash, or can I use in-game currency? I'd prefer to use in-game currency tbh. And that's my only think for now. I'll probably have more later. Thanks.
  9. Hmmmm, try a Thursday. I still have to break your other wings off.
  10. The game needs more maps, not this bollocks.
  11. I’m surprised you didn’t mention us Bobby. “I’d like to thank my internet friends for their support and help, and ensuring I never want to play R6 again by playing with me, allowing me to concentrate solely on the promotion and success of others”
  12. Pc? What pc? Did someone say pc?
  13. Honestly listening to this shit makes me want to get in a hamster wheel and go for a run. Sorry @Plumbers Crack
  14. Asshat's Creed Lottery Buying Syndicate free on the game store that shall not be mentioned. hotukdeals - Alive or robot? WWW.HOTUKDEALS.COM
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