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  1. See? I knew you'd come in handy one day. Fantastic work Leigh, you can stay another week
  2. Yes, but only for the retail version which sucks balls. Seriously, it’s wank. Completely fucked. Classic is where it’s at, but there’s no trial. It only costs a sub however, whereas retail also requires an initial purchase. If you decide to give it a go for a month (highly recommended), you’ll need to decide if you want NA or EU as you can only pick one. EU will allow you to play with us, but the times will be fucked (which becomes much more relevant at endgame with raids n stuff). If you do NA you’ll have no friends but the times will be good. The community is super friendly, the ying to LoL’s yang. You’ll be in a guild in no time. If you play on EU, you’ll want to be on the same server as us, and Alliance side. hit me up if you wanna give it a go, happy to help out with shit
  3. Play retail then, get everything handed to you on a silver platter.
  4. Sigh. I got excited for a bit, until I saw that Sundial thing, which let's be honest is just gonna be another copy & paste horde event. The mp map is another copy & paste job too. I've fallen out of love with the game. I hope I get it back, but I can confidently say it'll take one hell of a change for it to happen. Something genuinely different. The game plays it far too safe, the classes are all too similar, not enough variation in content. I want a character that transforms in to other shit. One that can heal team mates. Not "here's a little ball, stand in it", I mean actual heals. Like Mercy, or even my priest in WoW. I want legit mechanics in fights, stuff that makes your character needed and wanted. Atm you can have any three random characters in any strike and kick ass. I want tanking to be actual tanking. Much as I loved the game, wow killed it. Comparing the two is like comparing a bicycle to a Veyron. They'll both get you from A to B, and you'll probably enjoy doing it, but the Veyron is in a whole different league. Wow kills everything, but that's me. Cod is on par though, so there's that at least.
  5. Hello nameless person, thanks for joining the forum. I note that you have not yet put a crisp tenner in anyone's hands and therefore your posts have been downgraded to the free tier package with all URL's amended to reflect this. Should you wish to upgrade to the premium tier please don't hesitate to get in touch. Thanks, the admin team
  6. Done, sent you three woolen bags. All I had the mats for at the moment, let me know if I can help with anything else!
  7. Awesome, I'll send you some bags when I'm on
  8. Here are your quests: Tips' Classic WoW Deadmines Guide - Guides - Wowhead CLASSIC.WOWHEAD.COM A comprehensive guide to Classic WoW's Deadmines. This guide includes all associated dungeon quests, boss strategies, routing, and loot drops.
  9. Heard this in the background of some corrodoory montage, it's superb
  10. Bet you're kicking yourself for selling that E46! Honestly your posts are basically me in another life. If I didn't life in London where stuff like that is either stolen / vandalized/ battered by bingo bints in car parks, or require £lol to either insure it for on-street parking or pay £lol for off street parking, I'd be all over that. Anyway. Cooper S, R53? R56? F56? We drive a Mini, an old one, bought it for my wife a few years ago and she loves it, probably gonna upgrade it next year, seriously considering a Countryman Cooper S having driven one, we want the extra space and it's the only SUV-ish car that still has that Mini funkiness to it. A contender was the 500x but it feels bargain bin compared to the Mini. Also I hope god has forgiven you for putting those blue wheels on that 987 or you're gonna have a bad time in hell. As for class, I'm a priest, @J&B is a warrior, @Middle Class Caveman is a rogue, @Misneach_ is a pally, and @GazzaGarratt is probably gonna be a mage, so prolly huntard or lock? Up to you.
  11. How the fuck did you get bored of HZD? It's such a good game! It's cos of you that I'll be doing Corrodoory and TF2.
  12. Diddums

    How to Pig

    @Diddums showing us how to pig!
  13. Deadmines! @Middle Class Caveman @J&B @Misneach_ sign up pls. I'll heal, Marc can tank, Elliott can Elliott and we'll get a random to take @GazzaGarratt's place until he gets his shit together. Cheerio!
  14. Event Title: WoW Friday Dungeons: Deadmines! Event Author: Diddums Calendar: Community Calendar Event Date: 11/28/2019 09:00 PM Deadmines! @Middle Class Caveman @J&B @Misneach_ sign up pls. I'll heal, Marc can tank, Elliott can Elliott and we'll get a random to take @GazzaGarratt's place until he gets his shit together. Cheerio! WoW Friday Dungeons: Deadmines! N.B. If viewing this via the FG App, please visit the Calendar event via browser to RSVP. Thanks.
  15. Don't worry, most of the shit I post can easily be construed as spam anyway, and on most forums, it is.
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