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  1. Diddums

    Destiny 2 - Year 2 and Season Pass

    Here are my thoughts on the matter: My thoughts on D1 are clear, it started off shit with a shit story and the studio couldn't get their act together so we ended up with a butchered mess which over time and many payments, they managed to mould in to a bit of a decent game. We all enjoyed it, it brought the community together and it was probably the highest FG has ever been in terms of co-operation and parties. Then D2 came out and we naturally all started comparing it to D1 at the end of its life. We admitted that D1 had two extra years of development and progress so we turned a blind eye to the sub-par game we were fed because... you know... Bungie will fix it. The game was a complete mess, but we all tolerated it because we remembered the days when we all played D1 together and that's what we wanted. Yes, we were enjoying it but there was a constant underlying feeling that I was playing a shit game, and only playing it because of the company rather than the quality of the game. Then they started putting out DLCs, and we paid. Then we paid more. Then we paid more. And now we're expected to pay again. On top of this there's Eververse which is yet another cash grab. I wouldn't be surprised if Bungie announced a subscription model at some point. The game itself isn't bad. I enjoy playing it because it's easy, it runs fairly well, it brings the people I enjoy playing with together, but let's not kid ourselves: Compared to some other titles, it's a load of shit. The amount of content on release was fuck all, and they've drip fed us more stuff over time and each time we're expected to pay for it. Fine, yet again I turn a blind eye and pay because I enjoy playing with you lot but there's still that constant, unshakable underlying feeling that I'm giving money to people who don't care about the happiness and satisfaction of their customer base. All they want is money and will do the absolute bare minimum to get it. If that means recycling content? Fine. Same guns as we had in D1? Fine. Same enemies? Fine. Same missions? Fine. They have the audacity to brag about new content all the time when in reality I'd say at least 80% of it is a copy and paste job. I used to write games when I was a wee lad, granted they were more like Snake than Destiny but during that phase I learned a hell of a lot about what goes on behind the scenes. When you start paying attention to the behaviour of bad guys and notice that many of them share the same traits, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that they're simply copy and paste jobs with different skins stuck on them. Maybe tweak a bit here, increase the jump a bit there, in the hope that nobody notices but the fact of the matter is that I do notice, and I notice it a lot. The weapons we're all supposed to be so excited about are all copy and paste jobs. The enemies we're supposed to kill are all copy and paste jobs. The missions we do are all the same ones over and over. Bungie figured out that people don't mind grinding so they're milking it, and they're doing a bloody good job. So we're using the same weapons we've been using for 4 years to kill the same enemies we've been killing for 4 years in the same missions we've been doing for 2 years. Sure, they'll add a few multipliers or whatever to make it trickier, or if they're feeling particularly adventurous maybe they'll flip the mission on its head so we do it back to front. Ground breaking stuff. Apart from end game content, their answer to everything is "more bad guys". Every mission. More bad guys. Not "aha, suddenly something new appears for free as a nice gesture towards the community that have spent literally billions on this game" - nope, copy and paste more bad guys. But if you kill them you get a shader. Or a gun you paid for 4 years ago. And that's the thing with Destiny for me and the reason i don't care for it any more. I was in denial for ages telling myself it was a decent game but the constant laziness behind the scenes just got too much for me. The fact that Bungie has the balls to charge people for content that is so sloppily and lazily put together is testament to how stupid and blind us gamers have become, and having now been reminded of what quality game development looks like and how much content you can get for your money thanks to RDR2, I won't be spending another penny on Destiny. They've milked me enough for the absolute minimum effort and content and I'm done with it. I'll still be on for Banana or whatever but I'm not spending any more money on it.
  2. Diddums

    Destiny 2 - Year 2 and Season Pass

    Well that's Destiny for me I think. I tried the gameshare thing with Nutty's account and naturally Bungie says no. So that's that, deleted. I have zero problems paying for good shit and I've given Bungie the benefit of the doubt for years but I genuinely can't see myself spending another penny on it. The copy&paste culture is fucking retarded and expecting us to pay for it even more so.
  3. Diddums

    Destiny 2 - Year 2 and Season Pass

    Stop being so fucking objective. Bungie are very lucky that Nutty is my new girlfriend.
  4. Diddums

    Destiny 2 - Year 2 and Season Pass

    I this locks down parts of the game then it's RIP Destiny for me. Spent enough on this game.
  5. Diddums

    How are you playing Red Dead 2?

    Naked. I'm playing it naked.
  6. Diddums


    I'm good. Only killed a few randoms so far and am actually enjoying being the nice guy for once, maybe I'm getting old. Next time I'll do the proper outlaw thing and fuck everyone up.
  7. Diddums


    This is the first time since WoW that I’ve actually wanted to rush home to the play a game, and the first time ever on a single player game. It’s mind meltingly good.
  8. Diddums


    It was actually Nutty who pointed it out, no idea what his source is. @BO7H B4RRELS you know I've got the attention span of ooooooh butterfly. Plus most of the big RPGs came out during my WoW phase, and nothing could knock that game off its throne. I do still have a hat, this seems to be a thing. Crashing horses is fun. Also, I'm now a million miles away from anywhere with no fast travel because I picked up a side mission and spent the next hour travelling through the countryside and admiring it all. I did however find an enemy gang camp, so I killed them all and stole their celery.
  9. Let me start off by saying that I hate RPGs. All of the Fallout games? Nope. Elder Scrolls? Nope. No, not even Guyrim. Metro? Nein. I am yet to complete a GTA game beyond GTA 1. The only RPG which really held my attention properly was WoW and STALKER. Red Dead 1 was a borefest for me, I lasted about an hour and got rid. As I'm sure any self respecting gamer will know, every now and then a game is released which single handedly embarrasses the rest of the gaming industry and after years of hearing Youtubers suck off the clusterfucks that are released as collections of unoptimized bugs, glitches and sub-par shite which focuses on flogging loot boxes and DLCs rather than... you know... being a game, it's refreshing to play a game which looks at the entire industry and goes "hold my beer". That game, this time around, is Red Dead Redemption 2. I am playing it on PS4, not a Pro so I don't have all the 4k stuff and just like Rockstar did with GTA 5 at the end of the PS3's life cycle, they've pretty much torn all the other devs a new one. From the various disconnection messages of Destiny, to the constant freezing, locking, and unable-to-record-any-gameplay-because-it-takes-five-hours-to-load-the-sharing-interface that is Black Ops 3, Rockstar has yet again shown what this aging console is capable of when you develop a game properly. Everything about this game is smooth, buttery smooth. The graphics are on a whole different level to any other triple A title I've played in the last few years, the sound is astonishing even down to the conversations and interactions with NPCs. I just spent 15 minutes riding a wagon around, looking at all the scenery, the little rabbits, deer and other wildlife roaming around, just soaking it all in. No other game has made me do this in years. The pace of the game is slow and relaxing. You can rush through everything but you'll be missing out on a world with more details than any other game I have played in recent memory. I also just found out that even my horse's bollocks grow and shrink according to the weather. I have no idea what kind of person focuses on their horse's plums in a video game and whether I should re-evaluate who I game with but there's no denying that it's ridiculous to have these tiny little things in the game that normal people would never notice. And the game is dripping in them. Everywhere you look, the attention to detail is amazing. The gun fighting and cover system is textbook GTA but with extra polish and it's very, very good. The fights at this point feel a bit easy but I suspect they're going to get a lot more difficult as the game goes on. I'll update this as I go as I still have to discover all the crafting, gathering, trading and other stuff in the game but so far this is the best game I've played in over a decade. 10/10 for me so far.
  10. Diddums

    Ashe is now in competitive

    Stretch can suck on my chocolate salty bal.... wait, what?
  11. Diddums

    New Destiny Quiz Available! Destiny - Quiz No. 1

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 95 seconds  
  12. Diddums

    Ashe is now in competitive

    Bob takes far too much killing. Quite like Ashe but I need to learn to play that ball thing as Mercy is fucking useless now.
  13. Diddums

    Pinnacle Weapons - Season 5

    Colony is a bit shit tbh. Once you recognise the sound it makes just jump and it'll go after someone else. Black guys tend to die less to it.
  14. Today I met a comedian telling jokes in an elevator. It was funny on so many levels.
  15. Diddums

    The FG Awards 2018 - THE RESULTS!

    He's absolutely superb that young gentleman, must be a milkman's baby. You need to get him in some RL competitions.


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