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  1. Diddums

    Community Calendar: GTAV Races!

    No, I'm just not drinking for a bit again and it sucks the fun out of everything, especially fucking you all up on track.
  2. Diddums

    Some Anthem Bugs

    That'll be £60 please. The rest of the characters are in lootboxes, see if you can unlock them! Special price, today only, £5 each!
  3. Diddums

    Gran Turismo Sport Time trial

    There's a Forza game free atm on PC, not sure which one it is but I whatsapped it to most of you. Mebbe give it a go?
  4. Diddums

    Community Calendar: GTAV Races!

    Not for a while for me.
  5. Diddums


    I really wish I knew how to do music. I suck at it. I want to learn how to shuffle too. Fuck, I'm gonna be the embarrassing dad aren't I? COME ON SHANIQUA, GIVE YOUR DAD A HUG BEFORE YOU GO IN TO THE CLASSROOM ❤️
  6. Diddums

    Punisher & Jessica Jones cancelled on Netflix

    Marvel's done. It's milked dry, there's not much else to do with it. Every man and his dog has a superpower or ability now. We need more DC stuff. Suicide squad was decent and a good foundation.
  7. Diddums


    You should be ashamed of yourself. Leigh, get your shit together and make another CAH night. @GazzaGarratt
  8. Diddums

    Last movie you watched

    The film itself wasn't bad, it's that duet they do which is all over the radio that pisses me off. They sound absolutely shitfaced, it's fucking dreadful.
  9. Diddums

    Apex Legends Netcode

    If you see Lee aim you'll understand why he doesn't notice anything wrong.
  10. Diddums

    JoyFreak here!

    Hi Joyfreak, welcome to the forum. I have taken the liberty of removing your signature, bio, profile pic, banner and any other links you somehow managed to hide behind this bullshit facade. Should you however wish to upgrade to the advertising package please send an email to iamafreeloadingtwat@forevergamimg.co.uk Thanks
  11. Diddums

    PC Monitor Needed

    Correct, but I don't think it matters to Lee.
  12. Diddums

    Clash Of Clans YouTube

    Hi Danny, welcome to the forum. I've edited your post to add a bit more clarity. Good luck with the channel.
  13. Diddums

    PC Monitor Needed

  14. Diddums

    PC Monitor Needed

    https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/msi-optix-g24c-24-va-freesync-144hz-1ms-curved-fhd-gaming-monitor-black-17998-at-laptopsdirect-3183809 Is that all you need? Just a monitor? You got a desk and stuff?
  15. Diddums

    Insurgency: Sandstorm

    Is team killing on? I want to teamkill Legohead up there^ Thanks to being friends with some of the finest people in the world I am now in possession of this game and it is currently installing. Hopefully I can hop on tonight.


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