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  1. Well, I have no choice but to be here, I built this bloody place and since handing the keys over to @GazzaGarratt I can't escape
  2. Well there's a name we haven't seen in a while! I always remember you as having the most deceptive username ever, you all-caps'd MDMA-RAMPAGE UK and ended up being such a nice polite and well spoken person that it was confusing. Anyway, glad to see you back dude!
  3. Well we're just gonna hafta stuff you with everything under the sun until we find out. I'm willing to bet that my sausage is a) non-allergenic and b) rather enjoyable.
  4. Mine's far too big unfortunately (I'm very familiar with that phrase ofc)
  5. I ordered a deck of Cards against humanity blast night. If anyone wants to buy an addon pack, go nuts
  6. We should have a hotdog night, nice and easy. Anyone doing a braai?
  7. Well look at mister "I'm not a game collector" Leigh up there. For me it's every playstation ever made, SNES and an Xbox 360. I can also bring a telly if needed.
  8. Sprouts are amazing, but then I expect nothing less from you uncultured skirt wearing clan people.
  9. No seafood. Which for a person who comes from a country with not one but two oceans around is a bit weird, but whatever. I make killer popcorn.
  10. 1. You overestimate my ability to read. 2. Shirley you can tie this in with another holibobs or something? Maybe come along in a car for a part of it? You can rent in Europe cheaper than here, and we can meet up. Plenty options
  11. Rightey-o then ladies and gentlemans, I've been floating this idea around lately and there seems to be a fair amount of interest, so I'm going to start making plans. The initial idea was to do it on 125s, we may stick to this idea, we may go a bit bigger, depends on what you lot want. The idea is to have a road trip around Europe, anything from a week to two weeks, on bikes (motorbikes, not bicycles, we're not idiots). This will be: Long Tiring Uncomfortable Painful Wet Expensive THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME To put a few ideas and facts in writing: You will need a full UK or international motorcycle licence, regardless of what bike you use. We will likely be raising some bank for charity, charity/ies to be decided. We will likely be doing a Youtube series. We will likely be bringing on some of the Overclockers folks. I started a thread to gauge interest here. We will likely be imposing a budget to keep things interesting, to be decided. We will definitely require a support vehicle. @GazzaGarratt is keen but is time limited and also doesn't want to ride a bike, so he may end up driving. Kyla said she'll ride shotgun with him. If he can't make it we may need to rope someone else in, @Bluebear might be a good one. In the support vehicle/s we'll have tools, fuel, food, luggage, whatever. This will only happen in two years at minimum, so it gives everyone time to start saving, get their licences, save up for gear, and accommodation / fuel / spending money. The route / time is also still yet to be decided, but the only two places I'd like to really visit are Rome (Kyla has been wanting to see Rome for ages, I don't know how bike friendly it is), and my mum here, in one of the most beautiful cities in Holland: This is of course purely a wish, I am not expecting anything, but it'd be fucking awesome to ride past on whatever contraptions we end up going on. If it's not practical then we skip it, no biggie. And on that note, please can all those interested start listing destinations they'd like to go to, that way we can start formulating a route. @Stretch616 is also planning a large road trip in his camperfagon, so maybe we could tie the two together and meet up at a few places. @Misneach_ even said he might be interested, but it might make more sense for him to hire a bike. I'll start compiling some resources, but please ask as many questions as you want / can, I'm going to make this happen one way or another so start saving! Links: HOW MUCH IS A MOTORCYCLE LICENCE? What’s the real cost of getting a motorbike licence? | Highway Code Resources MOCKTHEORYTEST.COM How to get a motorbike licence and pass your test - Confused.com WWW.CONFUSED.COM Here's all you need to know to pass your bike test with flying colours. I'll post up more as we go, but let's start off my formulating a route! Cheerio!
  12. I had a wee lil' peekaboo at this last night and I gotta admit it looks pretty decent. The lack of minimap is going to be a big one for me.
  13. No sir! That's Windows telling me to stop being a tightarse, but luckily, and I'm sure you can relate to this, when it's in the last few pixels of a 32" monitor you don't even notice it
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