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  1. Rammstein making a bit of a resurgence in my Spotify again
  2. Yes, that's right! Fuck we're going back to before I even showed up on the scene!
  3. It was Alliance and T2K, these were the only two and FPSHQ was the forum they posted on. There was also Blood4Blood iirc, @BO7H B4RRELS used to be in that I think?
  4. Diddums

    Godspeed New PC

    That is fucking lovely. The fact it's all in an In-Win case just makes it even better. Post up some photos of the whole case!
  5. I'm really impressed with that little Stonic, it's a fantastic little car. We were looking at X-Ceeds a while ago and I ended up having a mooch around the showroom and honestly Kia make great cars, as do Hyundai. I remember the days when driving either of these marques was basically self-admission that you've failed at life. It's awesome how far they've come!
  6. HZD right off the bat, Destiny (shut it Leigh), Overwatch, GTA V, RDR 2 ( still need to go back and finish it). The Division was good, I’m not a fan of the whole bullet sponge thing and think that the baddies could’ve been much better but the mechanics, atmosphere and graphics are right up there with the best. Broforce gets a mention for just being a silly over-the-top shooter with TONS of cameos from various films. Great fun. Fortnite, when this game came out it was a game changer and if I was 12 with the reactions to match I’d probably still play it now and then. Can’t think of anything else right now, pretty tragic how few games I’ve actually played on the PS4.
  7. Well, she's got shit taste but she's not fucking blind.
  8. Still rocking the Mini, needs a bit of TLC but it's honestly the best car to have in London. I can squeeze it through any spot, park it on a dime, costs £lol to run, don't care if it gets a scratch or ding, and I can honestly say it's one of the toughest cars I've ever driven. It probably spends more time airborne than it does on the road what with all the speed bumps. How the front valance is still holding on is beyond me. She wants an SUV though and is sort of set on a BMW X1, because... you know... women. Logic doesn't go beyond "that one looks pretty" but this is a discussion for a different thread!
  9. When you find this cool group of people, let me know pls Welcome to the forum mate!
  10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 75/100 My Time 137 seconds  
  11. Happy Birthday Lolliott @Middle Class Caveman , hope you and the fam have a fantastic day
  12. Diddums

    PS5 Box Art

    Fiverr.com is really hitting the big leagues huh.
  13. It's a fucking pizza delivery simulator. I don't care how pretty it is, how awesome the mechanics are, it's a load of wanky bollocks.
  14. Phew, that's a relief. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get through this content in time.
  15. What a waste. One of the best games ever made has been completely fucked by these greedy cunts. I hope it makes all those Switches catch fire so they have to replace them.
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