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  1. Diddums

    World Cup Sweepstake

    Mexico & Uruguay suddenly not looking so bad now 😎
  2. Diddums

    New Keyboard

    Which one? I use the K60 which I love. The clicking of the mechanical keys drives Kyla nuts, bonus points.
  3. Diddums

    World Cup 2018 | Fantasy Football

    Hi, mine appear to be duds, can I exchange them please?
  4. Diddums

    Forever Gaming

    Mine's better tho.
  5. Diddums

    World Cup Sweepstake

    It's at the bottom of the home page fella
  6. Diddums

    World Cup Sweepstake

    I've chucked a bit in the FG fund, so anyone who wants to join now can
  7. Diddums

    World Cup Sweepstake

    7th June. I've got Alex's fee covered.
  8. Diddums

    GTA FG Friday Ideas

    For this comment alone I recommend a night of jetpack racing just for Thomas.
  9. Diddums

    GTA FG Friday Ideas

    The problem is group size. NASCAR allows up to 30 players, the next ones down are 16 iirc which are the jetskis, and some others I cant think of right now. Given we're almost always 12+, it limits our options. I'll do a bit of research later on.
  10. Diddums

    World Cup Sweepstake

    Definitely in! Will have a proper read tomorrow
  11. Diddums

    PS4 FG Raid Night

  12. Diddums

    FG Throwback Thursday!

    This! We need moar contents though, otherwise we're gonna run out!
  13. Diddums

    GTA Racing

    Epic night as always. Fuck you all.
  14. Diddums

    “I Play Minecraft With My Eyes”

    Specialeffect are absolutely amazing, definitely a cause worth supporting.

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