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  1. Awesome! I just started playing a nightblade. Lots to learn but it seems pretty enjoyable! Just been bumbling around solo do far though so it would be great to link in with a group and really start to get into it. Yeah FF14 takes getting used to. I’ve put several years into it and run the hard end game content and a couple of the classes confuse me even now!
  2. This looks like fun. Haven’t played in a very long time though. Steam id is kill3erz ( don’t judge me I made it when I was like 14 😂) discord is Scott.T#6544
  3. Just started playing this so I was wondering if there’s any newbie friendly groups going? You’ll have to bare with me I don’t know what I’m doing yet 😂
  4. Thanks Lee! Nice to meet you! I can’t agree more with FF7 my tag name may be a clue there though 😂 Yeah the variety here was a big draw in for me. I’ve mainly been on PC recently but I’m down to play on any platform really. I played a lot of Destiny 2 when I played solely on PS4. I’ll take a look around and see what takes my fancy 😃
  5. Hi! I’ve just joined up so thought I’d have a go at this whole introduction thing 😂 I’m Scott from the UK. And I’ve played games for many years starting on the mega drive and PlayStation as a kid. I played Final Fantasy 14 until very recently but I’m now looking at expanding out a bit and trying something new to try and find a fun new group of people to play alongside. I’ve played a lot of RPGs but I’ll give any genre a go. Good company makes anything fun I think 🙂

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