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  1. i think this new gen they will be able to achieve photorealistic landscapes, it will be awesome to play an open world game with an insane detail even at distance, but people still need much work to become lifelike as well as water and physics, but we are getting there i am already crying though about the game sizes that are going to become absurd and with the internet the majority of the world has we are all going to be very patient gamers
  2. they had to make a remake of battlefield 1942 basically with even more maps, guns, vehicles, modes etc but they managed to fail so spectacularly they abandoned both of their games to focus on the next one that will come in a year or so, it seems dice is suffering from a lack of talent etc like bioware
  3. i didn't know an app existed, does it have any sort of pro compared to the browser version?
  4. hey @BO7H B4RRELS if you want to play someday i am Eruntalion in LOL i am eune though, i don't know if we can, @slamminbones yeah i play only pc, i have a ps3 for some exclusives i have yet to play but no multiplayer, @IRaMPaGe i grew up with ra2, aoe2 and aom, i didn't have a pc then but every time i went to my cousins i would play the campaigns, we could stay 2-5 hours so i could play
  5. i used to play rts mainly from strategy games back when i was younger, but i kinda abandoned the strategy genre and i prefer rpg, action and stealth games nowadays, you know like tes games, the witcher, assassin's creed, batman, crysis, deus ex, dishonored, mass effect, metro, tomb raider, these are the most notable ones i can remember now, i am also trying to get into crpgs, from the old ones to newer ones, i have surviving mars on epic but i haven't even started with the games i have there
  6. howdy to you too mate, nice to meet ya too, boy it seems you really like this game, well i started it only recently, i think end of 2019 or beggining of 2020, so i am nowhere near your level and i play usually casual to get used to it and learn the maps
  7. nowadays i play exclusively on pc, i still have a ps3 and a few games that i still haven't finished(my backlog on pc is getting bigger by the week) but that's it, no other consoles i will try to play again a total war series with shogun 2 that is given away for free because i haven't played one since the first rome total war, is sea of thieves good?
  8. i mainly prefer single player games, both new and old, as for multiplayer games currently i play rainbow 6 siege mainly, sometimes league of legends although the toxicity turns me off it after a while
  9. hello fellow gamers, my name is john, been a long time pc gamer(my first serious games were red alert 2 & aoe 2) and after a thread on reddit a user from here suggested i sign up cause it's a nice community and we can discuss stuff here properly without karma farming etc thanks @BO7H B4RRELS for the suggestion

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