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  1. man these two new biomes look like crazy fun
  2. happy birthday La @RenFengge hope you have a great birthday today!!!🎂🥳
  3. not gonna lie, it has me stoked for what the future mcu movies will bring, but every time i hear the marvel opening fanfare i get so stoked, man i miss cinemas and hearing the fanfare knowing you will have a great time ahead of you
  4. damn that looks beautiful, god i wish there wasn't such a time zone difference so we could do more together
  5. we need to explore the plains without being on the verge of a heart attack and also build/craft more stuff, so yeah let's do it, now we just need a ton of arrows and obsidian to make them
  6. it would be nice if they did the sound trills make instead of the constant skin crawiling howling
  7. god this game is beautiful and the sounds are so calming, i will definitely check out the dlc
  8. well we can always wait for you or whoever else if we are to do anything like boss fight etc, last sunday we were playing for hours, we don't have to rush to do everything asap
  9. well if we are to take on the 3rd boss then i can lend the mace to someone who doesn't have an iron weapon and i also have a full bronze set for whoever is still on troll armor and still enough tin and copper to upgrade it somewhat and then keep it, but i will try to find another swamp to mine iron to make armors/weapons for whoever doesn't have, lastly i have a ton of potions but i will make more of them and many foods but yeah i am all set for the boss, i fully upgraded my armor and a bit my mace etc
  10. i will definitely help with this, but i need to do some exploring of my own first and maybe find some swamp to mine some more iron to build a few things i want and then when i catch you ingame we will plan and make our new village
  11. they killed msn, they butchered skype and now it's discord's time it seems
  12. god it took so much work because it's very tall and we almost exhausted all our wood/stone supplies but boy is it beautiful, we did fantastic work together @TurboR56Mini and it's been a joy sharing build ideas to each other and thank's to @FallenDark200 for his help with both buildings and the gigantic moat on the mountain, now we need to fill the base and restock our supplies because we can't even build a hut anymore😁
  13. hey thanks, it has plenty of space so everyone can come and do whatever you want, i wanted to finish it yesterday but i played some other games with my sister, hopefully i will finish the transfer today
  14. yeah i don't know how we will manage to beat the third since it has arrow resistance so we will have to go up close and personal with blunt weapons, we need to grind so everyone can be on a similar equipment with a ton of potions etc cause the elder kicked our asses even us who were kinda maxed out, i will try to solo the second boss on my own world but if i can't i will maybe nuke the whole thing and bring everything to the fg server
  15. thanks carl it works fine now

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