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  1. i think you can create a back up of the world, at least the one you have on your computer for only yourself, i don't know about the server world though...
  2. i am kinda ambivalent on it, on the one hand we will get to see the new changes organically if we restart everything and the journey has been great thus far but on the other hand we will have to redo this for every big update they release, so i don't know also would we restart completely with new characters or just use our existing characters on a new world?
  3. one small suggestion is that whether you buy a prebuilt or a custom one you should ask about compatibility with windows 11 for the cpu cause you don't want to spend that much money and be in risk of viruses etc in five years when windows 10 stops being updated and you don't want to be left with a powerful system that's at the mercy of the hackers etc out there, not that it's commonplace but it doesn't hurt to be cautious another point if you have a tight budget is to spend more on the insides of the tower and a good monitor and not on stuff with rgb lighting that your son may want, yes they look pretty and they are all the craze now but with the insane prices for the core stuff it's better to "cheap out" on mice and keyboards which can be easily replaced anytime than buy an awesome looking rig that struggles performance-wise after a year for example also buy an 1080p monitor, 4k are pricier and the resources needed(cpu/gpu etc) to run games at 4k can't be covered by your budget, i have a 24 inch screen/1080p resolution and it's perfectly fine
  4. it seems that gta v and skyrim will come out on every console that will ever exist
  5. oh shit, i didn't see that, why did it show it as something new in my unread content?
  6. are these "new" guidelines? weren't the measures relaxed in britain since you have a high vaccination rate?
  7. fuck i won't be able to make it, my uncle died recently and i won't be home that weekend because i have to go to my village for the memorial and i was looking forward to it so much have fun on my behalf as well with the update
  8. i haven't seen the anime since there are a million anime i want to see and traditional shows too and time is finite but your description sold me to it, i have to see it since it seems they actually tried unlike other game/anime movies
  9. well we shall see with the new foods and what requirements they have
  10. it seems i should make a wolf breeder to farm their meat too, i am very excited about all the new stuff and now the tower shields which i prefer will have a knockback effect so you don't get flanked/swarmed, it seems i will have to make a whole kitchen room in my base, so many new exciting ideas to make, i will have to pretty much rebuild the entire thing
  11. i started during the beginning of season 14 as @RenFengge said, if you care about lore the campaign etc then it's too late cause i have no idea what's going on, if you care about the gameplay and the clan stuff then join because it's better than ever
  12. the med countries as far as I Know bond more over food than drink but I would love to sometime come up north to where you are and go to a pub and have a beer or two but it's nice talking face to face with people from other cultures, such a great experience that is kinda rare, I could talk with @TurboR56Mini And @RenFengge For days about anything, all of you are great here at fg and I am grateful at being a part of this family
  13. Well the fires are further up north and the ones in a suburb on the outskirts of Athens were extinguished Also yeah I definitely want to visit all of you in the UK etc @GazzaGarratt Someday when things get a bit better both financially and with the whole corona situation
  14. I tried Steam Deck early and it's AWESOME! this is ltt's first hand's on experience it seems great and you can connect to it a monitor/kb/m and close to 60 fps on doom eternal medium and it's not completely done yet
  15. my main concern is that it runs a linux distro and even with all the advancements they have made in the gaming scene on the linux side still many games are unplayable or have subpar performance and also you have many programs that don't exist there and i am not talking about office/adobe ones that are unrelated to gaming but modding tools for example are non-existent there and some games almost require them
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