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  2. even though i haven't finished the game yet i have to agree that the levels etc pre lordvessel are great, after it they become much more linear and there isn't that much fear of going the wrong way or getting lost and ending up in the catacombs early for example
  3. another example of corporate taking the "wrong" lessons in my opinion, they receive backlash for legitimate reasons that they could listen to and make a better product next time but better play it safe and scrap everything, also giving us the message that either we are going to worship everything they shovel out, no matter the quality of the product or they aren't going to give us anything at all because we are "unreasonable" etc
  4. i have seen that there is a mod that works on servers like ours too that makes it possible to sort of regenerate the old explored areas with the new content that was added later, so if the majority wants we can just "refresh" the current world instead of starting anew, cause if we were to start a new world we might as well wait for the game to be done and delete our current characters as well so all of us can start from zero here's the mod that i saw a while back Upgrade World at Valheim Nexus - Mods and community WWW.NEXUSMODS.COM This single player mod allows regenerating or adding new content to already explored areas.For dedicated servers, open the world in single...
  5. happy birthday to @Plumbers Crack and @jordie1892 , hope you have a great day
  6. i am going to put me down as a maybe in case i am not in athens then for unforseen reasons, otherwise i will definitely play
  7. food is for me and my family one of the ways you can "explore" another culture since cooking and food is SO important to us mediterranean people, we have a great time bonding over making it, trying new combos, new ingredients and i have always liked being in the kitchen, some of my earliest memories are sitting in the kitchen and watching my mum cook, "helping" her, you know passing her the salt or pepper since i was too small to be of any true help, but i am thankful that we are open minded and curious enough that we don't dismiss the cuisines of other cultures and even though we are poor and it's getting worse with the last decades shitstorms we can get a glimpse into another culture from our home even if it's miniscule
  8. nice collection @Luseth , i see you are a fan of pokemon, i think i vaguely remember golden sun, what was it about? anyway here is my gameboy collection, i played these games until i got a pc and later a ps3 zelda and warrioland though were kicking my ass so much when i was younger, they had some very difficult parts, i remember i was completely stuck on some dungeon/puzzle of zelda and had abandoned the game and only finished it very recently after i saw a walkthrough, so yeah that game took me more than 10 years to finish😅
  9. from what i have seen there isn't that much of a choice, sadly. There are some asian restaurants but they have either a few select dishes like a couple of ramen dishes or are very expensive, but the good thing is that we have started cooking asian recipes we find on the internet, simple stuff like stir frys etc nothing too fancy, at least you can find the most common ingredients to make asian recipes
  10. pizza and gyros, bbq is nice and sadly i have barely eaten anything asian so don't know that much about them to be honest
  11. ah i see Lee, thank you, i thought i had to use the link option from the toolbar when you comment which is next to emojis, gifs etc
  12. because of elden ring tik ton this has been stuck in my head, such a cool atmospheric song
  13. after Cloudpunk and it's dlc we finally got a look at Ionlands new cyberpunk game set in their beautiful voxel world called Nivalis, i really loved the atmosphere and the music in cloudpunk and it had some nice stories but it is a great game to just fire up and drive around the city in your hova, it's so relaxing with nivalis the world seems richer and with better graphics and although the theme is different from the taxi driver you were in cloudpunk, in this one you run a restaurant/coffee shop/bar and it seems you manage how it looks and operates while hearing stories etc from your customers about their life in a cyberpunk world I really look forward to playing this someday, what's everyones opinion on it? ps i couldn't figure how to make the video play from here so i just put it in a link
  14. we live in such a clown world we don't even need to watch comedies to laugh anymore, just watch the news etc maybe i should make an nft of myself and sell it, make some money
  15. as someone that still has a ps3 and played it recently for the 1st time, in my opinion it's a waste of a remake, the game is still beautiful, it's not like it has early 2000 graphics, but i can understand the reason since all ps3 games are unportable to pc from what i have read cause of the monstrocity that the ps3 architecture/os etc was
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