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  1. iPhone shuffle went to this and in traffic stuck the album on. As an encore it was followed up by this
  2. Aqua man was a good rebound after Batman vs superman and dawn of justice which were just wholesale clusterfucks of what they could have been. Wonderwoman was quite good as well and I will say I actually really liked man of steel and Henry Cavill as Superman. All that being said will they just shelf all of the above say they went to a parallel dimension to explain why there’s a new Batman after the wonderwoman 80s film coming out?
  3. As much as I was confident when staring this topic, from AFC it’ll be the Chiefs, Steelers, Ravens and (hopefully) Bills. NFC will be between Seahawks and Greenbay, everyone else just seems injured. So packers vs Bills (but more likely chiefs).
  4. First thing is don’t be a Jacksonville, Cincinnati, or any New York fan. That is just purgatory for nfl fans. Top QB is always helpful over just talented receivers, but a good defence, especially defensive line is key too. college football is really just Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, LSU, Oklahoma and Georgia for top college football and are pretty much in the final four each year.
  5. Not sure as it’s not my sky but it’s sports entertainment and movie package with internet
  6. Yeah it’s tempting but might stick with what’s on sky sports. If you don’t mind just 12-18min highlights the nfl channel on YouTube is my Monday work break entertainment 👍🏻
  7. Not really mate. •Hoping that they aren’t making Thor a female (I know they have in a comic), I’m sure they have a load of female heroes they could release and think Thor really developed into one of the better characters in ragnarok/infinity war. •Black widow trailer looks pretty damn good, expect at the end of that for her to have setup a new widow program after civil war or whenever it was based and the new girl will take over her mantle. •Looking forward to blade and the falcon/winter soldier film for their angle after cap.
  8. Yeah political correctness pressure, the team stinking and finally Nike and FedEx pulling sponsorship unless they changed the name finally made the owner see sense. They are jokingly referred to as the Washington TBDs 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  9. The bills are currently unbeaten this year (I admit just, and they’ve played the jets and dolphins 😂) and stranger things have happened.
  10. Bit like you mate I have enjoyed the marvel universe coming to film even though I’ve never read a comic, loved the Lord of the rings franchise as well yet never interested in the potter world. The Bourne franchise had been a nice change from the Bond and mission impossible worlds even if they did completely go off track from the book after the first 30 mins. As for one coming next I’m unsure to be honest. The DC universe has been a huge let down for what it could have been so far. Guessing it will be from a noteable book series as they all tend to be from nowadays.
  11. Don’t know if any of you are following the start of the season in this dumpster fire of a year. Just thought I’d start up a convo, and of course, see who you think is going to lose to the Bills when they win the Superbowl.
  12. Ipswich Town are back atop league 1. That’s all that matters.
  13. First season was awesome. I know nothing of the franchise outside of the 11 films and I’m glad they got away from them as was beginning to get sick of the main story in the last 2 films. Looking forward to season 2👍🏻
  14. Been meaning to leave a review for a few films recently. Tenet. Very good film for action and original story. As with most recent Christopher Nolan films it is shot and directed very well with a good cast of characters and great dialogue, though quick explanations are used to cover the more scientific principles of the backwards action. Lemans 66: Great car porn. Obviously a very American version of events but to be expected when dealing with a historic “victory” over the Europeans. That being said very good chemistry and individual performances from Damon and Bale, and
  15. Before when they changed Bonds they never made a big deal about it on screen, they just made the film because they’d already got people used to the idea of Moore or Dalton being the new bond when they announced it. Because they did the “young Bond” in Casino Royale I don’t think they can do that again so soon, especially as the amount of people that moaned that Bond shouldn’t have been as clumsy as he was in the film, even though they made the point clear he had just become an agent. Part of the general problem (and really don’t want it to sound like it’s a generationa

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