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  1. I'm willing to get my ass wooped again for the good of FG competition!
  2. As far as I was aware I think @Antpool84 and @Lurch were jumping in with me? so there's another space in the car.
  3. I had a proper laugh last night, thanks guys for the great assists! I rarely score so was nice to get on the sheet with some belters! GGFG! Let's drive onwards and upwards!
  4. G_dub52

    F1 2022

    Everyone is already getting there names down to volunteer and take freight haha
  5. The new Black Keys track is dirty man I love it. Wild child it's called, proper hooked me in. Look forward to more from them!
  6. Hey Riley! Wicked to have you here, welcome to the FG crew!
  7. G_dub52

    F1 2022

    To be fair LeClerc and Max always have good tit for tat racing it's just Charles finally has a chassis to match his drive. It's interesting you think he's keeping up with Max when they are ahead on the development curve lol just because he won last year it's a completely new ball game. Mercedes are second because they got gifted a wedge due to RB failures in the first race. Ferrari power is showing with the Haas too which is ace to see K Mag running so well. There's only 2 DRS detection points in Oz but plenty of passing places now they can follow closer. McLaren suffered the same fuel pump issues in race one and I'm not sure they made the same changes RB did for Saudi? Still it's good to see a mix and nice to see Russell really pushing on with the car he's been given.
  8. G_dub52

    F1 2022

    RedBull cars are still overweight but keeping up with Ferrari which is a good thing. We have weight to shed and Ferrari already having 2 years to develop this car with RB having a matter of months means they are in a better place. Mercedes are having fundamental issues getting performance out of the engines on E10 this shows with most of their cars at the back of the grid. Their main problem now is the design is frozen so they can only develop through aero and setup. Rumour has it there's a new floor going to Australia so that will be interesting. As for RB retirements I know the reasons and they were rectified pretty sharpish. It's ace to see Ferrari bang on the pace and Checo confident in RB18 but now. Ashame Merc are further back as a battle between 6 cars instead of 2 at the moment would be so much better. I am liking the rule change though, the Cars are easier to follow and will only get better as we go on 🙂 cant wait for Australia now. One of my favourite races 👍
  9. Awesome work Lee these are fucking ace! Great stuff 🙂
  10. G_dub52

    Nfl 2021

    That looks insane! @Antpool84 we need a lads long weekend over there to watch a game. I reckon the ladies would go for that plan 😆 Lets go Cardinals! lol
  11. I got a bajillion pairs of socks, a few bottles of whisky, new sexy controller for the laptop and some Bose headphones for walking the dog aswell as some hats with lights in for night walkies lol Adrians Neweys book, James bond Blu Ray (I forgot how much I love having physical copies of stuff) and choccie as its the law. Sounds like everyone has done well 🙂
  12. This is awesome dude! I can't wait to see what it looks like completed. Super cool! keep up the good work 🙂
  13. Got a book for xmas too, I'm not a massive reader some books either grab me or they don't but what I got for xmas has taken my interest. It's Adrian Neweys "How to build a car", I find it interesting how people approach different problems with outside the box solutions. I'm not that far in but I am enjoying it at the moment 🙂
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