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  1. I watched Mortal Kombat on Sunday and me and the mrs really enjoyed it. She got abit wound up there wasnt a "proper" tournament and Scorpion took a while lol but I explained that its building for future movies and she soon settled down abit. Other then that a really enjoyable watch and it opens up for some more action to come which is a winner in my books! Flawless victory!
  2. A couple of shots from Norfolk Broads and the boat from this weekend.
  3. Are you just going to watch or taking a car to rip round? Also where would you normally stay. Wondering if its a car or camper jobby. It has to be said this tickles my pickle and is somewhere I have always wanted to go.
  4. G_dub52

    FG Poker Night!

    Can't wait for this!
  5. 1 or 4 for me. We play with flair so I prefer abit FG oomph to them.
  6. With billions of planets to explore I don't think there's a home as such. You can use a station and run some trade routes for a while to make money and then explore new galaxies and do the same. You can do bounties, drug runs (need to be stealth to avoid police) trade anything from tea and beer to lithium and metals etc. It's really addictive and using all the screens and functions etc is extremely satisfying if you ask me lol. You can buy different ships for hauling cargo or smaller ships for combat etc. Loads of upgrade items from scanners to scan ships and planets to fuel scoops
  7. Hey @TurboR56Mini I am still in the safe zone at the moment but plan to venture out tonight as a couple of people from work are waiting just outside. If you see me on dude you are more then welcome to join in 🙂 There is a plan to start a squadron and do a private server too so we can hunt bounties and mine/gather cash together. As soon as this is setup I will let you know the details 👍 I only have literally 3 hours under my belt so far but I am really enjoying it and the more I read and talk about what you can do and where to go etc the more I want to play.
  8. So! Yet another game has peaked my interest and I have been starting out on my journey in Elite Dangerous with some guys from work. I am loving the way this game plays and the interfaces you use within your ship and also just how big the scale of this game is incredible. I know that this has been around for a long time so I wondered who else has played/plays this? and if anyone has any hints or tips other then stay away from hollow triangles? lol. I have just started out by doing some light courier work to get cash to improve my ships cargo capacity and have only had a
  9. Team monster for me 100% they look bad ass!
  10. It was so cool to get on and look around the building you guys have been doing last night. Now I have started to build my little house in the base I look forward to seeing you all on there more! Thanks @TurboR56Mini and @GazzaGarrattfor the hints, tips and patience as I get back up to speed. I will see you all Sunday night for sure!
  11. Awesome work @GazzaGarrattand its great to see FG bringing smiles to so many people! Glad your enjoying it too @Antpool84 , I'm trying to work on a few more people getting involved too :). Well done to the guys getting gifts and keep up the good work all! GGFG!

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