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  1. Forgot I could get them online now. Here are my super rushed jobbies.... Myu FG Truck and Liquid Camero
  2. I saw your TT on the feed this morning and knew this was coming haha, top idea for a thread. I have only spent a little time in doing liveries but I'll show some of my attempts shortly 🙂
  3. Standard be on from 10:30ish
  4. I forgot about Tom and his epic knowledge of Venezuelan cities. 🤣🤣🤣
  5. I could nearly afford a whole bar of chocolate these days! but 97p used to get me a galaxy caramel and can if cherry coke before I sat down to watch football italia after my paper round. they were the days.
  6. Oh bugger! I got proper ripped off. bought mine for £8.95 last week 🤣
  7. Great write up @Greboth! I can't wait to join you all on the track soon!
  8. Game ordered 🤪
  9. Got Mario Jenga for xmas too and I feel Jenga has come a long way now. Its not just stack a tower its beat Bowzer and collect coins etc and the brick have different bonuses too. Really enjoying a few games of that 🙂 I look forward to you bringing some of these when we can camp again dude.
  10. I believe I asked for a "Tom positivity" board. We definitely need a "Not again Tony" and the good old Jordie classic "I've just been talking for like 5 minutes on mute"

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