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  1. Overcooked is super fun on the switch. I would'nt mind trying both the other games to be honest. To me it looks semi decent but other people may enlighten me shortly.....ðŸĪŠ
  2. I'm looking forward to this one dude! 🙃 If anyone else is going let us know!
  3. G_dub52

    Nfl 2021

    Nice man! thats gonna be epic!
  4. Football Italia on the mega drive was a classic lol and sensible soccer too although I had to go round my mates to play that when I was little lol Variety is the spice of gaming ðŸĪĢ
  5. It's been in development since 2016 as well so they have had plenty of time to master this. It looks like licensed players but they are not sure on how many licensed clubs there will be but I really hope they get a good base of licensed bits just to get the ball rolling. It will be nice to see a rival as you say and I hope this turns out to be a winner 😋
  6. G_dub52

    F1 2021

    That's just bloody typical dude haha I currently am awaiting my Virgin TV to be sorted as I have moved house so I am hoping its all sorted before the Belgian GP 😄
  7. G_dub52

    F1 2021

    Yes dude, it is a brilliant few series to watch. gives you a better look at what actually goes on in the world of F1. Can't wait for the summer break to be over!
  8. Properly gutted about this one, genuinely one of the funniest guys ever. RIP.
  9. Good work dude, donation to follow shortly! Hazaaaaah
  10. Thanks for the messages guys and a belated happy birthday to you @Middle Class Caveman hope your weekend was a good one 😃
  11. I'll be away watching racing and drinking beer so I choose wreckfest!
  12. Fuck me dude that thing is AWESOME!
  13. To be honest not really. Happy with my PC and got loads of other shit to pay for with the house and stuff. Will probably look again around Xmas or next year. See how it goes lol
  14. Good thread idea Ant! I don't think my list will be that long but here goes, In no particular order:- NES SNES Gameboy pocket Nintendo Switch Baby SNES Sega megadrive PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 Xbox Xbox360 Acer Nitro 5 That is all lol GGFG!
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