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  1. I actually really like how Resident Evil has evolved over the years going from T-Virus, different kind of virus, parasite, mold/ spores. It keeps everything interesting. The only problem I find with the RE games of the last decade is they just can't close it out. The story starts off so solid and then... meh.
  2. No, because her character just sucked. She was just along for the ride the entire time.
  3. I watched this going in with no expectations because I feel like anyone expecting the MK universe to be anything but wild is, interesting. Some thoughts: The fatalities were absolutely dope- video game level amazing. Lin Quey and Shirai Ryu rivalry opening up the movie was amazing, and I thought this movie was going to be S Tier. Bi-Han has always been a cunt, until the day he died and became Noon Saibot when resurrected. Hanso always had baggage issues but, hey, it's from being murdered- even to the point where Raiden said "If you kill the new Sub Zero, you will effectively fuck u
  4. One thing that bothers me from all the streams and footage I saw is the... blur? Everything has motion blur on it and it really bugs me.
  5. Hello! Born and raised in New York for 25 years before moving out of the state. Key takeaways: Chicago Pizza is a casserole, it's not pizza. Minnesota pizza is all thin like a cracker, cut into small 1-2 inch squares and is made with sadness. Texas has great pizza, as SATX and Dallas have tons of NY transplants, there's specifically one place in Irving ran by two dudes from Jersey and it's amazing. The Northeast is undefeated with pizza. As much as I like to bust balls about pizza, I truly love all pizza (from dominoes, to real pizza) We will get along just
  6. To be totally realistic, it's not out of the ordinary for a company to buy an up and coming product, only to gut it so it kills the competition.
  7. Still an absolutely solid game with new content regularly.
  8. Different team handling this remake than the WC3 remake.
  9. 45% of Acti-Blizz was made through micro transactions and it was their most profitable year in over 20 years. Second, I know I have never really liked the franchise, but I don't know what people keep expecting year after year from these games- they have always been shallow games and were designed to be annual sellers.
  10. Fail-to-deliver is also a thing in the USA. They can trade back and forth with essentially IOUs until the retail investers quit, or they cripple the economy.
  11. Love it. Fuck these clowns, go WSB. GME TO THE MOON! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
  12. Please do not buy a gaming chair. Go to an office store and buy a good ergonomic chair. It will be more than half the price of a 'gamer chair'.
  13. Epic's free game just don't miss.

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