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  1. SW-7456-3337-1897 Mario Kart 8 Delux Pokemon: Shield Animal Crossing: New Horizon Super Mario Maker 2 Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Overcooked Special Edition Diablo 3 Super Mario Odyssey War Groove Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu! Mario Tennis Aces Starlink
  2. Microsoft Games pass is becoming an absolute powerhouse, forget the play between console and pc, the collection alone is getting insane. Maybe Microsoft can get Bethesda to give up that spaghetti code they've been using since 2000.
  3. I am more concerned with the mobile phone release plans that these companies have favored. Flagship release, upgraded version every 2 years. But overall I hope this pushes more people to PC! EGS is regularly giving away free games.
  4. You guys are nothing short of amazing, as always.
  5. Microsoft buys Bethesda, the company that makes hit games Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, for $7.5 billion WWW.CNBC.COM Microsoft announced Monday that it will buy ZeniMax Media, the company that owns well-known video game publisher Bethesda, for...
  6. Summit is an awesome streamer, old CSGO pro player who plays a variety of games.
  7. Food Wars was really good but so far I really think Plate 5 was the worst, I hate the Noir members, they're just... dumb. SAO is a classic and I have not kept up with the most recent season. Sinon was my favorite character.
  8. Echo what Greboth said, I also believe as long as you stick to 850 you should be fine. The best part about modular PSUs are they are easy to change if you ever need to, but if you find a deal on the 1000w range for a few extra dollars you might as well.
  9. Top 5? Hunter x Hunter Haikyuu! Demon Slayer My Hero Acaddemia Black Clover Here's a link to my anime list: The3rdWalker's Anime List - MyAnimeList.net MYANIMELIST.NET
  10. I feel like 850W should be the minimum.
  11. I read this like a mobile phone plan as well Phil, they're offering financing options.
  12. A lot of R6 professional players in Year 1 hacked. They're long gone now but I would never put it passed someone to not take an advantage. Best to them for being caught, fuck'em.

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