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Best Retro Console


Best Retro Console   

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My inner child says NES/SNES, but my inner teenager say PS1.  


Adult me says, "Fuck it" I like them all.  



*The opinions of Riff Machine do not reflect those of Forever Gaming ;)*

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There were some great consoles but I had to go PS2, the games still hold up well today and we still saw the experimentation of early gaming but with decent 3d models and the such. 


The hardware was impressive, we saw customisation with different coloured consoles and the range of games was brilliant from JRPG's to first person shooters. I mean you had time crisis, GTA San Andreas & Final Fantasy X all on one console ^_^  It saw a lot of the traction for a lot of the game series we enjoy today.


It had backwards compatibility, we saw voice acting turn up and really between the PS2 and xbox I think it brought the console properly into everyone's homes. The consoles before were great but all of a sudden you had everyone's house owning one. My wife grew up in a poorer household and they were never really interested in video games being girls in the 90s / early 2000s, it was much more of a boy thing but even their household had a couple. (In fact she thinks her mom still has an upopened Silver PS2 which I am banking on getting hold of at some point 😄 )


I could go on about the positives of every console there, they are all great in their own way 🙂 


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1 hour ago, GazzaGarratt said:

Still sticking with the Sega Mega Drive. It started me on my journey and I'll always be grateful for that 16-bit machine.


Yeah I have a lot of love for the Mega Drive, the PS1 just edges it for me. 


I had a NES when I was 5, had the Classics like Mario and Duck Hunt with the gun and a few others over time. 

Got a Mega Drive on my 7th birthday. Then a PS1 when I was 10 or 11 at Christmas. 


Never owned a SNES, it's probably the coolest console I never owned. 

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