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Modern Warfare 3 Size Question

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Have a question regarding the below. I only have warzone and MW3 multiplayer installed currently. According to the sizes that should only be around 60gb. My full sized game is over 200gb in total. I get that a lot of it will be all the backend stuff to make the game run mechanics etc, but surely that’s not over 100gb? 



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If you're on Steam then go to your library and mange your DLC to see what else in installed. It's all under COD HQ now and that alone takes up space. The Infinity Ward side of the franchise has proven that they can't manage their directory architecture properly with outlandish and needless size requirements and they've got into a catastrophic mess blending content and trying to manage excess like Warzone. Some people report 90gb and others have surpassed 300gb with the same content installed so I would even consider a fresh install and to manually wipe the directory to see what happens. 


I played Vanguard a couple of months back and it was a glorious 36gb with no additional bullshit. That's how it should be. 

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Are you sure MW2 isn't installed as well? Just seeing as MW3 is an expansion/DLC thing. 


Also everytime they add patches and a new season/mid season update. All the downloads add up, usually 20-30gb a time etc. 


Last season there was 4 maps and a remake. 3-4 guns every season. 

We are in season 4 now. 


But yeah infinity ward are incompetent at making a small game. 

Treyarch during the last 3-4 months of Cold War, were actually making the game smaller with each season update. 

Dunno WTF they did, but somehow adding more content and compressing the overall game size........ Madness.... 

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