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Steam Deck OLED


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You know, this just pissed me off so much.  I knew I should've waited to buy one.  (Insert multiple swear words in various languages here.)

*The opinions of Riff Machine do not reflect those of Forever Gaming ;)*

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I have moved to the ROG ally and haven't really looked back. The OLED screen is obviously a nice to have and I think the biggest thing for me on this release is the improvement in battery life, I think this is where all these devices need to work on for the moment and obviously Valve have made a positive step in that regard.

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Yeah I'd buy it but guaranteed the next day they'd announce the release of one with new processors.


This looks great I must admit, could do a part exchange lol 


It does suggest that in a year or two there will be a version to handle contemporary games along with decent fps.... so looking forward to even better decks to come 😁


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