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FGs Future Instant Chat Method

FGs Future Instant Chat Method  

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  1. 1. Which service below should we class as the 'main' chat service in order to get hold of people quickly? Please put your reasons below in the thread.

    • WhatsApp
    • Discord
    • Chatbox (On Website)
    • Other (Please say below)

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So I've been thinking about this for a while now. We need to come out and ask all of you which do you prefer. This is something that I want to try and make happen because its difficult when a lot of us are splintered across different channels so by doing this will mean we will ask every single FGer to join whichever the appropriate chat service.


To be very very clear with this -  The Website is still the central hub for all FG things. The chat service we have is complimentary to the website, not a replacement. Being part of FG means we all have a duty to come and check everyones stuff out here, not just the forum elements. I always said i'd keep this going because it is our family place and we all need that, but I will have to tailor where my effort goes if we don't start supporting this place moving forward.


I'll put the obvious pros and cons from my view on each option below if you don't understand what they are.




The main service thats commonly used today through a lot of FGers. Likely most people already use this

Everyone that uses must share their phone number and be happy that FGers can see it. Not many want to share their number

Its quick, easy to use

We will only have one chat, not a plethora of groups we can't keep up with

It has a Desktop version as well as App based

To find something would prove difficult - there is no intergration with the website so all notifications for videos, quizzes, events, etc will have to be manually shared




Has the ability to have multiple group chats within the FG Discord - like a destiny lfg, overwatch lfg, etc

The FG Discord is not commonly used by many FGers currently

You don't have to share your mobile phone number - you create a unique login that people can be tagged

Its different to WhatsApp - so may take a few people to understand how different it is

We can link your posts, videos, quizzes, etc to automatically notify you in FG Discord

Its another app to download. People over time may not check it




Keeps it within the website where most of our stuff is for everyone

It means you have to be on the website to utilise so not has responsive as other chats

It links to everyones profiles on FG so people know who is who

Notifications don't comne through instant as its on a web browser - we are still working on https

This also doesn't mean we are ditching the ones that don't win, it is more so I can feel comfortable that we have at least one place where every single FGer is so we can contact everyone for group up games and info we wanna get out there ASAP.

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Defintely Discord for me as it's ideal for gamers, works on multiple platforms, has PC and Xbox integration built-in (what's playing on Xbox, not chat... yet).


I expect all next-gen consoles to have some sort of integration next year. I can also be logged in to PC, tablet, and phone all at the same time. WhatsApp only lets you stay logged in on phone and one other platform. 

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I feel like either discord or chatbox is the way forward, whatsapp is good for chatting but there's no structure to it.


If we can get chatbox working then i feel that would be the best way as it'll all be intergrated into one place rather than spread about.


*Note - I voted for discord but really it should have been chatbox

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100% Discord, it's better in every which way possible to WhatsApp (Mobile chats, groups, etc) and allows bots to post forum threads in there once they are submitted. It integrates the forum which you want. Chat box makes me think it's a 1990's Geocities website. 

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