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Your remaining holiday plans 2019?

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As its that season and most people have IRL stuff and holidays to go on I thought it would be cool to ask where is everyone going this year and what they are looking forward to with the family/friends for the rest of 2019 - Clearly apart from the mahoosive bestest FG meet up in October 😎


I'll start - I have just over 2 weeks off in August so we're taking the kids to Fuerteventura for a week in the middle and linking up with the wife's family that are going for 2 weeks. Looking forward to a lot this year to get a welcome break from working, etc but also having time either side of it so we don't have to go straight back to work is a big win for me.


We're also going away for a weekend for Dax's birthday in November to this awesome find by Hayley:



Looking to stay at and old RAF base with Dambuster history? Then look no further than staying at The Tower at RAF Wainfleet!



We're staying in the Control Tower and we've asked Hayley's sisters family in the Hurricane building that has the hot tub too. It means we could ask them to have the Helicopter there for the weekend at no extra cost which looks incredible for a little chillout zone! Gonna take a few games and the Switch so we can try and have some lolz along the way.


Whats yours?

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Went to Turkey for a week with girlfriend and her family end of June hut nothing else booked for the rest of the year

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2 weeks after the big meet in taking my kids to Australia, I have a friend who lives out there in the suburbs 45 min train ride from Melbourne. We already havd a 2 day trip in Sydney planned we'll probably hit the blue mountains and the boat trip to Manley while there. There is also the great Ocean road to the 12 apostles, his brother in law's place at Harcourt which is stunning and othe friends to visit. I went a couple of years ago for the Moto GP and wanted to take the kids.


Next year though hopefully could be a good one.

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