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Oh Dear, Boss Key Productions, the makers of the megaflop LawBreakers have announced their new game; Raidcal Heights which is surprise surprise a Battle Royale game.


Lawbreakers is probably the biggest failure in gaming - it wasn't a terrible game but it was the wrong game at the wrong time and had absolutely no appeal. It was also destroyed by its competitor Overwatch and performed even worse than Battleborn. Now they are going down the BR route which is even more brutal as Fortnite and PUBG dominate this space and with H1Z1 going F2P and Paladins releasing their own Battle Royale clone soon; I can see this game failing miserably too. I don't know why they've gone down this route I honestly don't. 


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9 hours ago, MrBiron said:

I really don't see why they seem to be just copying the latest gaming craze instead of doing something original. 

It's just a cash-grab attempt with minimal risk - plaster together a game based on the current top genre and hope you get just a tiny slice of the market. If it fails, they've only lost a small amount of money and it's taken them no more than half a year to test the water. Saves them spending 2 more years on a game that may be DOA and when Battle Royale has fizzled out.


The problem they had with LawBreakers was 4 years of development making a game in a saturated genre that cost a fortune that in the end nobody wanted to play. They've done the exact opposite with this one at the expense of ethics, credibility and quality. It may make more than LawBreakers did even being free and cost a lot less money to produce but it's not done the studio any credit. 


Boss Key Studios could've easily tried to make a decent single player game or look for a gap in the market but instead, once again they are trying to chase easy money in genre that is dominated by rivals even more prominent than Overwatch. 

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