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  1. SensaiNemesis

    Forever Gaming

    I’m done work at 415, so around 5 or some where’s around there
  2. SensaiNemesis

    Forever Gaming

    It’s RNG though. Killing kalli is guaranteed
  3. SensaiNemesis

    New Destiny Quiz Available! Destiny - Quiz No. 1

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 69 seconds  
  4. SensaiNemesis

    Forever Gaming

    If anyone’s around this evening (EST) is like to kill Kalli so I can get my last seed of light for my warlock. Any help would be great.
  5. SensaiNemesis

    Caydes will quest and latest hotfix

    Heroic Adventures Fixed an issue where Barons were providing Legendary rewards outside of Heroic adventures Barons in Heroic adventures now reward one guaranteed Legendary per day Subsequent kills grant Legendary rewards at a reduced rate Weapons/Items Fixed an issue where players can get stuck with the Origin Story or the Last Dance weapons if they use the character level boost after obtaining them in Homecoming Fixed an issue where BrayTech Legendary Scout Rifle dismantled into Mod Components Dreaming City The Offering to the Oracle now sorts to the Pursuits bucket, rather than Consumables Removed the weekly bounty that required players to redeem an Offering for the Oracle The Dreaming City weekly challenge now requires only two weekly bounty completions Fixed an issue where some enemies would improperly spawn chests after being killed Players can no longer obtain Dreaming City rewards when repeating the mission “Awakening” Fixed an issue where Telesto could be used to accelerate progression of objectives in the Blind Well Gambit Players may now progress the “Cayde’s Will” quest step by defeating either invaders or general enemies with Hand Cannons Turned off rejoin functionality in Gambit
  6. SensaiNemesis

    Sleeper Simulant Changes

    I played a couple matches of gambit yesterday and other then myself, no one was using the sleeper. Yea, it sucks getting shredded by it but I expect that from an exotic. I’ll still drop an “F-ing Sleeper!” And carry on. Maybe be a few more F bombs though.
  7. SensaiNemesis

    Iron Banner - Season 4

    IB hasn’t been good since D1. At least then, it was a viable means to increase your light level. Post match rewards would be gradually better etc.. D2 banner just doesn’t appeal to me personally. The armor is meh and I don’t really care for any of the weapons.
  8. SensaiNemesis

    Ascendant Challenge - Garden of Esila

    And I solo’d it the next day. Needed one more knight kill for a queen bounty. 😁
  9. I picked up Volume 1 and have been playing the shit out of it. A general FYI... Mega Man X3 can FUCK RIGHT OFF!! I swear, out of all the X series, this one has to be the most frustrating and unfair piece of fucking shit! Fire up up the game and IMMEDIATLEY, every enemy in the game can kill you in 4 hits. Now, compare that to X1 and 2, you at least have a fighting chance. But this crap, I’m talking last stage of Castlevania bullshit. Even when you get the armor upgrades, you’re still getting your ass kicked! So, after many failed attempts, I pushed on and got to the final boss.. Un-fucking-real... If you don’t get Zeros Beam Sabre, you’re pretty much screwed. This bastard will drain your life so fast you won’t know what hit you. So, I finallly... FINALLY kill the bastard... does the game end???? OH HELL NO!! Now, you have to vertically jump up a fucking tube with lava chasing you (insta-kill) and a Mode 7 version of Sigma knocking you off the wall!!! To be honest, I’m surprised I kept playing. But fair warning to you all friends... STAY AWAY FROM X3! 🖕🖕🖕
  10. SensaiNemesis

    Whisper of the Worm

    @Horrible_Hector @RLPK and I got this today. The mission itself is tough as fuck. Matching the weapon burns with enemy shields is vital as well as max light. The weapon itself is great. I can’t wait to use this sucker on calus or argos.
  11. SensaiNemesis

    Escalation Protocol

    I’m down
  12. SensaiNemesis

    Escalation Protocol

    There is NO WAY this mode is “optimized” for 3 max level players. NONE. I’ll argue to the death with anyone that says otherwise. If you load into a public space and you’ve got at least 5-6 players at 360+ you should be able to clear this.
  13. SensaiNemesis

    Iron Banner 6v6 Season 3

    @Diddums speechless and chuckling his ass off was priceless. 😘😁
  14. SensaiNemesis

    Sleeeper Simulant - D2 Quest

    He doesn’t. It’s a 360 run of the worm mission. No modifiers. Wasn’t too bad


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