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  1. SensaiNemesis

    Apex Legends (Titanfall BR)

    I’ll pass on this. Not a fan of BR no matter how good it plays or how pretty it may be.
  2. SensaiNemesis

    Spider-Man PS4

    I’m really late to this one but I’m really digging it! The control is spot on. Graphics and music are good and the story so far is fun. I like all the various side missions and collectibles you can look around for. Batman approves this game. 👍
  3. SensaiNemesis

    Collective Minds Controller Adapter

    Love it. Won’t even consider a SCUF now. The only downside is that it’s wired but the cable they send with it is about 10-12 ft I believe.
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 90/100 My Time 123 seconds  
  5. SensaiNemesis

    Niobe Labs (and the gigantic secret puzzle)

  6. SensaiNemesis

    Niobe Labs (and the gigantic secret puzzle)

    Looks like They’re unlocking the forge at 2pm PST.
  7. SensaiNemesis

    Niobe Labs (and the gigantic secret puzzle)

    I honestly think this should have been an exotic weapon quest. To simply have the forge unlock after this seems like overkill.
  8. SensaiNemesis

    Collective Minds Strikepack FPS dominator for PS4

    I haven’t noticed any input lag on anything. They work perfectly. I didn’t know you could get alternate paddles? I don’t mind the stock ones though.
  9. I had bought a Nacon rev pro 2 controller in October. It lasted 2 months before the L3 and R2 stopped working. Needless to say, I was pissed. I really liked having buttons on the back of the controller for remapping. FYI, DONT BUY NACON! In any event, I was on Amazon and came across this strikepack from Collective Minds. It basically gives you 2 remappable padels on the back of a stock DS4 controller. There’s also mods you can get for certain games, but I haven’t nor plan on using them. I’ll recommend this this to anyone that doesn’t want to drop a shitload of money on a SCUF or custom controller. It was $50 CDN, $40 US. And to have the extra paddles on the back of a stock controller made my friggin day.
  10. SensaiNemesis

    Last Wish Raid

    I’ll be down for that. Either or works for me.
  11. I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 102 seconds  
  12. SensaiNemesis

    Forever Gaming

    I’m done work at 415, so around 5 or some where’s around there
  13. SensaiNemesis

    Forever Gaming

    It’s RNG though. Killing kalli is guaranteed
  14. SensaiNemesis

    New Destiny Quiz Available! Destiny - Quiz No. 1

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 69 seconds  
  15. SensaiNemesis

    Forever Gaming

    If anyone’s around this evening (EST) is like to kill Kalli so I can get my last seed of light for my warlock. Any help would be great.


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