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  1. SensaiNemesis

    Whisper of the Worm

    @Horrible_Hector @RLPK and I got this today. The mission itself is tough as fuck. Matching the weapon burns with enemy shields is vital as well as max light. The weapon itself is great. I can’t wait to use this sucker on calus or argos.
  2. SensaiNemesis

    Escalation Protocol

    I’m down
  3. SensaiNemesis

    Escalation Protocol

    There is NO WAY this mode is “optimized” for 3 max level players. NONE. I’ll argue to the death with anyone that says otherwise. If you load into a public space and you’ve got at least 5-6 players at 360+ you should be able to clear this.
  4. SensaiNemesis

    Iron Banner 6v6 Season 3

    @Diddums speechless and chuckling his ass off was priceless. 😘😁
  5. SensaiNemesis

    Sleeeper Simulant - D2 Quest

    He doesn’t. It’s a 360 run of the worm mission. No modifiers. Wasn’t too bad
  6. SensaiNemesis

    Sleeeper Simulant - D2 Quest

    I finally got this beast tonight. My Brother @Synnith helped me out with the last stage.
  7. SensaiNemesis

    Escalation Protocol

    I’ve been trying to finish 2 more level 1 EPs to finish the sleeper quest. A public event will happen, there’s 6 there including myself. Finish the public event and start up and EP and half the people leave. If if anyone is on tonight or over the weekend and want to tackle this let me know.
  8. SensaiNemesis

    PS4 FG Raid Night

    I’m damn near always on after 430 pm EST
  9. SensaiNemesis

    FG Destiny Rally Call!

    I’m in
  10. SensaiNemesis

    The Division - New in-game Activities for March

    Theres 5 tier worlds depending on your gear score (kinda like light level from destiny). The best gear is in tier 5 but can be played in all
  11. SensaiNemesis

    The Division - New in-game Activities for March

    I played through both assault and strike. Both were fun to rip around in. I also like that you can match make EVERYTHING. Most normal enemies aren’t bullet sponges anymore and headshots actually do major damage and/or kill enemies out right. I forgot got how much fun I had with this game. Glad to be rocking this again.
  12. SensaiNemesis

    Assassin's Creed: Origins

    There is narrative. They give an explanation of whatever you’re looking at etc etc.
  13. SensaiNemesis

    Assassin's Creed: Origins

    Its really cool. One of the tours Sarah and I did last night was on the different steps of mummification.
  14. SensaiNemesis

    Assassin's Creed: Origins

    The latest update just dropped yesterday for Origins and it’s introduced a Discovery Mode as well as New Game +. the discovery mode removes all hostile npcs and takes you on virtual tours of ancient egypt. You can also free roam around the map to take in sights for the hell of it using different characters from the game. Sarah and I went through a few of these last night and it was really informative. Pretty cool feature IMO. The new game + is pretty self explanatory. It will bump up the difficulty one step, so if you’ve completed the game on normal, NG+ will be on hard etc. Looking forward to running through this again. 👍
  15. SensaiNemesis

    Assassin's Creed: Origins

    Hell yes! 🤘

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