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  1. I’m down
  2. Beyond Light Release Window Update > News | Bungie.net WWW.BUNGIE.NET November 10th.
  3. Damn shame I didn’t have my share settings on for my 1K reaction. Lol
  4. I’ve got the same roll on my gnawing that you’ve got on your false promise. It’s a beast in either or.
  5. Riff Machine

    The perfect tattoo

  6. I just finished this game (and platinum trophy) and it’s a hell of a ride. The gameplay is very souls like but not as brutal in my opinion. Story was excellent and the locations, lore and creatures were all well done.
  7. Riff Machine

    New standard

  8. Considering that a ton of players already left or stopped playing, this sunsetting crap will make more people leave. ”Power creep” is a constructed excuse created by bungie to justify it. If people want to use certain weapons and upgrade them, then let them do so. Maybe if there was some creativity and new weapons were actually decent, you’d see more peeps rocking new shit.
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 100/100 My Time 141 seconds  
  10. I figure they (Capcom) were really hoping the multiplayer Would take off so people would feel they got their money’s worth. Thing is, I’ve never thought of the series as a multiplayer experience, so unless this drops below $25, I won’t be getting this anytime soon.
  11. No, just on PS4. I’m recommending it to those that haven’t though on either platform
  12. After finally playing the RE2 remake, I was looking forward to this. But after the initial reviews came in, I think I’ll also wait until it’s gone down in price.
  13. Great game from start to finish. Gameplay is great, visuals and sound are amazing and the DLC was really good and added to the overall story. If you didn’t play this before, definitely worth checking out.
  14. I’m really late playing this. But god damn.. This game is really friggin good!
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