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  1. I just recently picked this up on the Switch. I’ve never been one for rouge like games but this is really fun. Gameplay is top down isometric similar to hyper light drifter. Looks similar as well. You play as one of many members of a family defending the planet against an ancient corruption afflicting the lands. Each family member unlocks separately at junctures of the game. The one thing I really enjoy is failing a mission will not cost you any coin earned and any items you collect during a mission are retained even in death. There’s been a few times so far where I’ve died and the story has progressed despite it. Coin is used to upgrade the family and stacks throughout all members. Also, as you unlock abilities with each family member, a special ability is unlocked and shared amongst them all It’s been really fun so far. If you’re a fan of old school 2d style games and rouge likes, definitely check this out.
  2. Pretty easy quest afterwards. Took me just over an hour to get it done. Final quest step is match made at 750 power. The gun is pretty strong too.
  3. I didn’t get anarchy. I got a threat level.
  4. I’m fine with any. Still need. CoS completion.
  5. I’m honestly enjoying this more on PC than PS4 at the moment. Just how smooth it runs, higher frame rate, faster load times. Really awesome.
  6. Do we have a clan set up in game yet? ________________________________________________ EDIT - FGD - FG Division Clan is available for all here that want to group up. If you want to grab a party up or a quick mission or two, can we try and use the FG Discord subchannel so we can get hold of you quickly - FG Discord Division 2 LFG channel
  7. Chaos Theory is by far the best splinter cell game ever made. It’s definitely one of my top 5. If you’re a retro fan, definitely check out The Messenger on either PC or Switch. Really great game. Gameplay and music are top notch.
  8. We’ve got a Facebook page that I believe has some stuff on it. There may be vids on YouTube and we’ve got MP3s on SoundCloud. Best at tip for beginners is practice, practice practice. Getting your finger movement between chord changes is vital. Start by switching from different chords in groups of 3-4 at different time changes. Knocking on heavens door is basically G, D, C for the whole song.
  9. I play guitar as well. Sing too. I’ve been playing for 23 years. Own 5. Been in a few bands, Dwelling Beneath was my all original material band. Really miss those times. There plenty of of good tuner apps available for iOS and Android. I mostly use my GT-100 effects board for tuning.
  10. I’ll pass on this. Not a fan of BR no matter how good it plays or how pretty it may be.
  11. I’m really late to this one but I’m really digging it! The control is spot on. Graphics and music are good and the story so far is fun. I like all the various side missions and collectibles you can look around for. Batman approves this game.
  12. Love it. Won’t even consider a SCUF now. The only downside is that it’s wired but the cable they send with it is about 10-12 ft I believe.
  13. Looks like They’re unlocking the forge at 2pm PST.
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