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  1. Not as bad a Roy "the lunatic" Keane, even Dwight Yorke was calling him out the other day.
  2. Nice to see Mourinho promoting team harmony last night
  3. Happy to see another new "face" welcome aboard.
  4. I can't be arsed with this on a regular basis, it's ridiculous! Back to Battlefield at this rate.
  5. Just thought I'd start this topic as I couldn't find another thread to latch onto. So, here's a place for you to recount funny conversations you've had either at work of at home which have given you a laugh. So, while chewing the fat with our office cleaner this morning, he was bemoaning the fact that his missus has had him decorating whenever he has any free time. The conversation went. Me: "How are you doing Ricky?" Cleaner: "The missus is killing me with all this decorating, she's never happy!!" Me: "Yeah I know, the more you give the more they want". Cleaner: "Yeah, but she never says that in bed"!!
  6. I will try and help where I can, but availability is limited. I'm trying to cover for 5 colleagues owing to furlough, so struggling to have time to wipe my arse, which is tricky seeing as there's a broom handle stuck up there while I sweep the floor as well!! Note the pissed off tone in that statement! Anyway, seeing as this place is a good distraction I'll try and chip in as best as I can.
  7. Are you changing your user name to Mr Victor Meldrew. You know I'm only ribbing you Dave
  8. AND A GREAT JOB YOU'RE DOING DAVE!! In capitals to simulate me saying it loudly
  9. I just hope the English sporting press don't do what they always do when there is an exceptional talent on the horizon. Look at Gazza and Rooney, all the hype then knock them down at every given opportunity when they don't match up to their perceived expectations. The kid looks the real deal, if he becomes half as good as the likes of Iniesta or Pirlo, I'll be happy as an England fan. Let's just hope the press don't do the usual!! As for the EPL, the formalities are nearly complete for the title, Liverpool have been a class above everyone this year. Big game for Chelski tonight with Man Utd winning last night and only 2 points behind, should be a good game against Man City. Sheff Utd haven't performed that well since coming back which is a shame as they are a good team to watch.
  10. At his age can he rise to anything these days??
  11. My version will need a zimmer frame!! Same for Dave
  12. Ready and waiting her turn??
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